Tee Off At The Best Bitcoin Golf Sportsbook Betcoin.ag

    by BigThangz on February 5th, 2019

    Best Bitcoin Golf Sportsbook
    Tee Off at the best Bitcoin Golf Sportsbook online Betcoin.ag. Betcoin.ag has lines for all major Golf Events ranging from odds on straight up tournament winner, winning margin lines, will there be a playoff, top winner for each country and more. When it comes to betting Bitcoin on Golf you won't find a better Sportsbook then Betcoin.ag. Betcoin.ag has the most favorable lines you will find to bet your Bitcoin on, meaning that if you take a underdog you win more and if you take a favorite you wager less to win the same vs other books.

    Benefits Of Using Bitcoin For Golf Betting At Betcoin.ag
    Betcoin.ag has been online since 2013, so you won't have to deal with any shady characters and their shenanigans like at other Bitcoin Sportsbooks that are here today and gone tomorrow. Betcoin.ag has 24 Hour Live Chat Support if you ever have any questions, they have a Live Player Chat box that you can chat with other players and staff about golf or bets you have going, Betcoin.ag ticket reply time is minutes not days or weeks like other Sportsbook. When you bet Golf at Betcoin.ag you bet in Bitcoin so you gain Bitcoin when you win and don't have to deal with a Sportsbook that turns your bitcoin into cash when you deposit and sends Bitcoin back when you cashout with a exchange rate that usually favors the Sportsbook. Betcoin.ag is a TRUE Bitcoin Sportsbook everything is wagered in Bitcoin.

    Deposits And Withdrawls @ Betcoin.ag
    At Betcoin.ag Deposits and Withdrawls are easy to follow on the Blockchain. Betcoin.ag does Withdrawls in Minutes (avg time under 15 min) so you wont have to wait days or weeks like other Sportbooks to collect your Bitcoin after you win your Golf Bets, not to mention a cashout fee or limit of 1 cashout per month like other Sportsbooks. Betcoin.ag offers a Bonus on your 1st 3 Deposits, 100% on 1st, 50% on 2nd , 25 on 3rd.

    Alt Coins @ Betcoin.ag
    Got other coins you like to use for betting Golf? No problem Betcoin.ag does Deposits and Cashouts in(ETH) Ethereum,(LTC) Litecoin, (BCH) Bitcoin Cash, (XPR) Ripple, (ETH) Ethereum Classic, (XMR) Monero and DASH. Joining Betcoin.ag is easy just sign up and send your coin of choice over and you will be in the action in minutes. Good Luck to everyone if you have any questions just ask in the comments or player chat!
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