by REDSCARFACE on August 13th, 2017

I have told betcoin weeks ago about certain bugs I found and proved but yet they continue to happen and of course they avoid paying bounties. In my eyes I just want my chips on what there issues caused. Please answer ticket #444. Again I do have proof and have provided it on the bugs they have which were major. I was thinking of taking this to bitcoin talk but rather solve in house. I'm only missing 10 chips at the moment which isn't much for misleading scores and bugs on there sports but I want to be get them back and also be able to play with no issues. I told them about this many times. I'm one of them betters that goes to a live sports book and bets a soccer game at 2minutes in to win by scoring a half goal before 1st half. But, when your mislead because there site is bugged it makes it hard. Not only this but I have proved that there were bugs where you could bet after the game finished. This was a huge bug even bigger then the last bug they paid me 1btc for. But instead the continue to pay nothing as in bounty and fix nothing as in there site for sports. Now I became a victim of there buggy sports and would like them to reply to my ticket and refund the 10 chips. I do have proof guys and will tell you I do. I just wrote this to get there attention and speed up the reply.
Any feedback on this will not be answered or replied to. Ticket #444 is where I need Andrew, William, or Jessica to attend to as there the only ones who do anything. Some Support is great but chat is limited to what they can do.

This is not the only time this happened but it took betcoin forever to solve last time and pay me. How good is a sports book when you can't count on everything being correct?

Most likely if this doesn't get solved soon I'll post everything on the bugs I told them about along with the issues I had on bitcoin talk, forums and review sites. This will include video, photos and more. I made a website which I gave support before showing the bugs weeks ago. Figured they were fixed by now but hey.

Sorry for the fast write up. I'm actually using a phone at the moment because was down for a long time and I just now seen they are up.

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