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A survey was taken of online gamblers and the number one concern of players is withdrawal speed.

by Betcoin on September 26th, 2018 was a pioneer when it launched one of the world’s first Bitcoin casinos in 2013. Many changes have taken place in the interim, but one thing that has remained the same is that we continue to have some of the fastest withdrawal times of any site worldwide. A survey was taken of online gamblers and the number one concern of players is withdrawal speed. With near instant withdrawals, Betcoin remains at the forefront of the online gambling community and our high player satisfaction rate reflects this fact.

No More Waiting
Our average withdrawal processing time is 15 minutes. Occasionally they make a little longer. Often they are much faster. But 15 minutes is around the time you should expect it to take for your withdrawal to be sent by Betcoin. And since we only deal in cryptocurrency, you can be sure that once your funds are sent, it will not be long before they are received. Gone are the days of lengthy verification processes then waiting 3 weeks to receive a check in the mail. Even some of the other sites using crypto can take 24-72 hours to process your transactions. No one likes waiting for their own money, and with you no longer have to!

Other Matters of Importance
We have established that withdrawal speed is the number one factor for players when choosing an online casino. But there are many other factors which are of significance, as well. By accepting cryptocurrency, we can guarantee fast and free deposits for our players. In fact, besides the small miner’s fee required to send a transaction on the blockchain, Betcoin never charges any fees for transferring funds into or off the site. We are also well known for our fantastic player support. With 24/7 live chat, support tickets and emails, you can be certain that any questions or issues you have will be resolved quickly and thoroughly. And with our newly revamped sportsbook, offering up to 200 markets per match, and over 1,500 casino games you can be certain you will never get bored with our smorgasbord of play options!

Most Currencies for Deposit and Withdrawal
We are extremely gratified to have experienced such growth over these past 5 years. We have gone from accepting Bitcoin to accepting 8 different currencies for deposit and withdrawal, with more on the way soon! Deposit with our latest additions Ethereum Classic (ETC) and Monero (XMR) by Thursday 27 September 2018, for a 100% casino deposit bonus! Or try our other options, which include Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH), DASH and Ripple (XRP). With a myriad of currencies to choose from, the fun keeps rolling at!

Betcoin VIP Player’s Club
When you sign up for Betcoin, you are automatically enrolled in our VIP player’s club. Work your way through the levels and try and reach Master Status. Sign up today for 100%, 50% and 25% casino deposit bonuses on your first 3 deposits! Each day, we work hard to be the best casino and sportsbook and our player feedback establishes this. Thanks so much for choosing and we wish all our great players the best of luck!

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AIDENO: Hi i have played here Due to this Post of 15 mins
Sun, 09/30/2018 - 12:33

Tried a withdrawal and nothing is coming through can someone update me please over an hour now since withdrawal thanks

AIDENO: since Received
Sun, 09/30/2018 - 12:39

Hi Support received it 3 mins after i posted the post above so thank you, everyone

REDSCARFACE: keep messing up the insert
Sat, 10/20/2018 - 10:30

keep messing up the insert lol

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