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2:31am menolikeyou: Bc they like guys
2:27am xxlx2014: :))
2:27am xxlx2014: 19 cents
2:17am EyeWonBTC: How the fuck could support NOT immediately have the answer???
2:16am EyeWonBTC: Exactly how does one enter the parlay promo if you can't bet on a single game???
2:10am xxlx2014: .,..,
2:10am EyeWonBTC: Are you fucking kidding me???
2:10am EyeWonBTC: This is supports answer "You can make a request by creating a ticket, and perhaps management can try to add it"
2:03am EyeWonBTC: Why isn't there a single NCAA Basketball game listed in the Sportsbook?
2:01am Shahista: wow memphis going to beat houston
1:49am Shahista: wow embid who wasnt supposed to even play made 37 pts 18 rebounds 20/21 FTs 4 assists and who knows what else and still held by 0.5 pt :) nice
1:48am Shahista: just dont overdo it like anything else
1:47am Shahista: so see you tomorrow a little bit healthyer
1:47am Shahista: aparently its healthy to have small amounts of cyanide
1:47am xxlx2014: me to i going to sleep
1:47am Shahista: and new trend is to blend them in smoothies
1:47am xxlx2014: g night
1:47am xxlx2014: bye bye
1:46am Shahista: you know theres cyanide in lemon and orange pits
1:46am Shahista: see you tomorrow SMG dont be drinking healthy stuff
1:45am SickMetaGame: bye
1:45am SickMetaGame: I will go drink some cyanide
1:44am SickMetaGame: sorry no I am not linking anything
1:44am Shahista: maybe theyl replay it
1:43am Shahista: too late reopening
1:43am Shahista: i closed the stream thinking no way no how will they score
1:43am Shahista: or better yet link me to a vid :D
1:43am Shahista: i didnt see the miracle basket mind you tell me how it happened?
1:43am xxlx2014: yum chicken
1:43am xxlx2014: yummy
1:43am Shahista: winner winner chicken dinner
1:42am Shahista: nice :)
1:42am SickMetaGame: yeah it count
1:42am SickMetaGame: they probs reviewing
1:42am SickMetaGame: i'm not sure what the basket came seconds wise, live scores shows basket but also says offensive rebound last 0.0 so maybe he tip it in
1:41am SickMetaGame: unless it gets removed
1:41am SickMetaGame: 115-118
1:41am SickMetaGame: yup
1:41am xxlx2014: =))
1:41am xxlx2014: some cents won sure
1:41am Shahista: i did? i closed the stream
1:41am xxlx2014: at 100k i go to sleep
1:41am SickMetaGame: haha but you got a miracle basket tho
1:41am SickMetaGame: i find surprising that you started celebrating with 8 mins to go up 9 when talked about Nets coming back from 25 down and winning.
1:40am xxlx2014: place pay 72
1:40am Shahista: fukin butler
1:40am xxlx2014: 85k st 1
1:39am SickMetaGame: lol
1:39am SickMetaGame: maybe celtics not even shooting cause 4s
1:39am Shahista: ye
1:39am SickMetaGame: well you need a miracle basket to hodl the spread
1:38am xxlx2014: in tournament?
1:38am Shahista: ye
1:37am xxlx2014: u shahista?
1:37am Shahista: fold like a good nit turn 6 river 6
1:37am xxlx2014: in what play
1:37am Shahista: 4way pot im up against AA KK and Qx flop 2 Q 4 rainbow
1:36am Shahista: wtf 46o in bb
1:36am xxlx2014: safe card
1:35am SickMetaGame: so 3 should be safe
1:35am SickMetaGame: at least its 1 possession game
1:34am xxlx2014: in 50$ register 10+1 cents
1:34am xxlx2014: 1/155
1:34am SickMetaGame: Even rotowire got embiid in the lineup tonight lol
1:34am SickMetaGame: you looked too early it didn't update / or bad spot.
1:34am SickMetaGame: he was resting yesterday not that he was injured
1:33am Shahista: injury report faked lol Embid was out not playing at all lol
1:33am SickMetaGame: anyway only way to beat sports is to actually have a roll to do things like that
1:33am SickMetaGame: yah if don't wait for runs to go and take +12 points both sides during live
1:33am Shahista: allways be sweatin
1:33am Shahista: remember your ABS's SMG :)
1:30am SickMetaGame: after they foul 2 points down and miss their last shot
1:30am SickMetaGame: you will watch celtics lose by 4
1:29am SickMetaGame: that's what happens when you start celebrating with 8 minutes left in the game
1:29am xxlx2014: u are on?
1:29am xxlx2014: david
1:29am xxlx2014: =))
1:29am xxlx2014: i am sorry mama
1:28am xxlx2014: huh
1:17am Shahista: for boston
1:17am Shahista: even after starter ejected at start of 3d
1:16am Shahista: and they still losing by 9
1:16am Shahista: and he has a million points and 18 rebounds
1:15am Shahista: embid wasnt even supposed to play by injury report
1:15am Shahista: imagine how big of a lock boston was
1:09am xxlx2014: 74k st 1 :)) Adrian
1:06am xxlx2014: place pay 54
1:06am xxlx2014: now is 45$ totally
1:05am SickMetaGame: better than 0
1:05am xxlx2014: ... probable
1:05am xxlx2014: st 1
1:05am xxlx2014: 4 5 6 $
1:05am xxlx2014: ty but is low
1:04am SickMetaGame: gl
1:01am xxlx2014: 10 cents
1:01am xxlx2014: =))
1:01am xxlx2014: in 10+1 cents
1:01am xxlx2014: i am st 1
12:50am xxlx2014: .,.,.
12:47am SickMetaGame: Should have headbutt him in the sack
12:46am Shahista: smart being stupid got ejected :P
12:39am xxlx2014: hard drama
12:36am Shahista: smart and embid fight
12:36am Shahista: Drama in boston game
12:32am xxlx2014: =))
12:32am xxlx2014: :D hard sex
12:32am xxlx2014: at what score play and tiki tiki
12:32am SickMetaGame: Weird.
12:31am Betcoin: Yes that is helpful to see. Sorry for the inconvenience.
12:31am xxlx2014: apair directy all
12:30am xxlx2014: :)
12:30am xxlx2014: there
12:30am xxlx2014: view for exemple
12:30am xxlx2014: yep i understand now and later :)) and the last time
12:29am Betcoin: Good luck all
12:29am Betcoin: Thanks guys
12:29am SickMetaGame: Goal scored 30min
12:29am SickMetaGame: Anyway the only way you could have won was if you bet it 26 minutes in to the match, but that was 76 minutes
12:29am xxlx2014: pam pam
12:28am SickMetaGame: that's why he showed you a picture of it.
12:28am SickMetaGame: it is just glitched on players end
12:28am xxlx2014: understand me ... ?
12:28am xxlx2014: apair the bet u got next goal 2 at score 0 1
12:28am SickMetaGame: Betcoin showed imgur pic it is 0:1
12:28am SickMetaGame: its just glitched not showing when you taking one side or another
12:28am xxlx2014: exactly normally is if u play at score 0 1
12:28am SickMetaGame: But like I said before it has to be because you bet on the draw
12:28am SickMetaGame: No his question was why is that one showing 0:1 and other one didn't
12:27am Betcoin: You won that leg
12:26am xxlx2014: for this i consult and ask you
12:26am xxlx2014: and at what is lost no apair this
12:25am xxlx2014: apair direct u got at no goles at 1:0
12:25am xxlx2014: EINTRACHT FRANKFURT-1. FC NUREMBERG Next goal x 1:0 5.90 view at this match ?
12:25am xxlx2014: :P
12:25am Betcoin: Thanks a lot xxlx, we appreciate you!
12:25am xxlx2014: closed dont import now
12:24am xxlx2014: what dont understand why at one match apair and at other no :))
12:24am Betcoin: Haha fair enough. Can we close your ticket?
12:24am xxlx2014: 50/50% :)))
12:24am Betcoin: xxlx, are you satisfied with this resolution now?
12:24am SickMetaGame: How much headache would have been saved if it showed, it is just not coded all the way.. I guess it showed value on the other one because you bet "x"
12:24am xxlx2014: :))
12:24am xxlx2014: for this i consult you betcoin no problem ... but tiki tiki
12:23am SickMetaGame: How much headache would have been saved if it showed, it is just not coded all the way.. I guess it showed value on the other one because you bet "x"
12:23am Betcoin: But you can always ask us if you need assistance
12:23am Betcoin: The betslips are not complete unfortunately. We are working on improving them
12:23am xxlx2014: at other no?
12:23am xxlx2014: at one match apair
12:23am xxlx2014: this i view you how u see me but why in my split no apair ?
12:22am Betcoin: You see the score was 0-1 in the Winterthur-Aarau match
12:22am Betcoin: Here is a screenshot showing all the scores when you made this wager
12:21am xxlx2014: understand me ?
12:21am xxlx2014: apair you got at 1:0 no more goal
12:21am xxlx2014: how view at this Soccer EINTRACHT FRANKFURT-1. FC NUREMBERG Next goal x 1:0 5.90 WON
12:21am SickMetaGame: that's what I am curious about, on the Aarau game
12:21am SickMetaGame: So what minute was the match in when he bet it
12:21am xxlx2014: because normally apair
12:20am Betcoin: 1 moment
12:20am xxlx2014: :P
12:20am Betcoin: Would you like a screenshot?
12:20am xxlx2014: score for this i consult you
12:20am xxlx2014: or 0 0
12:20am xxlx2014: if the ticket open at 0 1
12:20am Betcoin: Can we close the ticket?
12:20am Betcoin: Great, thank you for understanding
12:20am xxlx2014: i dont remember
12:20am xxlx2014: ok
12:20am xxlx2014: ahh
12:20am Betcoin: Is this clear?
12:20am Betcoin: You placed this wager when the score was 0-1 which was the final score
12:20am Betcoin: The leg you lost was Winterthur-Aarau
12:19am xxlx2014: or 2 2
12:19am xxlx2014: x is 1 1
12:19am xxlx2014: score
12:19am xxlx2014: next goal no final
12:19am xxlx2014: and one lost
12:19am xxlx2014: Soccer EINTRACHT FRANKFURT-1. FC NUREMBERG Next goal x 1:0 5.90 WON
12:19am Betcoin: xxlx, do you understand why you lost this one?
12:19am xxlx2014: 2 is win
12:19am SickMetaGame: I am not sure about timestamp on this one
12:19am SickMetaGame: Like you said
12:19am Betcoin: But it shows on the back end here
12:19am Betcoin: Clearly there are still things that need improvement, but we sure are working hard on them!
12:19am SickMetaGame: I can reference back panathinaikos bet by timestamps that it was placed 8 mins before olympiacos actually scored
12:18am SickMetaGame: Why doesn't it show on slip like the other one that he bet when it was 0:1
12:18am Betcoin: Okay so the next goal was not scored by the team you chose. You would have won this if you had selected 'x' option
12:18am xxlx2014: the final score
12:18am xxlx2014: 0 1
12:18am xxlx2014: Soccer FC WINTERTHUR-FC AARAU Next goal 2 - 3.19 LOST
12:17am Betcoin: You bet on this match when the score was 0-1. What was the final score of this match?
12:17am xxlx2014: is 2 won one lost final score 0 1
12:17am xxlx2014: and this ?
12:17am xxlx2014: ok
12:17am Betcoin: Shall we move on to the other betslip?
12:16am Betcoin: The score was 0-0, you picked 1 team to score the next goal and the other team scored
12:16am Betcoin: There is no error. Do you agree that this is a loss?
12:16am xxlx2014: ... etc i dont no dont remember exactly u remember what error the web and imposible check this day the tickets
12:16am Betcoin: Therefore this is a loss. Would you like to discuss the next one
12:16am BigThangz: the semi missed me
12:15am BigThangz: bad news
12:15am Betcoin: No, the score was 0-0 when you placed the wager
12:15am xxlx2014: nope i going to next goal at 0 1
12:15am Betcoin: It was a live bet
12:15am Betcoin: So this was a losing ticket
12:15am Betcoin: Right, but the other team scored before that happened
12:15am xxlx2014: and suspended
12:15am xxlx2014: suspended the match because the ppl going to stage
12:15am Betcoin: It was 0-0 when you placed the wager.
12:14am Betcoin: The score was 0-1 olympiacos when the match was suspended. You selected the other team
12:14am Betcoin: This ticket was graded after Olympiacos scored a goal
12:14am xxlx2014: and normally is winner ..... hos is suspended
12:14am xxlx2014: suspended the match
12:13am xxlx2014: probable
12:13am xxlx2014: the match closed
12:13am xxlx2014: ah no
12:13am SickMetaGame: unless its 78 mins, not sure what timezone it shows.
12:11am xxlx2014: final score
12:11am xxlx2014: 1 1
12:11am Betcoin: What was the final score
12:11am xxlx2014: is next goal
12:11am xxlx2014: no is final score men
12:11am Betcoin: xxlx what was the final score of this match in this ticket
12:11am xxlx2014: you remember error this day the websports
12:10am SickMetaGame: goal was scored 30 minute
12:10am Betcoin: xxlx, what was the final score of this matcj
12:10am SickMetaGame: bet slip shows it was placed 15:28 which would mean 28 mins when match started
12:10am xxlx2014: Ticket #175580:
12:10am Betcoin: You are wrong
12:10am SickMetaGame: Look I am pretty sure his bet should have won
12:10am Betcoin: Okay would you rather we explain in your ticket?
12:10am xxlx2014: i open ticket
12:09am Betcoin: Betslip ID please
12:09am Betcoin: XLXX what betslip would you like to discuss. Pick one please.
12:09am xxlx2014: PANATHINAIKOS
12:09am SickMetaGame: since the other team won 0:1
12:09am SickMetaGame: his first leg don't have score showing so if it was 0:0 when he plaecd he should have won
12:09am xxlx2014: goal in minute 95
12:09am Betcoin: On our betslip
12:09am SickMetaGame: that's the same point I am saying
12:08am xxlx2014: view ?
12:08am xxlx2014: PANATHINAIKOS-OLYMPIACOS PIRAEUS Next goal 1 - 3.18 LOST
12:08am Betcoin: That was the current score at the time
12:08am Betcoin: The score is listed on the betslip
12:08am SickMetaGame: actually I can figure that out on my own
12:08am SickMetaGame: what minute was the game when he placed bet on Winterthur/Aarau match
12:08am xxlx2014: % winner
12:07am xxlx2014: and is 10001
12:07am Betcoin: These have both been reviewed. Which would you like to discuss first
12:07am xxlx2014: Soccer FC WINTERTHUR-FC AARAU Next goal 2 - 3.19 LOST
12:07am xxlx2014: the ticket
12:07am xxlx2014: review
12:07am SickMetaGame: his first leg don't show that
12:07am xxlx2014: is next goal
12:07am SickMetaGame: considering other leg shows 1:0 at the time of the bet
12:06am SickMetaGame: so didn't he bet that when it was 0:0
12:06am Betcoin: Next goal is a 3-way bet. It has the 'x' option. That is the correct selection if no one else scores
12:06am Betcoin: The odds you receive reflect that
12:05am Betcoin: There is no push on 'next goal' bets
12:04am xxlx2014: is 3 4 ticket winner there but this day error de web sports ... problem
12:03am xxlx2014: and this is winner
12:01am BigThangz: dang still got 3brackets to fill out
12:00am xxlx2014: at next goal dont import goal min 89 90 or 90+3 5 etc
12:00am xxlx2014: :)
12:00am BigThangz: did u make a ticket
12:00am xxlx2014: and dont import the time is at finally match
11:59pm xxlx2014: no the minute final 90
11:59pm xxlx2014: because i got to next goal
11:59pm xxlx2014: nope
11:59pm BigThangz: no extra
11:59pm BigThangz: did u bet the section that only covers reg time
11:59pm xxlx2014: goal panathinaikos in minute extra
11:59pm BigThangz: no chicken dinner
11:58pm xxlx2014: why lost
11:58pm xxlx2014: normally this is winner
11:58pm xxlx2014: betcoin
11:57pm BigThangz: better to do when they did it then 9am tomorrow
11:57pm SickMetaGame: Tat, the man of the people.
11:56pm Shahista: let em do it as planned next time BT xD
11:56pm Shahista: 4 hours earlier would of been perfect
11:55pm Shahista: but book is great :)
11:55pm Shahista: was a little misstimed i agree
11:54pm BigThangz: u can blame me for it, sorry wont happen again
11:54pm BigThangz: 7pm
11:54pm BigThangz: but I said hell no do that pm
11:53pm BigThangz: they wanted to do 3am
11:53pm Anonymous: Fucking retarded idiots
11:52pm Anonymous: whos fucking bright idea was that?
11:52pm Anonymous: Decides to do a 10 hour update starting at 7PM est prime time when all the games are about to start last night
11:52pm Shahista: thanks
11:52pm Anonymous: This book is fuckin trash
11:52pm xxlx2014: gl
11:51pm Shahista: today dropped too much so better skip.. probably brick in 4th anyway
11:51pm Shahista: wanted to play Cavs win yesterday with odds at 6
11:49pm Shahista: X21I43KDQ lookin good right now heeehee
11:48pm Shahista: coool
11:47pm BigThangz: that drops for u mentat
11:47pm BigThangz: poor a lil liquor on the ground for the fallen troops
11:45pm BigThangz: better I got 10 perfect brackets going atm
11:44pm Shahista: you got some boston eZ money?
11:43pm Shahista: hahaha BT :D
11:40pm BigThangz: hold my beer while I rake in this cash
11:39pm SickMetaGame: I use to want to trust the world, and now I scream out fuck the world!
11:38pm SickMetaGame: Yea only time a 25 pts deficit is creeped into win is when NBA is rigged
11:38pm Shahista: xD heeeeeheee
11:38pm SickMetaGame: haven't watch shit in days, haven't bet shit in days, after today will be haven't eat in days too :)
11:37pm Shahista: DeAngelo Russel single handidly overcame a 25 pt deficit at start of 4th
11:33pm Shahista: did you see that comeback from nets? shame indy broke the ticket
11:31pm Shahista: Kyrie and Jason got dis
11:30pm Shahista: $_$
11:30pm Shahista: caching
11:30pm Shahista: 14 chippies almost
11:30pm SickMetaGame: rip
11:30pm SickMetaGame: This color means absolutely not a single fucking thing though
11:29pm Shahista: celts+3.5 yolo
11:29pm xxlx2014: u are so sexy sick to this color
11:23pm SickMetaGame: -__-
11:23pm SickMetaGame: everything is amazin
11:23pm SickMetaGame: Will be interesting carton box adventures come next month
11:16pm Shahista: with embid out philly v boston seems like an easy pick
11:00pm xxlx2014: hello shahista
10:59pm Shahista: hello Adrian
10:53pm xxlx2014: :)
10:53pm xxlx2014: sEX
10:37pm freshstart: Success. Beast mode betcoin
10:34pm freshstart: And wd initiated...can you do it in under 3 minutes lol
10:34pm freshstart: Challenge out to bugthangz
10:14pm javybaez2020: ok cool, good luck, I've experienced knowing college basketball doesn't help you that much for filling out a bracket
10:13pm lixogram: Yes, the main reason was I dont know much about March madness but Im reading and taking advise right now lol. Will fill a bracket tonight
10:13pm javybaez2020: No problem. Make sure you fill out a bracket!
10:13pm lixogram: I use bitpay too, so convenient
10:12pm lixogram: Javy Thanks for your offer :)
10:07pm javybaez2020: @betcoin?
10:00pm xxlx2014: :(
10:00pm xxlx2014: etc etc
10:00pm xxlx2014: 2019-03-17 21:44:46 X10061TER NORMAL CA RIVER PLATE-CA INDEPENDIENTE 4.00 19.0212 76.0848 0.00 ACCEPTED LOST
2019-03-17 20:59:47 X10V5WDI0 NORMAL AC MILAN-INTER MILANO 3.00 12.155 36.465 0.00 ACCEPTED LOST
2019-03-17 20:44:32 X10W22B11 NORMAL JUAZEIRENSE BA-BAHIA DE FEIRA BA 2.00 24.5077 49.0154 0.00 ACCEPTED LOST
2019-03-17 20:27:11 X12F7LW21 NORMAL UNION DEPORTIVA LAS PALMAS-RCD MALLORCA 1.00 63.930708 63.93071 0.00 ACCEPTED LOST
2019-03-17 20:26:36 X11RWV64G NORMAL UNION DEPORTIVA LAS PALMAS-RCD MALLORCA 1.00 15.753 15.753 0.00 ACCEPTED LOST
9:55pm javybaez2020: so the max win was like 50? but this is the NCAA tournament...
9:54pm javybaez2020: betcoin what's with the tiny limits? it said max for NCAA basketball game was like 111 when I tried to place a wager?
9:41pm xxlx2014: :(
9:41pm xxlx2014: 30 tickets sports lost
9:41pm xxlx2014: huh
9:41pm xxlx2014: hi
8:27pm javybaez2020: my girlfriend just got her bitpay debit card :P
8:26pm javybaez2020: nice nice
8:26pm BigThangz: congrats
8:24pm EyeWonBTC: Gold III
8:24pm javybaez2020: what level are you?
8:22pm EyeWonBTC: Nice
7:53pm javybaez2020: wooohoo i made it to the Silver level
7:27pm SickMetaGame: Good night
7:27pm SickMetaGame: incredible day, fuck the world.
7:26pm SickMetaGame: yup time done and got rekt
7:18pm Shahista: evening all
6:14pm SickMetaGame: many men, many, many, many men
6:06pm BigThangz: you keep on knockin but you cant come in
5:36pm SickMetaGame: I hear you, gilga, I hear you.
5:15pm freshstart: Ok I better wait then so no one steals all my winners lol
5:10pm Betcoin: Yes
5:04pm freshstart: Do parlays have to be posted within 60 minutes of creating them for this contest or no
5:03pm SickMetaGame: I see you, Tat, I see you.
4:52pm SickMetaGame: "roger, roger"
4:51pm BigThangz: not even 1 letter
4:51pm SickMetaGame: noragrets huh
4:47pm BigThangz: time to get jiggy wit it fresh prince style
4:32pm SickMetaGame: Setting itself up to be one of them smacked in the gut days
4:27pm SickMetaGame: I was hearing classic when I closed my eyes in bed
4:26pm SickMetaGame: Yesterday swapped out dubstep for nine hour of Mozart and two of Bach
4:25pm SickMetaGame: Gotta risk it if you want the biscuit
4:24pm javybaez2020: Betcoin no system maintenance tonight, right? I want to live bet these 2 NCAA tournament games :P
4:23pm gorian2222: hi ho ha
4:12pm LetsGumbol: Where the heck do you live again smg
4:09pm SickMetaGame: ⚆ _ ⚆
4:09pm Betcoin: The over-regulation could easily spread to digital currency. It already has in many ways. That is a big reason for the decrease in interest in the US and in turn, worldwide
4:09pm SickMetaGame: ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ
4:08pm javybaez2020: I don't think America is to the point where they'd give up all their freedoms, most likely all Bernie and the liberal gang would pass is all these social programs and killing companies with regulation
4:08pm SickMetaGame: ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
4:07pm Betcoin: A socialist government would likely destroy the remaining freedom that Bitcoin is allowed in the US
4:07pm SickMetaGame: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
4:06pm javybaez2020: Instability in the economy is good for bitcoin IMO
4:06pm javybaez2020: I hate to say this, but the best way for Bitcoin to surge again is probably Bernie Sanders winning. He's an incompetent idiot and socialism will tank the economy
4:06pm LetsGumbol: Thoughts that it could hit new highs, if you wanted to get in. Heres the time
4:05pm LetsGumbol: I know it's speculative but people are really hyping up the resurgence of bitcoin soon
4:05pm LetsGumbol: I'll say this now.
4:05pm javybaez2020: i'm surprised he changed it, a perfect bracket is so impossible
4:04pm Betcoin: Haha true. I believe Buffett changed that to 1 millions per year for life. But still good, haha.
4:04pm javybaez2020: rather have 1 billion dollars than 100 bitcoin lol
4:04pm LetsGumbol: Which is just so sick
4:04pm javybaez2020: if I knew I could have a perfect bracket I'd make sure to work for TCBY because Warren Buffett promises 1 billion dollars to any employee who fills out a perfect bracket
4:04pm LetsGumbol: Last year some 13 year old got every game right but 2 I think it was
4:04pm LetsGumbol: I mean I'm not sure, but I don't know if anyone has gotten a perfect bracket.
4:03pm Betcoin: Maybe by next year we can run it here, internally
4:03pm Betcoin: We will consider it for next year. We could move the pool to a different site, as well, but this year things were quite busy with all the updates
4:03pm LetsGumbol: that's not a bad way to go out
4:03pm LetsGumbol: just get a perfect bracket
4:03pm javybaez2020: 10 is a lot sure but if lots of people had 25 it'd make it a huge payout for the winner
4:02pm Betcoin: Yahoo does not even allow over 10. But either way, we would have had to decide that prior to the announcement
4:02pm LetsGumbol: 10 entries is already a lot
4:01pm javybaez2020: would make the payout bigger :P
4:01pm javybaez2020: Is there any wiggle room on more than 10 entries?
3:59pm Betcoin: Going to be a nice pool, LetsGumbol. Should have close to 100 entries plus our added 500 mBTC
3:56pm SickMetaGame: got no friends til you buy dem all liquor
3:55pm SickMetaGame: Late nights, dark places
3:44pm LetsGumbol: Quite the steal compared to $10 approx. per bracket on bol
3:43pm LetsGumbol: only 1 mbtc too
3:43pm LetsGumbol: Put like 8 in bol's so far
3:43pm LetsGumbol: Hmm should probably enter this bracket challenge too
3:34pm BigThangz: and or camel depending on time of yr
3:34pm BigThangz: that's how I roll
3:34pm BigThangz: riding on my mule
3:24pm LetsGumbol: like SMG has a car, get outta here with that.
3:24pm LetsGumbol: lmao
3:03pm menolikeyou: Driving in your car
3:00pm SickMetaGame: couple times higher odds, more lower not too irregular in my history
3:00pm SickMetaGame: more wons than losses but I have taken same bet with changed odds 8 times out of 10 and followed it with a win lol
3:00pm SickMetaGame: I went and checked through my rejections too
2:43pm SickMetaGame: cold out here on these streets
8:13am javybaez2020: then I just get pissed about how all my rejected wagers 'WON' lol
8:12am javybaez2020: I'm not sure I like how the My Bets page has your rejected wagers on there
5:49am SickMetaGame: I like this addition the most, now would just need this pre-match + live parlays
5:48am SickMetaGame: at least I think that would be better than it carrying you away from the lines
5:47am SickMetaGame: also can you guys make that My Bets link target="_blank" so it would open in new tab
5:46am SickMetaGame: both web and software there,deposit and withdraw through client.
5:46am SickMetaGame: you can find poker
5:16am Digibyte69: How do u play poker tournys
5:08am freshstart: Hmm, mine works. No idea man
4:57am javybaez2020: no live bets either way...
4:52am freshstart: If that dont work, use a different browser.
4:52am freshstart: Clear cookies and cache on your brpwser, then log out and back in
4:30am javybaez2020: BETCOIN I WANT TO BET LOL
4:00am javybaez2020: my balance still wrong, live betting still not accessible... what's going on???
2:55am freshstart: boom goal stars 5 minutes after bet
2:52am freshstart: Lets see if it turns it around. Im on live Dallas Stars to win, and on Dayton under 138.5
2:03am freshstart: Thanks maintenance lol
2:03am BigThangz: lol told ya
2:03am BigThangz: that could be the downswing turn around
1:59am EyeWonBTC: I'm psyched. My dad got tickets for Mets at Yankees in June. Behind 3rd base Row 9.
1:48am freshstart: Bumps
1:48am freshstart: Gonna be occasional roadbumos to greatness betcoin. Can't control that
1:48am Betcoin: Sorry for the inconvenience
1:48am freshstart: I don't even think Belmont wins the game
1:48am Betcoin: jlau, we replied to your ticket. These have paid out, but you will need to clear your browser cache to see this.
1:46am freshstart: Be a miracle but hey, throwing darts
1:46am BigThangz: u might hit the -5.5
1:45am freshstart: Tried betting +3.5 temple live and got -5.5 belmont. There's a 100 dollar loss there. Let me know when all this is fixed I can't afford to be guessing at stuff I'm on a helluva downswing as it is
1:44am Betcoin: No problem. The site is undergoing maintenance at the moment which is cause cache issues so you are seeing a snapshot of a previous balance. Sorry for the inconvenience. As always, all funds are safe
1:43am jaydaddy: Ok I'll try ty
1:43am Betcoin: you browser cache*
1:43am Betcoin: jaydaddy we see the funds in your account. Please clear your browser or try a different browser
1:42am BigThangz: it was like -3.5 pre
1:42am jaydaddy: I'm trying to play and my deposit says confirmed but isn't here ?
1:42am BigThangz: when u bet that
1:42am BigThangz: 1st half
1:42am freshstart: Yep it has me on Belmont -5.5 1st half. Oh well I didn't want that 100 dollars
1:41am BigThangz: back to windows I go
1:41am BigThangz: so i opend chrome for nothing
1:40am BigThangz: id take belmount
1:40am freshstart: 3 browsers all three show different balances and bets
1:40am freshstart: This is all screwy. I tried betting temple, I think it has me on Belmont, and I tried getting a prematch bet and no idea if it went through
1:38am BigThangz: lol
1:38am BigThangz: ill place your bets ATS -150 if u like
1:37am BigThangz: bet went threw on page i had open since last night
1:37am BigThangz: gonna try place a bet
1:37am BigThangz: seems to be working for LIVE on other comp
1:37am BigThangz: i have old page open
1:36am BigThangz: i cant see live takes me to prematch
1:36am freshstart: Roll back the update had me bet the opposite side as well
1:36am freshstart: I can't even see prematch. It take me directly to live
1:35am LetsGumbol: shippp
1:35am LetsGumbol: ezzz 1st half bet
1:35am SickMetaGame: There's always a match going no matter when you do it though. But I know what you mean, I'd think nobody anticipated for it to glitch out like this to begin with. :)
1:34am javybaez2020: nothing is working for me, not updating
1:33am javybaez2020: why did you guys have maintenance during the NCAA tournament first round games... bad bad bad timing :(
1:31am SickMetaGame: that's what Im saying it is not working on my chrome either, both pre and live open pre-match selections.
1:31am EyeWonBTC: Same here but it was there earlier
1:31am SickMetaGame: you can still get to that page just button removed from tab
1:28am BigThangz: because no MY BET button
1:28am BigThangz: shows old browser
1:28am BigThangz: and it dont work
1:28am BigThangz: well i use chrome
1:23am SickMetaGame: - chrome
1:22am SickMetaGame: when I click on live it opens pre-match i'm on old browser
1:22am BigThangz: do you have to use chrome?
1:22am BigThangz: does windows not work anymore with LIVE?
1:21am BigThangz: but other comp with old LIVE from the morning is working
1:21am BigThangz: on my new window
1:21am BigThangz: or live
1:21am BigThangz: cant get prematch
1:21am BigThangz: think so
1:20am Betcoin: Is prematch as well?
1:20am Betcoin: Live is working for you?
1:19am freshstart: Live working
1:19am LetsGumbol: Vamoooos Arkansas!
1:16am Betcoin: Certainly, no problem
1:13am freshstart: Awwww. Okie thanks!
1:13am Betcoin: Okay great, live sports is still down for the time being, but prematch should be good
1:13am freshstart: That worked (well using a different browser did)
1:12am Betcoin: It does show properly when we view your dashboard