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5:14pm SickMetaGame: doctor pepper
5:12pm xxlx2014: mr proper
5:11pm SickMetaGame: after like 15 rally shot already, Dzum was coming to net to finish it
5:11pm SickMetaGame: he had gtd lock point to get to deuce, line ref screamed out, ump overturned replay point lol
5:11pm SickMetaGame: broke back cause line ref fucked Dzumhur lol
5:05pm SickMetaGame: oh comeon fognini... give up break in 2nd
5:05pm SickMetaGame: No court time for roger yet :)
5:05pm SickMetaGame: nice gojow took 2nd set
4:58pm SickMetaGame: need gojow to take 2nd set to drag rogers start out :)
4:57pm SickMetaGame: if it works out its like I got +227 on federer
4:57pm SickMetaGame: ventspils up 7 ht
4:56pm SickMetaGame: Fognini locked first set
4:26pm xxlx2014: no sex no life
3:45pm xxlx2014: :(
3:45pm xxlx2014: Surprise Box
Status Points
3:45pm xxlx2014: :)
3:45pm xxlx2014: :(
3:41pm SickMetaGame: probably bricks tomorrow when they list him as favorite
3:41pm SickMetaGame: :D
3:41pm SickMetaGame: he was a dog previous day too that's like 2nd reg match I think
3:41pm SickMetaGame: still winning
3:41pm SickMetaGame: today +110
3:41pm SickMetaGame: he was +200 in qualifiers all the way
3:41pm SickMetaGame: beating all the top 50 tennis players in Switzerland lol
3:40pm SickMetaGame: lol Popyrin must be having a week of his life
3:36pm SickMetaGame: near here
3:35pm SickMetaGame: there was a bunch of them here a few weeks back
3:34pm BigThangz: i got all my ammo out the safe
3:34pm BigThangz: so I think the big one coming
3:34pm BigThangz: around vancouver
3:34pm SickMetaGame: locked a s1
3:34pm BigThangz: we just had like 9 earthquakes
3:34pm BigThangz: I prob be dead by week 15
3:34pm SickMetaGame: their A/C remote broke they cannot turn it off
3:33pm SickMetaGame: Hell is at -100C this year
3:33pm BigThangz: by end of season
3:33pm SickMetaGame: It will!
3:33pm BigThangz: if hell freezes over
3:33pm SickMetaGame: not bad
3:33pm BigThangz: possibably
3:33pm SickMetaGame: if I keep hitting the board weekly?
3:33pm SickMetaGame: Well so in other words I still have a shot at season prizes?
3:33pm SickMetaGame: I'll get back to burning
3:33pm SickMetaGame: :D
3:33pm BigThangz: that's the problem u were thinking
3:32pm SickMetaGame: Like how many matches you pick
3:32pm BigThangz: if 12 play then 1st only worth 12 season points for the week
3:32pm SickMetaGame: You know here I was thinking all the time we counting overall winners as the leaderboard
3:32pm BigThangz: so 20 people entered this week means 1st worth 20 season points
3:32pm Betcoin: Leaderboard points are based on the number of entries. So if there are 20 entries, 1st gets 20 points
3:32pm SickMetaGame: oh really?
3:32pm BigThangz: the season points go by how many players in each week
3:32pm SickMetaGame: We get extra points or something?
3:32pm SickMetaGame: I see my points look bigger too
3:32pm BigThangz: 20 players
3:31pm SickMetaGame: You get points at somekind of different rate or what
3:31pm SickMetaGame: if there is 13 matches?
3:31pm SickMetaGame: or am I misunderstanding something
3:31pm SickMetaGame: How did swirve earn 20 leaderboard points
3:30pm SickMetaGame: #nevergiveup
3:30pm SickMetaGame: I will win next week
3:11pm BigThangz: woot moved up the leaderboard
3:06pm xxlx2014: gun armed
3:06pm xxlx2014: sniper alerrt
2:58pm SickMetaGame: s0 snipe alert
2:53pm SickMetaGame: +227
2:53pm SickMetaGame: and Ventspils
2:53pm SickMetaGame: oh I took Federer, Fognini
2:52pm BigThangz: mba Moscow +600?
2:51pm SickMetaGame: yolo is in
2:50pm xxlx2014: Sex simbol
2:46pm xxlx2014: :)
2:41pm SickMetaGame: he sold his though and only took 10 so guess he got it for 5 :D
2:41pm SickMetaGame: lol junkie sold us some herbs right in front of Grand Central
2:39pm BigThangz: giants could be good they got barkley OD but eli just wrecks the train
2:39pm BigThangz: eli needs a first class ticket to the bench
2:38pm BigThangz: relying on eli is like relying on fronting a junkie 20 buks and expect him to come back with a rock
2:31pm xxlx2014: what is happend mr sick ?
2:31pm SickMetaGame: I can believe
2:31pm SickMetaGame: Oh right they got a QB who specializes in getting sacked.
2:31pm xxlx2014: hello
2:31pm xxlx2014: :)
2:30pm SickMetaGame: Can't believe Giants lost...
2:30pm SickMetaGame: plasticine
2:28pm SickMetaGame: Looking for 200 chips but I will take 3000 as minimum.
2:27pm SickMetaGame: Credit me
2:27pm SickMetaGame: Looking for 200 chips
2:27pm SickMetaGame: Hello
1:37pm xxlx2014: :)
1:16pm Betcoin: Hello, you can request a withdrawal to your poker deposit address
12:08pm Michaelflew: there is no way I can send btc from my main account to my poker account?
4:29am xxlx2014: :P
4:23am BigThangz: yes the poker is at
4:22am xxlx2014: download or play with flashplayer
4:22am xxlx2014: deposit directly in
4:22am xxlx2014:
4:22am xxlx2014: jxr
4:21am jxr7: how can i play pooker??
3:58am xxlx2014: hi
3:50am BigThangz: hi
3:39am xxlx2014: sex
3:38am icecool988: sup
3:12am BigThangz: theres giants wreckin the spread with a pointless td as predicted lol
3:05am freshstart: told yall falcons ml and spurs +2.5
2:53am BigThangz: lmao
2:53am BigThangz: ll wtf they go for 2
2:40am xxlx2014: ideea
2:38am BigThangz: told ya that hours ago
2:37am SickMetaGame: rip
2:32am BigThangz: only way giants get td is D getting a pik 6
2:32am BigThangz: ya right
2:22am SickMetaGame: gotta get one in 8th
2:22am SickMetaGame: I think the odds are in my favor
2:22am SickMetaGame: So Giants aint havent got a td in 7 quarters now
2:13am BigThangz: hes like a lost child
2:13am BigThangz: eli is so funny to watch in the red zone
1:21am xxlx2014: ...
1:21am xxlx2014: next time 30 day no pc
1:21am xxlx2014: probable later sell my laptop :(
1:21am xxlx2014: i am so sad
1:19am xxlx2014: oh my good
1:09am BigThangz: best chance they got is just hand off to barkley every play
1:08am BigThangz: hes pretty impressive at fumbling also
1:08am SickMetaGame: its a rip lol :D
1:08am SickMetaGame: and this dude can't do nothing but get sacked
1:08am SickMetaGame: when other nikka can throw whole field TD
1:08am SickMetaGame: that giants dream just went out of the window
1:06am BigThangz: hes like he eli need more Canada dry
1:06am SickMetaGame: lmao
1:05am BigThangz: i bet peyton talks so much at thanksgiving dinner
1:05am SickMetaGame: :D
1:05am SickMetaGame: the other dude doing pizza commercials now right
1:05am SickMetaGame: I thought this cant be same nikka
1:05am SickMetaGame: oh peyton was the O.G.
1:05am SickMetaGame: lol
1:04am BigThangz: only ting he good for is excuses
1:04am BigThangz: its not peyton
1:04am BigThangz: its eli what u expect
1:03am SickMetaGame: like what is this
1:03am SickMetaGame: he had a wide open shot in front of him too
1:03am SickMetaGame: how the fuck this niglet gets sacked so much
1:00am xxlx2014: ...,.,.
12:59am BigThangz: shoulda took under 52
12:58am BigThangz: cake walk step 3
12:51am SickMetaGame: giants are really bad tho
12:51am SickMetaGame: lol
12:45am xxlx2014: Vamonos
12:45am xxlx2014: :)
12:42am SickMetaGame: "I Love NYGiants" rally cap is on! vamooooos
12:42am SickMetaGame: well at least looks like low points game
12:38am freshstart: soooo many sacks
12:37am xxlx2014: :( :) :(
12:27am BigThangz: he was on the ground in a ball before he got hit lol
12:27am BigThangz: eli sackedhimself
12:25am SickMetaGame: such a sack
12:25am SickMetaGame: lol...
12:22am BigThangz: time for elis 1st of many piks
12:17am xxlx2014: happy time
12:15am BigThangz: game time
12:06am xxlx2014: bing bang
12:05am SickMetaGame: when you ready for the bump and grind!
12:05am SickMetaGame: just call me anytime
12:05am SickMetaGame: anytime you need me baby
12:05am SickMetaGame: call me
12:05am SickMetaGame: Caaaause I am your loooove doctor
12:03am SickMetaGame: We are sailing in cosmos
12:03am SickMetaGame: Only resispliffs on my love boat
11:59pm BigThangz: sounds like....
11:58pm BigThangz: sounds your love boat crashed into fantasy island
11:39pm SickMetaGame: noooo crying on my loooooove boat
11:36pm xxlx2014: poker poker Gigants chips
11:30pm SickMetaGame: Lets goo NY GIANTS!
11:30pm SickMetaGame: Giants is a lock win tonight
11:25pm BigThangz: should be locked
11:25pm BigThangz: 36 get seats
11:25pm BigThangz: snipped my way to 17th before i even payed a blind
11:22pm SickMetaGame: DJ influence the sweet hour of soul reggae mix
11:21pm xxlx2014: sake
11:21pm xxlx2014: snake
11:21pm SickMetaGame: some men don't know how fi treat ah ladyyy
11:21pm SickMetaGame: coulda, shoulda, woulda
11:18pm BigThangz: always a moron wanting to stack off
11:18pm BigThangz: but they are very if u enter with 45 min left
11:17pm BigThangz: step 2 snipable atm
11:17pm xxlx2014: winner all ?
11:17pm xxlx2014: 33 tickets huh
11:17pm SickMetaGame: i saw disappear from lobby
11:17pm SickMetaGame: yea it just closed
11:17pm BigThangz: crap keep missin the step snnips
11:16pm SickMetaGame: 33 in tickets just like that lol can get in all of the 11s
11:16pm SickMetaGame: logged into BCP had one try the games $11 ticket
11:16pm SickMetaGame: logged into ACR had two $11 try the games tickets
11:15pm SickMetaGame: rip
11:15pm SickMetaGame: almost did that
11:15pm SickMetaGame: Should have picked texans for 6 instead of Dolphins
11:15pm BigThangz: sounds like u get 3rd to me lol
11:12pm xxlx2014: :)
11:12pm SickMetaGame: getting better
11:09pm xxlx2014: cocain
11:09pm xxlx2014: marijuana
11:08pm xxlx2014: :)))
11:08pm SickMetaGame: lol x sucks
11:08pm xxlx2014: need more extezy
11:03pm SickMetaGame: Giants 58 up is 2nd, Falcons 3rd
11:03pm SickMetaGame: So Giants 57 or under is 1st
11:03pm SickMetaGame: I have up until 57 points total too because bitbook went high lol
11:03pm SickMetaGame: lol
11:01pm BigThangz: u might get lucky and they bench him
11:01pm BigThangz: eli on the road yolo
11:00pm SickMetaGame: all in
11:00pm SickMetaGame: NY Giants
10:52pm Bitbook: wow
10:51pm xxlx2014: huh
10:50pm BigThangz: im hoping giants get the ball 1st and barkley breaks a long td run and eli dont get a chance to throw the ball and bang Falcons +100
10:49pm BigThangz: and falcons are really good at letting teams score TD when they a 2 pos lead
10:48pm BigThangz: altho i feel -4 is tricky, falcons get up 10 at end let eli get the only TDs he can pointless ones at end of game
10:45pm BigThangz: this years Giants are last years Browns
10:29pm xxlx2014: and + 3499
10:29pm xxlx2014: combo is 2 3
10:28pm SickMetaGame: but that would be combo
10:28pm SickMetaGame: i haven't played it
10:28pm xxlx2014: single
10:28pm xxlx2014: or 1 at 1
10:28pm xxlx2014: u play combo
10:27pm SickMetaGame: :)
10:27pm SickMetaGame: hornets + pacers is +782
10:27pm xxlx2014: :)
10:26pm SickMetaGame: Bucks, Jazz, Hornets + 446
10:26pm SickMetaGame: price approved
10:26pm SickMetaGame: hornets
10:26pm SickMetaGame: oh lol its 4.20
10:25pm SickMetaGame: one more game like previous ones and they smoking raptors too
10:24pm SickMetaGame: that's the proper yolo
10:24pm SickMetaGame: hornets good juicy tonight
10:23pm freshstart: Prolly swing and miss as most his passes do
10:23pm freshstart: Bout the only thing he can do to help his team, god knows he cant shoot
10:23pm freshstart: I think Spurs win outright, but had to take +2.5 just in case ball takes one for the team and punches DeRozen.
10:21pm SickMetaGame: I have them as 7 pts in confidence
10:21pm SickMetaGame: If falcons win I get 3rd lol so I'm rooting for nikka Giants, I don't actually think they will win though.
10:21pm freshstart: Already on that 2 teamer sorry lol
10:21pm SickMetaGame: Giaaaants!
10:21pm SickMetaGame: You need take that Giants juice
10:20pm xxlx2014: ;))
10:20pm xxlx2014: u are so so colorated
10:20pm freshstart: Tonights play: Falcons ML and Spurs +2.5
10:20pm xxlx2014: nice
10:19pm SickMetaGame: i am so love
10:17pm xxlx2014: you are so love :P
10:15pm SickMetaGame: "I love NY Giants!"
10:15pm SickMetaGame: I ordered a Giants cap just for tonight
10:00pm xxlx2014: :)
9:58pm SickMetaGame: picking underdogs every night 365 days per year, hit 5 nights.
9:58pm SickMetaGame: Only Shahista knows the 100 to 1 winners
9:57pm SickMetaGame: I wish
9:57pm xxlx2014: winners?
9:57pm xxlx2014: all sexy
9:57pm xxlx2014: how are the couple today?
9:53pm SickMetaGame: in a match that totals 45 points
9:53pm SickMetaGame: where NY Giants beat Falcons
9:53pm SickMetaGame: Alright so a couple more hours til the upset of this year
9:30pm xxlx2014: hi
9:23pm SickMetaGame: Giants won 24-21
8:02pm BigThangz: no prob
7:53pm Michaelflew: thanks alot bro
7:53pm BigThangz: then u will amounts click view it will show team
7:53pm BigThangz: then you click on all transactions
7:53pm BigThangz: u click on balance on this page that takes u to dashboard
7:51pm Michaelflew: how do I see my open bets in the sportsbook?
7:49pm freshstart: up 300% after gettinng free listed on binance, and overstock hugely invested awhile back
7:49pm freshstart: daytrade ravencoin
7:45pm Michaelflew: waiting for my deposit now, then I will set my bets for wednesday. I got tired of daytrading and now i am trying something else, just guess the damn matches right.
7:44pm Michaelflew: Sportsbook looks good
7:44pm Michaelflew: awesome
7:42pm BigThangz: there has been a few lately, marchmadness, worldcup, tennis, nfl
7:41pm Michaelflew: You guys should do some champions leauge contest
7:40pm Michaelflew: I dont follow NFL but I will check it out
7:40pm Michaelflew: cool I will check it out
7:40pm BigThangz: if u bet 2 chips for nfl sunday u enter contest for chance to win 50 30 or 20 chips
7:39pm BigThangz: nice , check out the NFL contest we got going on also
7:38pm Michaelflew: I am going to set some heavy betslips, wish me luck.
7:38pm BigThangz: ya u can depo other coins but it gets converted to btc
7:37pm Michaelflew: Oh I think I understand, all currencies get converted to MBTC
7:36pm Michaelflew: I want to deposit ETH and then bet on sports
7:36pm Michaelflew: In what currencie is the balance? MBTC?
7:35pm Michaelflew: and if I deposit ETH what happens to my balance
7:34pm BigThangz: for here
7:34pm BigThangz: 1 chip = 1mbtc
7:34pm BigThangz: 1000 chips =1 bitcoin
7:33pm BigThangz: btc
7:33pm BigThangz: 0.001
7:33pm Michaelflew: how much btc is one MBTC?
7:32pm freshstart: sportsbook withdraw super fast
7:31pm freshstart: ravencoin ftw
7:31pm Michaelflew: You said sports betting withdrawal gast right?
7:31pm freshstart: Lets see if poker can do a withdraw in under 24 hours for a change
7:29pm BigThangz: thats what i had to do
7:29pm Michaelflew: I still have the old betcoin poker in my files
7:29pm Michaelflew: Yes I think the same
7:28pm BigThangz: if u had old one u might need to uninstall and download the new at
7:28pm Michaelflew: I cant open the betcoin poker
7:27pm Bitbook: nitro
7:27pm BigThangz: what is n2?
7:26pm Bitbook: wow N2 is downnn
7:25pm BigThangz: its a lot better and faster now
7:25pm BigThangz: the sportbooks has a lot of new changes also
7:25pm Michaelflew: and play some poker aside
7:25pm Michaelflew: I am planning to bet on some champions leauge
7:25pm BigThangz: nice gg fresh
7:24pm Michaelflew: Oh okay sweet
7:24pm BigThangz: depending ont ime of day 2 min to 30min
7:24pm freshstart: Entered the 10.75 1k ko, got 10 kos and won it
7:24pm BigThangz: its really fast here
7:24pm Michaelflew: what is the average bitcoin withdrawl?
7:23pm BigThangz: u could but the poker withdrawl takes long then here
7:23pm Michaelflew: Can I send from my poker account to my casino account?
7:23pm BigThangz: so u will need to depo on poker to play
7:23pm BigThangz: then here
7:23pm BigThangz: poker has a separate wallet addy
7:22pm Michaelflew: yes I created this account 1 year and 9 months ago
7:22pm Michaelflew: will I play there with the same account, with the same balance, for example i cane asy switch from poker to sports betting
7:21pm BigThangz: if you had your betcoin before febuary your log info should be the same
7:21pm Michaelflew: Ah okay let me take a look
7:20pm BigThangz: its at
7:20pm BigThangz: the poker site is separate now
7:20pm Michaelflew: I played on betcoin poker over a year ago, now I own some bitcoins again and noticed there has been a big update.
7:20pm BigThangz: hi whats your issue
7:19pm Michaelflew: hello guys I need some help
7:02pm SickMetaGame: sounds like bitbrook dreamt about giants game
7:01pm SickMetaGame: hi
6:57pm xxlx2014: hi
5:06pm BigThangz: hand
5:06pm BigThangz: 1st had step0 quad up KK lol
4:34pm 2crazy4you: is good 2 send my part
4:34pm 2crazy4you: if i know the person i am sending 2
4:34pm 2crazy4you: can send 1st
4:34pm 2crazy4you: i need some btc or paypal
4:33pm 2crazy4you: anyone want some acr funds?
4:19pm Bitbook: Giants lost
4:12pm SickMetaGame: sizzling hot!
4:12pm SickMetaGame: it is like NFL version of a KFC
4:12pm SickMetaGame: From here on now Chiefs have been renamed to CFS
4:10pm SickMetaGame: this week really close game.. board points will end up either 81,80,79 or 72, 72, and 70
4:08pm SickMetaGame: that's one td with a double :D
4:08pm SickMetaGame: I like it, I get extra 9 points due to picking low :D
4:07pm SickMetaGame: Giants with over 57 points then BitBook wins and Falcons pushes me third
4:07pm SickMetaGame: to get first
4:07pm SickMetaGame: So I need Giants to win under 57 points
4:05pm SickMetaGame: Sants for the win though!
4:02pm SickMetaGame: Still collecting bits of my soul from last week
4:02pm SickMetaGame: i would have not survived three weeks in a row going into MNF on board just to get myself pushed out of there :D
4:02pm SickMetaGame: :)
3:51pm soupmoney: "SickMetaGame: Thanks soupmoney for being hasty" welcome
3:43pm SickMetaGame: I just like to keep it mellow
3:43pm SickMetaGame: I ain't worried 'bout a thing
3:43pm SickMetaGame: It's good to finally let go
3:43pm SickMetaGame: And I'm like hello
3:43pm SickMetaGame: Got an angel on my shoulder
3:42pm SickMetaGame: Put the devil to the side
3:42pm SickMetaGame: Hold up, ain't nothing gonna hold us
3:42pm SickMetaGame: Hold up, ain't nothing gonna hold us
3:32pm SickMetaGame: :D
3:32pm SickMetaGame: Well, I guess the correct way to phrase it that me and my neighbors listened to marshmello songs for the first time last night.
3:32pm SickMetaGame: I listened to marshmello songs for the first time last night
3:29pm SickMetaGame: lol
3:29pm SickMetaGame: morning i mean
3:29pm SickMetaGame: Little kids are fighting their hardest to stay up a few extra hours even though Monday school night
3:29pm BigThangz: some esl csgo what ever that means lol
3:29pm SickMetaGame: well that's the prime time
3:28pm BigThangz: they had em at like 11pm on a sunday night
3:28pm SickMetaGame: lol nah they will wake up around 3 in the afternoon get themselves a new pack of cheetos and start shooting
3:27pm SickMetaGame: you think esports nikkas having tournaments at 11am Monday
3:27pm BigThangz: whens the esports searching for yolo
3:14pm SickMetaGame: :D
3:14pm SickMetaGame: haha sports is great when teams hold
3:14pm SickMetaGame: he got banned, had to record a video of him playing to get unbanned
3:14pm SickMetaGame: dudes on 2p2 said no way this dude plays so long and not a bot and with this roi
3:14pm freshstart: lol
3:14pm freshstart: I converted to sports betting, less stress, less time, more profits
3:14pm SickMetaGame: He got banned because they thought he was a bot lol...
3:13pm SickMetaGame: THen all of a sudden broke down
3:13pm SickMetaGame: His skill is immense
3:13pm SickMetaGame: for months like half a year straight
3:13pm SickMetaGame: But bro I am telling you this dude was crushing the games
3:13pm SickMetaGame: Oh yeah for sure if he had kids I would understand
3:13pm freshstart: oh, well he needs to get back to it
3:13pm SickMetaGame: but still that dude was playing $6-$10 sng's 14 hours a day, his routine was to play everyday until he got to cash out $250 then continue then next day.
3:13pm freshstart: Poker is hard with kids involved. I had to stop just because swings happen, and gotta be stable for kids
3:12pm SickMetaGame: no kids
3:12pm SickMetaGame: he started living together with his GF
3:12pm SickMetaGame: not married
3:12pm freshstart: He have a family and kids?
3:10pm SickMetaGame: need get this dudes mindset back in the right place... he hands down one of the top-tier sng player in the world
3:09pm SickMetaGame: didnt talk to dude three months dude has spiraled down and working9-5 at the market.... im like wtf
3:08pm SickMetaGame: i have a buddy who was on track to finish year highest in profit and volume 10 bucks sngs
3:03pm freshstart: Time to run up this morning some more live betting foreign basketball, catching good lines mid quarters
3:02pm SickMetaGame: each time a lil shock
3:01pm SickMetaGame: keep hitting my knee against this table when getting up, lol damn
2:56pm SickMetaGame: more or less
2:56pm SickMetaGame: That's the only reason why I have a shot at it lol
2:56pm SickMetaGame: Thanks soupmoney for being hasty
2:55pm SickMetaGame: 50 i mean denver was 2.4
2:55pm SickMetaGame: throwing in denver would have made it 90 to 1 lol
2:55pm SickMetaGame: Atlanta plus Kings parlay was paying 21 to 1
2:54pm SickMetaGame: but they do get these retard stretches where a brick creeps in.
2:54pm SickMetaGame: 1.4-1.8 really
2:54pm SickMetaGame: that's free money 9 times out of 10
2:54pm SickMetaGame: lol
2:54pm SickMetaGame: Anytime that GSW is 1.4+ pre game
2:54pm freshstart: Shit happens, AA gets vracked sometimes lol
2:54pm freshstart: but had really good value and had a shot last second
2:53pm freshstart: I lost a lot on tht game
2:53pm SickMetaGame: sorry GSW lost, denver won.
2:53pm SickMetaGame: I did lose on it but not enough to kill myself.
2:53pm SickMetaGame: He had to add that wondering how much did I lose on it.
2:52pm SickMetaGame: Shahista came to brag that Denver lost and we all suck because we kept telling him Denver is gtd loser last night.
2:52pm SickMetaGame: I'd say it the same as playing 27o after 6bet preflop, flopping quads of juices, getting op push in AA and then say shit I play so well.
2:52pm freshstart: I see only you talking
2:52pm freshstart: who are you talking to ??? lol
2:51pm SickMetaGame: Team Shachigan1
2:51pm SickMetaGame: There are dudes who only feel good about themselves for a minute when somebody else loses, michigan1 is another like that. Maybe two of you should team up!
2:50pm SickMetaGame: I thought you had a strong mindset but you just showed me that you don't lol... Because the only satisfaction you seem to see is that somebody else lost.
2:50pm SickMetaGame: Maybe you need to ask yourself why do you care about somebody else doing something that doesn't make a difference for you in one way or another.
1:01pm xxlx2014: at my is Current Rate: 1 btc = 999.75 :)))
1:00pm xxlx2014: hia
12:37pm Shahista: wonder how much smart mouth ginger got on gsw
12:37pm Shahista: oh lovely Denver win nice profit for me
7:31am moonshibe: whew
6:46am BigThangz: what lol
6:02am SickMetaGame: We getting extra boys!
6:01am SickMetaGame: Current Rate: 1 btc = 1000.65 chips
6:01am SickMetaGame: also you can make some monies simply by depositing to Betcoin
6:01am SickMetaGame: Nice hit
4:01am BigThangz: team intz
4:01am BigThangz: on esports
4:01am BigThangz: lmao just hit a +1000
3:20am BigThangz: chiefs easy monies
2:01am Bitbook: that is spooky
2:00am Bitbook: wowzerz
2:00am SickMetaGame: but 4th if giants don't get there
2:00am SickMetaGame: yup
1:59am Bitbook: so if Chiefs hold and Giants win I am tied for first??
1:58am kolloh: Wonder if anyone gonna ever hit perfect week
1:58am BigThangz: when the jets play giants im just putting in NEw York as winner
1:56am kolloh: yep :O
1:55am BigThangz: one knows....
1:55am BigThangz: see no one who the Sants are DQ
1:53am kolloh: ah yeah one less game this week
1:53am SickMetaGame: so I resubmit :D
1:53am SickMetaGame: i submit 14 at first too and brain didn't even register that something was wrong, after checking realized didn't have 7 pick lol
1:53am kolloh: ah
1:53am SickMetaGame: so they didn't get anything
1:52am SickMetaGame: my guess is that they picked 14 as first?
1:52am kolloh: means they forgot to include?
1:52am kolloh: lol
1:51am kolloh: why do some picks say n/a
1:50am kolloh: ha
1:50am SickMetaGame: guaranteed win
1:50am SickMetaGame: rig is real
1:50am SickMetaGame: Every team you pick home team city and opponent team name
1:49am kolloh: yep xD
1:49am SickMetaGame: Washington Panthers
1:49am SickMetaGame: Green Bay Patriots
1:49am kolloh: lol
1:49am SickMetaGame: Yea next week
1:49am SickMetaGame: lmfao
1:49am kolloh: gtd a win
1:49am kolloh: I should have but the Jagexans for one of them
1:49am SickMetaGame: they know I am on doping
1:49am SickMetaGame: BigRulez already demanded for a pee test
1:48am kolloh: ah lol
1:48am SickMetaGame: I told Randy last night that angry mob will try to get me DQ'd for Sants
1:48am SickMetaGame: Santa's red coats
1:48am kolloh: xD
1:48am SickMetaGame: Next week new uniforms too
1:48am kolloh: lol
1:48am kolloh: not sants
1:48am SickMetaGame: Nope they are now sants
1:47am kolloh: Saints won
1:47am SickMetaGame: SAAAANTS!
1:47am SickMetaGame: :D
1:47am SickMetaGame: they did
1:47am kolloh: ;P
1:47am kolloh: Sants didn't win though
1:47am SickMetaGame: 81 pts first and 80 pts 2nd
1:47am SickMetaGame: that will be 3rd place points
1:47am SickMetaGame: i got both chiefs and falcs max 79
1:46am kolloh: looks like i can max 73
1:46am SickMetaGame: he got chiefs 7
1:46am SickMetaGame: have chiefs 10
1:46am kolloh: ah
1:46am SickMetaGame: swirve 63
1:46am SickMetaGame: 62 pts
1:46am SickMetaGame: if falcons lose then tiebreak with bitbook
1:46am kolloh: ah so i cant place top 3 rip
1:46am kolloh: until falcons game
1:45am kolloh: if cheifs win, looks like only 64 pts
1:45am SickMetaGame: if falcons win tomorrow then swirve first, jabs 2nd, me 3rd
1:45am kolloh: withj how many pts
1:45am kolloh: ahh