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4:16am BigThangz: dooookie
3:41am KentuckyKratom: Unless Michigan wins it all
3:41am KentuckyKratom: Kenny pretty much wins it at this point. 80 to 90% shot
3:41am KentuckyKratom: watch Duke lose lol
3:40am BigThangz: think u only one lol
3:40am KentuckyKratom: only bracket that really needs Purdue
3:40am KentuckyKratom: I got Purdue winning it all in one.
3:39am KentuckyKratom: Nova,Michigan,Duke,Kansas are the keys
3:38am KentuckyKratom: Nova,Michigan,Duke,Kansas are the keys
3:38am KentuckyKratom: Unless you have them in Final Four
3:38am KentuckyKratom: Not really... Rooting for Texas Tech. Really won't hurt anybody if they lose
3:37am BigThangz: for brackets
3:37am BigThangz: I'm not sure if its better purdue to win or lose
3:36am KentuckyKratom: The Purdue game has OT written all over it
3:34am KentuckyKratom: you could root for me if I bought your bracket lol
3:33am KentuckyKratom: Cuse don't have the offense to come back
3:33am BigThangz: if i sold it id have nothing to route for
3:33am BigThangz: i think my bracket has a good chance
3:33am BigThangz: lol
3:33am KentuckyKratom: Starting to get worried about my +12.5 now lol
3:32am KentuckyKratom: 25 Chips?
3:31am BigThangz: nah i like the sweat
3:25am KentuckyKratom: Spent 1 chip to make 20 chips
3:25am KentuckyKratom: Duke falling apart in 2nd half. Seems like a good deal for you selling it for 20 chips
3:24am KentuckyKratom: I'll buy your bracket for 20 chips
3:02am BigThangz: yo
2:58am KentuckyKratom: Hey BigThangz?
2:52am BigThangz: gooooooooo dooooooookie
2:21am BigThangz: well see how great duke is tonite
2:20am KentuckyKratom: But in a matchup of Kansas vs Duke. Duke win easy. Kansas isn't that great.
2:20am KentuckyKratom: Be a close game
2:19am BigThangz: and kill all dreams
2:19am BigThangz: cuzy may take it tonite
2:18am KentuckyKratom: Kansas isn't beating Duke anyways. Knock on wood for me and you there
2:17am KentuckyKratom: yea i thought he had Michigan State. I see now
2:14am BigThangz: so that could make his lead bigger
2:14am BigThangz: he also has mich going to final 4
2:11am BigThangz: same bracket except next rd he got Kansas i got duke
2:11am KentuckyKratom: I'm going to look at it again hold on
2:11am BigThangz: hes got 127 now i got 124
2:11am BigThangz: ya
2:11am KentuckyKratom: Okay. And he has Nova winning it all?
2:11am Shahista: they almost beat rappys
2:10am BigThangz: except i got duke and he got Kansas next rd
2:10am BigThangz: we have the same
2:10am BigThangz: he has nova
2:10am KentuckyKratom: Okay but who does he have in the Final For in the Novas region?
2:10am Shahista: wtf look at the little brooklyn train go
2:09am BigThangz: i got duke going to final 4, Kerry has kansas
2:09am BigThangz: it does when i got villa and total points poss 124and gong to final 4,and Kerry has villa 127 possible but Kansas beating duke going to final 4
2:07am KentuckyKratom: Seriously. Look at the best Possible Point bracetss
2:07am KentuckyKratom: The Duke game doesn't mean shit
2:07am KentuckyKratom: That even includes Duke losing tonight
2:07am KentuckyKratom: Nova doesn't even have to win it. They just have to go to Championship game
2:06am KentuckyKratom: If Michigan loses against FState and Nova goes to championship game your bracket wins. Already did the math
2:05am BigThangz: i may cash if villa wins
2:05am KentuckyKratom: Syracuse +12.5 -143 is a gift
2:05am BigThangz: its my only hope at winning it
2:05am BigThangz: i think i take it home if duke makes final 4 aand villa wins it
2:05am KentuckyKratom: Syracuse is just so damn big
2:05am BigThangz: ya i saw that
2:04am KentuckyKratom: Got them winning it all in my best bracket(Michigan)
2:04am BigThangz: there gonna wreck my bracket dreams
2:04am BigThangz: cuzy runing
2:04am KentuckyKratom: Michigan played the best game so far in tourney last night
2:04am KentuckyKratom: Keep dreaming there
2:03am BigThangz: no one has Loyola in contest lol
2:03am BigThangz: i hope its Loyola vs NOva
2:03am KentuckyKratom: Michigan vs Nova in championship game
1:56am BigThangz: woooot nova
1:54am Shahista: but last few days almost imposible :P
1:54am Shahista: today alot of tennis so easyer
1:54am Shahista: hard to find
1:53am Shahista: need 8* +300 or better
1:50am BigThangz: they are fully capable of getting blown out
1:50am BigThangz: u never with duke
1:49am Shahista: droped down in last 3 days
1:49am Shahista: yup they were +550
1:49am BigThangz: cuze +495 i might have to take soem
1:49am BigThangz: 1 min to go
1:49am BigThangz: 86 76
1:48am Shahista: whats the score
1:46am BigThangz: it would be something
1:46am BigThangz: if nova blows this
1:45am Shahista: :)))
1:45am Shahista: want my 3/8
1:45am BigThangz: in my brackets
1:45am Shahista: need 7 more pairs tho xD
1:45am BigThangz: i need duke to win the next 2 rounds
1:45am Shahista: oh nice i might take some than
1:45am BigThangz: cuzee not started yet
1:44am BigThangz: and i got +108 ml
1:44am Shahista: ya i was gona take cuze but forgot
1:44am BigThangz: pretty much only shot in bracket
1:44am BigThangz: i need em bad
1:44am Shahista: gl ur NOVA :)
1:43am BigThangz: nice
1:43am Shahista: won :)
1:42am Shahista: up 24 shooting 3 fts 22 secs to go
1:42am Shahista: looks like barely held
1:40am BigThangz: i think i got a shot at the contest if NOVA wins it
1:39am BigThangz: +108
1:39am BigThangz: shoulda jumped on the nova train
1:39am BigThangz: dam flirting with it
1:38am Shahista: only 24 again
1:38am Shahista: and fked up
1:38am Shahista: up by 31 3.5 mins to go
1:34am BigThangz: lol gl that's alot
1:29am Shahista: need -18 to hold
1:25am BigThangz: cavs
1:25am BigThangz: standard
1:18am Shahista: lebron and his behind the back passes into nothing
1:18am Shahista: such a bad quarter close
1:18am Shahista: and now only 22
1:18am Shahista: cavs leading by 30 a minute to go in the 3d and they commit 3 turnovers and concede 4 baskets
1:16am BigThangz: come on nova lets not be another 1 and done
12:08am BigThangz: duke losing to cuze tonite lol
12:04am win008: Also
12:04am win008: Duke wins national championship and I win the pool!
12:02am win008: Duke wins big
12:02am win008: No sir
11:41pm BigThangz: anyone taking cuze with points?
10:24pm BigThangz: almost tip off time
6:14pm SickMetaGame: lol dude let Santos miss every shot in 4th to suck it.
6:14pm SickMetaGame: they even got a fake "silent assassin" there
6:11pm SickMetaGame: Like they thought game lasts three quarters
6:11pm SickMetaGame: Not as bad as Beermen blowing finals first game after having 16 points lead
6:09pm SickMetaGame: Dead.
5:16pm Mentat: glad your not a cell tard
5:16pm Mentat: pz hec
4:04pm BigThangz: Gonzaga went out like his power lol
3:09pm Betcoin: Hi SMG, how did your bracket hold up last night?
10:46am SickMetaGame: mornin
7:45am Support Randy: has the download and your records for support etc
7:45am Support Randy: this is
7:45am Support Randy: hi macbodia for poker
6:39am macbodia: its all a bit confusing
6:39am macbodia: so is the poker working?
4:06am stupendelious: when i shove ill think of you randy ;) xd
4:06am stupendelious: lol i wish xd
4:05am Support Randy: yw, may all your straights be flushes
4:05am stupendelious: okay thank you
4:05am Support Randy:
4:05am stupendelious: what is this sister site?
4:05am Support Randy: A sister site does, but it is a totally separate domain
4:02am stupendelious: wait do yall offer poker
4:02am Support Randy: TY KK
3:58am KentuckyKratom: Think Betcoin is doing a great job
3:57am Support Randy: Hope to win back some hearts and minds of players who have had difficulties. The experience is what matters most imho. We hope you will see our dedication to excellent service moving forward. I'm falling behind on my tasks, but will check back later to see how your bonus went :)
3:53am hec4mu: wherever u are
3:53am hec4mu: have a goodnight/day where u are
3:53am hec4mu: alright randy im going to have dinner
3:52am Support Randy: Yes we are upwardly mobile:)
3:52am hec4mu: i mean there was no where but up to go from where it started
3:51am hec4mu: always believed it betcoin would improve..
3:51am hec4mu: always have
3:51am hec4mu: i believe in betcoin to do the right thing
3:51am hec4mu: will continue to do so
3:51am hec4mu: ive stuck around
3:51am hec4mu: like i said ive only been here for a few days since everything changed
3:50am Support Randy: Fair enough
3:50am hec4mu: im out though
3:50am hec4mu: too early to tell
3:50am Support Randy: Danny is excellent at her job. Very skilled and not easily swayed when she has the records in front of her. I don't care to have this conversation ;) Really man I'm asking are you any happier with your Betcoin experience
3:49am hec4mu: even just the thought of danny and the way she treated me is leaving me in a bad mood
3:49am hec4mu: why is she still here
3:49am hec4mu: did she suck someones dick
3:49am hec4mu: is she owners daughter
3:48am hec4mu: old management didnt
3:48am hec4mu: i would go look up my old transcripts of danny but would u actually do anything about it?
3:48am hec4mu: you want betcoin to improve? if betcoin cares about it's players..especially one that has been here since the beginning..u would get rid of danny
3:47am Support Randy: well so you are saying we have not?
3:47am hec4mu: i know i have transcripts..multiple of danny
3:47am hec4mu: horrible customer service
3:47am hec4mu: i cant believe betcoin danny hasnt been fired yet
3:46am Support Randy: We im not great with forums, and how they work. I just saw that and hope we have won back your confidence
3:46am hec4mu: i'll update my experience here
3:46am hec4mu: when you get rid of danny
3:46am hec4mu: i'll leave it as is
3:45am hec4mu: thats an old thread
3:43am Support Randy: I want to ask if you would consider updating your experience at Betcoin. After all, in the end, it is the experience that makes any difference of the site you choose
3:42am hec4mu: now support is a lot faster
3:42am hec4mu: there were times where my support tickets were ignored for days if not weeks...and when i say there were times..i mean majority of the itme
3:42am KentuckyKratom: Support on Betcoin is the best imo
3:42am hec4mu: also noticed support is A LOT faster
3:41am hec4mu: the old layout had great bet history
3:41am hec4mu: yeah like bet history
3:41am Support Randy: so the bets slips need improvement?
3:41am hec4mu: which is very inconvenient
3:41am hec4mu: i literally take a screen shot of every bet i place
3:41am hec4mu: and what do i do to compensate that?
3:40am hec4mu: even if you go into account history and look at each transaction it doesnt tell you exactly what you bet on
3:40am hec4mu: id like to see the bets i made and the details of each bet
3:40am hec4mu: but i really dont like the sportsbook layout
3:40am hec4mu: sportsbook problem is fixed
3:39am Support Randy: and now? the question is it better now? the book the experience overall
3:39am hec4mu: what used to happen was that (as stated before) it would deduct funds from account and never autocorrect. funds would never be placed back unless i contacted support multiple times and bothered them to look into.
3:38am hec4mu: if odds change or lines no longer available it just autocancels
3:38am hec4mu: i dont see that problem now
3:38am hec4mu: the problem was live betting in sportsbook. you would place a bet. the bet never placed but the funds would be deducted from your account
3:38am hec4mu: if i didnt bother to pester betcoin..they never fixed my bets
3:37am hec4mu: i wasted so much time..basically did the job of betcoin staff because they never took the time to look into it
3:37am hec4mu: in the ticket again
3:37am hec4mu: i had to spend my time to write support tickets with evidence and also then further explain like im talking to a 5 year old
3:37am hec4mu: it was always the same problem, betcoin always assured to fix it and never did
3:36am hec4mu: there used to be a huge sportsbook problem...that betcoin promised for years.
3:36am hec4mu: but i do have one thing to say
3:36am hec4mu: tbh ive only been here a couple of days since new management new sportsbook w/e u want to call it
3:36am Support Randy: you were here for the previous sports book and i want to know how you compare this one to the old one
3:33am hec4mu: yeah
3:33am hec4mu: im pretty familiar. pretty sure i wont hit but thanks
3:33am Support Randy: I want to ask you a question, do you have aminute
3:32am Support Randy: learn that first ^
3:32am hec4mu: thank you
3:32am hec4mu: alright
3:32am hec4mu: ok thanks
3:32am Support Randy: .02* x 30 lines
3:32am hec4mu: ok
3:31am Support Randy: .02 is usually the bet per line.... the 3d slots usually have 30 lines .... so .01 x 30 lines
3:31am hec4mu: randy can you plz explain though? why it deducted .5 mbtc when played a single line single spin for what it said .02 coin
3:30am Support Randy: be sure you understand how to clear the 50X rollover with bonus money
3:30am hec4mu: thanks
3:30am Support Randy: all set to play bonuses hec4mu ( the 1 chip bonus was in error / a typo lol )
3:27am hec4mu: i wasnt playing multiple lines
3:27am hec4mu: randy why does it say .02 coin but then deducts .5 mbtc?
3:26am Support Randy: Be sure to read up on how to clear a casino bonus
3:26am hec4mu: one spin*
3:25am hec4mu: is that right randy?
3:25am hec4mu: i chose coin .02 bet level 1 only played one spit and deducted .5 mbtc
3:22am hec4mu: 4 years xD
3:22am KentuckyKratom: yea i been a member for about 4 or 5 months now
3:22am hec4mu: crazy
3:22am hec4mu: wow over 200k accounts now
3:21am KentuckyKratom: lmao
3:21am hec4mu: ok im in the 600's lol
3:21am hec4mu: i took a spin on fa fa twins already
3:21am hec4mu: oh yeah fa fa twins is listed under there
3:21am KentuckyKratom: 252023
3:20am Support Randy: go to casino and click provider then select Betsoft any Betsoft slots ..min bet will open the software
3:20am hec4mu: kentucky whats your user number?
3:20am hec4mu: changed
3:20am KentuckyKratom: cool to know though
3:20am hec4mu: not sure how long ago they chaged it
3:19am hec4mu: ive been here for years...
3:19am KentuckyKratom: always gotten status points
3:19am KentuckyKratom: I never knew there was bonuses in the surprise boxes. Never had one
3:19am hec4mu: ok well i just played fa fa twins
3:18am hec4mu: or could u give me a name of the slot game that works?
3:17am hec4mu: does "fa fa twins" work?
3:17am Support Randy: 1 single small bet on a Betsoft slots will open the sosftware
3:16am hec4mu: any slot game?
3:16am Support Randy: I can not add a bonus to an account that has not. The software has to be opened, even the smallest betsoft slots bet will open it, so a bonus can be added.
3:16am hec4mu: but other than that i dont think so
3:16am hec4mu: i know i had casino bonuses back in the old surprise box
3:15am hec4mu: im not sure
3:15am Support Randy: Hec4mu have you ever made a Betsoft slots spin
3:14am hec4mu: okay
3:12am Support Randy: lets get you a bonus then we discuss it
3:11am Support Randy: lol guess not worries
3:11am hec4mu: huh?
3:11am Support Randy: Did you see Davids request on your support ticket?
3:10am hec4mu: yo randy can u hook me up too with some casino spins
3:10am Support Randy: Pretty sure the sportsbook problem was resolved. let us know if you have any problems
3:08am Support Randy: Very welcome :)
3:06am SickMetaGame: Sweet, thanks Randy.
3:05am Support Randy: A forum participation bonus has been added :)
3:03am SickMetaGame: I am looking to exchange 3 status points for some casino spins.
3:03am SickMetaGame: Doesn't sound so.
3:02am Support Randy: Testing sportsbook and live betting working ok at moment. Are players having trouble?
3:00am Support Randy: Hi, what is going on tonight?
2:15am KentuckyKratom: Works for me
2:10am SickMetaGame: trading status points for casino spins
2:03am SickMetaGame: I refresh it too still same
2:03am SickMetaGame: mine says 0.01
1:43am BigThangz: it will correct itself shortly
1:43am hec4mu: until i refreshed
1:43am hec4mu: in RED
1:43am hec4mu: no but i was a big fat red 0
1:43am kerrywoodwins20: what is it really lol
1:43am hec4mu: refreshed now its back
1:43am hec4mu: said my balance was 0
1:43am hec4mu: wow that was scary
1:41am kerrywoodwins20: betcoin
1:41am kerrywoodwins20: nope, can't get to account page
1:40am kerrywoodwins20: maybe only people already there can get it to reload
1:40am hec4mu: kerry can u go to account page
1:40am kerrywoodwins20: thanks, it's not working that way either
1:39am hec4mu: account page not working either
1:39am BigThangz: betcoin,ag/sports/live
1:38am kerrywoodwins20: maybe I can get there backdoor
1:38am kerrywoodwins20: post the link to the live page
1:38am BigThangz: runnin for me
1:38am BigThangz: seem to be working for me lol let me try refresh
1:38am kerrywoodwins20: pathetic*
1:38am kerrywoodwins20: patheic
1:37am hec4mu: not loading
1:36am kerrywoodwins20: excellent time to crash lol
1:35am kerrywoodwins20: not loading for me
1:35am kerrywoodwins20: is sportsbook loading for anyone else?
1:35am kerrywoodwins20: hello
1:35am kerrywoodwins20: is sportsbook loading for anyone else?
1:26am KentuckyKratom: Loyola Chicago. Who is Loyola Chicago lmao
1:15am SickMetaGame: im watching x files season 4 right now
12:54am BigThangz: zaga next u got stream?
12:47am SickMetaGame: insidious might come
12:46am SickMetaGame: Maybe a little
12:45am BigThangz: u scared of the dark
12:36am SickMetaGame: not sure how to count
12:36am SickMetaGame: looks like an hour or two
12:36am SickMetaGame: now back
12:03am BigThangz: gogogogo MICH
11:45pm BigThangz: its bracket moving time
11:44pm BigThangz: i may have neveda in 1
11:44pm BigThangz: i have no loyola
11:12pm SickMetaGame: nothing in that side
11:12pm SickMetaGame: had cinci up in there
11:12pm SickMetaGame: or wut
11:12pm SickMetaGame: You got Loyola in your bracket thangz
11:00pm BigThangz: lol
10:59pm SickMetaGame: rolling in the dark is an advanced task
10:58pm SickMetaGame: rip mich, hope you didn't get that tattoo as well.
10:58pm SickMetaGame: He didn't realize that all of those comps are bought with the money is losing there.
10:58pm SickMetaGame: michigan1 was lured into his local indian casino with the "free drinks, cigs and sandwiches"
10:54pm SickMetaGame: no problem, good luck.
10:53pm 0489: Ok thanks guys
10:52pm SickMetaGame: Betcoin supports multiple alts for depos and wd's but all of the play is done in mBTC on site
10:52pm SickMetaGame: You will get to select that as an option during the WD Yeah.
10:51pm 0489: But it will go back on eth when i wirhdraw?
10:51pm SickMetaGame: Yup.
10:51pm 0489: Woah. My eth will be converted to btc?
10:50pm SickMetaGame: and it will be converted back to ETH when you WD.
10:50pm Betcoin: Once the ETH reaches us, it converts to mBTC for play
10:50pm SickMetaGame: Your ETH deposit is converted at the time of depo to btc with the conversion rate you see in the wallet.
10:50pm Betcoin: Read that link 0489
10:50pm 0489: In eth
10:49pm SickMetaGame: alts converted on depo/wd to and from btc
10:49pm SickMetaGame: so 1 chip = 0.001 0.10 chips = 0.0001 btc
10:48pm SickMetaGame: It is not too complicated. 1 BTC = 1000 chips
10:48pm 0489: The chip thing is confusing me
10:47pm SickMetaGame: yep
10:47pm 0489: Guys do you play sportsbook here?
10:45pm SickMetaGame: I can enjoy some live scores
10:44pm SickMetaGame: router for this net really far so I get slowish connection. It is enough to browse and listen to nikka rap on youtube but not there for the stream.
10:43pm SickMetaGame: They might win because I cannot rail
10:43pm BigThangz: or if they win the tourney u may win the contest
10:43pm BigThangz: an bracket get tossed out the window
10:43pm BigThangz: enough to watch zaga lose
10:43pm BigThangz: lol
10:43pm SickMetaGame: I got battery for like 7 hours
10:43pm SickMetaGame: other times it is 15 hours
10:43pm SickMetaGame: sometimes it is like 15 minutes
10:42pm SickMetaGame: shiiit lmao
10:42pm BigThangz: u gonna miss the games?
10:42pm BigThangz: how long it post to be out
10:42pm SickMetaGame: maybe one of them sixty year old capacitors or something
10:42pm SickMetaGame: not sure, hear something blow up
10:42pm SickMetaGame: pirates raid on the way
10:41pm BigThangz: from somolian pirates?
10:41pm BigThangz: is your city under attack
10:41pm SickMetaGame: Obvious hit
10:40pm SickMetaGame: damn they didn't blow up?
10:40pm SickMetaGame: currently, whole city is blacked out. I am on this back up net lol.
10:39pm BigThangz: here u go smg something to do rage pull ups to
10:38pm SickMetaGame: feast on chicken nuggets
10:34pm kerrywoodwins20: kentucky kentucky kentucky
10:23pm BigThangz: whats KT
10:19pm menolikeyou: KT
10:19pm menolikeyou: Kentucky where do they make KY
10:16pm BigThangz: whos it gonna be the old bat in a wheel chair from Loyola or Nevada the team with a coach whos kid gets more air time then him
10:14pm BigThangz: ooooooooo its almost BBALL time
9:16pm Zynce: on this site
9:16pm Zynce: does poker work?
8:27pm KentuckyKratom: I drink KT(Kentucky Tavern). They make it across the street so i get it for free.
8:27pm hamrhank666: and my fattys
8:26pm hamrhank666: jack
8:26pm hamrhank666: im ack man no piss water
8:26pm KentuckyKratom: Yea I like my beer too lmao
8:26pm hamrhank666: i party work play poker
8:25pm KentuckyKratom: Nope just a guy that works 14 hours a day and enjoys spending a few hours gambling... Just a boring life lol
8:16pm Mentat: KRATOM IS A FOLK!
7:55pm hamrhank666: why u so upset
7:54pm Betcoin: Mentat, seriously please keep the chat friendly ir we will have to ban you for 24 hours.
7:53pm KentuckyKratom: lol have a good day bud
7:53pm Mentat: ya but how wide is your ass hole bruh
7:52pm hamrhank666: ivce won 3 trnys in 8 days
7:52pm Mentat: tell me about it hank
7:52pm KentuckyKratom: You high bud? Cause none of stuff your saying makes any sense. No offense
7:52pm Mentat: oh yeah?
7:51pm hamrhank666: got another raise to
7:51pm Mentat: oh yeah
7:51pm hamrhank666: oh yea
7:51pm Mentat: oh i forgot you worked for nestle
7:50pm Mentat: how's that feel man?
7:50pm Mentat: you sit in your lazy boy and watch the games?
7:50pm Mentat: you got a tv hank?
7:49pm hamrhank666: kentuky going own tonite
7:48pm Mentat: where is jaime
7:48pm Mentat: but i would rather play dice thats why i am waiting for support
7:47pm Mentat: it would take you about 25 minutes to find it if you were overly determined and ready to google
7:47pm Mentat: nothing
7:47pm KentuckyKratom: Whats a sadduce?
7:46pm Mentat: listen
7:46pm Mentat: are you a sadduce?
7:44pm KentuckyKratom: I don't even know you lol
7:44pm KentuckyKratom: I was just joking with you Mentat
7:44pm Betcoin: Mentat, please watch what you say in here
7:44pm KentuckyKratom: Kind guy you sound like Mentat
7:44pm hamrhank666: i9vce won 3 trnys n last 10 days
7:43pm Mentat: nigga i been bum walking the street for a month talking about what im gunna do to your fuck ass next life
7:43pm hamrhank666: yo
7:43pm Mentat: twitchy?
7:43pm KentuckyKratom: At losing money?
7:43pm Mentat: i am the blackjack whisperer
7:42pm Mentat: tell him i need a bath
7:42pm Mentat: where is jaime420
7:42pm Mentat: who dat
7:42pm Mentat: hm....
7:42pm KentuckyKratom: But can't login in boss
7:42pm KentuckyKratom: The client is working for me
7:41pm Mentat: is the client working for anyone here?
7:40pm Mentat: ya
7:40pm Betcoin: No problem
7:40pm Betcoin: Oh okay
7:40pm Mentat: i need to talk to brent
7:40pm KentuckyKratom: Thanks bud for the help
7:40pm Mentat: i was just in live chat literally a moment ago
7:40pm Betcoin: At
7:40pm KentuckyKratom: So I did a request password instead and need received an email for a new password. But I'll contact them.
7:40pm Betcoin: They should be on live chat now
7:39pm Betcoin: Wish I could help but poker support will have to field this inquiry
7:39pm KentuckyKratom: About 4 to 5 months
7:38pm KentuckyKratom: Ugh... I don't think so... However when I tried to create a "new account" it said email already exist. The email I was trying to use was [email protected]
7:38pm Betcoin: To make it easier, how long have you had this Betcoin account?
7:37pm Betcoin: Did you already have a poker account before the sites split?
7:37pm KentuckyKratom: I downloaded the poker client with the same credentials as my Betcoins and it won't let me login. Do i need to create a seperate account?
7:37pm Betcoin: Okay
7:37pm KentuckyKratom: Okay... I'll try to make it simple... I have an account on Betcoin, with Username KentuckyKratom.... OKay?
7:35pm Betcoin: I'm here but may not have the answer since poker is a separate site. What's up?
7:34pm KentuckyKratom: Hey Betcoin are you still available. I have a question about poker also
7:02pm Betcoin: Oh okay sorry I didn't know that
7:02pm dawohlrab: if the withdrawal isn’t process within 8 hours reach out to support
7:02pm dawohlrab: No when you go to withdraw from the poker client there is a message that states withdrawals can be as quick as 15 mins but can take up to 2 hours
6:17pm Betcoin: Are you sure you aren't thinking of with the 15 min withdrawals?
6:16pm Betcoin: No problem
6:10pm dawohlrab: Thanks
6:10pm dawohlrab: Hmm ok not sure why they advertise 15 min withdrawals then
6:03pm Betcoin: From what I heard, it is about 24 hours for poker wd
6:02pm dawohlrab: When you go to withdraw from there it says 15 mins - 2 hrs so not sure what’s going on
6:02pm dawohlrab: Yes told them you guys said to expedite it but still nothing after 12 hours
5:46pm Betcoin: Have you contacted poker support?
5:41pm dawohlrab: Has anyone had success withdrawing on the new poker?
5:41pm dawohlrab: Support has been useless even though I told them that support here said to have them expedite
5:39pm dawohlrab: Damn 12 hours and still nada on my withdrawal from poker
4:16pm BigThangz: hwody ho
2:21pm Shahista: and Sousa
2:21pm Shahista: sleep was good for you
2:20pm Shahista: yo SMG
12:59pm SickMetaGame: Going to do rage pull-ups. Later.
12:57pm SickMetaGame: Stop stalling it.
12:56pm SickMetaGame: Focus on giving what was promised.
12:56pm SickMetaGame: In their shoes though, I wouldn't play the strict card too much before someone flames up about the soulless seats.
12:51pm SickMetaGame: on a 20-ball scale.
12:51pm SickMetaGame: Players rating is about one and a half right now.
12:51pm SickMetaGame: lol yeah that new poker team is very strict with everything but BBJ requirements lowering.
6:23am kerrywoodwins20: sgolder06 u a homo
6:15am Sneakyplayer20: has anyone withdrawn on poker?
6:01am dawohlrab: use to have withdrawals in under 2 hours now its 24 hours
6:00am dawohlrab: said they couldnt do anything
4:02am hamrhank666: yohoho
3:58am sgolder06: kerry wood never won more than 14 games. I think you should lose all credibility based on username alone
3:33am dawohlrab: ok thanks will reach out to them
3:28am Support Randy: so you have a poker site w.d the live support chat at can expedite your w.d
2:46am dawohlrab: dont know why they dont just have a transfer from poker to here
2:46am dawohlrab: withdrawals are super slow since the new team took over
2:16am Support Randy: it should be ok now guys, was a cloudflare filter causing problems
1:41am albo1985: why sports are not working
1:36am tbachell: anyone else having issues loading casino games
1:11am BigThangz: howdy ho
12:20am Betcoin: welcome good luck!
12:19am kerrywoodwins20: okay I see it now. thanks.
12:18am Betcoin: I see it there.
12:17am kerrywoodwins20: let me try to reload and see if it was a glitch
12:17am kerrywoodwins20: Hi, I saw your 50.00 casino bonus but it disappeared?
12:15am Betcoin: We will get this right and make this the best place for you kerry. Your feedback is very much appreciated.
12:15am Betcoin: Ridiculous and frustrating etc.
12:15am Betcoin: We agree with you!
12:14am kerrywoodwins20: but 10 rejections, that is ridiculous don't you think
12:14am kerrywoodwins20: like if i was 100 and then went to the real limit that'd be one thing
12:14am kerrywoodwins20: I think that's the only real problem, but I find it an especially bad one
12:11am Betcoin: I was able to do a credit and spins. We appreciate you. I will be handling some tickets and looking into these limits. What are the other problems? You mentioned plural?
12:09am Betcoin: Let me take a quick look
12:09am kerrywoodwins20: nitrogensports.EU's live is awful, as i'm sure you know
12:09am kerrywoodwins20: sportsbet.IO has much better live obviously at this point
12:09am kerrywoodwins20: A bonus on my last deposit would be nice. It's up to you, it's obviously a benefit you're offering me. I just find it the right thing to do in light of the circusmtances, since if you look at my bet history you see that I did win that bet I was trying to make but it refused to allow me