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8:32am plo8monster: chat test
6:52am plo8monster: that hand grabbed the chip- lead :)
6:51am plo8monster: <
6:36am plo8monster: download*
6:36am plo8monster: most players use the dowload client
6:35am plo8monster: you have 2 wallets ,.... move your chips into poker wallet then you can sit at poker table
6:35am mintah: how do you play the pker game am just a new person here?
6:33am mintah: how do you play the poker game?
5:52am plo8monster: i do crabby if course i do
5:50am plo8monster: ah sqeak thru yet another bubble today ..:)
5:26am PantzCrabby: plo do u have skype ?\
5:24am PantzCrabby: I have 2 picks
5:24am PantzCrabby: I will and I do
5:23am plo8monster: fight*
5:23am plo8monster: surprise me with p2p :) and yes gl this weekend if ya got wagers on figth
5:22am PantzCrabby: about what I sd
5:22am PantzCrabby: so what do u think plo?
5:22am PantzCrabby: str8
5:21am PantzCrabby: I'm so hyped
5:21am PantzCrabby: Can't wait till Saturday night UFC
5:21am PantzCrabby: If I hit significant I will ship what I can
5:21am PantzCrabby: I'm doing well in the Nitrogen Crazy FR
5:21am PantzCrabby: monster
5:16am plo8monster: not sure what is going on with it jenna ?? wont confirm here via email token ??
5:05am JennaROX: Guys I am having a hard time processing a w/d
5:01am plo8monster: my nephew tried it .... lol ... good way to carpet burn your nose
5:00am plo8monster: I know someone is surely gonna have a try at it now .... gl gl
4:58am plo8monster: Simon says: ..... touch your toes with left hand and your nose with right hand, then swap hands w/o standing up
4:57am plo8monster: why we dont have any simon says jokes yet
4:55am plo8monster: did ya get thru ?
4:55am plo8monster: Jenna ?? was up now
4:52am plo8monster: 20 of 37 ..1 more
4:51am plo8monster: just now*
4:51am plo8monster: sorry was rding the bubble ... justs eeing this
4:50am plo8monster: ill ask if trouble with chat
4:46am JennaROX: MONSTER
4:45am BigThangz: #makebtcegreatagain
4:45am BigThangz: this is a lost cause trading on coinbase is compelte dog shit
4:44am JennaROX: so weird\
4:44am JennaROX: then my comp said time zone changed
4:44am JennaROX: I simply clicked a link and it said confirmed
4:43am JennaROX: confirm
4:43am JennaROX: and my w/d didn't require a visit to betcoin or a pw entry to confim
4:42am JennaROX: Simon completely vanished mid convo
4:42am JennaROX: what is this the twilight zone?
4:42am JennaROX: Monster
4:42am plo8monster: make something up quick
4:41am BigThangz: pretty much if u torch the sack u know were u stand, the dude either tellin u what u want to hear or he aint talkin period or he just don't know
4:40am BigThangz: and has a high success rate of talking
4:40am BigThangz: the torch to the ball sack is always a fan favorite for the cartel
4:40am BigThangz: ya I had to look away on the toe nail shit
4:30am plo8monster: when that scene came on biggy i cringed and i was like thinking do you tell them to make them stop .. that was Saw quality lol
4:22am plo8monster: as far as im concerned just over clipping a toenail into the quick ... is a pain similar to fingernails on a chalk board X cringe
4:19am plo8monster: im thinking you probably wouldnt have to remove but one of my toe nails
4:17am BigThangz: ya that was good shit
4:17am plo8monster: right down to the friggin rtoe nails to the top of head being blown off
4:16am plo8monster: friggin ozark szpecial effects are amazing
4:16am BigThangz: nice
4:16am plo8monster: binged it all
4:16am plo8monster: i got in sports ok
4:15am BigThangz: how did u like animal kingdom did u watch season 1 or 2 or both
4:15am BigThangz: good show
4:15am BigThangz: ya I binged watch Ozark this weekend
4:12am jonnyrocket: neone having trouble logging in to sports?
4:12am jonnyrocket: animal kingdom best show on tv
4:11am plo8monster: hey Biggy i watched Animal kingdom finally ... have ya seen Ozark ..yet .. way cool lol
4:10am plo8monster: modern criminals are hugely attracted to will always be and issue
4:08am plo8monster: Pablo burried his lol
4:06am plo8monster: thruout time the success of any criminal enterprise comes in knowing how to handle the money ..... if you dont get caught you launder it.... if you do get caught ya make it dissapear
3:58am BigThangz: on moved to there
3:58am BigThangz: everyone knew about the gox coind getting dumped on btce
3:56am BigThangz: I'm more supprised that btce isn't siezed
3:56am BigThangz: I'm not surprised at all
3:56am plo8monster: money cant buy ya love ...but it can buy ya time off for good behaviour :)
3:55am SickMetaGame: beat tho you are almost 90
3:55am SickMetaGame: come out to bitcoin $500k per one
3:54am SickMetaGame: aint no one seeing the coins if they lock him up for 55 years
3:54am SickMetaGame: He has his private keys memorized in his mind
3:54am plo8monster: thnx for posting in forum brah ... surprised me but in way it didnt
3:53am BigThangz: sounds like govt just takin shot in the dark tryin to get some money
3:53am BigThangz: u figure they would seize btce if they gonna fine them
3:53am plo8monster: say heres an extra 12 mil for d' judge
3:53am BigThangz: no shit dudes like I got that in my briefcase
3:52am plo8monster: how fast do you want it officers, please give me your wallet address
3:52am BigThangz: pretty sure the 55 yrs is for the gox bs
3:51am BigThangz: vinnik only getting fined 12 million
3:51am BigThangz: If convicted, Vinnik faces as many as 55 years in prison.
3:51am BigThangz: but hommie lookin at 55 yrs
3:51am BigThangz: no shit right
3:50am SickMetaGame: not bad
3:50am SickMetaGame: launder 4 bils, fine 110 mils
3:48am BigThangz: fine seems a lil cheap
3:48am plo8monster: add thT TO THE LINK PLEASE
3:47am BigThangz: wow looks like btc-e getting fined 110 million
3:47am janecrypto: i placed 5th in a 1500 last night :)
3:47am plo8monster: screw the players ...i feel like im beating the wpn lol
3:47am plo8monster: WPN has abused me terribly today ...but i keep surviving it just barely ...then huge comebacks
3:47am janecrypto: i was in that game earlier
3:46am janecrypto: gl
3:46am SickMetaGame: GL
3:46am plo8monster: i have made the most amzing comebacks today ...never give up
3:45am plo8monster: h4h in 7500 gtd .... gl meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
3:41am plo8monster: waiting for a media boost
3:41am plo8monster: i was expectign worse it on time delay
3:41am plo8monster: agree
3:40am SickMetaGame: I am just thinking like 5 years ago, huge exchange like btce going down the same day while Admin gets arrested after being accused of laundering 4 billion bucks would have mean much bigger landslide than $200 bucks on the price.
3:37am janecrypto: totally
3:37am SickMetaGame: If anything its still only short term fluctuations, in the long term we will see much bigger numbers. Market cap is nothing huge compared to what the world spins on.
3:36am janecrypto: it'll keep doing its thing
3:36am SickMetaGame: investigating but might get bored if I run down the wrong lane lol and I am not sure it really depends on how much has power will go into this cash thing, if nothing significant it should die off and BTC price stays good.
3:36am janecrypto: i think bitcoin will be ok
3:36am SickMetaGame: how though I am not yet certain if it hasn't split
3:35am SickMetaGame: hmm so its trading at $450 already
3:34am plo8monster: how much do you expect bitcoin prices to be effected
3:33am janecrypto: either way huge profits to be made
3:32am SickMetaGame: Sort of think that the smartest play would be to get rid of in the span of a week with little price peak.
3:32am SickMetaGame: What I really want to happen is for Bitcoin Cash to die off quickly.
3:29am plo8monster: they care not who makes the laws ..because they make the money ,,, this will get huge negative press .... now that. governments and central bankers are definitely sticking their thumb in the pie ...
3:27am SickMetaGame: Quite big though, this means that two of the biggest nations are looking into Ethereum as their future in finance (Russia and China), while UK is building their royal mint gold purchasing platform as well.
3:25am SickMetaGame: One of the reasons why Vitalik was invited to the dinner
3:24am SickMetaGame: Read an article the other day that Putin has plans of digitalizing RUB on the Ethereum blockchain
3:23am plo8monster: central bankers will insist
3:22am plo8monster: you betchya he will
3:22am SickMetaGame: Also lines on whether Alex will get extradited to US or Russia
3:21am plo8monster: NK has a standing army of 1 million men boots on the ground is out of question
3:21am SickMetaGame: lets go
3:21am SickMetaGame: Need new lines book
3:21am janecrypto: too bad we cant bet on it
3:20am SickMetaGame: If this should break out, it wouldn't last long but would get a significant amount of casualties.
3:19am plo8monster: they both off the bubble mentally imho
3:19am SickMetaGame: History books will mention is as the war of the toddlers
3:19am plo8monster: Kim inviting the Donald to war .... do you think he will accept ... kinda scarey to be honest
3:17am SickMetaGame: I would just want some burger king
3:14am plo8monster: democracy at gunpoint !! Macdonalds and Burger kings on every corner next to the walmarts !!! IT IS what the people want !!!
3:13am plo8monster: #FreeeeNorthKorea
3:11am SickMetaGame: I imagine that after Kim gets a holding in bitcoin he would start threatening world to buy coins or nukes just to drive the price up
3:10am SickMetaGame: Have to get last sex in just in case N.K. decides to launch
3:09am plo8monster: quiet tonight
2:41am jonnyrocket: ...
2:25am SickMetaGame: blazing
2:22am plo8monster: where did girlscout go
2:16am SickMetaGame: Nothing extraordinary.
2:16am SickMetaGame: Should be winning this last one as well but not over yet.
2:16am SickMetaGame: volume two bets
2:15am legaleagle84: you crushing it today SMG?
2:14am legaleagle84: PLO8 - you still in the turbo? TID!
2:14am SickMetaGame: Not intentionally.
2:14am SickMetaGame: lol
2:14am legaleagle84: ok u got me on that one
2:14am SickMetaGame: Sounds like there is too many options.
2:14am legaleagle84: where is an uber driver . . . . da me lo t bell
2:14am SickMetaGame: Right
2:13am legaleagle84: T Bell . . .
2:13am SickMetaGame: or P.F. Changs
2:13am SickMetaGame: Kentucky fried chicken
2:13am legaleagle84: thx plo8! u guys are busy today
2:13am legaleagle84: options just limited u know? chinese, pizza
2:13am plo8monster: messaged leagl
2:13am SickMetaGame: lmao
2:12am legaleagle84: too late lol
2:12am SickMetaGame: Do it before you get hangry.
2:11am legaleagle84: time to order take out but ehhh
2:11am legaleagle84: I am so hungry . . .
2:11am SickMetaGame: Drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows
2:10am SickMetaGame: My pleasure.
2:10am legaleagle84: Submitted a support ticket. No worries. Thanks for the help man. Appreciate it.
2:09am SickMetaGame: Sorry for the inconvenience.
2:09am SickMetaGame: You will be taken care off in a timely fashion.
2:08am legaleagle84: 5.50 chipzzz from main to poker - not showing in poker balance.
2:07am SickMetaGame: what money?
2:07am SickMetaGame: Betcoin Andrew is listening
2:06am legaleagle84: sry to stack it up PLO8 but I just had the same happen to me re transfer to poker balance but only 5.50 mbtc. Support ticket submitted.
2:02am tripat0rius: aight thanks so much
2:01am plo8monster: I left message trip soon as Jessica sees it she can fix that ///
1:56am jonnyrocket: thats odd thats about what im owed from a misgrade 60.87
1:56am tripat0rius: it got stuck in blackjack too
1:56am tripat0rius: -15
1:56am tripat0rius: but my acc is also negative right now
1:56am tripat0rius: 60.98 mBTC
1:55am jonnyrocket: 2 chips
1:55am plo8monster: what was amount please
1:55am tripat0rius: yezzir
1:55am plo8monster: yes from main account to poker account trip??
1:55am jonnyrocket: i deserve help too
1:54am jonnyrocket: monster your a scumbag
1:54am tripat0rius: no just from account to poker account
1:54am plo8monster: during a wallet 2 wallet transfer trip??
1:54am tripat0rius: funds to poker got jacked
1:53am tripat0rius: yo can someone help my support chat
1:53am plo8monster: Jonny i died in my sleep /// so far as your concerned .... you wish death on me talk shit about my grandson who is my heart, and now you want something from me? no ty will be best for you to deal directly with support via tickets.... im sure you can show them enough respect to get the help you need ... I have lost all desire to be helpful to you... me helping you is like trying to pet a rattlesnake ....
1:48am jonnyrocket: winning bet with the link :(
1:48am plo8monster: 14 red the winning bet .....
1:48am jonnyrocket: jesus
1:48am jonnyrocket: fix my shit then lol
1:47am jonnyrocket: wtf
1:47am plo8monster: all good cobgratz
1:46am scooby420: balance updated
1:46am scooby420: got the balance
1:46am scooby420: its updated now
1:46am scooby420: lo
1:46am scooby420: hy
1:46am scooby420: live roulete be
1:46am plo8monster: i thoughtthis was a sports bet ?? is it not??
1:44am scooby420: so iam not sure this was the number for next bet or the one i am talking about
1:44am scooby420: this bet number shows on my screen after the spin
1:44am scooby420: 15940659
1:43am plo8monster: cna ya get me the bet# also
1:43am jonnyrocket: our sports team tries their best but they get confused often
1:43am scooby420: of tht bet
1:42am scooby420: transaction id
1:42am scooby420: 22078140
1:42am jonnyrocket: just keep pressin them til they fix it sometimes you got to be harsh scooby
1:42am scooby420: ticket num 269
1:42am scooby420: i have already send screen shot to support chat
1:42am scooby420: support not answring
1:42am scooby420: 269
1:42am plo8monster: have you talked to suppor tyet ?
1:41am plo8monster: the ticket# please :)
1:41am scooby420: dont knw how to add pic in ticket
1:41am scooby420: made a ticket
1:41am scooby420: yes
1:40am plo8monster: what was bet# and did ya make a support ticket?
1:39am scooby420: not even my bet came back lol
1:39am scooby420: 21 .50 chips bet 35 total win
1:39am scooby420: but balance not added into my account
1:39am scooby420: it was written 35 chips win
1:39am scooby420: won tht bet
1:39am scooby420: i made a bet
1:39am scooby420: not good lol
1:37am jonnyrocket: how r u
1:34am jonnyrocket: scooby sup
1:34am scooby420: there
1:34am scooby420: plo8
1:28am plo8monster: need 2 players
1:27am plo8monster: 3 miinutes ..
1:25am plo8monster: tonight 33$ Nlo8 needs players 5 minutes
1:24am plo8monster: now at final tbl :)
1:24am plo8monster: wow im feeling pretty amazing in the hyper i cameback from devestation 3 times .... aq
1:24am xxlx2014: :)))
1:24am xxlx2014: 7$ 2.56 chips
1:02am jramy: hmmm
12:23am xxlx2014: 2$ % for exchange the perfectmoney in btc
12:22am xxlx2014: pff
12:22am xxlx2014: gl
12:21am legaleagle84: just hit ITM
12:21am legaleagle84: $195 prize pool
12:20am legaleagle84: in a $5 on demand
12:20am legaleagle84: havent tried
12:20am xxlx2014: all good legale in internet explorer ? :)
12:20am legaleagle84: appreciate it PLO
12:17am xxlx2014: any used the perfectmoney here ?
12:16am plo8monster: ty legaleagle i have reported it
12:15am xxlx2014: play vodoo is good game pay good
12:15am xxlx2014: because i play only in slots and low in poker ... and dont this :))
12:15am xxlx2014: gl
12:15am xxlx2014: is more ok ...
12:15am xxlx2014: play to internet explorer
12:14am legaleagle84: mozilla
12:14am xxlx2014: but in internet explore no
12:14am xxlx2014: for google chrome yes more time is the error
12:14am legaleagle84: yes code error
12:14am legaleagle84: ty!
12:13am xxlx2014: or open internet explorer
12:13am xxlx2014: and re join
12:13am xxlx2014: sing out
12:13am xxlx2014: singur out
12:13am plo8monster: will check legal
12:13am xxlx2014: legale
12:13am plo8monster: nut flush falls to river gut shot str8flush ... amazing beat .... how do you do it hank ... impossible rivers 1 out kill cards ... wpn hates you apparently ..
12:12am legaleagle84: idk why
12:12am legaleagle84: endorphina slots dont work for me
12:12am xxlx2014: lost all
12:12am xxlx2014: CASINO SLOTS
12:12am plo8monster: wow
12:11am hamrhank666: fk this dk skn site
12:11am hamrhank666: did u see that strgt fl vs my ace high flush
12:09am xxlx2014: brb play to casino demo :)))
12:09am plo8monster: thnx Jennna guys have fun
12:08am JennaROX: Have a nice day you guys
12:07am xxlx2014: SeX
12:07am jonnyrocket: what in the hell do i do with perfect money
12:07am JennaROX: He said hello. We are going to Hollywood tomorrow to some museums and stuff
12:06am plo8monster: hope ya enjoying the trip and visit with jenna
12:06am JennaROX: He is a streamer on twitch
12:06am plo8monster: Hi ming :)
12:06am JennaROX: Ming the Merciless
12:06am xxlx2014: any want 7$ perfectmoney for 3 4 chips ?
12:06am JennaROX: Here visiting me
12:06am jonnyrocket: ming who
12:05am JennaROX: Ming is here you guys
12:05am xxlx2014: hi jenna
12:05am xxlx2014: :))
12:05am jonnyrocket: 5 chips jenna stat
12:05am xxlx2014: and me 23
12:05am JennaROX: :)
12:05am JennaROX: Hi you guys
12:04am jonnyrocket: send me 5 chips stat
12:04am jonnyrocket: test chat test
12:04am plo8monster: chat test
12:03am jonnyrocket: monster send me 5 lets go
12:01am plo8monster: hank ?? insurance?? 40?
11:57pm hamrhank666: aces full
11:57pm hamrhank666: hit bomber finally
11:57pm hamrhank666: sure
11:52pm jonnyrocket: monster ill take 5 chips thanks
11:50pm plo8monster: test
11:48pm plo8monster: hank insurance ... 40
11:42pm plo8monster: hank my p2p are not instant at the moment but i sent ya the chip ya ask for
11:38pm plo8monster: Girscout left you a detailed message on skype
11:37pm hamrhank666: yo
11:36pm plo8monster: Girscout ...if ya sethis skype me please ...regarding oyur w/d in ethereuam
11:35pm plo8monster: sent hank
11:35pm hamrhank666: testing
11:34pm plo8monster: test
11:34pm plo8monster: Girscout ya still here
11:32pm jonnyrocket: 1 chip for all
11:32pm hamrhank666: ok wanna th oss
11:31pm jonnyrocket: stank in the next month ill send you 26 chips. 6 for what i owe 20 for a stake
11:31pm hamrhank666: i need 1chip
11:31pm hamrhank666: i need 1 chip
11:30pm plo8monster: im always here
11:30pm hamrhank666: u can be pivot man
11:29pm hamrhank666: good idea
11:29pm jonnyrocket: why dont u just call him yall can phone sex
11:29pm jonnyrocket: sup stank
11:28pm hamrhank666: is plo8 here
11:27pm hamrhank666: yo
11:23pm jonnyrocket: whos up
11:17pm jonnyrocket: hi all
11:05pm xxlx2014: hey ham
11:04pm hamrhank666: brb
11:04pm hamrhank666: plo8
11:04pm hamrhank666: hey
11:01pm xxlx2014: a?
10:57pm xxlx2014: 7$ pm for some chips 4 5 chips ...
10:56pm xxlx2014: any want perfectmoney for chips ??
10:46pm Girlscout: yes all is good summer is almost over so gonna have go back gambling
10:42pm hamrhank666: horse is ready
10:39pm SickMetaGame: rip (:
10:38pm SickMetaGame: Still got the job?
10:38pm SickMetaGame: Been a while since you came around lol, how are you doing?
10:37pm SickMetaGame: Everything is well, waiting for MLB games to start
10:37pm SickMetaGame: lol shit sorry GS stepped away
10:36pm hamrhank666: heyhey
10:34pm akafun: hey
10:30pm hamrhank666: yp
10:21pm Girlscout: :0O a ghost
10:19pm Girlscout: SMG :-D howdy
9:41pm SickMetaGame: kappachino
9:22pm worldpeace: 2 left
9:22pm worldpeace: lol i run good
9:14pm worldpeace: 4 left laddering quick
9:10pm worldpeace: from shortest stack in ft
9:10pm worldpeace: 3/6 in turbo 600 woo
9:07pm worldpeace: yeah gg gl
9:06pm suxxx: tty guys later gl
9:06pm suxxx: thanks for the chance
9:06pm suxxx: 66 v s 1010
9:05pm suxxx: sorryh bro i lost
8:43pm suxxx: no doubt
8:43pm suxxx: motherfucker def got dropped on his head as a kid
8:42pm suxxx: fucking idiot man i just gotta stfu cause im thinkin some bad shit right now lol
8:42pm suxxx: and catches it
8:42pm suxxx: calls my all in with a straight draw
8:38pm suxxx: np ty
8:38pm worldpeace: ok ty
8:37pm suxxx: 0.33
8:37pm suxxx: yup
8:37pm worldpeace: have u sent
8:36pm suxxx: u get it worldpeace?
8:33pm suxxx: man im pissed off
8:33pm suxxx: thanks again
8:33pm suxxx: so i didnt mess up the name
8:33pm suxxx: i clicked on your profile and send p2p thru there
8:33pm suxxx: its sent
8:31pm suxxx: 0.33 coming back to ya
8:29pm suxxx: thanks
8:28pm suxxx: 2 pair i had and he rivers a straight
8:28pm worldpeace: gg bro
8:28pm suxxx: 1 sec dude
8:28pm michigan1: :(
8:28pm michigan1: GG
8:28pm suxxx: stupid pos
8:28pm suxxx: thats bs
8:28pm suxxx: wow fucking rivered me and im out of the 1500 gtd
8:26pm worldpeace: no worries
8:26pm suxxx: dont worry
8:26pm suxxx: thanks and yep right away
8:26pm worldpeace: send me back the remainder after u reg tho
8:26pm worldpeace: xd
8:26pm worldpeace: 50 percent is fine:)
8:25pm suxxx: you sure u just want 65%?
8:24pm suxxx: k i just did
8:24pm worldpeace: ok i sent, go ask support to push:)
8:23pm suxxx: thanks bro
8:23pm suxxx: suxxx
8:23pm suxxx: yes with 3 x's
8:23pm worldpeace: send to suxxx?
8:22pm worldpeace: ok cool
8:22pm suxxx: yeah thats how it works
8:22pm suxxx: ok i sec
8:22pm worldpeace: u reg and u send me back the remainder?
8:21pm worldpeace: i send u 0.55 chip
8:21pm worldpeace: so
8:21pm worldpeace: i see
8:21pm suxxx: but when i register they only take out 55 us cents worth of btc
8:21pm suxxx: it would cost 55 us cents to enter so i need 0.55 of a chip
8:20pm suxxx: you misunderstand me
8:20pm suxxx: but its still shitty if i dont have like 10 mbtc
8:19pm suxxx: but once u enter it only takes the right amount out of you btc
8:19pm worldpeace: its not worth to enter if thats the case
8:19pm suxxx: yeah tell me about it
8:19pm worldpeace: that sucks man
8:18pm suxxx: or it says i have not enough funds
8:18pm suxxx: so if i wanna play a $1.10 tournament i need 1.10 mbtc in account
8:15pm suxxx: wish they fixed it tho
8:15pm suxxx: but i got a ticket for the thank you freeroll for tellin them about it lol
8:14pm suxxx: they never fixed the bug i told them about 2 weeks ago
8:13pm suxxx: then it converts it and i can send back the remander
8:13pm suxxx: it is 0.55 cents but im on the flash version so i would need 0.55mbtc to enter
8:13pm worldpeace: how much chip is it
8:12pm worldpeace: sure
8:12pm suxxx: im in the $3.30 $1500 gtd
8:12pm suxxx: and i promise i keep my word
8:12pm michigan1: What game ya in ?
8:12pm suxxx: thanks buddy
8:12pm michigan1: IM DEF ROOTING FOR YA :)
8:12pm suxxx: anyone got a lil change for a $25 gtd sit n go 65% to the staker
8:10pm suxxx: i just hope i make it so i can throw yall something
8:10pm suxxx: but you guys are nice
8:10pm suxxx: yah you and michigan
8:08pm worldpeace: gonna be hardd
8:07pm worldpeace: me?
8:07pm suxxx: ill throw ya 5 if i come in top 3
8:05pm suxxx: but it will be a while bud
8:04pm suxxx: ill throw ya a chip if i place in this game
8:03pm suxxx: lol
8:03pm suxxx: fuck i dont know if i wanna play for 9 hours
8:03pm suxxx: i still got 16 15 minute levels til late reg is over and we can stat knockin ppl out in my tourney
8:02pm suxxx: lol sucks man
8:01pm michigan1: well phewy i blew the chip at dragon tales LOL
8:01pm suxxx: lol
8:00pm suxxx: i see what ya mean
8:00pm suxxx: oh damn
8:00pm worldpeace: i first came upon btc it was already 300 haha
8:00pm suxxx: so i found a way aroudn it lol
7:59pm suxxx: lol yeah well usa banned poker online
7:59pm suxxx: back when sealswithclubs opened up
7:59pm suxxx: yeah bro
7:59pm worldpeace: thats way more lol
7:59pm worldpeace: wow
7:59pm suxxx: if i forgot about them i would be rich
7:59pm worldpeace: wtf?
7:59pm suxxx: fuck when they were $20 a coin i had like 200 coins
7:58pm suxxx: dude me too
7:57pm worldpeace: degen it away back then:(
7:57pm worldpeace: than wake up now lol
7:57pm worldpeace: i wish i went into an accident when i had like 7btc in this site 2 yrs ago
7:57pm suxxx: reminds me of the wild west haha
7:57pm suxxx: but i get what your sayin too
7:57pm worldpeace: lol
7:57pm suxxx: idk its cool here
7:57pm suxxx: i just like how u can go to the cash games table and like win 5 mbtc and thats like 15 bucks
7:56pm worldpeace: may attract more tourny grinders
7:56pm worldpeace: yeah
7:56pm suxxx: so why not have an option
7:56pm suxxx: considering we already share ACR gtd tourneys and stuff
7:55pm suxxx: true option is good
7:55pm worldpeace: or the option to
7:55pm suxxx: i like it like this
7:55pm worldpeace: but me i would like it to usd haha
7:55pm suxxx: good im glad
7:54pm worldpeace: since many players protest against it
7:54pm worldpeace: i would say 90 percent it will remain the same
7:54pm suxxx: if u know
7:54pm suxxx: are they converting the mbtc thing into usd here like at ACR or was that just talk?
7:53pm suxxx: so its kinda like im small stack lol
7:53pm suxxx: but i bought in with my only chip so i gottta be careful what i do so im not broke
7:52pm suxxx: yup
7:52pm worldpeace: gl lol
7:52pm worldpeace: can make more decisions
7:52pm worldpeace: yeah tournies is fun when u got a stack
7:51pm suxxx: im doin good bro i feel good
7:51pm suxxx: not bad at all im playing in the $1500 gtd MTT and got a good stack and just havein fun and takin my time and relaxin
7:50pm worldpeace: not bad wbu
7:50pm suxxx: hows it goin today
7:47pm worldpeace: hey
7:47pm suxxx: sup worldpeace
7:47pm worldpeace: hows ur grind
7:47pm suxxx: would love to join
7:46pm suxxx: if im in chat let me know when something like that is in the works
7:45pm worldpeace: sup
7:43pm antonlevay: and we got a 4 man to run one day
7:43pm antonlevay: texasbandit does sometimes
7:35pm suxxx: sucks no one seems to want to