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2:39pm dopebOi: I was waiting the other day and hadn't even realized it went thru hours prior
2:38pm dopebOi: Make sure to check the actual wallet cause sometimes they don't send the success emails
2:37pm LetsGumbol: Regardless this site still has the faster withdrawals than most of the sites out there. The only faster ones are browser based.
2:36pm LetsGumbol: Placed over 8 hours ago
2:35pm dopebOi: Yesssss
2:35pm LetsGumbol: Mine too please lol
2:35pm dopebOi: Someone push my withdrawal thru. Thxxxxx
2:34pm LetsGumbol: Probably about 1% fee I'd guess dopey
1:52pm Skippybp: I can't afford .05 spins w .19 odds
1:52pm Skippybp: This place is becoming to rich for my blood
8:17am dopeyddddd: hey, anyone know the rough network fee on a bitcoin withdraw?
5:53am plo8monster: Boat over boat river gin .. i mean WOWCH
5:52am plo8monster: not good to see that hand but good to see you
5:52am plo8monster: Yes sir ..good to see you
5:52am plo8monster: yea but that was 5k more ya have huge chip lead if you win hand
5:51am LetsGumbol: take care sir, talk to you soon.
5:51am plo8monster: oh maaaaaaaaaaan
5:51am LetsGumbol: +2k day tho, can't complain
5:51am LetsGumbol: i'm gonna go puke
5:51am plo8monster: was watching oyur game not mine lol
5:51am plo8monster: i didn't look
5:51am plo8monster: usuall pays 81
5:51am plo8monster: i just bubble hyper i thought we were ITM
5:50am LetsGumbol: Has to be the gin card for both players. Just sickening.
5:50am LetsGumbol: Oh, so am I. I half expected it. But its not like I can't ship that there.
5:49am plo8monster: that was just absurd but i am numb to it anymore it sure does happen a lot
5:48am LetsGumbol: can't be giving their hard earned bucks to a sister site, imo.
5:48am LetsGumbol: He's on wpn not betcoin, so gotta give him the goods
5:48am plo8monster: 4700 dollar screwed
5:48am LetsGumbol: it cant be real tho
5:47am plo8monster: sorry bro i feel ya
5:47am plo8monster: wow bor so sorry to see that total cooler
5:47am LetsGumbol: legit right?
5:46am plo8monster: OMG
5:46am LetsGumbol: mmk
5:45am plo8monster: daaaayum what ya got
5:44am LetsGumbol: gross
5:44am LetsGumbol: that's grodd
5:44am LetsGumbol: oh boy
5:42am plo8monster: really nice final tbl ladder
5:41am LetsGumbol: lol yeah i'm in on it now ;)
5:41am LetsGumbol: NinBja poker!
5:41am plo8monster: The B ^ is for Betcoin:)
5:41am plo8monster: ninBja poker
5:41am plo8monster: 7th looking good
5:40am plo8monster: i found ya
5:40am LetsGumbol: yeah chipped up a bit
5:40am plo8monster: you still in 20k
5:32am plo8monster: I know it is really bad ettiquette
5:30am LetsGumbol: weird they started doing that
5:29am plo8monster: cant review hand or say good bye
5:29am plo8monster: man i friggin hate the way the tables close when you go out after ITM
5:28am plo8monster: 89 >ak
5:28am LetsGumbol: glgl
5:28am plo8monster: ak UTG
5:27am plo8monster: out 11th in 3k mega and don't look good here maybe 11th also
5:27am LetsGumbol: bleh
5:27am plo8monster: deep run thrashed by WPN bad beats
5:26am plo8monster: 4 of 12 to 11 of 12
5:25am plo8monster: ak
5:25am plo8monster: wow another final tbl screwed ..both megas
5:24am plo8monster: spent a lot of my oyuth here
5:23am plo8monster: deep
5:23am plo8monster: oh yea I'm dep south
5:23am LetsGumbol: ah the south
5:23am plo8monster: Jackson MS
5:23am LetsGumbol: where at if you don't mind me asking
5:22am plo8monster: I'm out of state helping my parents been incredibly busy every day
5:21am LetsGumbol: How you been doing tho? Things good?
5:19am LetsGumbol: With work being as hectic as it is only usually have sundays and one day during the week to play
5:19am LetsGumbol: Yeah I haven't played near as much as I used to
5:17am plo8monster: the late megas and hyper
5:17am plo8monster: i haven been able to play much at all lately and only late at night when i do
5:01am plo8monster: glgl
5:01am LetsGumbol: ya
5:01am plo8monster: the 20k?
5:01am LetsGumbol: Lets get a double up in this one soon tho lol
5:01am LetsGumbol: Trying to at least :D
5:00am plo8monster: stacking coin with the big events in front of you !!
4:53am plo8monster: great !!!
4:46am LetsGumbol: good day finally
4:46am LetsGumbol: got 3rd in 10k for 1.4k and won $540 by winning an entry to sunday millions but cashed it out
4:45am LetsGumbol: 19/23 in 20k
4:36am plo8monster: woulda trippled
4:36am plo8monster: i pussed out with 2 allins in fornt of me
4:36am plo8monster: qk
4:36am plo8monster: wow
4:35am plo8monster: need a double to matter ///
4:34am plo8monster: 11 of 16 mega 3k
4:16am BigThangz: ya I'm watchin now
4:14am LetsGumbol: 3rd in the $10k for 1.5k. Out with 1010
3:59am LetsGumbol: kappa
3:49am plo8monster: not sur eif i did it right
3:49am plo8monster: biggy i think i share the link via twitter to your skype account
3:40am BigThangz: then i did real estate mortages, id call mofos in Detroit that owed 40k i be like dude if come up with 3-5k i can get u Title for your house with no debt left, and they tell me fuk off
3:39am BigThangz: mofos would owe 50k and they would wipe debt clean if they could come up with 10k
3:39am BigThangz: credit card comps would settle out 20 cents ont eh dolla
3:39am BigThangz: when i used to collect for banks
3:38am BigThangz: I'm wtf do they keep giving u credit
3:38am BigThangz: and they crush it
3:38am BigThangz: i have a couple friends that file every chance they get
3:35am plo8monster: worked for trump ..he is a professional bankruptcy expert... how to file bankrupty and make millions of of it
3:34am plo8monster: i never filed bankruptcy should have but never did ... went bankrupt twice but nnevr filed
3:32am BigThangz: i gota grandma to refi her home cause she co signed for daughter for 70k lol
3:32am plo8monster: I hate em they are evil the world banks IMF fed reserves fractional reserve banking is the scurge of the earth...
3:31am BigThangz: mofo would be like I'm filing banko, id be like that's nice but student loan cant banko so how u gonna pay lol
3:31am plo8monster: when my sister died they bounced a check for 64 cents and it caused 12 more to bounce
3:31am BigThangz: i love that shit
3:31am BigThangz: i used to collect on student loans
3:30am plo8monster: they seized my tax refunds for student loans ... and i knew right then the system was rigged
3:30am plo8monster: my last bank account was 1988
3:29am plo8monster: they did me wrong more than a few times at crucial points in my life
3:28am plo8monster: they will become obsolete eventually and when it happens the tipping point will be long past ,,,, i hate them and I'm not a hater but i refuse to use banks as much as possible
3:28am BigThangz: every month I goto bank to pay bills and they try and get my money buy offering bs funds and think I'm get a hard on for 2% interest
3:28am BigThangz: before I fk with bankers
3:27am BigThangz: ill stick wit compounding bitconnect interest
3:27am plo8monster: you have to know the secret handshake
3:27am BigThangz: there trippin balls casue there gig is up
3:26am plo8monster: 5 stages of grief bankers are going thru
3:26am Cubs4life22: Can anyone chat here?
3:26am plo8monster: biggy i posted a tiwwter link to must see video
3:26am BigThangz: Ill just sit back and watch it all crumble over the next few yrs
3:25am plo8monster: democracy at gunpoint it si the American traditon
3:25am BigThangz: I could get pack of smokes and tank gas for under 20
3:24am plo8monster: Freee North Korea !!
3:24am BigThangz: cigs used to be 2 buks in high school
3:24am BigThangz: and take out some people lower the population
3:24am BigThangz: at this point I'm rooting for kim jong ung to fire that missle
3:24am plo8monster: when i started smoking ciggs were 28 cents and wnet up to 35 cents'
3:23am plo8monster: i used to ride my bike to store for mom and buy a loaf of bread and have money left for a coke ..with 25 cents to buy both
3:23am BigThangz: why I don't even waste the time anymore
3:23am antonlevay: rewards bad play over andover
3:23am antonlevay: stupid fucking rng
3:22am BigThangz: cheapest loaf of bread at store was 4 buks
3:22am plo8monster: tru*
3:22am plo8monster: yea tur dat
3:22am BigThangz: everything is expensive now a days
3:22am plo8monster: it is expensive to grow old lol
3:21am antonlevay: he bets and calls like it is nohitng in a 33 dollarmtt
3:21am antonlevay: 7625 vs my aa28 and this shit fucking rng rewards bad play
3:21am plo8monster: i haven't had a spare nickle biggy this traveling is expensive .. i had dental surgery and found out Lasix wont work for my eyes i have to have the back lense replaced in both eyes dead center of pupil ctartarcts
3:21am BigThangz: whats new
3:19am antonlevay: this dude plays the shittiest hand calls with shit and hits
3:19am antonlevay: shitty fucking rng ever
3:19am antonlevay: fuck wpn
3:19am plo8monster: weird part is I was skinny and I quit drinking and grew a beer belly
3:18am antonlevay: dude plays total shit and hits like no tomorrow
3:18am antonlevay: FUCK THIS FUCKING RNG
3:18am BigThangz: yall get some bitconnect yet or still missin the bus
3:18am antonlevay: fuck this rng
3:18am plo8monster: yea been about 2 decades for me
3:17am BigThangz: decade
3:17am BigThangz: aint had one of them nights for a over a deade
3:15am plo8monster: a wide awake drunk lol
3:15am plo8monster: coke and meth just make ya able to drink more lol
3:14am plo8monster: oh nevermind about that I'm ok now
3:14am antonlevay: after doing it for many of years
3:14am antonlevay: after was like mehhh
3:13am BigThangz: yo I saw your skype s just been hella busy
3:13am antonlevay: it remonds me of doing meth and coke again
3:13am plo8monster: hey hey biggy!!
3:13am BigThangz: well not everybody , just plo8 and anton
3:13am antonlevay: i dont like it
3:13am plo8monster: and I damn sure had 20 days a bunch of times before I finally stayed sober
3:13am BigThangz: hello everybody
3:12am plo8monster: sometimes I think about drinking after 16 years sober I still think about it sometimes
3:11am antonlevay: i have no hate, so is ok
3:11am plo8monster: page 10 of as bill sees it
3:11am antonlevay: today
3:11am antonlevay: i have been 20 days sober now but i failed
3:10am antonlevay: i bought some near beer other day
3:10am plo8monster: like grape juice on steroids
3:10am plo8monster: incredibly goood
3:10am plo8monster: my dad has some non alchoholic muscadine wine
3:08am antonlevay: i can find ways to send him money
3:07am plo8monster: drone me up a drink
3:07am antonlevay: haha
3:07am plo8monster: lol
3:07am plo8monster: I don't think amazon sells whiskey'
3:05am antonlevay: told hank if i ship it ill buy him a 5th
3:04am antonlevay: im on stake too imma try
3:04am plo8monster: gl gl betcoin ninBja !!
3:04am antonlevay: 11k more than 3rd
3:03am antonlevay: in this 1500 nlo8 in 2nd with 39k chips
3:03am antonlevay: hola
3:03am plo8monster: ho guys
2:27am antonlevay: hank you here?
2:08am BigThangz: cowboys or cards hmmmm
1:32am antonlevay: if i ship it ill buy you a 5th tom
1:31am antonlevay: if i win on this stake, we both win hank
1:31am antonlevay: ty!
1:29am hamrhank666: gl
1:29am hamrhank666: illnwatch tilli fall aslep
1:14am antonlevay: 1 more for nlo8 1500 gtd 15 min
1:14am antonlevay: im not used to btc being any of this yes 7.80 is right
1:13am antonlevay: 780 was like lol
1:13am antonlevay: ah ok
1:13am michigan1: $7.80
1:13am michigan1: 2 chips
1:13am michigan1: 7.80 ish
1:12am antonlevay: is only thing im talking about
1:12am antonlevay: you won 9 on fr
1:12am michigan1: ish
1:12am michigan1: more like 780
1:12am michigan1: not 9 dollars
1:12am antonlevay: ill get er right sooner or later :P
1:12am antonlevay: well you taking 9 to cash tryign to double up fast was the prob
1:11am antonlevay: ahh
1:11am michigan1: i played cash
1:11am antonlevay: you done somethign
1:11am michigan1: didnt do that
1:11am antonlevay: am i correct?
1:11am michigan1: lmao
1:11am antonlevay: you taking 9 dollars str8 to casino was the problem
1:10am antonlevay: ill have the reg 1 chip on me friday
1:10am antonlevay: is always friday
1:10am michigan1: im just saying nothing new i always lose here
1:10am michigan1: thats true
1:09am antonlevay: no offense
1:09am antonlevay: only ut you to blame
1:09am michigan1: welp that was a fast 2 chips gone just like that whats new
1:06am antonlevay: 2 more needed for 1500 nlo8 24 minutes
1:06am antonlevay: it bought me a new 29 inch ultrawide monitor today :)
1:05am antonlevay: not in coin but in virtual visa cards
1:05am antonlevay: i made 225 dollars for 3-4 hours of work yesterday
1:04am hamrhank666: im not worrid
1:04am antonlevay: if i could buy coin i put ya in something hank but my guy on lbc is ghost
1:03am antonlevay: 750 rebuys i have 3200 chips
1:03am hamrhank666: im watchin arizona whoop ass got 20 on thm plus 3
1:03am antonlevay: on my monays
1:03am antonlevay: im also in this 25 cent donkamnet nlo8
1:02am antonlevay: ty
1:02am hamrhank666: gl
1:02am antonlevay: im in it on stake
1:02am antonlevay: needs 3 more
1:02am antonlevay: yes
1:02am hamrhank666: u in it
1:01am antonlevay: ty
1:01am michigan1: haha wish i could but glgl
1:01am antonlevay: get it while the getting is good
1:01am antonlevay: join it
1:00am michigan1: put me in :)
12:58am hamrhank666: ya
12:58am antonlevay: 1500 nlo8 needs 4 more players
12:44am kaan: Ideally, I should play only and only tournaments, but there is nothing to do in between
12:43am kaan: Sometimes I play awesome poker, sometimes I lose control and blast repeatedly and hard, dice bails me out, kind of feel bad
12:41am kaan: Dice bailed me out again
12:07am hamrhank666: hidy ho evrybody
10:45pm SickMetaGame: Me too.
10:41pm hamrhank666: plo8
10:18pm moonshibe: I love thisssssssss place
10:15pm michigan1: never buy 1
10:15pm michigan1: i hate chromebooks
10:15pm michigan1: omg
10:14pm BadaBing: i have a chromebook 3
10:13pm BadaBing: hmmm
10:13pm hamrhank666: i us chrom
10:13pm BadaBing: i did so and it says it is not compatible
10:13pm BadaBing: i have a chromebook and would like to download the poker software
10:12pm BadaBing: i am new, can someone help me
10:12pm BadaBing: hello
10:07pm Eagerkid: damn
10:07pm hamrhank666: theyll cancl trnys again
10:06pm hamrhank666: happns all the time
10:06pm Eagerkid: are your tables frozen?
9:47pm hamrhank666: macho man
9:46pm michigan1: in
9:46pm michigan1: SNAP IT TO A SLIM JIM
9:44pm hamrhank666: he was a profssor
9:44pm michigan1: :)
9:44pm michigan1: he was vfrom michigan
9:44pm hamrhank666: remember georg the animal steele
9:43pm michigan1: lol
9:43pm freshstart: lmao
9:43pm hamrhank666: yp
9:43pm freshstart: is your "e" broken?
9:43pm hamrhank666: harly rac
9:43pm hamrhank666: dk the bruisr
9:43pm michigan1: ulitmate warrior and hulk hogan were the real days or wrestling
9:42pm hamrhank666: hshos is diff story
9:42pm freshstart: legion of doom
9:42pm freshstart: ultimate warrier was the shit
9:42pm freshstart: lol
9:42pm michigan1: GROUP HUG
9:42pm freshstart: go throw them horseshoes elsewhere maam
9:42pm hamrhank666: who th fk are u
9:42pm freshstart: :P
9:42pm freshstart: "P
9:41pm freshstart: stay away from our town
9:41pm freshstart: i will murder you
9:41pm freshstart: dont come back to stl ever again hank
9:41pm hamrhank666: that was many moons ago
9:40pm hamrhank666: i wnt with pro wrstlr h was th xcutionr
9:40pm michigan1: sweet
9:40pm hamrhank666: i was at caskt match btwwn him and the undrtaker in st louis
9:39pm michigan1: i havent watched wresting since the ulitmate warrior days
9:39pm hamrhank666: i pay 10 extra a month i got ww ntwork
9:39pm hamrhank666: wrstling
9:39pm michigan1: haha nice
9:38pm hamrhank666: gonna sit back watch my pay pr viw qrstling and gt stond
9:38pm michigan1: ahh ya i have been only playing freerolls latley dont hve the funds atm for anythng else been tight latley
9:37pm hamrhank666: dont think so havent plays in weks
9:37pm michigan1: you playing in any tourneys tonight
9:37pm hamrhank666: i get 3 to
9:37pm michigan1: nice man glgl
9:37pm hamrhank666: i bet on arizona
9:36pm hamrhank666: waitin for dallas arizona gam
9:36pm michigan1: im freerollin :)
9:36pm michigan1: cool cool
9:36pm hamrhank666: fine
9:36pm hamrhank666: im fin
9:36pm michigan1: how r u
9:35pm hamrhank666: yo
9:35pm michigan1: hank
9:35pm michigan1: hi hnk
9:33pm hamrhank666: wassup
9:33pm michigan1: hello betcoin
9:26pm BigRyan421: weird with MOSS goin on
9:25pm hamrhank666: nobodys around
9:21pm BigRyan421: zzzzzz u around
9:09pm hamrhank666: site will be hutdown soon anyways jut like ftilt ap and stars
9:08pm hamrhank666: fk frsh
9:08pm sivait: that was nasty
9:07pm hamrhank666: 401 and 402 and 403 and u can go die somewhere btch
9:07pm sivait: bye
9:07pm freshstart: for the 400th time
9:06pm freshstart: k bye
9:04pm hamrhank666: fk it im gonna delete ite
9:01pm sivait: :-d
9:01pm sivait: avoiding me I guess
9:01pm hamrhank666: whers everybody at
8:51pm hamrhank666: heyhey
8:44pm sivait: you can still stake me tho
8:44pm sivait: and since he sucks at poker, I will go and ship it
8:44pm sivait: ok my cousin jhust won an entry into some bad ass mtt on stars
8:43pm sivait: shit happens
8:42pm sivait: and I invested everything and went' dead broke
8:42pm sivait: had shit loads of shit before that
8:42pm sivait: now I don't even have drugs to sell
8:42pm sivait: I used to sell drugs before that shit
8:42pm PostMalone: i think spain is better
8:42pm PostMalone: america is pretty fucked lol
8:42pm sivait: I am fucked
8:42pm sivait: nothing
8:42pm sivait: nop
8:41pm sivait: and idk if I will
8:41pm PostMalone: no welfare in spain?
8:41pm sivait: but I haven't received a shit
8:41pm sivait: for entrepeneurship
8:41pm sivait: I should have received 3K from goverment
8:41pm sivait: in spain
8:41pm sivait: there are none
8:41pm PostMalone: get on welfare
8:41pm sivait: but, need to eat in a meanwhile
8:41pm sivait: I mean, I am sure that within 3-4 months I'd get sales
8:40pm sivait: can't afford to work there
8:40pm sivait: but ..
8:40pm sivait: I didn't want too
8:40pm sivait: or just quit after a month or two like I did
8:40pm sivait: cook crak
8:40pm sivait: buy coke
8:40pm sivait: sell
8:40pm sivait: like, take the house, make pictures publish get clients
8:40pm sivait: no it's just a std real estate agency
8:39pm Mentat: lol scrub so long
8:39pm PostMalone: spanish air bnb?
8:39pm sivait: and fully focused on that
8:39pm sivait: I went totally off the grid for like 3 months
8:39pm Mentat: ill toss you 50 siv
8:39pm sivait: fuck the website it cost 500$
8:39pm sivait: no man the fucking business
8:39pm sivait: I feel it's a winner..
8:39pm PostMalone: the website?
8:39pm sivait: stake me for the 60K pls
8:39pm PostMalone: wait what did u build
8:38pm sivait: so..
8:38pm sivait: since I am broke as shit
8:38pm sivait: but now I am fucking sick of it
8:38pm sivait: built this
8:38pm PostMalone: but i feel dopamine drained
8:38pm PostMalone: idk man i didnt major in chemistry
8:38pm sivait: but I've had a pretty productive summer
8:38pm sivait: or idk..
8:38pm sivait: it doesn't stimulate it
8:37pm sivait: lsd attaches to dopamine receptors
8:37pm PostMalone: give it a few days and let your dopamine come back
8:37pm PostMalone: good lord sivait
8:37pm Mentat: who doesnt love pussy
8:37pm sivait: had over 100 tabs so fuck it
8:36pm sivait: micro dosing is for pussies
8:36pm PostMalone: macro dosing lmao
8:36pm sivait: I guess macro dosing lsd for few months straight wasnt as biright of an idea as I thought
8:36pm sivait: you're right about me degening my way downwards
8:35pm Mentat: hes in your walls under the bridge
8:35pm sivait: "Boiled egg" buy it now: 999
8:35pm Mentat: that nigga is so stealth i swear
8:35pm sivait: yeah, I saw the ad on ebay
8:35pm PostMalone: fkin guy
8:35pm PostMalone: probably went and sold it at a mark up
8:35pm sivait: now I am starwing
8:35pm sivait: :(
8:34pm sivait: no, he just took the fucking egg and ran away
8:34pm PostMalone: did u dent the fragile jew
8:34pm PostMalone: did it leave a dent
8:34pm sivait: hard boiled egg
8:34pm PostMalone: thats excellent
8:34pm sivait: it was a boiled egg tho
8:33pm sivait: into his face yeah
8:33pm PostMalone: into the jew?
8:33pm sivait: or as a reward for throwing an egg into a jew
8:33pm sivait: as a birthday present
8:33pm sivait: Post malone, stake me for that 60K
8:33pm PostMalone: migos!
8:33pm PostMalone: i got the plug on my phone
8:33pm Mentat: sdfg
8:33pm Mentat: dflghdf
8:33pm Mentat: dfs
8:33pm Mentat: gsd
8:33pm PostMalone: its important to realize that is not your fault, but rather jewish brainwashing
8:32pm sivait: so go and fucking work your self you piece of shit, am I right
8:32pm PostMalone: sivait you been in a degen spiral
8:32pm sivait: and a guy that got me involved into that shit told me that he is not my dad
8:32pm sivait: have been invovlved into some real estate venture then had to quit because had no money to pay for the fucking bus
8:32pm sivait: I live in spain
8:32pm Mentat: solar energy is huge here
8:32pm Mentat: maybe you can get a sales job champ
8:31pm Mentat: lol siv
8:29pm sivait: have some fucking compassion ffs
8:29pm sivait: I am fucking broke, my bday is in two days
8:29pm sivait: you'll stake me then or not bro
8:28pm Mentat: did you have the entry fee or did you just scam your way in like ryan
8:28pm sivait: xD
8:28pm freshstart: i didnt see it, how it even happen
8:28pm sivait: retards were bluffing me off pots with fucking K high
8:28pm Mentat: oh fresh is here
8:28pm sivait: it was insane
8:28pm sivait: I know
8:28pm freshstart: didnt play a single hand
8:27pm freshstart: i got 3rd or 4th and sat out the whole time
8:26pm sivait: I've won that 50 freeroll yesterday but have busted everything this afternoon.. brm
8:25pm sivait: :(
8:24pm Mentat: or
8:24pm Mentat: nah i'd rather hit a liquour store, feel me?
8:23pm sivait: 50/50 and I suck your dick
8:23pm sivait: for that 22$ 60K
8:23pm Mentat: yeah i told the people at the shelter about jerking off on the floor in her room
8:23pm sivait: stake me mentat
8:23pm Mentat: lmfao
8:23pm sivait: O.o
8:23pm Mentat: haha, that wasn't a cane chick, i honestly don't know who she was but i like her hardcore
8:22pm Chris9999: how do i get a 50 gtd freeroll ticket
8:20pm sivait: you're on crack again?
8:20pm sivait: what
8:20pm Mentat: that's an ohyeah alt account
8:19pm Chris9999: anyone know about any good faucets for bitcoin
8:14pm Mentat: it's not nasty
8:14pm Mentat: life is just beautiful
8:14pm sivait: of life
8:14pm sivait: my past 30 years
8:14pm Mentat: what was?
8:14pm sivait: that was nasty
8:13pm Mentat: ...
8:13pm sivait: we came at the same time <3
8:13pm Mentat: how's everyone doing
8:13pm sivait: me too
8:13pm Mentat: just came in
8:01pm Acegee: just curious if there's an eta when sports is gonna be back up? before MNF hopefully? :)
8:00pm texasbandit: heyyyooo
7:59pm Acegee: any admin here?
7:35pm MuckingAces21: sup
7:35pm MuckingAces21: hi
7:10pm zzzzzz: Thats a great question Ryan -- sounds like something is broken.
7:10pm zzzzzz: Like go and run the package manually vs using the installer.
7:09pm zzzzzz: @shenmue, yes I had to deploy it manually.
6:44pm MuckingAces21: moss today
6:44pm MuckingAces21: sup
6:10pm bbeanz: thought my lobby was lagging, i seen satties to the manic monday 20k in the morning tho lol
6:10pm freshstart: yes
6:08pm bbeanz: it replaced by the 22$ 60k moss?
6:07pm bbeanz: is the 22$ 20k manic monday not running today?
5:37pm plo8monster: Search tool for mac explains
5:26pm plo8monster: Puffin
4:57pm shenmue: poker app does not load on my mac .. anyone else have same issue ?
4:24pm LetsGumbol: I'm 5'10 130 pounds lol. Viva la skinny asses!
4:21pm BigRyan421: plo8 and zzzzzz knows me and knows im not trill
4:20pm BigRyan421: who
4:13pm sivait: you should stop hacking casino bonuses thrill
3:48pm sivait: :d
3:48pm SickMetaGame: Trill intercept it
3:47pm BigRyan421: how come i get casino bonus in my mystery box but it doesnt show up under casino bonus tab
3:47pm SickMetaGame: or more reps
3:47pm SickMetaGame: By far greater effect than robust harder weights
3:47pm SickMetaGame: But I have been focused on just building muscle and clean reps while holding your muscle under pressure constantly
3:47pm sivait: I think that men starts to gain weight when they get a woman
3:46pm SickMetaGame: makes a huge difference
3:46pm SickMetaGame: to 8%