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7:03pm BigThangz: yes I'm back on track the cooler is over
6:58pm LetsGumbol: Hello all knowing sports man, thangz.
6:58pm LetsGumbol: Damn. No sattys to the 1k today. Ruuude.
6:56pm BigThangz: hey hey sport fans
5:48pm LetsGumbol: You can't ask a degen why they do anything, they don't even know the answer lol.
4:45pm Jeroen1303: Nah I love my life
4:41pm fallenhigh: Nf wake up
4:33pm Jeroen1303: u know u got a disadvantage
4:33pm Jeroen1303: Thats like giving money
4:33pm Jeroen1303: Why would u bet on dice?
4:33pm Jeroen1303: but not rich enough
4:33pm Jeroen1303: I am rich
4:32pm Jeroen1303: that sucks
4:32pm Mentat: NO ONES FAULT BUTT ME
4:31pm Jeroen1303: You care about life?
4:31pm Mentat: IM A BUSTO CHAT LOSER
4:31pm Mentat: fuck rake i dont care if rake is 10% as long as i get my 27% and people are not scummy ass terrans everywhere i fucking look
4:29pm Jeroen1303: Is that to much to ask?
4:29pm Jeroen1303: I want tournaments with 4% rake where I can play with litecoin + I want nudes of a girl I know
4:28pm Mentat: BO
4:28pm Mentat: BORO
4:28pm Mentat: BRO
4:28pm Mentat: WASHER AND DRYER
4:28pm Jeroen1303: WD?
4:28pm Mentat: I AM PISSING MYSELF
4:28pm Mentat: I WANT MY FUCKING WD
4:28pm Mentat: TOTAL BULLSHIT
4:28pm Mentat: its BS
4:27pm Mentat: yeah i hear you man trust me
4:27pm Jeroen1303: Don't want to play on pokerstars.. to much rake
4:27pm Mentat: maybe you should pick up trash and shout obscenities at strangers to amuse yourself if poker is not for you
4:27pm Jeroen1303: that's fucked up
4:25pm Mentat: poker is gone
4:25pm Mentat: NO
4:25pm Mentat: oh sorry i was speaking in code like the rest of these people let me answer you directly
4:24pm Mentat: yes im dling the client now
4:13pm Jeroen1303: can I still play poker here
1:54pm abdou: I have never this late, pulling what happens!
1:52pm abdou: hi
12:46pm SickMetaGame: This BBJ better not be paid out in equal pieces.
11:24am xxlx2014: :(
11:24am xxlx2014: no?
11:02am xxlx2014: sex
10:21am xxlx2014: Hash Rate: 33.00 H/sec
10:14am xxlx2014: booo sex
3:46am hamrhank666: did e answer
3:46am hamrhank666: yo
3:13am hamrhank666: on acr 10k startin stack
3:13am hamrhank666: dam they got 1k stud ilo
3:03am BigThangz: got em -105
3:02am BigThangz: lets gooooooooo GS
3:00am hamrhank666: plo8 im nam i toldya on acr
2:57am plo8monster: ok left him message with details
2:50am plo8monster: i can leave him a message
2:50am plo8monster: call my cell not sure I have your # right
2:49am hamrhank666: telll him to call now
2:48am hamrhank666: 73
2:48am hamrhank666: t73
2:48am plo8monster: ends with 83?
2:47am hamrhank666: ya
2:47am hamrhank666: give ihim my home number
2:47am plo8monster: want me have him call you
2:47am plo8monster: of course
2:46am hamrhank666: u got im on skype
2:46am plo8monster: he has a small stable of plo8 full tiem grinders
2:46am plo8monster: Aaron does that for plo8 players specifically
2:46am hamrhank666: hav him
2:46am hamrhank666: do u ave im on skype
2:45am plo8monster: Hank talk to lotus pod
2:45am plo8monster: i have played ACR a little bit .. played the milly and turned a set of aces against a backdoor boat
2:43am hamrhank666: i need backer on ac r
2:43am michigan1: virtue?
2:43am plo8monster: Virtue poker seems interesting
2:42am plo8monster: got like 100 chips for that, but it is far from ready for USA players im afraid they may not face usa players
2:42am michigan1: now that betcoins gone seals and nitro bout it for the smaller field bitcoin rooms
2:42am hamrhank666: chips
2:42am hamrhank666: meto got 20 cips
2:41am plo8monster: I did play a couple freerolls on that coinpoker
2:41am plo8monster: I really miss the simplicity of Betcoin poker
2:40am plo8monster: Is it still the wild west of online poker ?
2:38am plo8monster: nah ... not in forever it seems since i even opened it
2:37am michigan1: plo8 u playin back on seals now at all?
2:37am plo8monster: it was like midair he changed his mind
2:36am plo8monster: like maybe he was thinking out of instinct to not knock the player out of bounds to rpevent killing the clock from running out
2:36am hamrhank666: all they ad to do was let im catc it tackle im game over
2:36am plo8monster: the miss tackle didnt make sense
2:35am plo8monster: I was stunned .... i just kept shaking my head
2:35am hamrhank666: i ad saints and teelers
2:34am hamrhank666: i was
2:33am plo8monster: You could be a Saints fan !!
2:32am plo8monster: it copuld actually be worse
2:32am plo8monster: even tho the steelers lost and thats just friggin terrr5ible
2:31am plo8monster: pooor hank be glad of one thing bro
2:31am hamrhank666: seein steelers freddy
2:30am hamrhank666: seein tees
2:30am hamrhank666: havin nigtmar
2:29am hamrhank666: yep
2:29am plo8monster: lol
2:29am plo8monster: old man nap??
2:29am hamrhank666: i ust woke up
2:29am plo8monster: nah
2:29am hamrhank666: u playn
2:28am plo8monster: no hank it will be some more days ...
2:28am hamrhank666: anybody get pd yet
2:14am michigan1: but o well not a big deal
2:14am michigan1: i guess i just wanted to see my name in green since i worked so hard for it these last 4 years and my points are emerald now but account still says gold
2:13am michigan1: true big true i
2:12am hamrhank666: oh yeah
2:03am BigThangz: what would u need live chat for u cant even play here lol
1:51am michigan1: Please ban eyewon the scammer thank you and have a good day betcoin goodnight
1:50am EyeWonBTC: BAN HIM
1:45am michigan1: But warning taken into consideration ty
1:44am michigan1: It was actually very unprofessional
1:43am michigan1: david i wont go in there again but all i did was ask a very simple question and got smart alick answers
1:42am Support David: Michigan1 if you continue to abuse our live support agents, you will be banned. This is your only warning.
1:40am plo8monster: what is it you need help with michigan
1:35am michigan1: man betcoin needs to fire these support agents in live chat like ASAP they are still old betcoin support makes ya think they really didnt sell
1:20am BigThangz: whos betting cavs warriors
11:51pm LetsGumbol: Reeeeeeee
11:48pm LetsGumbol: You're still here going on about this? Bruh, go get laid.
11:34pm OHYEAH: but plo8 had plenty of opportunities to stand up for the player, set a good example for his son (and grandson) and has failed.
11:33pm OHYEAH: to be clear, I think Betcoin is possibly doing the right thing at the moment
11:32pm OHYEAH: how many posts have you made criticizing betcoin when they've been clearly wronging players over the past 3 (4?) years?
11:07pm plo8monster: i posted 1 retweet on twitter for the milly ...
11:06pm fallenhigh: ????1
11:06pm fallenhigh: Egypt is not desirable
11:04pm michigan1: I see you and zzzzzz are now promoting acr on twitter plo8
11:00pm plo8monster: ahh sorry ...didnt mean to link that
10:59pm hamrhank666: whats that
10:59pm hamrhank666: wgh
10:45pm hamrhank666: if your gone i can be mean
10:44pm hamrhank666: curse
10:44pm hamrhank666: so i can cure ten
10:43pm plo8monster: no im actually studying some social media tools right now ... while helping players on skype ... betcoin has decided to allow twitchy to moderate the forum ... so that's frees my time up to pars data and run queries (sarcasm)
10:43pm eddlg: Since the FC Porto match was suspended, what happens to the bets I placed?
10:39pm hamrhank666: ahaha
10:39pm OHYEAH: [/sarcasm]
10:39pm OHYEAH: no hank, he's busy working hard to make sure Betcoin players don't get screwed
10:38pm hamrhank666: plo8 u playn
10:37pm Saad2: Are egypt is from the Stone Age? or something like that?
10:37pm Highmeister: +1 lol u have internet in pyramid ? lol
10:36pm Saad2: Do you exchange? lol
10:36pm OHYEAH: how are you on internet from egypt?
10:36pm Highmeister: don't go to france lol
10:36pm Highmeister: i prommesse u , i live in france and is noot good lol
10:35pm Saad2: Anywhere else
10:35pm Highmeister: where do you want to go ?
10:35pm Saad2: Fuck you !!
10:34pm Saad2: i say i wanna go out from my country i hate egypt so much!
10:34pm OHYEAH: via gringotts goblin transfere
10:33pm OHYEAH: would you like if someone just sent you some money?
10:32pm Saad2: Can anyone helps?
10:32pm Saad2: i'm realy looking for job
10:32pm OHYEAH: mudblood?
10:31pm Saad2: 17
10:31pm OHYEAH: ru muggle?
10:31pm Saad2: My situation is really tough
10:31pm OHYEAH: how old are you?
10:31pm Highmeister: hahahahaha
10:31pm OHYEAH: no
10:30pm Saad2: you kidding me?
10:30pm OHYEAH: portkey
10:30pm Saad2: Can anyone tells me a way to travel ?
10:29pm Saad2: i searching to get a job, i wanna go out from my country but i'm 17 years old
10:29pm xxlx2014: need sex need sleep need money
10:27pm hamrhank666: to start it off atlanta fkd me
10:27pm hamrhank666: i was rady to kill yesterday
10:27pm Saad2: any volenteer?
10:26pm hamrhank666: cost me 20
10:26pm hamrhank666: yea they fkd me to
10:26pm plo8monster: im sad for the saints ... they deserved to advance
10:26pm hamrhank666: and still fkn loss no d
10:26pm Saad2: Friends Who can donate to create a project similar to this exactly?, i'm a programmer.
10:26pm hamrhank666: big ben passed for 467 yds and 5tds
10:25pm hamrhank666: no fkn defense
10:25pm hamrhank666: tear your ead off
10:25pm hamrhank666: especially me
10:24pm plo8monster: never get between a man and his NFL team
10:24pm plo8monster: then i said hell no ....
10:24pm hamrhank666: almost cattered tv
10:24pm plo8monster: oh i started to call ya
10:23pm hamrhank666: i was upset
10:22pm hamrhank666: hat
10:22pm hamrhank666: at to
10:22pm hamrhank666: ya it did
10:22pm plo8monster: sweater wouldnt light up ...
10:22pm plo8monster: your batteries failed during steelers game
10:22pm hamrhank666: im madder tan mill mfers
10:22pm plo8monster: howdy hank
10:21pm hamrhank666: plo8
10:20pm hamrhank666: wats kickin
10:15pm BigThangz: what happened to the steelers hank
9:57pm hamrhank666: eyey
9:49pm michigan1: emerald
9:49pm michigan1: ive relized today my points are over gold =to emarld now but i havent changed status
9:47pm OHYEAH: pretty sure they wont scam you
9:45pm OHYEAH: been a while
9:45pm OHYEAH: not sure about fees
9:45pm OHYEAH: not sure though, but recommend shapeshift
9:45pm michigan1: accept
9:45pm michigan1: o sorry yeah
9:45pm OHYEAH: no except would mean accept
9:43pm xxlx2014: no sex
9:43pm michigan1: is there any poker sites out there now that except etherum?
9:42pm EyeWonBTC: It's also because there are no rebuys.
9:35pm fallenhigh: There's like no value whatsoever in them a literal crap shoot everytime
9:34pm fallenhigh: Makes is so hard to final table because everyone is competent now
9:33pm fallenhigh: Well because that whole setup is retarted to begin with
9:32pm LetsGumbol: The overlays are massive on the streak tourneys.
9:32pm fallenhigh: I'dk irrelevant really there character what's done is done
9:32pm LetsGumbol: Does anyone still play on wpn?
9:31pm fallenhigh: A large % of that jackpot was pre 10k bitcoin almost all of it. But it's all held in coin.
9:31pm OHYEAH: too much ego maybe
9:31pm OHYEAH: @fallen, you're right, they prob aren't scumbags - they just choose to act like scumbags after fucking something up
9:31pm LetsGumbol: wut
9:30pm OHYEAH: ead gumbol seriously lol
9:30pm LetsGumbol: We can all agree on that much.
9:30pm LetsGumbol: I just want my money lol
9:30pm fallenhigh: How are you going to have a bad beat jackpot playing against the rise and fall of bitcoin
9:30pm OHYEAH: fair statement fallen
9:29pm BigThangz: like i said I'm amazed u don't have your own site
9:29pm fallenhigh: I'dk if there necessarily scumbags 100% but they were definitely totally incompetent this bad beat fiasco is testament to that
9:29pm OHYEAH: with lots of help from plo8 and zzz
9:29pm OHYEAH: but they have been run by total incompetent scumbags
9:28pm OHYEAH: their crypto => USD => crypto MTT software is MONEY
9:28pm OHYEAH: seriously
9:28pm OHYEAH: ^^^^+1000000000
9:28pm fallenhigh: Betcoin was positioned to make a fortune off the poker room
9:28pm OHYEAH: "
Support David: We will not make any5 days ago
We will not make any decisions without consulting you. Please give us a couple more days to get an update."
9:27pm OHYEAH: im working directly with Betcoin, they've reached out to me
9:27pm fallenhigh: I said from the beginning quit rolling out new shit and fix what's already in place
9:26pm fallenhigh: I mean I don't care if it takes them 2 months to pay out or longer so long as it's done right
9:26pm OHYEAH: attacking the guy that says "HEY WTF THESE ARE MISTAKES" about mistakes that would obviously never have been fixed if he didn't speak up...not ok
9:25pm OHYEAH: making them right are ok
9:25pm OHYEAH: mistakes are ok
9:25pm OHYEAH: but to just say "i have impeccable reputation" is extreme lol
9:25pm fallenhigh: But honestly mistakes were seriously made here
9:24pm fallenhigh: I feel like plo8 is doing the same again here
9:24pm OHYEAH: Howard Lederer also went to war to get Full Tilt players paid back
9:24pm OHYEAH: you should be commended for that, seriously
9:24pm plo8monster: the thing is ...i went to war to get players paid
9:24pm OHYEAH: No, it's not. But once he realized his employer was scum, he deserves some blame for continuing to promote them (his employers company) to people who trust him
9:23pm plo8monster: but bart paid me over 2 years
9:23pm plo8monster: 10 bitcoin
9:23pm fallenhigh: Plo8 was owed a pretty large amount of btc I think frI'm satoshi
9:22pm LetsGumbol: It's his fault that his employer was scum?
9:22pm plo8monster: no he is right the owner spent money of players...but my money is what paid players off...scroll down just a bit and oyu will see that
9:22pm OHYEAH: that's the only reason i brought it up
9:22pm OHYEAH: plo8 just mentioned he had an impeccable reputation in the poker community
9:22pm fallenhigh: This has to do with Satoshi poker
9:21pm LetsGumbol: What does that have to do with betcoin tho
9:21pm fallenhigh: That never actually became a thing and I know this for fact
9:21pm fallenhigh: Burn and turn poker
9:21pm fallenhigh: Someone paid them for there email list
9:21pm OHYEAH: im spelling his last name wrong
9:20pm OHYEAH: because the former owner (Bart Vanderoot/Ghadafi) told me
9:20pm BigThangz: its twitchy he knows the back end of everything that has ever happened onlilne
9:20pm fallenhigh: Well that was obvious when they couldn't pay
9:20pm LetsGumbol: or is that speculation again.
9:20pm LetsGumbol: How do you know they spend players funds and had to sell to get it back?
9:20pm fallenhigh: I'dk really where I stand
9:19pm fallenhigh: Hmm
9:17pm OHYEAH: October 05, 2014
9:17pm BigThangz: good thing for trump you don't spend your time looking into Russia emails
9:17pm OHYEAH: plo8 hoping each player on satoshi eventually gets their funds back^^^
9:16pm OHYEAH: thanks bigthangz
9:16pm BigThangz: how is that u don't have your own site twitchy u seem so well knowleged about so much
9:15pm OHYEAH: They also currently owe over 600k to players
9:15pm OHYEAH: your current reputation is a site pro for (which no longer offers poker or action to players in your own country)
9:15pm plo8monster: thats something else you got qrong
9:15pm OHYEAH: a site that spent all its players deposits and then had to be sold to pay players back
9:14pm OHYEAH: your reputation before Betcoin was a site pro for satoshipoker
9:14pm plo8monster: what is your afraid of someone might doxx you? or make some crazy vendetta attacking you with speculation and gossip.
Oddly enough, my name is plo8monster on ALL sites and my reputation is spotless except for your constant attacks on my character and integrity
9:13pm OHYEAH: I'm trying to hold Betcoin and those who promoted them responsible for their actions - why does this bother you so much?
9:13pm heisenberg87: deposited 45 minutes ago 120 confs and still not here..
9:12pm LetsGumbol: Hell your probably xgoodfellax lol
9:12pm LetsGumbol: Pmaniac and I will figure you out bby.
9:11pm OHYEAH: ok
9:11pm OHYEAH: lol
9:11pm LetsGumbol: How do you think we got here? You're a pathelogical liar, of course people have issues with you lol
9:10pm LetsGumbol: Well no shit
9:10pm OHYEAH: my name on swc could be linked to personal details
9:10pm OHYEAH: and lots of people have serious issues with me
9:10pm LetsGumbol: There are no personal details on swc lol
9:09pm OHYEAH: because it could be linked to personal details
9:09pm LetsGumbol: Why not
9:09pm OHYEAH: id rather not say
9:09pm LetsGumbol: And you?
9:09pm LetsGumbol: I'm DontForgetMe.
9:09pm OHYEAH: i'm being honest
9:08pm LetsGumbol: We're all being honest here. Come on with it.
9:08pm OHYEAH: Twitchyseal on SWC is not me
9:08pm OHYEAH: I'd rather not say
9:08pm BigThangz: your the national enquire of poker
9:08pm LetsGumbol: Who are you on swc then?
9:07pm OHYEAH: are you referring to your own theory? lol
9:07pm LetsGumbol: Speculative at best.
9:07pm OHYEAH: yeah it was someone else
9:07pm OHYEAH: I'm also Twitchyseal on 2p2 and PFA
9:07pm LetsGumbol: So someone else is twitchyseal on swc?
9:06pm OHYEAH: i am/was Twitchyseal here when playing WPN tourneys
9:06pm OHYEAH: yes
9:06pm LetsGumbol: But you are here?
9:06pm OHYEAH: no, i was not TwitchySeal on swc
9:06pm OHYEAH: i was on seals long before i was on here
9:05pm LetsGumbol: That's not weird.
9:05pm BigThangz: hes not that good , hes just dedicated
9:05pm LetsGumbol: You just decided to make that your name here?
9:05pm OHYEAH: false
9:05pm LetsGumbol: He's a pretty good troll, gotta give him that.
9:04pm LetsGumbol: TwitchySeal
9:04pm OHYEAH: what was my name on swc
9:04pm BigThangz: even tho hes not that good at it
9:04pm BigThangz: he love to troll
9:04pm LetsGumbol: Did the same shit on swc. Hes just a drama queen.
9:03pm OHYEAH: thangz*
9:03pm OHYEAH: thanks whatif/fact ratio just about as accurate as his day trading crypto stats
9:03pm BigThangz: box
9:03pm BigThangz: once i here twitchy it goes to spam
9:03pm BigThangz: no thanks i aint got time useless info
9:02pm OHYEAH: ask booze and chazely what they think of me
9:02pm BigThangz: with 99% what if and 1% facts
9:02pm BigThangz: he has a lot of alleged reasons
9:02pm LetsGumbol: According to ohyeah, YOU GUYS are the problem. Haha
9:01pm LetsGumbol: That other mod who never talked too.
9:01pm LetsGumbol: chazley1
9:01pm LetsGumbol: chalet
9:01pm LetsGumbol: So did booze
9:00pm LetsGumbol: You ruined betcoin too thangz
9:00pm OHYEAH: nice one
9:00pm BigThangz: i must have missed the memo that anything u says matters
8:59pm OHYEAH: you guys aren't thieves, but you're a big part of the problem
8:59pm LetsGumbol: Nah the newest, episode 900, I'm on plo8s balls.
8:58pm BigThangz: 4 hours of what if and 2 min of facts
8:58pm BigThangz: was it tilted Waste of Life episode 899
8:58pm LetsGumbol: I did. Started after like 30 some minutes of other bs.
8:57pm BigThangz: who would
8:57pm OHYEAH: and i dont believe you listened to my interview gumbol
8:56pm OHYEAH: and im trying to help the players
8:56pm BigThangz: congrats
8:56pm OHYEAH: or a cheater
8:56pm OHYEAH: im not a liar
8:56pm OHYEAH: doesn't really change anything
8:56pm OHYEAH: ive wasted my whole life, i'm biggest loser ever, i've made hundreds of accounts
8:55pm LetsGumbol: That's the truth.
8:55pm BigThangz: he have invested days of time on what if
8:55pm BigThangz: all he ever has 1% facts and 99% fud
8:55pm botbot22: were all tables BBJ tables?
8:55pm OHYEAH: what lies
8:54pm LetsGumbol: So now it's your turn to spread lies...that's not childish lol
8:54pm OHYEAH: fine then, ban me again
8:54pm BigThangz: your more worthless then jonny
8:54pm OHYEAH: spread lies about me that Betcoin fed to you
8:54pm OHYEAH: you've also both ( plo8 ans zzz )
8:54pm LetsGumbol: He's a freaking chat moderator. He doesn't own the damn site lmao
8:54pm BigThangz: twitch with another 1% fact and 99% what if
8:53pm OHYEAH: you stand up for Betcoin in 100/100 issues
8:53pm OHYEAH: you haven't done that
8:53pm OHYEAH: because as site pro it's your responsibility to stand up for the players
8:53pm LetsGumbol: Then stop harassing them.
8:52pm plo8monster: then why do you feel the need to attack us
8:52pm OHYEAH: i think you're both in general good people
8:52pm xxlx2014: secs
8:52pm OHYEAH: I don't think zzz has stolen any money
8:52pm OHYEAH: I agree you've never stolen money - at leas thats what I believe
8:51pm OHYEAH: You did lie to me, you never stole player funds
8:51pm plo8monster: im confused why ya direct your anger at me
8:51pm plo8monster: you saying i lied to you and stole players funds, I have done nothing but help players and have never ever stole 1 satoshi form any player EVER
8:51pm OHYEAH: ok
8:51pm LetsGumbol: I already did.
8:51pm OHYEAH: just listen
8:51pm OHYEAH: Its posted in betcoin forum, not deleted
8:51pm LetsGumbol: You don't play poker, casino games or sports bet. It's just weird.
8:51pm OHYEAH: plo8 and Gumbol, listen to interview I did
8:50pm OHYEAH: I care
8:50pm OHYEAH: why do you even care why I care? Seriously
8:50pm OHYEAH: would you want to work with someone that constantly lied to you and stole from your friends?
8:50pm LetsGumbol: Why do you even care about who's working here?
8:50pm OHYEAH: no i wouldn't
8:49pm LetsGumbol: Would you want to work with someone that constantly berates you?
8:49pm OHYEAH: could be wrong about that
8:49pm OHYEAH: well good news - most of the staff is gone now (hopefully?)
8:49pm plo8monster: you make that impossible
8:49pm plo8monster: I can't work closely with you
8:48pm plo8monster: I have stepped back and allowed them to try to work closely with you
8:48pm OHYEAH: problem is you just watched.
8:48pm plo8monster: I have watched staff try to work with you .... what is theproblem
8:48pm LetsGumbol: That makes no sense.
8:47pm OHYEAH: And I do speculate a lot, but the only other option is to simply say nothing
8:47pm OHYEAH: I don't think it's your fault plo8
8:47pm plo8monster: all the speculation and gossip doesn't change anything.. and OHYEAH you dont know... you make accusations but it is pure speculation... amazes me that you continually spit at me while demanding help... you want this to be my fault so bad... why is that ...... just a troll or you really do believe this is plo8monsters fault?
8:46pm OHYEAH: Ok, I concede, me being on plo8s ass is not normal. How would describe you being on my ass about being on his ass?
8:45pm LetsGumbol: Get off his ass. It's really weird how invested you are into this.
8:44pm OHYEAH: cool insult
8:43pm LetsGumbol: How are you always here. Hours and hours each and every day.
8:42pm LetsGumbol: There's just no way you guys have jobs lol
8:42pm xxlx2014: betcoin u promised me 5 chips and view fix pix... no sex no love no trust :)))
8:41pm michigan1: ]]]]]]]]\[\
8:41pm OHYEAH: perhaps he could of saved Betcoin from getting to this "no more poker" state if he took his head out of the mud
8:40pm OHYEAH: i think it would of been great if plo8 would of stood up for players countless times before and should really be ashamed
8:39pm xxlx2014: plo8 u shut up :) hi bro :)
8:39pm michigan1: Betcoin i have one unrelated question. Why are my status points = to emerald but i still stand as gold?
8:39pm plo8monster: I think it is good of Betcoin to stop in and let you know we are working on your refunds and that we do want this just as bad as the players do
8:39pm xxlx2014: hard sex betcoin ? :>
8:39pm Betcoin: We will continue to keep you updated as best as we can. This is a much slower process than we originally understood or intended. Good luck all.
8:39pm xxlx2014: Betcoin = mr william or George
8:39pm OHYEAH: tikki are you in catalina? I've been thinking about you when watching the news recentlty
8:38pm xxlx2014: Andrew dont work here more
8:38pm xxlx2014: no is andrew ohyeah
8:38pm xxlx2014: betcoin all deposit here probable one more the other ... but told at players what need ask . the time no told all week next week
8:38pm michigan1: has much pull
8:38pm OHYEAH: ' is andrew or jessica
8:38pm OHYEAH: 'betcoin
8:38pm OHYEAH: i dont think
8:38pm xxlx2014: heya betcoin
8:37pm OHYEAH: but i fear that Betcoin 'new' managment and 'old' management are getting jerked around just as much as we are
8:37pm OHYEAH: I believe whoever 'betcoin' is
8:37pm ThatsMean: i want to believe trust me lol
8:37pm michigan1: Ty betcoin. May i ask you one question
8:37pm ThatsMean: thank you for doing what you are doing
8:36pm Betcoin: We understand that it is difficult to remain patient when your money is involved. We are getting this done as quickly as possible. We want this to be completed as much as you do. Thank you.
8:36pm xxlx2014: but fine this is
8:36pm michigan1: it does seem like more old betcoin stall and lie tactics. But i hope iam wrong
8:36pm xxlx2014: fix big bulshit is happend here
8:36pm xxlx2014: ....
8:35pm xxlx2014: sa
8:33pm ThatsMean: i am still hopeful but it doesn't really seem like anything is happenign
8:33pm ThatsMean: i could have singled out which tables had bbjp taken out in like 5 minutes not 3 weeks
8:33pm ThatsMean: these updates dont seem like updates
8:32pm xxlx2014: sal cioban
8:31pm ciobanuionut: hi a
8:31pm OHYEAH: then be worried
8:31pm OHYEAH: and it says access denied
8:30pm xxlx2014: how mr paul and others
8:30pm xxlx2014: etc
8:30pm xxlx2014: going in others web ...
8:30pm OHYEAH: im here tikki
8:30pm xxlx2014: no view all trust staff out here?
8:30pm OHYEAH: im not banned right? so andrew must be gone
8:30pm OHYEAH: at least partially
8:29pm OHYEAH: i believe there is new team
8:29pm xxlx2014: support and etc ...
8:29pm xxlx2014: and is new team?
8:29pm xxlx2014: u no view 90% the team from betcoin is out
8:29pm xxlx2014: yes
8:29pm OHYEAH: 50% of bbjp is still $300,000 USD
8:28pm xxlx2014: ....
8:28pm xxlx2014: 0.5 chips
8:28pm xxlx2014: some
8:27pm xxlx2014: probable 50% is for betcoin web and the rest repart at players
8:27pm xxlx2014: because if betcoin told repart bbj this fucking jackpot
8:27pm xxlx2014: calm bro
8:27pm xxlx2014: ohyeah
8:27pm xxlx2014: :))
8:25pm OHYEAH: bombom
8:24pm OHYEAH: tikkitikki
8:24pm xxlx2014: no tits
8:24pm OHYEAH: No disrespect to Brandon intended, and if Betcoin wishes to share anything off the record during the process, I would respect that, but I'm trying really hard to get in contact with whoever is experienced and actually has access to the data.
8:22pm OHYEAH: Betcoin Brandon has just told me "Great weekend indeed. Everyone has been working on this in detail. Personally I have not had much experience in poker but the progress is narrowing down the hands and tables that qualified for the bbjp and then determining from there the contribution. Very detailed."
8:19pm xxlx2014: probable
8:19pm xxlx2014: in 2019
8:19pm xxlx2014: ,.,,.
8:17pm ThatsMean: we are past date from bbj payment
8:17pm ThatsMean: i see no bbj announcement
8:17pm ThatsMean: so its early next week
7:24pm OHYEAH: thought so
7:13pm OHYEAH: OHYEAH: bigthangz, if you are really
Comment: 4 minutes ago
7:13pm OHYEAH: BigThangzSilver III Moderator
MyCouch Last active 2 min ago
7:13pm OHYEAH: lmao
7:09pm OHYEAH: just posted in your thread
7:09pm OHYEAH: bigthangz, if you are really a mod - please delete this post
7:07pm OHYEAH: or just blue
7:07pm OHYEAH: btw - are you really mod?
7:07pm OHYEAH: this is why you are a moderator
7:07pm BigThangz: your slogan for 2018 should be Home of the 1% facts
7:06pm BigThangz: twitchyseal=factless wonder
7:06pm BigThangz: or maybe this or maybe that
7:05pm BigThangz: everything u talk is about is what if
7:05pm BigThangz: there u go again speculating something to cry about
7:05pm OHYEAH: low IQ no excuse
7:04pm OHYEAH: there's a very valid argument that people who think like bigthangz are why both world wars happened
7:04pm BigThangz: twitchyseal the most failed brand online in 2017
7:03pm OHYEAH: lol
7:03pm OHYEAH: and even if there was, its not your job to speak up
7:03pm BigThangz: u just make up pointless facts so u have something to cry about
7:03pm BigThangz: nothing is wrong tho
7:02pm OHYEAH: thats all
7:02pm OHYEAH: i want people to realize that you should speak up when you see something wrong is happening
7:02pm BigThangz: make u feel all nice and cozy
7:02pm BigThangz: give ya some warm milk and tuck ya in
7:02pm BigThangz: u need someone to hold your hand the entire process
7:01pm BigThangz: what more u want they said they doing something