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12:02pm Roller99: the dice here is so rigged
11:24am lionbowlz: from today
11:24am lionbowlz: atill no resposne on ym lwagers from today
11:01am lionbowlz: every 1$ matters
11:00am lionbowlz: if anyone would like to donate some chips that would be some goo karma
11:00am lionbowlz: havent heard from support in a day
10:58am lionbowlz: nice khl wins
10:58am lionbowlz: antyone tail ?
7:04am plo8monster: plo8 is so much more fun than holdem, with the odds thru a hand
7:00am plo8monster: wow i just had a freaky wrap draw 5 thru king and i got a call .... and im getting cussed out ... for being lucky ,,,, but i had anything from a 5 to a king improved my hand and most of them nut draws ...
6:20am lionbowlz: who tailed eagles atlanta ml
6:09am lionbowlz: jessica i subimtted what bets they were
6:08am lionbowlz: even tho theys should
6:08am lionbowlz: amiralover not ml
6:08am lionbowlz: feel free to lend some chips with these wins
6:08am lionbowlz: amur ml
6:07am lionbowlz: barys ml
6:07am lionbowlz: admiral over
6:07am lionbowlz: nvm
6:07am lionbowlz: take admiral ml
6:07am lionbowlz: sumbiteed support ticket
5:51am lionbowlz: I cant enter a bet keeps going back when I type my wager
5:44am sivait: will take a break for a day or two now
5:44am sivait: :(
5:44am sivait: well, it was a cooler
5:44am sivait: the mtt
5:44am sivait: fucked it up
5:34am plo8monster: im glad ya came out ok Gummy :)
5:33am sivait: RIP 3,6K
5:31am sivait: and trapped me
5:31am sivait: cunt limped AA
5:31am sivait: I have lost 30bb's in 12,5K to a drooler
5:31am LetsGumbol: I don't want that to happen again
5:31am LetsGumbol: Is it possible to get yourself "banned" from the casino?
5:30am LetsGumbol: to make a profit lol
5:30am LetsGumbol: but then i won literally like 30 straight hands
5:30am LetsGumbol: At one point i was down a ton
5:30am plo8monster: a small win is a lot of money ....but so is a small loss
5:29am LetsGumbol: I already did :o
5:29am plo8monster: dont do it ! .... NO!!!
5:28am LetsGumbol: lol
5:28am LetsGumbol: never let me play blackjack again
5:28am LetsGumbol: plo8
5:13am plo8monster: barely a burger and fries .... may have to drink water no soda
5:08am plo8monster: itm ... after 4 hrs lol
5:02am BigThangz: maybe even a soda
5:02am BigThangz: lol
5:01am sivait: holly cows, I can buy some burgers now
4:56am BigThangz: u can always save time and lay some tasty bets
4:56am sivait: glgl
4:56am plo8monster: i never played this one b4
4:56am sivait: made like 20 ft's
4:56am plo8monster: itm bubble 3500
4:56am sivait: these are my last games
4:56am sivait: xD
4:56am sivait: since yesterday
4:56am BigThangz: lol
4:56am sivait: I've played nearly 100 games without rest
4:55am BigThangz: runnin hot
4:55am sivait: 3$ 1,5K
4:55am BigThangz: nice
4:55am sivait: also 1/30 in 12,5K
4:55am BigThangz: what did u take down
4:55am sivait: high five
4:55am BigThangz: nice work
4:55am sivait: weee
4:55am sivait: I fucking won a tournament
4:52am sivait: almost have it
4:49am sivait: has lamost 10x 1st place
4:49am sivait: that one is way more jucier
4:48am sivait: also 3/34 in 12,5K
4:47am plo8monster: tid
4:44am sivait: hu
4:36am sivait: 3 handed
4:32am BigThangz: next week nfl isn't lookin that great
4:32am plo8monster: gn :)
4:30am sivait: cya 6xz
4:30am zzzzzz: GL at the tables ^_^
4:29am zzzzzz: Good night y'all im tapping out. See ya in a few.
4:25am sivait: 4 handed :o
4:20am sivait: uugh took a chiplead
4:10am plo8monster: they locked it up i think ... 4 game lead
4:07am BigThangz: eagles YOLO
4:04am lionbowlz: pls repsond to open ticket
4:04am lionbowlz: i also have 1 chip on atlanta? im not sure what i placed
4:04am sivait: yesss doubled up
4:04am lionbowlz: support
4:02am plo8monster: good luck Gummy !!
3:59am plo8monster: but i come back to 7 of 140 ....... that hand caused me to have attitude lol
3:58am plo8monster: someone just sucker punched me G
3:57am plo8monster: grrrrrrumble
3:55am LetsGumbol: fahk
3:55am LetsGumbol: the same guy keeps 2 outering me
3:55am LetsGumbol: would be nice to win a hand late in this tourney
3:55am LetsGumbol: ugh
3:55am sivait: those 5$ money jumps tilt me
3:55am sivait: finally
3:54am sivait: have above average stack
3:54am sivait: still in 30$ 12,5K tho
3:54am sivait: smallest
3:54am sivait: smalled buy in from whole day
3:54am sivait: 3$ 1,5K
3:54am LetsGumbol: in wut
3:53am sivait: I am so card dead
3:53am sivait: this fuckign preft never ends
3:52am LetsGumbol: free moniesss
3:52am LetsGumbol: Won a seat to the Weekly 1,050 cage, cashed it out tho
3:52am LetsGumbol: Whap
3:50am lionbowlz: but saints
3:50am lionbowlz: unstabolle
3:50am lionbowlz: combined
3:49am lionbowlz: he is a winnner
3:49am lionbowlz: its bellichk
3:49am lionbowlz: can my tennis wagers be graded @suupport and soccer
3:49am BigThangz: that mofo just wins
3:49am lionbowlz: not even vegas or buffalo wild wings
3:49am BigThangz: and still rolls threw fools
3:49am lionbowlz: lol
3:49am BigThangz: to help him
3:49am BigThangz: he don't even have a defense
3:48am BigThangz: brady
3:48am BigThangz: no one can stop bready
3:48am lionbowlz: stelleres* gracage
3:48am lionbowlz: fuckpats
3:48am lionbowlz: eagles or new superbowl
3:48am lionbowlz: yeah unless u locked saints in last week -280 and ne parlay
3:47am lionbowlz: ^^^
3:47am BigThangz: that's what suckas do
3:47am BigThangz: I never bet high volume
3:47am lionbowlz: my point is my wager just havent been graded and they asked what ticket #s and i provied all
3:47am lionbowlz: see what happpens
3:47am lionbowlz: open
3:47am lionbowlz: parlay all -500 teams this week
3:46am lionbowlz: you would be a millonare
3:46am lionbowlz: thats the craziest thing i have heard
3:46am lionbowlz: lol
3:46am BigThangz: my point was its not really hard to pick -350 teams to win lol
3:46am lionbowlz: I KNOW TEHEY r backward
3:46am Shahista: instead 35 bigs down to 5
3:46am lionbowlz: right*
3:46am Shahista: T flop and held
3:46am lionbowlz: i took the giht team
3:46am Shahista: great T8 shoved utg i called AQ
3:46am lionbowlz: lol
3:46am lionbowlz: exactly
3:45am lionbowlz: in the super domme
3:45am BigThangz: -350
3:45am lionbowlz: lmao
3:45am lionbowlz: saints were not +350 for the game
3:45am lionbowlz: lol
3:45am lionbowlz: nope
3:45am lionbowlz: still havent got paid out.
3:45am BigThangz: unless u clicked the wrong team lol
3:45am lionbowlz: and melo, lacko, and benic tennis all won. props for those who tailed this am
3:44am lionbowlz: so i should be up lol
3:44am Shahista: ofc gone
3:44am lionbowlz: and eagles
3:44am lionbowlz: chiefs lost
3:44am Shahista: fk prolly need to hit an ace shoved A7s called by a nit
3:44am lionbowlz: i had saints jacksionville
3:44am lionbowlz: lol
3:44am BigThangz: on ML
3:44am BigThangz: NE pats were less
3:44am lionbowlz: funny
3:44am lionbowlz: are dunny
3:44am lionbowlz: spreads
3:43am BigThangz: lol they was lik e-350
3:43am lionbowlz: lol
3:43am lionbowlz: i said saints ml
3:43am lionbowlz: somehow my account is down i have sent my wagers and no response after i said whta bers
3:43am BigThangz: they didn't even cover
3:43am lionbowlz: told u guys last night lol saints
3:43am Shahista: hit the 9
3:42am Shahista: had AKKQQ with 1 card to come michi called my allin with TJKQQ
3:42am lionbowlz: from am
3:42am lionbowlz: hello? ticket support
3:42am Shahista: no its over
3:41am BigThangz: still?
3:41am Shahista: boozey michi and i :P
3:41am BigThangz: whos playin tele
3:41am Shahista: never sit abouve br even if u get it in 3 to 1 its bad
3:40am Shahista: was +60$ before i sat on telesina lol
3:40am Shahista: that i reentered dozen times
3:40am Shahista: now need a deep run in one of these two mtts
3:39am sivait: :D
3:39am Shahista: lost 10 chippes with KKQQ with 1 card to come oesd
3:39am sivait: I like htat logic
3:39am plo8monster: it means i should fold
3:39am sivait: nothing
3:39am Shahista: but i played some telesina with boozey and michi
3:39am plo8monster: i just got 33 3 times in a row and had 33 on 2 tables same time .... what does it mean ??
3:38am Shahista: now just waiting LAL-Denver
3:38am Shahista: so won over and under on that one
3:38am Shahista: even took the under on the chicago one also
3:37am BigThangz: nice
3:37am Shahista: won first two
3:37am BigThangz: how your nba bets do
3:37am BigThangz: lets goooo Eagles YOLO
3:37am sivait: :facepalm:
3:36am Shahista: good fold me woulda lost to AKs
3:36am sivait: it just fucks up your mind and game
3:36am sivait: with taking all the things into heart
3:35am sivait: is the whole problem
3:35am sivait: that
3:34am Shahista: i should fold 99 in bb i just know
3:34am Shahista: cooler coming
3:34am plo8monster: i took off first 3 hands of mega
3:32am Shahista: 2 from 16 im on a roll
3:32am Shahista: unbelivable
3:31am Shahista: KQ v A2o flop KKJ and held
3:31am Shahista: wow i won one
3:30am sivait: fucking waste of life it is
3:30am sivait: got 3 outered
3:30am sivait: fuck
3:28am Shahista: now i dont need top 20 anymore top 36 will do
3:27am Shahista: those 15$ gona help alot
3:27am Shahista: i even won the under 225.5
3:27am Shahista: easy over like i said
3:26am Shahista: chicago
3:26am Shahista: atleast i won the chigago game now too
3:26am sivait: fucking nits
3:26am sivait: in the 3$ donkament
3:26am sivait: most of players are regs
3:26am Shahista: 20 chippies payout if hit =)
3:26am sivait: that 3$ 1,5K is taking ages
3:25am Shahista: wrong side
3:25am Shahista: hit a 99.998
3:25am Shahista: i just had a 3815x bet on lower than 0.026
3:25am sivait: it's just dead bad
3:25am sivait: and hope not to blind out before you get smt playable
3:25am sivait: just shove and pray basicalle
3:25am sivait: and no playability
3:25am sivait: you pay full price for fewer bb's
3:24am Shahista: similar
3:24am sivait: as re-entries
3:24am sivait: it's the samer
3:24am Shahista: snipe still good
3:24am Shahista: ur right about the re-enters
3:23am Shahista: now only need to get top 20 to make it back
3:23am sivait: you're just burning money
3:23am sivait: it's very unprofitable
3:23am sivait: nor "snipe"
3:23am sivait: you shouldn't re-enter mtt's
3:23am Shahista: about time
3:23am Shahista: after 6 re-entrys
3:22am Shahista: there was 1 diamond on flop and NO RUNNER?
3:22am Shahista: called by KQs i won cant belive it
3:22am Shahista: kings in the 11$
3:21am plo8monster: lol
3:21am plo8monster: and went out first hand
3:21am plo8monster: i fought for an hour to get thru final tbl buble
3:20am sivait: hate ICM so bad
3:20am sivait: I don't like the preft and ft tension
3:19am sivait: and about to make 1 more
3:18am sivait: still made 4 ft's
3:18am sivait: fml
3:18am sivait: lost like 50 mtt's
3:18am sivait: same here
3:18am Shahista: every crap hand today won
3:18am Shahista: just pointing out the strange
3:17am Shahista: 74o fold to 2 players allin flop 685
3:17am sivait: events
3:17am sivait: why are you paying attention to sole evens
3:16am Shahista: typical stuff
3:16am Shahista: folded 6To in 5waypfai woulda hit straight
3:15am Shahista: just lost KK v 55 river 5
3:14am Shahista: 0/4 flips
3:14am Shahista: and lost every flip when it mattered
3:14am Shahista: o ya geting 2 pair called by oesd and lose
3:10am Shahista: great odds he had pre
3:09am Shahista: guy snaps
3:09am Shahista: preflop shove
3:09am Shahista: gettting fked every domination
3:02am plo8monster: 2 all ins in fornt of me
3:02am plo8monster: uh pkt kk pre
2:55am plo8monster: brutal
2:55am plo8monster: WPN burtality
2:54am sivait: will ship the 12,5K and will take few days off
2:53am sivait: I am currently playing for 36hrs
2:52am Calvin Branch: still trying to get enough for a deem.been off day or two grinding
2:52am Chris9999: are u going to have enough after the deem to send me 2 chips
2:50am sivait: final 2 tables in 3$ 1,5K
2:47am EyeWonBTC: I enjoy giving misinformation.
2:45am plo8monster: I show big hands in mtt ... never in ring
2:44am EyeWonBTC: I still like to show certain bluffs depending on the situation. Showing in cash games vs tourneys is a big difference too.
2:44am plo8monster: lol
2:44am plo8monster: 2 reasons to show .... make the player feel good or make the player feel bad ....
2:43am EyeWonBTC: ok. I dont show many hands. I used to when I was an overaggressive prick.
2:43am plo8monster: and if open shove a big hand and it walks i show usually
2:43am plo8monster: if small win nahhh
2:43am plo8monster: and only monsters
2:42am plo8monster: only winners
2:42am plo8monster: I do NOT recommend showing
2:42am EyeWonBTC: Do you show winner or loser hands after a players huge fold?
2:42am plo8monster: I play tight and expect a lot of folds, so showing monsters tends to help .... even it gets one fold that would have sucked out on you it adds up
2:41am plo8monster: I tend to make a player feel good about folding in general ...
2:41am EyeWonBTC: Why do you show?
2:40am plo8monster: if someone makes huge fold ...i show
2:39am EyeWonBTC: anything to ruffle your opponent.
2:39am EyeWonBTC: I think showing shit cards can help you sometimes. Players think you are weak a lot with subsequent aggressive plays.
2:37am plo8monster: I show monsters
2:37am sivait: real grinders don't have time to show cards
2:36am sivait: never show your cards
2:35am EyeWonBTC: I think booze should write an article about when to show your cards and when not to. It can definitely be used to your advantage but thus your disadvantage as well.
2:35am plo8monster: rookie move
2:34am plo8monster: blah Dax
2:34am michigan1: lol
2:34am michigan1: prescott was a 1 year wonder
2:31am Chris9999: ill pay u back paypal or if i win 2 more chips ill give it right back
2:30am Calvin Branch: yea should
2:29am Chris9999: u have enough for 2 after that?
2:29am Calvin Branch: im out rightnow.may do a deem in a min
2:28am Chris9999: can u loan me 2 chip for today
2:28am Calvin Branch: yo
2:28am Calvin Branch: yo
2:27am Chris9999: calvin?
2:26am PantzCrabby: min 4 wins for a T giving slot
2:25am PantzCrabby: no they are banned
2:24am EyeWonBTC: I know Dallas plays but do the Giants play Thanksgiving as well? I think vs Washington.
2:24am PantzCrabby: none of that 4 leaf clover shit
2:24am PantzCrabby: no no
2:23am plo8monster: my cooler bets work 90% of time
2:23am plo8monster: give my cowboys a much better chance
2:22am plo8monster: i should bet on philly
2:20am EyeWonBTC: ok
2:19am plo8monster: i barely know her tho ....
2:19am plo8monster: she is sister to my kids ....
2:19am EyeWonBTC: I have to give my mom away next Friday. She's getting married again.
2:19am PantzCrabby: how many wives you had ?
2:19am plo8monster: oh no nothing like that at all
2:19am EyeWonBTC: I kinda figured that but asked anyways. Hopefully no bad sentiment
2:18am PantzCrabby: Beasely
2:18am plo8monster: that sister is not one of mine .... is my 1st wifes daughter from years after divorced
2:18am EyeWonBTC: oh. was chatting with zzzzzz at bitcoinpromocode about an ICO and he told me
2:17am PantzCrabby: Gropers Anonymous
2:17am PantzCrabby: haha
2:17am PantzCrabby: go to GA
2:17am PantzCrabby: some groping?
2:17am PantzCrabby: what did he do?
2:17am PantzCrabby: u guys lost homeboy so major hit
2:17am plo8monster: Im not there eyewon
2:17am plo8monster: if philly goes 4 games up its over anyways
2:16am EyeWonBTC: Nice wedding yesterday plo8?
2:16am PantzCrabby: and I feel a very close game here
2:15am PantzCrabby: been capping sports for a bit
2:14am PantzCrabby: Eagles miss FG
2:13am PantzCrabby: they may win tonight plo
2:13am michigan1: and bears
2:13am PantzCrabby: ha
2:13am plo8monster: being a Dallas Cowboys fan
2:13am PantzCrabby: tell me boss
2:13am plo8monster: you wanta know what is sick frustration
2:09am PantzCrabby: very frustrating
2:09am PantzCrabby: tourneys, cash , etc cold cards all day and night
2:08am PantzCrabby: ran so cold yesterday maybe worse ever
2:07am PantzCrabby: yep ... we got us a game here
2:05am lionbowlz: and im down
2:05am lionbowlz: locks
2:05am lionbowlz: lol i said like 5 lcoks
2:05am BigThangz: cowboys came to play
2:02am lionbowlz: i have created a ticket
2:02am plo8monster: what ?
2:02am lionbowlz: as i ceratinly perdicted dimitrov 2-1 win
2:02am plo8monster: nah i i didnt get home till 7 pm .... pretty much missed the day ... barely playing ...
2:02am lionbowlz: not all bets have gone through
2:00am PantzCrabby: @plo u cruising to victories today ?
1:59am sivait: you shall not fight michigan
1:59am plo8monster: only cause i suck at it
1:59am plo8monster: i hate that game
1:58am michigan1: plo8 you gonna play tele with us
1:58am plo8monster: Michigan ^^ :) yes ty for being part of community. When ya helpout it is awesome ... when ya get in fights with other players it is ugly and scares players away from community .... i like this Michigan much better .... you can be so helpful at times... and it doesnt go unnoticed ... Thnx Scot, good call :)
1:57am michigan1: lets play
1:57am isnortbooze: I probs will if you play me
1:56am michigan1: you could also give me chips in tele lol :)
1:55am michigan1: well thank you
1:55am isnortbooze: Michigan, you have been very helpful in the chat lately. Please accept this freeroll ticket to show our appreciatiom
1:53am got2getcake: ok
1:53am michigan1: in my experiences
1:52am michigan1: first one is slower then after that there very fast
1:52am got2getcake: like cryptos litecoin
1:52am got2getcake: how fast are the withdrawals
1:51am michigan1: yeah 1st quarter prolly has to be offically over
1:51am got2getcake: over dallas 1st qt 6.5
1:51am michigan1: what was your bet
1:51am got2getcake: before its graded
1:51am got2getcake: do i have to wait til 1st qrt over
1:50am got2getcake: okay..
1:50am michigan1: mine have been instant
1:50am michigan1: fast\
1:50am got2getcake: how quickly do they grade the bets
1:50am michigan1: lol
1:50am got2getcake: did i sign up for...
1:50am got2getcake: lol what the hell
1:50am michigan1: you cant
1:49am got2getcake: how can i see my open and graded sports bet guys
1:38am Shahista: 209.5 2 chippies
1:38am michigan1: lol
1:38am michigan1: o ok
1:38am Shahista: allready got an over ;)
1:38am michigan1: ;)
1:38am michigan1: lets go over :0
1:38am michigan1: no way
1:38am Shahista: or 230
1:36am Shahista: good time to take the under on 220-225
1:35am BigThangz: bookies be getting greedy wit philly
1:35am Shahista: oh wow 67 pts 1st q in chicago game told ya 209.5 over was a lock
1:33am BigThangz: get me a good line
1:33am BigThangz: I hope dallas scores
1:32am Shahista: looks*
1:32am Shahista: lookd like its gona be a high scoring 3d q in minesota game
1:29am BigThangz: in the locker room
1:29am BigThangz: they didn't have some last minute protest
1:29am isnortbooze: no one knows
1:29am BigThangz: elliots still right
1:29am BigThangz: u should be good
1:29am isnortbooze: ml
1:29am BigThangz: u got ML eagles or points
1:28am BigThangz: nice
1:28am BigThangz: lol
1:28am isnortbooze: pats and chargers
1:28am BigThangz: pats?
1:28am BigThangz: lions and who else
1:28am BigThangz: parlay
1:27am BigThangz: how many teams is your pary
1:27am BigThangz: against browns
1:27am BigThangz: I was more worried about Jax
1:27am BigThangz: -6.5 -3.5 Mls -10 fkn cant beat the fkn giants come on
1:27am BigThangz: KC fkd my parlays
1:26am isnortbooze: I have the eagles to complete my parlay
1:26am BigThangz: any betcoiner deep in any of the sunday tournys
1:23am BigThangz: u on them eagles bling
1:21am blingbling911: Yes
1:19am BigThangz: but I did hear u tell me fk off kk vs aq
1:19am michigan1: lol
1:19am BigThangz: I know when u play on your phone u don't reply when I tell u u suck
1:18am michigan1: i did play on my phone some thats so true'
1:18am BigThangz: while tryin not get deer blood on his free hugs t
1:18am plo8monster: lol
1:18am BigThangz: he sat in a deer blind playin the 50gtd on his phone
1:18am michigan1: lmao
1:18am plo8monster: you sat in deer blind drinking and hallucinated a deer
1:17am BigThangz: he prob wears his free hugs shirt when he hunts
1:17am michigan1: i did indeed
1:17am michigan1: lol'
1:17am plo8monster: i want to see big deer bagged .... did you really go hunting ...prove it !!
1:17am plo8monster: wheres the pics Michigan
1:16am michigan1: over 50 :)
1:15am BigThangz: whos on the Eagles tonite?
1:14am plo8monster: the windows client is best yes ^^
1:14am BigThangz: I like to play poker on the dload
1:14am BigThangz: u talking about poker
1:04am nhoyasim101: do i need to download something before i can play?
1:03am nhoyasim101: what do you usually play here bling?
1:02am blingbling911: Are u alove
1:00am nhoyasim101: i dont know much in here man can you teach me?lol
12:59am blingbling911: Yes
12:59am nhoyasim101: bling your here..
12:58am Shahista: my 214.5 under on minesota game looks like its allready sure
12:56am blingbling911: Sup
12:55am BigThangz: and hammer out a another 3-1 week
12:55am BigThangz: lets go Eagles
12:52am Shahista: Go Lions!
12:51am Shahista: told yas :)
12:51am Shahista: hahaha just seen Lions won by 3 :)
12:47am nhoyasim101: HOW TO PLACE BET?
12:35am Shahista: and it was an easy one T_T
12:32am Shahista: ah sick missed the 10K snipe
12:02am Shahista: gona be like near 220 pts total
12:02am Shahista: that ones gona be a winner fo shure
12:01am Shahista: great value on the chicago game :)
12:00am Shahista: 2 chippies per bet :P
12:00am Shahista: LAL-DenU228.5
12:00am Shahista: pho.chiO209.5
12:00am Shahista: min.det U214.5
11:59pm Shahista: nba bets done :)
11:43pm hamrhank666: wheres everybody
11:39pm Shahista: AKs v JJ lost hyper :)
11:38pm hamrhank666: i took 5th in 200 plo8 earlier
11:37pm Skippybp: Weeeeee
11:37pm Skippybp: There's prolly 7 or 8 left by now I was the ft bubble boy again
11:36pm Skippybp: Last I looked
11:36pm Skippybp: Like 35k when 2nd had maybe 20k
11:36pm Skippybp: He had chip lead in the 50 mbtc huge lead too
11:34pm hamrhank666: what michigan do
11:29pm Skippybp: Nice job Michigan good luck
11:23pm hamrhank666: hidyho everybody
11:12pm hamrhank666: heyhey
11:07pm Shahista: sup
11:07pm Shahista: heeeyoooo
11:06pm hamrhank666: heyhey
11:05pm Shahista: and charlote-lac
11:05pm Shahista: dal-milw and mem-hou
11:05pm Shahista: when it was obvious it was gona be under
11:04pm Shahista: the other 3 i lost but defended for a smaller loss