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9:52pm hamrhank666: 2k try
9:51pm hamrhank666: takin stakes to plo8 trnys
9:12pm hamrhank666: dog down
9:12pm hamrhank666: gotta put my dg dwn tomorrow 13yrs old
9:11pm hamrhank666: i need me chips
7:33pm StareYouDown: hi
5:01pm BigThangz: ya u gooona see the 3rd string soon lol
4:52pm SickMetaGame: I think they called their C team back from home to play last two quarters after the lead
4:51pm SickMetaGame: like 30 or something
4:51pm SickMetaGame: needless to say we didn't get so far
4:51pm SickMetaGame: that's how I lost yesterday though... croatia raped ukraine 29 pts first HT and looked like it will continue, so I bet -54 :D :D :D :D
4:50pm SickMetaGame: why do I give bookie money back
4:50pm SickMetaGame: ya but what if greece blows it by sixty dawg
4:48pm BigThangz: go for double winna or +25juice
4:47pm BigThangz: so if u had -8.5 +125 u could take Greece +30.5 +125 atm
4:47pm BigThangz: that's why I always take the lines with +juice
4:45pm SickMetaGame: I would want to believe they not blowing it down to 10
4:45pm SickMetaGame: never know with them twenty year olds though lol but yea
4:44pm BigThangz: up 30 lookin ok
4:38pm SickMetaGame: israel keeps stealing
4:34pm BigThangz: break out the gyros
4:24pm SickMetaGame: so far up 19
4:19pm SickMetaGame: yea and also how good can greece u20 team be
4:18pm BigThangz: theyseem ggood
4:18pm BigThangz: gl
4:17pm SickMetaGame: took israel -8.5
4:16pm SickMetaGame: pick all favorites I win and thing is that pre-game difference was like 1.8 to 1.95
4:16pm SickMetaGame: lmao but just realized that it was the only underdog too
4:16pm BigThangz: that woulda been a good one
4:16pm BigThangz: ouch
4:15pm SickMetaGame: rays fucked me
4:15pm SickMetaGame: i tried to get out from the hole lol
4:15pm SickMetaGame: yea so one off...
4:15pm BigThangz: that's how they always do it leave em in just long enough to wreck the hole day
4:14pm SickMetaGame: dude got pulled after he walked two nikkas
4:14pm SickMetaGame: leaving castillo in going into 7th was the biggest mistake ever
4:14pm BigThangz: rays are suspect
4:13pm SickMetaGame: rays did such clownery its insane
4:13pm SickMetaGame: had one off parlay too
4:12pm SickMetaGame: wanted bet tennis that was done by the time coin came in
4:12pm BigThangz: lol
4:12pm SickMetaGame: waited like 80 minutes on confirm
4:11pm SickMetaGame: wasn't nothing to hedge just handicapped wrong guess was tilting
4:11pm BigThangz: gotta hedge those u20
4:11pm SickMetaGame: this u20 basketball got me so bad yesterday
4:10pm SickMetaGame: or could be death after death
4:10pm SickMetaGame: maybe you don't die at all
4:08pm BigThangz: you only die once
4:08pm BigThangz: yodo
4:05pm SickMetaGame: yolo
2:42pm BigThangz: howdy hoe
1:22pm SickMetaGame: herbs tried fi choke mi
12:56pm SickMetaGame: I am not
12:17pm zzzzzz: Always
6:07am DOPEYSTICK: anyone online?
6:05am DOPEYSTICK: ??
6:04am DOPEYSTICK: hey smg you there
6:04am DOPEYSTICK: hey guys
5:01am Support Randy: do you need help?
5:01am Support Randy: Hello
4:36am JGDG29: how do i get to play this?=
3:12am SickMetaGame: party?
3:12am SickMetaGame: somebody selling shrooms and molly
3:10am SickMetaGame: Tash Sultana - Jungle
3:08am SickMetaGame: Congrats on the 2hunnit win King of the Cup.
3:08am SickMetaGame: beep beep
3:08am SickMetaGame: anybody pulling me out
3:07am SickMetaGame: nineteen in the hole though
5:45pm SickMetaGame: good night i guess
5:44pm SickMetaGame: this u20 basketball was bad
5:43pm SickMetaGame: anybody got some vaseline
5:43pm SickMetaGame: looking for some casino bonus lube after losing sixteen
2:51pm BigThangz: wakey wakey its world cup time
2:26pm SickMetaGame: been an hour
2:22pm SickMetaGame: until it confs
2:22pm SickMetaGame: somebody credit me maybe
2:17pm SickMetaGame: slowest block ever
2:14pm SickMetaGame: knock knock
8:05am Support Randy: it will move at the speed of the blockchain. The poker site adds them after 1 confirmation
8:04am Support Randy: Peyton, I processed your w.d
8:04am Support Randy: Hi there
7:39am Peyton2016: How long for a withdrawal from casino to poker wallet?? Ice been told different stuff
11:24pm SickMetaGame: allin
12:25pm Support Randy: The poker is at a separate domain with it's own support staff at
12:24pm Support Randy: This is the sports and casino
12:24pm Support Randy: It is at
12:17pm CarlTheJude: where is poker client
12:17pm CarlTheJude: where is poker client ?
6:38am TrillMyWatch: Wasssss Goooood
4:05am Support Randy: lol SickMetaBandit ^^
4:04am Support Randy: Hello DD
1:28am dailydose1: whats up brosegfs
1:28am dailydose1: whats up yall
5:55pm SickMetaGame: this is a stick up
5:55pm SickMetaGame: Hands up
6:53am HugoStiglitz:
1:42am Support Randy: LOL hank
12:57am hamrhank666: any trolls lurkin
12:15am hamrhank666: im out a here
12:14am hamrhank666: okno stakers and i need me chips
11:11pm hamrhank666: howaoutatake to 1k
10:28pm hamrhank666: itllpay 4 to 7kforwin ormore
10:23pm hamrhank666: 110 to getin
10:23pm hamrhank666: idk how much achipis
10:22pm spaced: how many chips hank!
9:28pm hamrhank666: ima good horse
9:28pm hamrhank666: i needstake to 30k plo8
9:19pm hamrhank666: ineedsmechips
7:08pm TrillMyWatch: jimmyneutron let me get some chips
6:24pm Betcoin: Hello, poker can be played here:
5:31pm Theomog: Is the feature still under development ?
5:31pm Theomog: how do we play poker ?
5:31pm Theomog: hi guys
2:46pm jimmyneutron0038: where is tampa bay vs tigers in sportsbook? starts at noon
2:41pm Betcoin: Hi abdou
11:41am abdou: hi all
6:44am Support Randy: Ha yw as always, not a problem
6:42am Acegee: winnetka added, thanks again
5:28am Acegee: thanks
5:28am Acegee: just missing winnetka still, but that isn't til tomorrow afternoon, so not as urgent
5:28am Acegee: hey randy, challenger lives have been added
4:55am Acegee: i will open another ticket
4:53am Acegee: need challenger tennis lines....again =(
4:53am Acegee: hey randy
3:06am tekamon: Where's the download link for software?
9:56pm hamrhank666: need some chps
10:44am hamrhank666: at work
10:44am hamrhank666: moved up
9:35am Support Randy: I replied to your support ticket.
9:30am DOPEYSTICK: well it is early
9:29am DOPEYSTICK: hmm guess not
9:27am DOPEYSTICK: anyone awake ?
9:25am DOPEYSTICK: how goes it
9:25am DOPEYSTICK: morning randy
9:25am DOPEYSTICK: morning guys
7:12am Support Randy: Spammer took the day off :)
7:04am Acegee: there was a match with two really good names the other day, but they escape me at the moment
7:03am Acegee: same deal
7:03am Acegee: yeah those ITF matches
7:03am Acegee: i have no idea what makes someone a 'good' table tennis player
7:03am Support Randy: one match was Wang vs Dang ...and for some reason been laughing about that all night
7:03am Acegee: but it's too sketch lol
7:03am Acegee: i use to mess around with challenger table tennis
7:03am Acegee: i try to stay away from that lol
7:02am Support Randy: I saw some table tennis matches today
7:02am Acegee: i'd get a lot more sleep otherwise lol
7:02am Acegee: problem is when there's nothing else to bet on there's tennis
7:01am Acegee: it lasted for about two weeks
7:01am Acegee: believe it or not, my NYE resolution was to not bet tennis
7:01am Support Randy: haha couldnt resist
7:01am Acegee: i wish i was kidding
7:01am Acegee: haha
7:01am Support Randy: lol i thought you were kidding about being a tennis degen are for real deal .:)
7:00am Acegee: thank you, every once in a while i luckbox one =)
6:59am Support Randy: wow nice parlay Acegee your w/d is on its way
6:58am Acegee: lol was gonna ask for grade, but ty =)
6:58am Support Randy: sending it now
6:58am Support Randy: I am
6:53am Acegee: nvm
6:48am Acegee: Randy here?
3:44am Support Randy: Is that why this bet has not graded Biesiasda or are you speaking of a different bet
3:18am Biesiada: Clueless
3:17am Biesiada: 48 hours I have to wait on live bet that is suspended smh
3:00am Acegee: and i didn't even have to ask for challenger lines tonight!
3:00am Acegee: so far so good, thanks randy
2:47am Support Randy: Let us knwo if you have any problems
2:47am Support Randy: OK guys word is the site is back fully functional
2:44am Support Randy: I think there is one more issue to be repaired hang tight please
2:43am Acegee: my balance is back now
2:41am Support Randy: yes not too much longer is what I expect. When the techies chatter I just listen and try to glean what info I can. They talk in a different language than I do lol .." geekspeak"
2:39am Acegee: it's already been a while =)
2:39am Acegee: you mean longer
2:38am Support Randy: Very sorry guys, we will have it resolved asap ..the general info I am receiving suggests it won't take to long
2:36am jaeh122: Any updates Randy?
2:29am jadenelson: Do you know who is attacking you? Or why?
2:27am jadenelson: Thanks randy
2:27am Support Randy: will be back in a few minutes with updates
2:25am Support Randy: Hi guys, please don't panic and be patient we are aware of problems ( please do not go to live support about it they already know) the iste is under heavy doss attacks and the attack mode sometimes causes this. it usually does not last very long
2:20am jimmyneutron0038: i cant deposit or anything fuckkk just bought btc to bet
2:20am Acegee: support just said no ETA on when fixed
2:20am Acegee: yes
2:20am jimmyneutron0038: is site messed up?
2:20am jimmyneutron0038: my balance is red zero
2:12am Acegee: even though balance still 0.00 lol
2:12am Acegee: well, i think my bet went through
2:11am jaeh122: wtf
2:11am jaeh122: balance went to 0.00
2:10am WarrenBluffit: ridiculous
2:10am WarrenBluffit: let me move my fund soff here forever if so
2:10am WarrenBluffit: is this common?
2:08am jadenelson: Anyone?
2:07am jadenelson: When is sports back up?
2:06am Acegee: how much longer book down for =(
12:25am DOPEYSTICK: can anyone play me?
12:20am DOPEYSTICK: please 0.40 HU sng im registered
12:20am DOPEYSTICK: can anyone come play me
12:18am DOPEYSTICK: just come take it
12:18am DOPEYSTICK: can one you guys come play me HU sng for my last 0.40 HU sng
12:18am DOPEYSTICK: Ten 9 turn and river
12:17am DOPEYSTICK: JJ just now JQQ flop
12:17am DOPEYSTICK: im sure
12:17am DOPEYSTICK: you will win
12:17am DOPEYSTICK: im running reall bad
12:17am DOPEYSTICK: anyone care to play me HU for 0.4 on betcoin poker client.....
12:17am DOPEYSTICK: hey
11:50pm Acegee: randy works the nightshift
11:41pm Paws1t1veEV: Hi All - My balance in the poker client does not match my balance shown on betcoin poker client.. Is there a reason for this?
11:18pm hamrhank666: lookin for stake to plo8 trny
11:12pm hamrhank666: is support randy around
3:04am Support Randy: Ben your w/d is processed and should be available in minutes on the blockchain for confirmations
2:17am Support Randy: IF you withdraw from here into the poker wallet address it should be just fine. The poker site does not give "M" addresses, and the w/d will go through quickly into your wallet
2:15am Support Randy: Ben, please see your support ticket, your w/d cannot be processed with an "M" address for LTC withdrawals... get a new w/d made and I will watch for it and push it through for you:)
10:05pm EyeWonBTC: Download whichever client you want and then you can withdraw from here to your deposit address at betcoinpoker
10:04pm EyeWonBTC: You can't here. You need to go here
9:44pm Ben13NY: I just added 25 dollars in ltc how can I use it on poker
3:22pm Soccermom18: Need chips
1:20pm hamrhank666: u here
5:10am Acegee: Thanks!
5:10am Support Randy: I better get back to work good luck with your bets!!
5:09am Acegee: i'm a happy degenerate, please pass on my regards
5:09am Acegee: aww snap, she did!
5:09am Support Randy: they should be available now
5:08am Acegee: milennials revolted against Hillary
5:08am Acegee: Well, it was partly the Dem's fault
5:08am Support Randy: Jessica got your Q's added
5:07am Support Randy: lol this is certainly the strangest president in history They all kinda weird in some ways. But the Donald is the special bus weird. He is as disruptive as bitcoin lol
5:06am Acegee: selection was grim
5:05am Acegee: I wrote my friend in for President in 2k16
5:05am Acegee: haha
5:05am Support Randy: Move over mr Trump the big dog is moving in.. you look like the human version of Pepe la-pew
5:04am Support Randy: we hope to be better than decent :)
5:04am Acegee: Randy for President, 2k20!
5:03am Support Randy: She is checking as we speak
5:01am Acegee: i get challenger quals probably aren't the most in-demand item either lol
5:01am Acegee: Yeah, you guys have always been decent about getting most things added
5:00am Support Randy: The book is awesome about adding events when requested
5:00am Acegee: normally i try, but i never know that i'm going to be up at night degenning on tennis until, well, i'm up at night degenning on tennis =)
4:59am Support Randy: but moving forward just know that if you send a ticket in with lead time we will try to accommodate
4:59am Acegee: it's literally like the only tennis tourney today too, ITF not withstanding
4:59am Acegee: not that i don't enjoy our quality time together, but would be nice if i didn't have to ask every week lol
4:59am Acegee: can we not just have some kind of note posted to automatically add all challenger lines
4:58am Support Randy: I messaged and will let you know when i hear back
4:58am Acegee: Ok, thanks man
4:57am Support Randy: you know what I can ask Jessica for you, but no promises
4:56am Acegee: there should be a standing order to have all challenger tennis!
4:56am Acegee: =(
4:56am Support Randy: not this late, that's what I was telling you, David and Brandon add them during the day.
4:55am Acegee: starts in about three hours
4:54am Acegee: not to change the topic, but while I have your attention, any chance of getting tennis quals for Perugia challenger :D
4:52am Acegee: Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy
4:52am Acegee: look at Junior Seau
4:52am Acegee: i forget the scientific name, but all those concussions making guys go crazy
4:51am Acegee: well, they got all those test results now
4:51am Support Randy: Nowadays pro football is like trying to spare the players injuries, i get it but it sure does change the game
4:49am Acegee: haha i never got into martial arts, but i did get my bell rung playing football a few times
4:48am Support Randy: 10 seconds later i was trying to remember my name
4:48am Acegee: :D
4:48am Support Randy: the last thing I remembered was looking at my dad saying "I got this" lol
4:47am Support Randy: we both held purple belts, I couldn't wait to get my purple so I could compete...lost my taste for it quick lol
4:46am Acegee: haha
4:46am Support Randy: in my defense, he was taking several types of karate and surprised me
4:45am Acegee: he had to call Brock Lesnar's roided ass into the ring
4:45am Acegee: the end to cormier fight was crazy
4:45am Acegee: haha
4:45am Support Randy: nah lol my first live sparring match in karate i got knocked the *** out about 10 seconds
4:44am Acegee: did you watch any of the fights?
4:44am Acegee: oh yeah? XD
4:44am Acegee: i didn't get to UFC until about 15 minutes before undercard started, so no time to request anything anyway
4:44am Support Randy: I could whoop all them fighters in my day lol
4:43am Acegee: so no fun to bet lol
4:43am Acegee: just no value in a lot of those ml
4:43am Acegee: Okay, duely noted
4:43am Support Randy: ahh, well with a little bit of notice on upcoming events we can usually add the bells and whistles
4:39am Acegee: I don't even normally degen on UFC, was just having a bit of fun today, was just surprised such limited offerings, given was a pretty big event today
4:38am Acegee: poor selection =(
4:38am Acegee: they had all the fights, just only ml
4:38am Acegee: no over/under, no knock out/submission props
4:38am Acegee: Mainly it was just that the only bets offered were ML
4:33am Support Randy: David and Brandon get them added during the day shift, I can't really add much at night. But send a ticket with your request, please. This book is a smorgasbord pretty much
4:32am Support Randy: Hi Acegee, i saw where they added the bouts for you, if you'll put a ticket together specific to what you wish, we will certainly try to accommodate we do when possible
4:15am Acegee: Hope it's better in the future
4:15am Acegee: MMA lines so sad here :(
4:14am Acegee: Hey Randy
3:02am Support Randy: everything now goes through the blockchain, no more internal transfers for poker. The sites are separated now with unique domains and support systems
3:00am Support Randy: w/d from sports here into your poker wallet address
3:00am Support Randy: you have to directly deposit
2:33am Snowkeld: or can I transfer from sports
2:33am Snowkeld: Do I need to deposit directly to poker
11:52pm Acegee: why MMA only has moneyline :(
11:11pm BigThangz: I don't stake but ill take
10:23pm hamrhank666: any stakers out there
8:56pm hamrhank666: hello
7:16pm BigThangz: they have cash games and tournys for nl holdem
7:16pm BigThangz: u download and depo to your wallet there
7:16pm BigThangz: poker is at now
7:13pm mghanna: no limit hold em
7:09pm BigThangz: yes what games are u looking for
6:58pm mghanna: does this site not have games on it??
6:49pm BigThangz: well the Russia dream ended quick
6:12pm Betcoin: All should be available Acegee. Thank you and good luck!
6:12pm Betcoin: Hi
5:52pm Acegee: missing MLB lines....
5:50pm Acegee: Betcoooooin, where are you?
5:16pm MHubbard: hey
5:11pm MHubbard: Hi all
5:11pm MHubbard: how can I download poker?
3:29pm hamrhank666: hello
3:16pm hamrhank666: u here
2:31am Soccermom18: Yet to get in yet going to uncles hopefully can kiva
2:25am Support Randy: Best*
2:24am Support Randy: Bets of luck at the tables :)
2:24am Support Randy: the poker is at
2:24am Support Randy: this is (sports and casino)
2:24am chooch_magic: thank you
2:23am Support Randy:
2:23am chooch_magic: where do i find that?
2:23am Support Randy: the poker is at a different domain
2:23am chooch_magic: how do i join a poker room? i think i need to install something right?
2:23am chooch_magic: hi
12:53am hamrhank666: yoyoyo
11:13pm Support Randy: hello
10:17pm hamrhank666: anybody here
8:46pm hamrhank666: heyhey
8:46pm hamrhank666: heyhey
4:34pm betbit1: im disappointment :(
4:34pm betbit1: thats too low
4:33pm betbit1: just 1 to 2 players are available in cash tables.
1:03pm Support Randy: Hello xxlx
11:59am xxlx2014: hey randy
9:32am kareemkaz: Hey how do I log in? do I use my betcoin username or reregister?
9:31am kareemkaz: Hey randy! how do I log in? do I use the same username as my bitcoin account or do I have to reregister
5:16am hamrhank666: boooo
4:59am Support Randy: Thank you again EyeWonBTC it is always nice to see you welcoming new players and help guide them to poker. This is very nice of you sir, Thank you:)
4:40am EyeWonBTC: yes you need to download whichever poker client you need. There is no Android nor iPhone version
4:11am britzklieg: new here...where are the poker tables? do i need to download software?
12:54am Support Randy: both w/d are now completed and sent good luck sir
12:30am Support Randy: hi Freshstart your w.d payout has been sent
11:30pm freshstart: Is there anyone here in support?
4:10am xxlx2014: nope
11:58pm dfox4502: Is there a faucet here?
11:33pm xxlx2014: for poker deposit in
11:33pm xxlx2014: in ur balance poker
11:33pm xxlx2014: and play sports or slots or dice blackjack etc here
11:33pm xxlx2014: deposit to btc dash ltc etc
11:13pm mohicanz: Hi, how can i play ?
11:09pm xxlx2014: :))
11:09pm xxlx2014: me to
11:02pm hamrhank666: or stakers
11:02pm hamrhank666: i need some chips
10:45pm hamrhank666: whos here
10:43pm hamrhank666: hello
10:41pm xxlx2014: :)
10:41pm xxlx2014: really now
10:41pm xxlx2014: =))
10:41pm xxlx2014: randy
10:41pm xxlx2014: i kill u
10:40pm xxlx2014: sex
2:36pm BigThangz: gooooo chestnut new record
2:36pm BigThangz: no over 72.5 hot dogs eatin in nathans hot dog contest
2:17pm SickMetaGame: are you betting on dogs racing
2:17pm SickMetaGame: 4 free spins
2:16pm SickMetaGame: Happy independence day
1:54pm hamrhank666: fresh u here
1:53pm hamrhank666: is anybody here
1:30pm BigThangz: lets gooooo over 72.5 dogs
7:39am hamrhank666: i need a kind person to send me some chips
7:32am hamrhank666: yo
7:31am Support Randy: test
7:31am Support Randy: Happy 4rth to you also :)
7:26am hamrhank666: happy 4th anyways
7:20am hamrhank666: im over uncles and i have no chips
7:19am Support Randy: no night owls tonight
7:14am hamrhank666: where is everybody
7:05am hamrhank666: havent playd in a week
7:04am hamrhank666: i need
7:03am hamrhank666: off today
7:01am Support Randy: Hello Hank, your up late
6:58am hamrhank666: u here
2:37am dailydose1: oh ok :?
2:06am Support Randy: not yet DD, there is a sweet worldcup promo and sports rewards are certainly something we will be adding, but it is some months away before the book has a reward system added
1:52am dailydose1: @betcoin
1:44am dailydose1: still no sprots rewards huh?
11:35pm hamrhank666: me needs my chips
11:09pm hamrhank666: booooooooo
8:24pm TrillMyWatch: .... Yeaaaaaaaa
8:24pm TrillMyWatch: Aint got nothing .... but I look good
8:24pm TrillMyWatch: tiki tiki hard sex
4:36pm Chris9999: why do i not get the coupon reemptions i used too like 4 years ago on here
3:03pm BigThangz: or go allin on the hot dog eating contest tomorrow like all the pros
3:02pm BigThangz: try LIVE betting winnas allday
1:30pm xxlx2014: and lost very fast 15 chips :(
1:30pm xxlx2014: i click to bet max :(
1:30pm xxlx2014: :(
1:30pm xxlx2014: 35553494 Tue, 07/03/2018 - 11:21
about 2 hours ago xxlx2014
30204 Betsoft Slots
Main -15.00 3.00919751
1:26pm xxlx2014: i play lost 20 chips here in slots i deposit
1:26pm xxlx2014: heya
1:13pm Betcoin: Poker can be found at
11:42am pitts: how do i download?
7:51am Support Randy: is your vacation about over?
7:51am Support Randy: hello xxlx
6:54am xxlx2014: heya randy
6:43am gamefree: hello
6:15am Support Randy: live support is available at
6:14am Support Randy: for support and download of poker
4:53am LuberMS: cant download poker client
2:41am Soccermom18: Can you play poker here
1:09am hamrhank666: u been playn
1:08am hamrhank666: i think everybody did
1:08am hamrhank666: who knows
12:59am spaced: did that nigga die hank
12:58am hamrhank666: wassup
12:52am spaced: where the fuck is mentat
12:00am hamrhank666: i need aome chips
12:00am hamrhank666: kkkk
11:00pm hamrhank666: hello
9:02pm hamrhank666: fresh u here
9:02pm hamrhank666: anybody here
7:15pm BigThangz: lol
7:14pm SickMetaGame: good night
7:14pm SickMetaGame: fuck
7:14pm SickMetaGame: reverse
7:14pm SickMetaGame: SickMetaGame: this under is a brick
15:3pmSickMetaGame: canada will go and shoot 3 pts last 2 seconds to lose it by 1
7:13pm BigThangz: i thought u was gonna pull it off
7:13pm BigThangz: no the no reason tre unreal
7:13pm SickMetaGame: just I thought it was going to be canada but instead virgin islands
7:13pm SickMetaGame: lmfao did I call the last second no reason at all 3 poitner to brick it or what
7:08pm BigThangz: they scored like 7 points in 2 secs lol
7:07pm SickMetaGame: cya
7:07pm SickMetaGame: unreal fucking cucks lol
7:07pm SickMetaGame: and one
7:06pm SickMetaGame: like what is this lol
7:06pm SickMetaGame: absolutely no fucking reason
7:05pm SickMetaGame: virgin island with full count goes to foul him
7:05pm SickMetaGame: dude is standing with ball
7:05pm SickMetaGame: wtf
7:04pm BigThangz: canda wants to crack 100 now u fkd
7:04pm SickMetaGame: yea no way 10 pts aint happening in 3 min
7:04pm SickMetaGame: not even sure why virgin island goes to defend... FIBa is terrible
7:04pm SickMetaGame: they just getting free throw after fhree throw
7:03pm BigThangz: the ginger ale kikd in Canada on fire
7:03pm SickMetaGame: are the worst lol
7:03pm SickMetaGame: being up 20 or down 20
7:03pm SickMetaGame: those no reason at all 3 pts
7:03pm SickMetaGame: that's how it looks
7:03pm SickMetaGame: canada will go and shoot 3 pts last 2 seconds to lose it by 1
7:03pm SickMetaGame: this under is a brick
7:03pm BigThangz: its not like they pulled him an brought him forward the mofo thought he was striker
7:02pm BigThangz: the goalie literaly was in the others end box
7:02pm SickMetaGame: lol
7:02pm SickMetaGame: pulling a goalie... sound play always.
7:02pm BigThangz: wtf pulls goalie in soccer lol
7:02pm BigThangz: like when i think it was germany who pulled the goalie on me to fk my under 3.5 or 2.5
7:01pm BigThangz: virgins gonna start fouling think they can get back in it lol
7:01pm SickMetaGame: no way virgin island would come back
7:01pm SickMetaGame: I would expect them to actually stop shooting being up 22
7:00pm SickMetaGame: would be getting better price
7:00pm BigThangz: and it looks like Canada already popped the dry
7:00pm BigThangz: lines is 168.5 atm
6:59pm BigThangz: bad news is u got 5 min left lol
6:59pm BigThangz: well your gaining ground
6:57pm BigThangz: ive seen games were each team gets ball 3xs under 30 secs lol
6:56pm BigThangz: i thought the shot clock was 10 seconds
6:56pm SickMetaGame: my fault for not insta taking -26
6:56pm SickMetaGame: lol
6:56pm SickMetaGame: should waste clock
6:56pm SickMetaGame: in 3rd when you up 12 already
6:56pm SickMetaGame: no reason to shoot 32 pts
6:56pm SickMetaGame: canada fucking it up
6:54pm BigThangz: the team total over under at half was like 32 lol
6:53pm BigThangz: I saw some team score 4 in the 1st and 6 in the 2nx
6:53pm BigThangz: u never tho wouldn't be the 1st game I see go 6 min with no score
6:53pm SickMetaGame: unders are my demise
6:53pm SickMetaGame: gave up on it though lol
6:52pm BigThangz: oh u need to start preying
6:48pm BigThangz: u got 165
6:48pm BigThangz: whats your mark
6:47pm SickMetaGame: under that is looking sad
6:42pm BigThangz: what u on
6:34pm SickMetaGame: wouldn't be the first
6:34pm SickMetaGame: under might be my demise
6:32pm SickMetaGame: I sense the shit
6:32pm SickMetaGame: told ya virgin island choke though
6:31pm SickMetaGame: -26 would be looking good right now lol
6:17pm SickMetaGame: and game finishes 175 pts
6:17pm SickMetaGame: canada sips canadian dry going into 4th
6:17pm SickMetaGame: virgin island choke,
6:17pm SickMetaGame: no stress
6:17pm BigThangz: I dotn think ill touch it ive seen Canada roll some up high quaters
6:17pm SickMetaGame: under it is
6:16pm SickMetaGame: or under 166
6:15pm SickMetaGame: -26 doesn't look bad
6:15pm SickMetaGame: I am thinking virgin island chokes incoming
6:13pm SickMetaGame: Chill tunes
6:13pm SickMetaGame: DeepMixNation Radio live
6:13pm BigThangz: with barley anytimje so I imagine they will toss up a 3 to fk me
6:12pm SickMetaGame: yea there was violation