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1:01pm TuxedoMaskPoker: nope best withdrawals of any site ihave been on
12:48pm capone1340: any problem with withdrawl here
11:24am StareYouDown: good luck.
11:24am StareYouDown: Good morning everyone...$22 7k early morning , needs 1 more to run in 4 minutes, appreciate it. ty
11:10am Underworld: how you mine eth
10:53am sivait: I have officially mined 0.2 ethereum
10:23am xxlx2014: :)
10:07am xxlx2014: u play in slots ?
10:06am xxlx2014: cong ipath :)
9:57am ipath: ty for free spinz
9:30am xxlx2014: :P
9:27am JennaROX: :)
9:26am xxlx2014: hello giff me 443 chips ? :D
9:26am xxlx2014: sex aidan
9:25am Betcoin Aidan: sex
9:15am xxlx2014: hola jena
7:59am JennaROX: good luck
7:59am JennaROX: :)
7:59am JennaROX: 7.5 hours later
7:59am JennaROX: My deposit just confirmed
7:59am JennaROX: Check your wallets
7:52am XBTCOLLECTOR: Whats wrong with rb payments again...? They seemed to work for few months but now the same problems are back as before
7:31am TheKagel: been waiting 8 hours today for deposit .....its mia i figure ill play tommorow
6:54am BigThangz: NEWS YOU CAN the show Big Bang Theory Leonards glasses don't have lenses
6:51am BigThangz: how was vegas did u goto thunder from down under
6:49am BigThangz: I wil gladly give u chips at a highly inflated rate
6:46am JennaROX: Waiting over 5 hours for my deposit
6:45am JennaROX: This is ridiculous
6:45am JennaROX: Damn it Thangz give me some of that money!!!
6:42am BigThangz: if u have 4k in btcs ill buy them for 2100 if use escrow
6:25am NDashed117: the 4k 8max is always the bane of my existence
5:05am myturn: rigged cheating bull shit
4:56am NDashed117: i'd recommend using local bitcoins. can set what price and method you want people to buy at
4:53am The Deed: i have 4k in bit coin to sell for 2100.00 usd
4:42am NDashed117: just click the omaha tab next to the holdem tab
4:38am ArsenalOhio: is there no ring Omaha?
3:31am blingbling911: Already
3:28am SuperdaveUp1: have fun
3:28am SuperdaveUp1: make ya some$ 4 real
3:24am michigan1: grindabuck has more options then anywhere to earn free bitcoin
3:23am michigan1: theres not even offerwalls on that weak ass site
3:21am michigan1: good try though
3:21am michigan1: period
3:21am michigan1: your insane man that site is eak asf
3:19am dabsofslabs: same stuff better payout faster payout ???
3:18am michigan1: no way grindabuck blows that out that shit is weak asf
3:16am dabsofslabs: yea hee you dont need to make $10 bucks and have the option of doing nothing and earning so GaB is ok this is 10x better
3:11am michigan1: allready gave my link many times
2:53am michigan1: the link i sent is my refferal link my name on there is zizzle
2:53am HugoStiglitz: zizzle ffs
2:51am Saad2: give me ur username
2:50am Saad2: ur reff
2:49am Saad2: ok michigan
2:48am Saad2: loan me just 50 cent please
2:48am Saad2: please man
2:48am Saad2: ND
2:48am NDashed117: i see no $66 6k GTD tonight. wonder if wpn took it down until they fixed the guarantee issue
2:44am Saad2: for just 5 mins please
2:44am Saad2: Loan me 50 cent
2:44am Saad2: KAQPAQ
2:40am KAQPAQ: 409 spins later
2:38am KAQPAQ: Lol spin to get in lol
2:38am Saad2: give me it agian
2:37am michigan1: go to the link i gave sigh up and do offers you can make bitcoin
2:35am dlewis0424: i need to make bitcoin :)
2:30am michigan1: theres offers for 1 cent to 20 dollars
2:30am michigan1: theres offers for way more then that just go to all the offer walls andd offers
2:27am Pistola: whats the best way to earn? watching 5min videos gets u 1/3 of a cent lol
2:20am michigan1: I make bitcoin every month for buyins at this site ive made 70 dollars worth this month for buyins this month
2:18am dlewis0424: how u make michigan1?
2:17am michigan1: i gave sadd a way he can make bitcoin and he dont wanna he would rather get it for free and beg so no1 give him anythng
2:14am dlewis0424: Saad dont even fucking ask
2:08am Saad2: NDashed117
2:04am NDashed117: just had a damn heartbreak of a hand in the mm 20k. but had to make up for all that luck in the 15k by running bad somewhere
2:03am NDashed117: yeah i saw him. then they moved him. then i busted an reentered on his new table again
2:00am JennaROX: I told him HEY NDASH is on your table
2:00am JennaROX: Yes Dash he is
1:58am plo8monster: last chance for LLB
1:57am HugoStiglitz: check skype jenna
1:56am BigThangz: china charging fees, blockchain laggin , RIP btc
1:56am HugoStiglitz: i didnt??
1:54am NDashed117: he streaming?
1:53am JennaROX: Boozey has that shit stuck in my head
1:52am JennaROX: all I know is yayo
1:52am JennaROX: :p
1:52am JennaROX: then I would have 2 whole chips left to play with
1:51am NDashed117: bitcoin: the currency of the future. instant transactions!
1:51am JennaROX: Hugo if you knew it was backed up why didn't you tell me that when I said I was gonna deposit? I could have raised the fee over a dollar and had it already :(
1:50am JennaROX: Over an hour and a half and still no deposit
1:47am NDashed117: better lucky than good boys
1:36am dlewis0424: send chips here <3
1:36am dlewis0424: micro monday boys!
1:21am pinkflamingo: hi
1:16am NDashed117: no prob man. gl
1:13am TuxedoMaskPoker: ndash got u later tonight ty and ill send extra
1:11am NDashed117: no need to pay back the 50. 40 is fine
1:11am NDashed117: sent tux
1:08am TuxedoMaskPoker: heeeelp blockchain too far behind borrow 40 payback 50
1:05am dlewis0424: omfg if saad does not fucking asking for .50 im ganna hunt him down and beat his poor bumm azz'
12:56am NDashed117: i do not
12:52am blingbling911: Fuck grindabit
12:46am TuxedoMaskPoker: ndash u got a skype
12:45am NDashed117: i'm thinking helvetica 24pt
12:44am NDashed117: you could write them a strongly worded letter
12:41am michigan1: Iam a grindait member as well and other there affiliate i understand your frustration but what can ya d
12:38am EyeWonBTC: Betcoin told me that Grindabit still comes into chat on occasion. When I saw Grindabit online a month or so ago, I told them what fucking scumbags they are. However, Betcoin is acting scummy as well by still paying them knowing how they screwed over every player and stopped paying. Betcoin should have immediately allowed all players that had Grindabit as an affiliate to transfer to a new account with a new affiliate and stop paying Grindabit a single dime. Grindabit can no longer bring any new players to Betcoin because they don't even exist anymore except in name and to collect rake from me and everyone else they lied to and fucked.
12:32am EyeWonBTC: AND when I asked them very politely about 6 months ago for them to release me they said no and that they had the fucking balls to tell me to create a new account and lose all my VIP status.
12:29am EyeWonBTC: grindabuck is run by the fucking scumbags Grindabit that many here had as an affiliate. They paid everyone part of the rakeback in a rake race. They stopped paying everyone about a year ago BUT Betcoin still pays them a % of all players rake here that used them as an affiliate. FUCK THEM!
12:26am specialcase: plo8
12:25am ipath: who the hell asks for 50 cent loans other than 50 cent
12:24am michigan1: saad that site i gave you . you can do offes and surveys and earn way more then 50 cents dont beg go earn your on
12:23am Saad2: for just 2 housr
12:23am Saad2: please
12:23am Saad2: 0.50$ cent
12:22am Saad2: can u loan me
12:22am Saad2: ipath
12:21am ipath: im at 2 hours + now
12:21am ipath: no dc for me tonight i=or anything else i guess
12:21am ipath: :(
12:20am NDashed117: Can't even choose my bet size
12:19am NDashed117: Fuck it stopped working again. Rough trying to five table by alt tabbing and using function keys
12:18am HugoStiglitz: this*
12:18am HugoStiglitz: the morning it was at 15k txns and took over 5 hours
12:16am ipath: carefull making a deposit right now guys, blockchain is backed up almost 50k transactions
12:10am Saad2: hugo
12:09am HugoStiglitz: mine used to stop working when they made impact with the wall, back when i used them
12:06am NDashed117: fuckin eh. 2 minutes into the grind today my mouse stopped working
12:04am michigan1: Saad2 im gonna give you some great info..You can make more then 50 cents in bitcoin on your own from here they start you off with 1 dollar just to join. your welcome
12:02am Saad2: please anyone loan me 50 cent please guys for 2 housr please <33
12:02am Saad2: ipath
12:02am Saad2: TuxedoMask
11:56pm ipath: pretty bumbed out
11:55pm ipath: already been waiting 1 hour 30 mins
11:55pm ipath: yea im gonna miss everything tonight
11:51pm TuxedoMaskPoker: wtf 45k unconfirmed transactions
11:40pm ipath: this is mtt entry hour :(
11:40pm ipath: im missing the $44 already missed the $66 gonna miss the $22 etc etc
11:39pm dlewis0424: be patient you feen
11:37pm ipath: oh how imes have changed
11:37pm ipath: my withdraw took 2 minutes before it was in my block last night, and todays deposit is taking over an hour lol
11:37pm jramy: into the step 3 i go
11:37pm jramy: kek
11:36pm ipath: still waiting on deposit
11:36pm dlewis0424: im 3 left in plo daily coin freeroll
11:36pm ipath: plo8 ill be in llb tonigh
11:36pm specialcase: cool - thank you!
11:36pm plo8monster: ok ill send shortly .... didnt see it was over ...
11:35pm specialcase: I finished odd man out in step 2
11:35pm plo8monster: retweets appreciated guys
11:35pm plo8monster: I am usually here yes
11:29pm ipath: blockchain is not being cool right now.
11:29pm ipath: 61 minutes on oe confirmation and still not there yet
11:15pm dlewis0424: i just busted him from the 6'z freeroll so hes prob off tilting his balls off
11:14pm MuckingAces21: gl
11:14pm specialcase: is plo8 here?
11:14pm ipath: 40 mins so far on confirmation.. anyone else strugling with block times?
11:14pm dlewis0424: 4/17
11:13pm dlewis0424: 4/10
11:12pm MuckingAces21: lost a 22$ buyin ealier AQ
11:12pm dlewis0424: he keeps begging from everyone
11:11pm MuckingAces21: sadd whats wrong
11:11pm dlewis0424: saad2 go away u were giveing a chip yesterday u bum
11:11pm Saad2: dlewis i will never come back i swaer :\
11:11pm specialcase: I was odd man out step 2
11:11pm dlewis0424: i dont tilt i dont care
11:10pm dlewis0424: excaty
11:10pm dlewis0424: eh whatever he hit trips on river with a random ass hand
11:10pm MuckingAces21: cant be mad at the fact they put their money in behgind
11:10pm MuckingAces21: donnks will be donks
11:10pm dlewis0424: double suited
11:09pm dlewis0424: AA1010
11:09pm dlewis0424: was in 1st lost a huge pot with aces
11:09pm Saad2: i swaer by the god
11:09pm Saad2: just 50 cent i swaer will never come back
11:09pm Saad2: please
11:09pm dlewis0424: 9/24 in 6z's
11:09pm dlewis0424: im 3/11 daily coin freeroll
11:09pm MuckingAces21: yea donkns sucking out hard last few days
11:08pm dlewis0424: i been getting really unlucky deep in mtt's
11:08pm dlewis0424: yeah it happens
11:08pm MuckingAces21: damn yea im down .130 or so in last few days all good tho
11:08pm dlewis0424: about to go to gym in a little bit
11:08pm dlewis0424: down 100 this week
11:08pm dlewis0424: and yes no chips in here
11:08pm MuckingAces21: what freerollz?
11:07pm dlewis0424: just like to get that vaule
11:07pm MuckingAces21: no chips?
11:07pm dlewis0424: umm in chip leads of 2 freerolls
11:07pm MuckingAces21: lol
11:07pm dlewis0424: lol
11:07pm dlewis0424: for real you ever try to pull a robbery you get that ass beat
11:07pm MuckingAces21: what u playing foo?
11:06pm MuckingAces21: :)
11:06pm dlewis0424: u like 12 baby face
11:06pm MuckingAces21: youre grounded
11:06pm dlewis0424: you look 12
11:05pm dlewis0424: aint no one scared of your skinny ass
11:05pm MuckingAces21: im yo daddy
11:05pm dlewis0424: i got the uzzi
11:05pm dlewis0424: bish who u think i am am
11:05pm MuckingAces21: put da loot in the bag
11:05pm MuckingAces21: this a robbery bish
11:05pm MuckingAces21: u relax
11:05pm dlewis0424: u know i got the uzzi
11:05pm HugoStiglitz: lol
11:05pm dlewis0424: relax b
11:04pm dlewis0424: u better chill out'
11:04pm MuckingAces21: put the money in the bag and nobody gets hurt
11:04pm dlewis0424: nawhhhh b
11:04pm dlewis0424: f me?
11:03pm dlewis0424: hey there bro ease up
11:03pm MuckingAces21: who invited u
11:03pm MuckingAces21: lol
11:03pm MuckingAces21: fuuu
11:00pm dlewis0424: yo bro
11:00pm MuckingAces21: sup
10:59pm Pistola: lol like i said idc
10:59pm dlewis0424: sureeeee <><
10:59pm Pistola: its been 2 days here
10:58pm Pistola: not a scammer. its np tho i dont expect it lol
10:57pm dlewis0424: <><
10:57pm dlewis0424: like hey someoe please send me 10 btc just waiting for aprovale ill send make 15btc
10:56pm dlewis0424: all kinds of scammers in the chat
10:56pm dlewis0424: only takes 10 min waity
10:56pm dlewis0424: no
10:55pm Saad2: no one give me chip ??
10:55pm ungod: no
10:51pm Pistola: Hey any chance someone could spot me 5 chips? ill pay back 8. I'm just waiting to get confirm amounts from coinbase
10:51pm michigan1: saad you were tld not to come back here yesterday when you were givin a chip be gone
10:49pm Saad2: delwis plo ungod
can u loan me 1 chip i swaer will give u back
10:29pm dlewis0424: seriously kid ask's 24/7
10:29pm dlewis0424: poor bum he is
10:28pm ungod: ^^
10:28pm dlewis0424: no one give sadd chips he asks everyday all day
9:53pm plo8monster: only 3 players in step 2
9:52pm plo8monster: DID STEP1 WINNERS GET THE STEP2 TICKETS ??
9:49pm Saad2: thank u DoubleT <3
9:45pm plo8monster: last longER SIDE POTS FOR dAILYcOIN OPEN NOW
9:38pm DoubleT: Stupid tumblr. Accidentally put on delay 24 hours.
9:37pm DoubleT: Also I will hit a bong and promise to maybe lose some of that loan at ring games lol (free EV or somethin). I can celebrate.
9:33pm p0kerpr0digy: who will give me 10k loan
9:32pm DoubleT: Saad I'm empty. If I get that .1 loan I will send You that chip fo' shizzle'
9:30pm ungod: try standing on the street with a sign
9:29pm Saad2: please just 50 cent :\
9:27pm ungod: get job
9:27pm Saad2: Loan me please brother <3
9:24pm ungod: ill loan you deez nuts
9:24pm Saad2: DoubleT Loan me 1 Chip for 3 hours please man <3
9:15pm DoubleT: no manners or what lo Hi IFeltYou
9:15pm Saad2: what
9:12pm IFeltYou: guys wht the fucks up with this site
9:12pm Saad2: anyone loan 1 chip for 3 hours
9:11pm DoubleT: Anyone loan 100 chips for 24 hours?
9:08pm IFeltYou: okay whats up with ts sit i just referred someone and its not even showing up under my affiliates
8:55pm dlewis0424: and was told never to come back here
8:55pm dlewis0424: saad2 got .50 yesterday
8:55pm BigThangz: wpn served shithista the bait and he took hook line and sinker lol
8:49pm Saad2: can u please loan me 50 cent for just 5 mins and i swaer will give it u back
8:48pm Saad2: blingbling
8:42pm blingbling911: we can
8:42pm blingbling911: Yes
8:40pm Saad2: K2sca7742 can i tell u something brother
8:40pm k2sca7742: ????????
8:36pm k2sca7742: hi shill
8:35pm k2sca7742: are block chain confirmations slow today?
8:35pm Saad2: BigThangz
7:42pm BigThangz: see ^^^^^
7:39pm sivait: SHUT UP NIGGER
7:26pm BigThangz: make America great again= makin it cool to be racist again
7:22pm Saad2: can i tell u something
7:22pm Saad2: bling
7:08pm blingbling911: you know Michigan he's going to make your life much worse right
7:08pm blingbling911: Does the bubble ticket pay
7:07pm allinforChrist: Ill keep checking back here daily for that. I want to delete my account already! Anyways I have tried adding you on skype but didn't get accepted so ill just keep checking back here publicly. No inbox . . .
7:06pm allinforChrist: SMG!
7:04pm michigan1: god bless our great president donald trump
7:04pm ungod: he sees you when you scammin
7:03pm blingbling911: I need the Donald
7:03pm michigan1: never have scammed so god bless u for your sin lies
7:02pm ungod: where was god when you were scammin michigan
7:01pm HugoStiglitz: maybe counterstrike or somethin
7:01pm HugoStiglitz: if there is a god, i hope hes got better things to be doing besides reading betcoin chat
7:00pm ungod: praise allah
6:59pm michigan1: May he forgive you for that when your calling comes god please bless ungod and his misery he lives in and love him
6:58pm ungod: god is gay bichigan
6:58pm ungod: weak
6:57pm michigan1: i think you all need god in your life. GOD bless you all i wish you a good day
6:55pm ungod: i really think that would fix all your problems bichigan
6:54pm blingbling911: Lmao
6:54pm blingbling911: Kill yourselves
6:52pm ungod: maybe you should kill yourself
6:52pm michigan1: its seems like my account is being tracked as a bronze 1 member instead of gold 2 ..Maybe system is messed up
6:47pm HugoStiglitz: ill save the death wishes for next time u suck me out tho
6:46pm HugoStiglitz: well, i meant rb seems fucked...
6:46pm HugoStiglitz: ^^
6:46pm ungod: kill yourself michigan
6:46pm michigan1: RB def not working right ..i been playing .10 /.25 plo last few days and only get .02 of a chip rb hmmm seems a lil off
6:38pm Shahista: 3 seats open 9 handed
6:38pm Shahista: PLO
6:38pm Shahista: nice game table Sophia
6:31pm michigan1: rip mich
6:20pm TuxedoMaskPoker: rip tux
6:16pm dlewis0424: .01 chips is like a penny dude
6:14pm dlewis0424: morning boys
5:41pm philiplowe83: so .01 chips would be .00001 btc?
4:59pm Saad2: BlingBling how r u
4:58pm Saad2: MuckingAces
4:53pm blingbling911: 1000 bitcoins son
4:17pm MuckingAces21: or 1k
4:17pm MuckingAces21: then u got like 100 btcs
4:15pm ungod: $3.50
4:14pm gamblingbad: if u have 1000000 chip what u got then?
4:09pm blingbling911: Hi jenna
3:25pm JennaROX: Good luck
3:25pm JennaROX: or 1000 = 1 btc
3:25pm JennaROX: so if you have 100 chips you have .1 btc
3:25pm JennaROX: Each chip = .001 BTC
3:24pm JennaROX: Philip that is mbtc that you are betting
3:16pm ungod: not shit
3:15pm MuckingAces21: what up ungod
3:07pm ungod: shekels
3:04pm philiplowe83: Hey for the provably fair on dice am i betting bitcoin or cash on there?
2:58pm MuckingAces21: hi
2:57pm nsinalis11: hi
2:40pm blingbling911: Rip all
2:17pm MuckingAces21: gofish
2:16pm zzzzzz: just hugo is faster :P
2:16pm zzzzzz: im always here
2:16pm MuckingAces21: fuuuuu
1:04pm HugoStiglitz: i know, gives me a warm and fuzzy feelin
1:04pm ungod: well arent you helpful
1:04pm HugoStiglitz: np, if it said your wd is pending when u typed your password then youre fine, no worries
1:03pm philliesfan: ok tks for the help
1:03pm HugoStiglitz: if theres nobody in chat now there will be soon
1:02pm philliesfan: where are the mods or chat today
1:01pm philliesfan: I had no prob withdrawing last week and this ones less
1:01pm HugoStiglitz: it said pending? then u should be all set
1:00pm philliesfan: i did it sent me to the authenticate page when i try to put my password in that came up
12:59pm HugoStiglitz: make sure u confirm, click the link that was sent to your email
12:59pm philliesfan: now status
12:58pm philliesfan: no it says withdraw must be pending
12:54pm philliesfan: okay
12:54pm HugoStiglitz: NDashed117: that happens when i click the confirm on my phone, phillies, since i wasn't already logged into betcoin on my phone's browser. so whatever browser you're checking email from, log into betcoin first then click the link
12:53pm blingbling911: Rip
12:52pm philliesfan: on the phone it now says no token provided
12:47pm HugoStiglitz: sleep good ND
12:46pm NDashed117: anyways, getting tired reviewing hands. time to pass out. catch you all tomorrow for the grind
12:46pm NDashed117: that wasn't really the moral but sure that'll probably work too
12:45pm philliesfan: tks I'll try it with my phone
12:42pm NDashed117: get it every single time i confirm withd from my phone
12:41pm HugoStiglitz: thanks for picking up the slack nd, i never got a no token message before
12:41pm NDashed117: yeah hugo, it'll say force you to log in to follow link, then after you log in, it will forget about link and be like "yo wtf you doin here there's no token" and you have to re follow the confirmation link
12:40pm NDashed117: that happens when i click the confirm on my phone, phillies, since i wasn't already logged into betcoin on my phone's browser. so whatever browser you're checking email from, log into betcoin first then click the link
12:39pm HugoStiglitz: no token?
12:39pm NDashed117: i have, skippy
12:37pm philliesfan: what does it mean when it says no token when trying to withdraw
12:36pm HugoStiglitz: what
12:36pm HugoStiglitz: what
12:36pm philliesfan: hugo
12:35pm philliesfan: hugo
12:35pm Skippybp: Anyone getting status points or rakeback last 2 days
10:15am HugoStiglitz: ah ok, ty
10:15am NDashed117: but yes 1 conf is = 1 block being mined generally if the txn was sent before the mining. however, when the chain is backed up sometimes your txn is not including in the next block so it can take multiple ones. normally then you'll see "High Priority Within 6 Blocks" on your txid
10:14am HugoStiglitz: glen if ^ that link shows more than 10,000 txns, expect the blockchain to be backed up
10:14am NDashed117: i am confused on what you are asking
10:13am glen0: i guess i have wait till thay reply
10:13am HugoStiglitz: how about this....1 block mined = 1 confirmation if the txn was sent before that block was mined? am i close?
10:12am HugoStiglitz: nevermind ND im an idiot lol
10:12am NDashed117: i thought you were looking for just when the last block was mined, hugo
10:11am HugoStiglitz: there should be someone in chat soon if they arent there now
10:10am glen0: ok but the chat with us dont reply lol
10:10am HugoStiglitz: which part of the page ND, maybe im blind but i dont see it
10:09am HugoStiglitz: could be a while
10:09am HugoStiglitz: right now the blockchain is backed up glen
10:08am glen0: i Withdrawal some BTC and it dont show on blockchain it just 5 or 10 mint how long it time to come?
10:07am HugoStiglitz: ty
10:06am NDashed117: it says right on there how many minutes since last block
10:06am NDashed117: yeah
10:06am NDashed117: meanwhile, i played a lower stakes hu match here and got shrekt tonight. was coolered a couple times there but definitely got outplayed. will have to figure out that one lol
10:05am HugoStiglitz: right on the front page?
10:05am NDashed117: i always just check at
10:05am NDashed117: eh we'll see. been playing higher stakes than before so these guys will punish me for my shit.
10:05am HugoStiglitz: cuccesful, i typed earlier lol
10:04am HugoStiglitz: ...the hell is wrong with me, been doing that for weeks
10:04am HugoStiglitz: grount, right
10:04am HugoStiglitz: ND where do u find out when the last block was mined? thing everything has grount to a halt
10:00am HugoStiglitz: vpip*
10:00am HugoStiglitz: well if u play well postflop that definitely can negate the pain that a high svip might cause
9:56am HugoStiglitz: wheres it sittin, roughly?
9:55am NDashed117: eh probably not. i'm a fish at heart man. got a lot of leaks in the game still and many of them include too high of a vpip number
9:55am HugoStiglitz: oh u alreadt vacated? fml lol
9:54am NDashed117: i was worried tho. thought about just calling it a day and dropping down in stakes
9:54am jamyr: brb
9:54am NDashed117: was a 9 hour session but came out way up
9:54am HugoStiglitz: if u find a road that leads out, lmk
9:54am NDashed117: swings are due to happen. hell lost 10 buy ins over 4 hours at 6-max the other day on ignition
9:53am HugoStiglitz: welcome to amateurville :D
9:51am NDashed117: had my biggest losing hu session in a while. it's good to be back
9:32am HugoStiglitz: havng any luck?
9:26am jamyr: I'm located here in the PH, internet sucks here
9:19am HugoStiglitz: well, damn i hope things get a little brighter for you. what isp wont let u play here?
9:16am jamyr: ive been better. just checking if my isp can now support playing here
9:16am HugoStiglitz: hangin in there, how about yourself?
9:14am jamyr: how are you
9:11am HugoStiglitz: yello
9:06am jamyr: hello
8:39am Veruz: 11th big cash in the last 3 days tho. Been a hell of a run.
8:38am Veruz: 2nd :( got called down on a river bluff with pocket 5s. Still like my play. Thanks to tux and felt and Hugo for sweating. Big big day saver for me. Ran horribly all day.
8:38am HugoStiglitz: gg veruz
8:32am HugoStiglitz: its pathetic
8:31am NDashed117: amateur
8:30am HugoStiglitz: this coming from the guy who ... well lets just say, hasnt been doing much winning lately :D
8:29am HugoStiglitz: u are sposed to win, get your shit together
8:28am JennaROX: a few bucks
8:28am JennaROX: lost a lot and then even out at a loss of $200 give/take
8:28am JennaROX: lost
8:28am JennaROX: won
8:28am JennaROX: lost
8:28am JennaROX: won
8:28am JennaROX: lost my ass
8:27am HugoStiglitz: yep. so howd u do in vegas?
8:27am JennaROX: Compuserve
8:27am HugoStiglitz: theres another name that rings a bell
8:26am JennaROX: Compuserve was the first one to go down
8:25am JennaROX: and we had over 200k visitors a day
8:25am HugoStiglitz: in the mail those disks came,... iirc they were even in magazines
8:25am JennaROX: All of YnotAdultNetwork was built on Netscape
8:25am JennaROX: for building websites too
8:25am HugoStiglitz: hm
8:24am JennaROX: both
8:24am HugoStiglitz: that was a browser i think actually
8:24am JennaROX: I used Navigator and Communicator
8:24am TuxedoMaskPoker: who remmeber the free month of aol disk and cd that camme in the mail lol
8:24am HugoStiglitz: how about netscape?
8:24am HugoStiglitz: ...really, jenna?? u got less than 4 years on me
8:23am TuxedoMaskPoker: juno
8:23am JennaROX: Prodigy
8:23am JennaROX: Earthlink
8:23am JennaROX: AOL :)
8:23am TuxedoMaskPoker: lol i remember 28k aol days
8:23am JennaROX: Hugo are you old enough to remember not having internet?
8:22am HugoStiglitz: also very handy. i was about to wonder if itd be epoxied or epoxyd... but i dont think its sposed to work as a verb anyhow. it does for this guy tho
8:21am JennaROX: I don't know how we survived without google
8:21am JennaROX: I was afraid to ask my project manager what it was and where I was supposed to get it?
8:20am HugoStiglitz: its handy stuff
8:20am JennaROX: I didn't know that word a few years ago
8:20am JennaROX: lol
8:19am JennaROX: Epoxy ~
8:18am HugoStiglitz: then prolly epoxied over it lol
8:16am HugoStiglitz: u just pressed my doom button didnt u
8:12am HugoStiglitz: :D
8:11am HugoStiglitz: right
8:11am JennaROX: kidding guys! :) I hope you win em all
8:11am HugoStiglitz: kinda useless
8:11am JennaROX: lmao
8:11am JennaROX: :)
8:11am JennaROX: so you can donk the Daily
8:11am JennaROX: hopefully you each win a step 3
8:11am JennaROX: I meant you each could win 1 step
8:10am HugoStiglitz: and an actual win... cashes are not wins
8:10am JennaROX: Oh no, I didn't mean cash win!
8:10am TuxedoMaskPoker: mkke sure the 1 win is in a big game jenna lol
8:09am HugoStiglitz: come onnn....
8:09am HugoStiglitz: dammit
8:07am JennaROX: ;)
8:07am JennaROX: Then back to losing
8:07am JennaROX: I will allow 1 win a piece for the next two days
8:06am TuxedoMaskPoker: im doing decent up and down
7:52am HugoStiglitz: i still cant survive longer than a half hour in the daily lately, but i think/hope the wpn doom is letting up a bit
7:52am HugoStiglitz: g'mornin tux :) things are slowly startng to come around i think... lest i speak to soon, how about yourself over there?
7:50am TuxedoMaskPoker: gm hugo how are u brother
7:48am NDashed117: gotta keep it going
7:48am NDashed117: 2017 been a big heater year so far
7:46am HugoStiglitz: ^^
7:46am TuxedoMaskPoker: agreed ndash ride that heaterand keep binking
7:45am Veruz: Fucking around on the FT of the 2500 GTD. 621 up top 2/5. If anyone wants to come sweat
7:45am NDashed117: i see tomorrow is manic monday. no more micro monday. i like that. hopefully some big gtds to donk off into
7:43am NDashed117: i can't complain. had to run pure to get to that point. whole tourney is pushing small edges
7:42am TuxedoMaskPoker: still good no a river and if board does not pair
7:40am NDashed117: so sometimes you gotta lose the $500 flip
7:40am NDashed117: ty. not much room to play hu in that structure
7:40am TuxedoMaskPoker: gg ndash
7:36am TuxedoMaskPoker: gl lions 2 betcoiners on ft
7:36am TuxedoMaskPoker: gl ndash
7:31am allinforChrist: SMG! whats up keep checking back
7:03am NDashed117: just never noticed that tab before
7:03am NDashed117: i like playing hu cash but for a while the tables didn't run
7:01am HugoStiglitz: not me really, i fly off the handle too easily for cash games
7:01am HugoStiglitz: from what i hear if you check and transactions are at or above 10k unconfirmed, you should expect to wait longer than usual
7:00am NDashed117: yo anyone in here play a lot of cash? the info tab on my table says "Disconnect Policy: 2 All-Ins" which is both intriguing and somewhat frightening
6:59am NDashed117: no problem. sorry i didn't know more. catch you later, destri.
6:59am destri: thanks for the help ND, later