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7:12am xxlx2014: G night
7:12am xxlx2014: Love u
7:11am xxlx2014: Gn sick
6:21am SickMetaGame: good night
6:21am SickMetaGame: I feel therefore I am
6:09am SickMetaGame: hard
6:08am xxlx2014: Big
6:08am SickMetaGame: sex
6:08am SickMetaGame: need a shower
6:08am SickMetaGame: sex
5:41am xxlx2014: To 1chipa 5.4k posible won
5:40am xxlx2014: 2 4 . 4 2
5:40am xxlx2014: orect score
5:40am xxlx2014: Go for champions
5:40am xxlx2014: Back
3:36am xxlx2014: Brb
3:32am xxlx2014: Swc no is advaible here
3:31am xxlx2014: .ag
3:30am TommyW: better than ?
3:30am TommyW: they
3:30am TommyW: oh the moved
3:30am TommyW: Ya ya I know but I mean over all, any better times to see more action?
3:30am xxlx2014:
3:29am xxlx2014: Check in and view
3:29am TommyW: how is the poker action these days?
3:29am xxlx2014: But what flooding is the Russian no the asian
3:28am xxlx2014: 5 or 10, private servers ircd at 20k bots
3:27am xxlx2014: This person what flood attack 90% to bots pma
3:26am xxlx2014: 50k euros I pay for not going at jail 10 yr
3:25am xxlx2014: Because the police fuck me x3 time :)))
3:25am xxlx2014: But now I legal and I poor student
3:25am xxlx2014: Yes bro me to the last time I hacked spam flooder ... And I have ideea :))) I work to much friends in this sistem
3:23am xxlx2014: 30gb only
3:23am xxlx2014: I view have protection ddos but very low
3:23am Support Randy: All onliine sites get DDoS xxlx ... and it is getting more and more difficult to mitigate. It is not a single person doing is a team and they target gambling sites trying to get ransom money to stop the DDoS
3:22am xxlx2014: Because Betcoin, is 2 web but ip differ 50 class ip ultimate
3:21am xxlx2014: Or team sports :))
3:21am xxlx2014: Really now in the last 3.4 year what I here all time this problem ... Ddos or wpn in poker problem
3:19am xxlx2014: 1500$*
3:19am xxlx2014: Is 150$ at year
3:19am xxlx2014: And why no actives the ddos to server?
3:18am Support Randy: I think the Asian spammer is hard wired to my bladder,... he posts every time I take a bathroom break lol. now I just look before i go pee and delete him so I can pee in peace
3:18am xxlx2014: All pussy excited me :x
3:16am xxlx2014: But if login directly to no problem
3:16am dailydose1: wierd lol
3:16am xxlx2014: x , support etc
3:16am Support Randy: no one does DD lol ... it is part of the daily routine on almost all gambling sites nowadays
3:16am xxlx2014: but if no are logged
3:15am xxlx2014: Is ddos
3:15am Support Randy: Hello xxlx
3:15am dailydose1: i dont get it
3:15am dailydose1: whats the benefit of smenoe ddos you guys?
3:15am xxlx2014: Hello Mr randy
3:15am xxlx2014: Yea in the couple
3:14am Support Randy: Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaard sex .... buckle up for the ride!
3:14am xxlx2014: Sexing
3:14am xxlx2014: Heya
3:13am Support Randy: thanks ... we are mitigating DDoS you guys can tell when that is happening because when ya open a page or refresh the redirect screen says checking browser, that is a cloudflare message. and takes about 5 seconds to refresh
3:02am dailydose1: back now
3:02am dailydose1: time is off :/
3:02am dailydose1: no lines..
3:02am dailydose1: whats going on with golden state game
3:00am javybaez2020: not hit it yet
2:57am Support Randy: Sorry Javy, they were sidetracked looking into the reason the book goes down each night at approx same time. Your w.d is sent and will hit block chain any moment
2:53am Support Randy: Javy he is sending your w.d right nownow
2:53am Support Randy: our* ground
2:53am Support Randy: Yes thats true. Just know we protect the integrity of the site for good players like you guys to have a home and safe haven. The bad apples make it difficult but we feel it is worth it to stand out ground.
2:46am dailydose1: but they wont they will just bad mouth u on posts which is stupid
2:46am dailydose1: lol thats what i said in my post
2:45am Support Randy: It is the system Javy, not just yours
2:45am Support Randy: Dailydose as for your question: It is difficult for the site to give the exact details w./o giving up security measures in place. and we can not give out players details for player privacy concerns.
even if they don't deserve it IMHO, we will protect the accounts privacy. However, there are avenues for those players to take with mediators for gambling disputes, but that won't happen because we CAN release this type info to mediators and they will LOL when they see what we are up against. It is so far beyond blatant it is almost comical..
2:42am javybaez2020: I can restart it if that might help
2:42am javybaez2020: is the system not sending any or just mine?
2:40am Support Randy: The system will not send your automatically at the moment so I keep requesting it be manually processed asap, as you have urgent need for it
2:39am javybaez2020: hmm i see
2:38am Support Randy: I keep blasting it every 3 or 4 minutes till someone sees it and takes action
2:38am Support Randy: Damn I'm not sure what to say Javy / I have requests in for your w.d to be expedited asap
2:37am javybaez2020: guess i'm out of luck : (
2:33am javybaez2020: got that one
2:33am Support Randy: test
2:30am javybaez2020: Randy how we looking? I am debating canceling but I hate having to cut my bet into tiny amounts
2:28am dailydose1: lol must have been a bonus thing ro something
2:27am Support Randy: Im not allowed to say at this time while accounts are still being settled and closed.. but i iwll say this much is not possible without collusion and is SOOOOOO BLATANTLY obvious it is almost comical.
2:25am dailydose1: i dont get what they were diong to make money?
2:25am dailydose1: no worries, pathetic scammers...make money the legit way
2:24am Support Randy: BY the way, guys I want to personally thank you for your posts on btctalk thread / it is a damn shame to have bad apples try to cheat the site. takes up so much of our time that could be better spent. I just wanted to thank you publicly and personally ..thank you sincerely
2:20am javybaez2020: damn game has started up again :(
2:17am Support Randy: lol if I send twice I will need a new job :)
2:15am javybaez2020: if you send the payout twice i'll make sure to OD on some good cocaine
2:15am Support Randy: Also guys during all this we are mitigating DDoS please bear with us, I promise as soon as possible to get you taken care of
2:15am javybaez2020: okay awesome, sounds like a complex system
2:12am Support Randy: The API is stuck for your w.d so i am asking management to send it separately from the system by sending manually Javy, sorry for the delay, I'm sure they will manually send just as soon as they see my message
2:10am javybaez2020: okay thanks buddy
2:08am Support Randy: lol im on 5 platforms at once ...but I have messaged upper management regarding the daily downtime of sports book.. and have also messaged for quick release fo JavyBaez w.d
2:07am dailydose1: whats message in mean?
2:07am javybaez2020: oh eek hopefully it gets done
2:06am Support Randy: maybe not...i have a message in for yours
2:05am javybaez2020: sorry randy just to clarify do you think you can take care of it in the next few minutes?
2:04am dailydose1: what is your suspicion?
2:03am Support Randy: I have a suspicion as to the cause but upper management will have to take action if I am correct... it amy take some days , but if i am right it CAN be fixed
2:03am javybaez2020: thanks for sending payouts fast though despite the downtime
2:03am dailydose1: thanks for being honest and upfront
2:03am javybaez2020: cool thanks Randy, i got about 15 minutes on that payout so please don't forget about me :)
2:02am Support Randy: thanks, guys, we understand and will see if we can get ya some relief for this problem
2:02am dailydose1: randy have they found any reasoono why yet?
2:01am javybaez2020: i just am withdrawing my funds for now
2:01am dailydose1: oh ok haha
2:01am javybaez2020: i'm not leaving leaving lol i play here every day
2:01am Support Randy: tryiing to isolate the problem that is causing this, and speaking to the upper management team about this right now ...i feel you I do... we will look into this if anything can be done It WILL be done have my word
2:01am dailydose1: javy if u do leave cause of that they are supposoed to be increasing after beta
2:00am javybaez2020: and theres a small window if the warriors make a run 2nd half where I'll need to get my bet in so I just have to try another book
2:00am javybaez2020: and your limits are 100 or sometimes lower and sometimes it lets you duel bet but sometmes it doesn't
2:00am javybaez2020: no i just want to bet 350 mBTC or so on a single bet
2:00am dailydose1: now
2:00am dailydose1: ok nwo
2:00am dailydose1: book wasnt loading fr like 10 mins
1:59am Support Randy: Is this because of the book going down daily for a few minutes during this past 1 hour
1:59am javybaez2020: yes sure
1:59am Support Randy: Yes, actually I'm trying to get help on yours as we speak ..let me ask you sometrhing please?
1:57am javybaez2020: wanted to do a big bet somewhere for 2nd half rockets game
1:57am javybaez2020: hi Randy, not a huge huge rush but can you do my payout in a little bit?
1:57am Support Randy: what is going on?
1:57am Support Randy: hi guys
1:57am javybaez2020: Randy?
1:57am javybaez2020: @betcoin?
1:41am javybaez2020: i can't load cashier
1:41am dailydose1: i cant load the book :/
1:41am javybaez2020: can't load cashier
1:38am dailydose1: @betcoin
1:37am dailydose1: book down?
11:56pm Shahista: hard one to predict but id go with it :)
11:42pm dailydose1: gsw tonigh?
11:16pm Shahista: like if i play two of them itll count as 0.01 raked?
11:16pm Shahista: since its less than 0.01 chip
11:16pm Shahista: do u know if the 0.05$ rake in the 0.55$ demand adds up to count for the raked chips?
11:15pm Shahista: i just depoed 3.04 chips to qualify for the 25mbtc freeroll :)
11:07pm Shahista: hey BT
10:04pm gingerbeer100: Think my team made the finals Capitals . I don't have the foggiest about hockey it's a cool sport to watch though brutal
10:03pm gingerbeer100: hey just checking my nhl picks haha
8:33pm dailydose1: win?
8:30pm BigThangz: woot anwil
8:17pm BigThangz: hopein anwill wakes up
8:04pm dailydose1: lol maybe with minus points
7:53pm BigThangz: guess I wont be getting any more anwil lol
7:45pm dailydose1: im jelly
7:43pm dailydose1: lol
7:43pm BigThangz: I got -105 so dar
7:42pm BigThangz: dam I'm gonna get some anwil soon
7:42pm dailydose1: of course lol
7:42pm dailydose1: yea until tomorrow
7:41pm BigThangz: oh its delay
7:37pm dailydose1: no thiem
7:36pm BigThangz: on budcont?
7:26pm dailydose1: i bet on theim and of course its delayed :p
6:31pm BigThangz: let gooooo KK buducont +1.5
5:57pm BigThangz: i take it she blew it
5:56pm dailydose1: im done for the afternoon, good luck guys
5:56pm dailydose1: she a fucking piece fo shit
5:55pm BigThangz: tone vay will dump just to prove himself correct
5:55pm BigThangz: btc getting i blame doug polk for betting tony vay btc wont go under 6k
5:53pm BigThangz: hope she holds
5:53pm BigThangz: pliskova on the ropes
5:53pm BigThangz: lol
5:53pm BigThangz: i keep sending chips to my wallet but the usd amount says the same
5:52pm dailydose1: llo
5:50pm Shahista: by 9 gz :)
5:48pm BigThangz: woot double winna
5:41pm BigThangz: lets cevedita +10.5 +13.5
5:37pm BigThangz: dam wskhier hits 3 wit 1 sec just to lose to next shot
5:37pm Shahista: oh 9 hours difference not 6 ok ok so it will be soon i guess
5:36pm BigThangz: 1036am
5:32pm Shahista: 1.32PM?
5:32pm Shahista: what time is it there now BT?
5:28pm dailydose1: what a turd
5:28pm dailydose1: cant win noe
5:28pm dailydose1: 3 break points
5:24pm dailydose1: better stp betting
5:24pm dailydose1: im so tilted
5:24pm dailydose1: unreal pliskova
5:24pm Shahista: time is money lol
5:23pm Shahista: idk :P they used to take up to 2.4 :P
5:23pm BigThangz: but don't they normaly take 24 hrs
5:22pm BigThangz: i haven no clue about poker
5:21pm Shahista: im still waiting on poker wd out of pending since yesterday xD
5:20pm Shahista: hey BT :P
5:20pm BigThangz: eskihshier or something lpl
5:19pm BigThangz: I'm on esker basket
5:16pm dailydose1: plisk gnna lsoe too
5:16pm dailydose1: im getting wrecked
5:16pm dailydose1: yea :/
5:16pm BigThangz: oh no on wawrinka
5:14pm xxlx2014: 💤
5:14pm xxlx2014: Sleep time
5:14pm xxlx2014: So sex
5:12pm dailydose1: plisk and wawrinka being fuktards
5:08pm SickMetaGame: many men, many, many, many men
5:06pm dailydose1: plisk coming back
5:02pm dailydose1: lol
5:02pm SickMetaGame: WASSSSSSuuuup
5:00pm SickMetaGame: wassup
5:00pm SickMetaGame: so
4:57pm BigThangz: dang
4:53pm dailydose1: pliskova screwing me hard
4:45pm dailydose1: lol
4:44pm BigThangz: hopefully +10.5 soon
4:44pm BigThangz: ceveda is plumping up nicely
4:44pm BigThangz: nice
4:41pm dailydose1: i gt her -130
4:41pm dailydose1: yea
4:40pm BigThangz: tennis
4:40pm BigThangz: plenty of time left
4:40pm dailydose1: im big on pliskva right nw
4:39pm dailydose1: im like 3-5
4:39pm BigThangz: for clueless bets
4:39pm dailydose1: conograts
4:39pm dailydose1: nice man
4:39pm BigThangz: I'm 2-0 on the day
4:39pm BigThangz: oh well plenty of tiem left
4:39pm dailydose1: lol
4:39pm BigThangz: they were huge favs pregame
4:39pm BigThangz: wondering why i didn't take around -150 laol
4:39pm BigThangz: i was just lookin at that
4:37pm dailydose1: cedevita loking ripe
4:29pm BigThangz: lets gooooo Bertens +130
4:24pm SickMetaGame: need meaning
4:11pm xxlx2014: not sure
4:10pm xxlx2014: Probable
4:10pm xxlx2014: Crap= 7
4:10pm xxlx2014: 😅 ss
4:10pm dailydose1: what crap?
4:09pm BigThangz: dam internet guy back fkn with crap again
4:09pm xxlx2014: 👴👮
4:09pm xxlx2014: 💃
4:09pm dailydose1: lol
4:08pm xxlx2014: 👀
4:08pm xxlx2014: 😈
4:08pm xxlx2014: Give me 1chips
4:08pm xxlx2014: Big
4:08pm xxlx2014: Secs
4:04pm dailydose1: glad i didnt haha
4:02pm dailydose1: tempted to take sandgren
3:53pm dailydose1: 30 points
3:53pm dailydose1: lool
3:52pm BigThangz: i might take it
3:52pm BigThangz: if i can get like +30 oints
3:52pm dailydose1: i might take it
3:52pm dailydose1: zcode is close
3:52pm BigThangz: zcode has em losing by 6
3:52pm BigThangz: at home
3:52pm dailydose1: cibulkova game i got first set over 7.5
3:52pm BigThangz: there huge underdog
3:51pm BigThangz: the opava game might be interesting
3:51pm dailydose1: ivanshka looking good too
3:51pm BigThangz: nice hit
3:51pm dailydose1: winner winner
3:49pm dailydose1: lol i dont like it either, esp. for foreign ball
3:49pm BigThangz: unless beting for 1st half lol
3:49pm BigThangz: not fan of 1st half bets
3:49pm dailydose1: oh i know
3:48pm BigThangz: i will be awhile
3:48pm dailydose1: yea let me know if ur looking at anything
3:48pm BigThangz: ton of bball about to pop
3:47pm dailydose1: i got ivanshanka to win too
3:47pm dailydose1: he better
3:47pm dailydose1: me too
3:47pm BigThangz: hope he hold
3:46pm BigThangz: like those starts
3:46pm dailydose1: got set 2 sandgren over 10.5
3:46pm BigThangz: in before the 1st cup
3:46pm dailydose1: i havent been doing too hot on tennis today
3:46pm dailydose1: nice man congrats
3:46pm BigThangz: winner
3:41pm dailydose1: lol
3:40pm BigThangz: its early i just got my 1st cup of ciiffee
3:40pm dailydose1: lol u dont want a thrid
3:40pm BigThangz: i mean 2nd
3:40pm BigThangz: servin for match now leeeeeeeeets goooooooo
3:39pm dailydose1: lol
3:39pm BigThangz: but not since it was right when she brok the bitch to serve for tie 3-3 in 3rd
3:39pm BigThangz: got in a lil late +100
3:38pm dailydose1: nice
3:38pm BigThangz: sinikova match
3:38pm dailydose1: which game?
3:38pm BigThangz: I'm on under 27.5
3:38pm BigThangz: not yet
3:35pm dailydose1: u on any bball?
3:35pm dailydose1: bigz
3:31pm xxlx2014: I back in 15 minutes
3:30pm xxlx2014: Jonny is professional in sports here
3:30pm xxlx2014: Sick
3:30pm xxlx2014: Menolikeyou
3:30pm xxlx2014: Meno = billing
3:29pm xxlx2014: But I pay all time more the 25%
3:29pm xxlx2014: Told if lost pay double the register but if won pay 25%
3:29pm SickMetaGame: cyanide?
3:29pm menolikeyou: syicide
3:29pm menolikeyou: Hello
3:29pm xxlx2014: Big stake me more time in daily
3:29pm dailydose1: where u from
3:28pm dailydose1: lol
3:28pm xxlx2014: Buf how is 40 players I got to all in all in and lost
3:28pm xxlx2014: And all time in all tournaments I st1
3:27pm xxlx2014: But in poker I not pacient
3:27pm xxlx2014: And poker
3:27pm xxlx2014: Because here more play slots
3:27pm xxlx2014: ...
3:27pm dailydose1: u should have held
3:27pm xxlx2014: Or 250$
3:27pm dailydose1: still haha
3:26pm xxlx2014: Because in this time 1btc= 230$
3:26pm xxlx2014: Nope bro
3:26pm xxlx2014: And I donated here this night 1200
3:26pm dailydose1: lol then yoour not poor
3:26pm xxlx2014: I won in one night 30 btc
3:25pm xxlx2014: But futboll
3:25pm xxlx2014: I don't remember exactly
3:25pm xxlx2014: Is 1.6 yr
3:25pm dailydose1: what matches?
3:25pm xxlx2014: 3 match only
3:24pm xxlx2014: :)
3:24pm xxlx2014: To 3 chips 825 chips
3:24pm xxlx2014: But I won and here in Betcoin sports
3:24pm xxlx2014: For lost one or two match
3:23pm xxlx2014: Here n have this obtion
3:23pm dailydose1: ooh nice
3:23pm xxlx2014: If lost 3 match lost all in won 3 or all 4 won 200 450£€ depends
3:22pm xxlx2014: 2 the 4
3:22pm dailydose1: u turned 30 to 450?
3:22pm xxlx2014: 5 match futboll
3:22pm xxlx2014: I won sport as bet witch 30€ 450€
3:21pm xxlx2014: Not virtual
3:21pm dailydose1: nice
3:21pm dailydose1: lool
3:21pm xxlx2014: Live in life
3:21pm xxlx2014: In spain
3:20pm xxlx2014: Slots and ruleta
3:20pm dailydose1: what do u play in live?
3:19pm xxlx2014: And no is good
3:18pm xxlx2014: I lost in ultimate time much. € in casino live ....
3:17pm xxlx2014: Maximum for new laptop
3:17pm xxlx2014: Or 12
3:17pm xxlx2014: Need watting more 10 days
3:16pm xxlx2014: Laptop 💻 down
3:16pm dailydose1: lol
3:16pm xxlx2014: But for moment none
3:16pm xxlx2014: 😌
3:15pm xxlx2014: Is the bo€€
3:15pm dailydose1: lol what is tiki tiki
3:15pm xxlx2014: Pam pam
3:15pm SickMetaGame: all is fair in the game of tiki tiki
3:15pm xxlx2014: Imposible and imposible redeem this
3:14pm xxlx2014: :))
3:14pm SickMetaGame: I knew that was coming
3:14pm SickMetaGame: lmao
3:14pm xxlx2014: But bonus poker
3:14pm SickMetaGame: 100 me
3:14pm SickMetaGame: damn
3:14pm xxlx2014: I have 1031, chips
3:14pm SickMetaGame: I am bronze 3 status
3:14pm xxlx2014: U are the rich man the boss here
3:14pm SickMetaGame: None tiki, none.
3:13pm xxlx2014: What free bet sick?
3:13pm SickMetaGame: half a million would be even better
3:13pm dailydose1: lol
3:13pm xxlx2014: 10chips me other 10 for sick
3:13pm xxlx2014: U put at me and sick
3:13pm SickMetaGame: I'd want some sexy sports free bet
3:13pm dailydose1: i can assure u i am not
3:12pm xxlx2014: U are rich
3:12pm dailydose1: put some in and follow my bets haha
3:12pm xxlx2014: :(
3:12pm xxlx2014: I don't have chips I don't play
3:12pm xxlx2014: all have chips play
3:11pm dailydose1: after he loses this set
3:11pm dailydose1: bought too pop off on ivanshka
3:11pm xxlx2014: :))
3:10pm xxlx2014: All for huston
3:10pm xxlx2014: 😈
3:10pm dailydose1: a while before bets
3:10pm dailydose1: euro ball just started
3:10pm xxlx2014: U are sexy all time sick
3:10pm dailydose1: lol
3:03pm SickMetaGame: Okayish I guess
2:48pm xxlx2014: How are the guys?
2:48pm xxlx2014: Hello
2:47pm BigThangz: lets pop off some euro bball
2:39pm menolikeyou: go nikkas
2:39pm menolikeyou: Yes
2:30pm dailydose1: Poker isn't here anymore who cares
2:29pm dailydose1: Gilles to pull it out?
2:28pm menolikeyou: Hands up don’t shot
2:17pm Betcoin: Thanks give me 3 minutes to login
2:17pm SickMetaGame: Sure.
2:17pm Betcoin: Can you jump on live chat?
2:17pm SickMetaGame: don't shoot
2:17pm SickMetaGame: hands up
2:17pm SickMetaGame: Yes
2:14pm Betcoin: SMG you here?
1:21pm SickMetaGame: poker bad beat jackpot about which bling posted official statement from poker support in forum
1:21pm dailydose1: What r u talking about? Lol
1:21pm SickMetaGame: imo this bbj should have long been converted into Beast type of thing just for coin
1:15pm SickMetaGame: This fiasco is the direct result why there is just three actual players grinding cash lol.
1:14pm SickMetaGame: No Christmas bonus for Tyler, fired.
1:14pm SickMetaGame: But any player could point out numerous statements made by higher parties stating that there will be a) requirements lowered b) promotion to pay it out, none of which happened.
1:13pm SickMetaGame: If anybody wanted to argue about BBJ not getting lowered afterwards then now should have said it was hit with previous rules which was the main reason why BBJ was supposed to get lowered, because it wasn't hit in a LONG time.
1:13pm SickMetaGame: lol... its not even a shroop, that's like stupidity in the nutshell.
1:09pm SickMetaGame: Because this is just waiting to blow up. It is not like any statements are dated... Tyler shroop it up real good.
1:09pm SickMetaGame: You guys should have just told him not to make any statements.
1:09pm SickMetaGame: lolTyler though
11:43am dailydose1: noope :/
11:38am dailydose1: querry to pull it off??
11:08am dailydose1: you dnot, you go to betcoinpoker
11:04am Shilastyles: How do play poke on here?
10:12am Shahista: not good to grind when you get tired
10:12am Shahista: probably depo again in a few days when i get some more rest
10:11am Shahista: u knoes i depoed 0.04 ltc (0.63chips) grinded 0.55$ demands for a few hours and viola 2.3 chips :) then lost 2 in a row and wd 2.16 :)
10:10am Support Randy: I am not certain, but that's my best guess
10:10am Shahista: okie dokie artichokee no biggie i can wait sum moar O_O
10:09am Support Randy: Yes, probably. That would be about when they change shifts, if they change when we change. then about 3 hours maybe 4 hours
9:47am Shahista: hours*
9:47am Shahista: ok cool Randy :) so in about 3-4 hors from now? nice
9:37am Support Randy: Shahista, so far as I know they do not do w/d during the night, or on weekends. They are done during the daytime business hours. Maybe help to know this so you don't get your hopes up.
9:24am Shahista: ugh poker wd pending still :P hopefully somebody wakes up soon and push it trough
5:50am xxlx2014: 🚬
5:50am xxlx2014: Nobody smoke here?
5:19am xxlx2014: Need tigarret
5:19am xxlx2014: Tiki tiki
5:16am Support Randy: gn DD
4:51am BigThangz: later
4:51am dailydose1: good luck
4:51am dailydose1: alright goodnight
4:51am dailydose1: close
4:51am dailydose1: wooot wooot
4:50am BigThangz: pay it
4:50am dailydose1: lol
4:50am BigThangz: so 5 fans for the home team
4:50am BigThangz: 1 is wearing a SONICS jacket
4:49am dailydose1: 6 fans there lol
4:47am dailydose1: soo true
4:45am BigThangz: told ya only way out was double play lol
4:45am dailydose1: need 3 outos here
4:45am dailydose1: soo lucky
4:44am BigThangz: fk boy got lucky
4:44am BigThangz: wow
4:43am dailydose1: lol
4:43am BigThangz: to him
4:43am BigThangz: lmao peeps in stand yelling u suck
4:43am dailydose1: douoble play
4:43am dailydose1: chubs up to baat
4:43am dailydose1: lol
4:43am BigThangz: this fk tard will walk 2 in
4:43am dailydose1: bd coaching
4:42am dailydose1: lol
4:42am BigThangz: oak like fk it its 1-0 we cant score just let this fk tard blow it
4:42am BigThangz: wtf nobody even in Oakland pen
4:42am dailydose1: guy cant throw a stirke
4:42am dailydose1: so prob
4:42am dailydose1: seriously
4:41am BigThangz: only way out of this is double play
4:41am BigThangz: id rather him walk him here
4:41am BigThangz: cant belive hes still in
4:40am dailydose1: in a close game...
4:40am dailydose1: this guy sucks why is he in
4:40am BigThangz: this guy is real something
4:40am BigThangz: no double play poss
4:39am BigThangz: now a basehit fks us
4:39am BigThangz: awesome
4:39am BigThangz: least they outfielder can play
4:38am dailydose1: this is stpid
4:38am BigThangz: only way he gets strike if its a foul ball
4:38am dailydose1: lol
4:37am BigThangz: this fkn tard cant throw for shit
4:37am BigThangz: hes gonna walk em loaded
4:36am dailydose1: this pitcher for a's sucks
4:34am BigThangz: this moron cant throw a strike
4:29am dailydose1: im watchingit noow
4:29am BigThangz: bottom
4:29am BigThangz: guess ill turn it on and watch
4:28am BigThangz: 1 more inning
4:27am dailydose1: lol nice
4:23am BigThangz: +125
4:23am BigThangz: i got that also
4:23am BigThangz: lmao
4:19am dailydose1: mariners game under 2.5
4:19am dailydose1: les go
3:36am BigThangz: never fear the home team
3:36am dailydose1: lool
3:36am BigThangz: at some point
3:35am BigThangz: looks like ill be taking points
3:35am dailydose1: maza blowing it hard
3:24am xxlx2014: Poket
3:18am dailydose1: lol very true
3:17am BigThangz: oh well better have it not take a winner then take a loser lol
3:16am BigThangz: ya
3:16am dailydose1: on the priates?
3:14am BigThangz: now its -556
3:14am BigThangz: +115
3:14am dailydose1: what was bet
3:14am dailydose1: yea ima hedge prob