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12:24pm michigan1: i need to quit being a cheap ass and start sending advanced with my own fee
12:24pm HugoStiglitz: solid move
12:23pm michigan1: good news
12:23pm michigan1: lol
12:23pm blingbling911: Betcoin sent a 1 btc WD with no fee
12:23pm blingbling911: I remember that one time
12:19pm michigan1: o well worth a try
12:18pm HugoStiglitz: gl
12:18pm HugoStiglitz: ive only had to use it onc, it worked for me, ive heard other ppl have mixxed results
12:18pm HugoStiglitz: they just mined their last block a few minutes ago, they tend to find one every couple hours or so on average
12:17pm michigan1: Lets see if it works
12:17pm michigan1: Acceleration succeeded
12:17pm HugoStiglitz: thats one of the mining pools
12:16pm HugoStiglitz: yeah it is low, but seeing as how its over .0001 viabtc should be willing to include it in the next block they find
12:16pm michigan1: what am i doing there b4 i try lol
12:13pm michigan1: Isnt thats what is wrong with the transactiuon is the fee being low?
12:12pm michigan1: very low
12:12pm michigan1: 1QGLHRHWAe34WdejKZnGmHZNC4aKX6mrPM
12:12pm michigan1: i sent it hours ago ill show u the transaction
12:11pm HugoStiglitz: how low is very low?
12:11pm michigan1: ya thats what iam affraid of
12:11pm HugoStiglitz: no, i dont believe so
12:11pm michigan1: I fked up and sent some coin witt very low fee is there a way to add fee after allready sent
12:11pm HugoStiglitz: whatcha got?
12:10pm HugoStiglitz: not especially, but if i can help im happy to
12:10pm michigan1: How blockchain savy are you?
12:10pm michigan1: hugo all are differences aside i have a question for u
12:08pm HugoStiglitz: thats window7 7, 8/10 might be a little different
12:08pm HugoStiglitz: computer > localdisk > betcoin poker > profiles > your username
12:02pm michigan1: i think hand history is only client i could be wrong but thats where i always view it from
12:01pm slash: no file ? Only client ?
12:00pm michigan1: would be your hand history up top under my account
11:59am michigan1: on your client
11:58am slash: Where are the hand history files on windows ?
11:28am tngheu: need 2 more for the $7 PLOsit and go
8:29am Largebankrolls: Loan me the fund until Friday 3pm
8:29am Largebankrolls: I'll go
8:26am Largebankrolls: I'll play if u loan me the fund until Friday around 3pm
8:03am Maxtheboy08: we need 2 more for the $15 holdem sit and go
7:24am Largebankrolls: It says I have 19 chips in y bonus hut only 2 have been freed
7:23am Largebankrolls: How can I free more of my poker chip bonus?
7:10am tngheu: i will deposed 4 hours more
7:09am tngheu: oh sad
7:07am tngheu: jenna loans me 30 chips please . i will returns after 12 hours
7:00am fmatinata: is there way to play this on mac?
6:59am JennaROX: one sec
6:59am JennaROX: I am on my way
6:59am JennaROX: I was anxious earlier
6:59am Maxtheboy08: I'm at the 10 heads up turbo
6:59am JennaROX: :)
6:59am JennaROX: I have already come to terms with not playing it
6:59am Maxtheboy08: Oh I got my deposit already
6:58am JennaROX: and it will be over by then
6:58am JennaROX: I sent btc over there but support said up to an hour
6:58am JennaROX: here, right?
6:58am JennaROX: I wanted to trade you funds since you were waiting on a deposit
6:57am JennaROX: shhhhh
6:57am JennaROX: I want to play the invitational
6:57am Maxtheboy08: Oh I haven't seen it
6:57am JennaROX: I had to open Betcoin one sec
6:57am JennaROX: not on main chat
6:56am JennaROX: let's go to a sit n go
6:56am Maxtheboy08: What up
6:56am JennaROX: I have been trying to get your attention
6:56am Maxtheboy08: Yes
6:56am JennaROX: Max
6:55am Maxtheboy08: I'm there
6:55am Maxtheboy08: Who wants to play a 10 jackpot?
6:46am Mr. Quotable: no acr here srry
6:42am JennaROX: :(
6:41am JennaROX: I will just have to play next week
6:41am JennaROX: I don't want to ask him on the table
6:41am JennaROX: I know he wanted a trade and he is in the damn game I am trying to play so it would be perfect
6:41am Mr. Quotable: crickets
6:40am JennaROX: MAX
6:37am JennaROX: Max The Boy are you here?
6:11am plo8monster: dude calls all in with that
6:11am plo8monster: cantbeat the dealers
6:11am plo8monster: wpn well played again well played
6:10am plo8monster: im in toruble
6:03am sgolder06: im out, 10-10 into aq
6:03am plo8monster: i just folded a10 into high traffic L:(
6:01am sgolder06: had a chance to take him out a mild value all in call, but he lives
6:00am sgolder06: I've won once. Scoop is playing tonight
6:00am plo8monster: stall out*
6:00am plo8monster: i have finltbl it 3 times but stallotu at 5th
6:00am sgolder06: no 6 hours for min cash
5:59am sgolder06: yea, its brutal. but a quick pain.
5:59am plo8monster: and even if you play mistake free ya can be ended by a draw hand that is committed
5:59am plo8monster: 1 error your cri[ppled or out
5:58am plo8monster: zero forgivness
5:58am plo8monster: this one is really tough deep
5:57am Maxtheboy08: Anyone down to send me 60 chips for 63 when my depo arrives?
5:57am sgolder06: couple nights ago i made ITM, and then ran into AA twice with QQ and AQ w/in 6 hands. that was unpleasant
5:56am sgolder06: crazy this coinflip gets 9k in it
5:56am plo8monster: insane huh
5:56am plo8monster: #19
5:56am sgolder06: nice prize pool
5:56am plo8monster: igot moved
5:56am plo8monster: u 2
5:56am sgolder06: gl plo8. was with you for a few minutes
5:48am plo8monster: plo8monster looking for deep run in hyper .... salvage the day WPN ...dont be cruel
5:43am plo8monster: new players need help more
5:43am plo8monster: if they ask again reply to them ... yes busy always busy ,,,lot of new players
5:36am mmnngugu: I thinks they very busy
5:35am mmnngugu: they read little and ask again
5:35am mmnngugu: i feel Support answer ticket never read all message right
5:33am mmnngugu: when withdrawl cancel by staff
5:33am mmnngugu: ticket refund chip
5:32am mmnngugu: hi plo8
5:32am blingbling911: Ho
5:24am blingbling911: Jenna skypd
5:24am plo8monster: what is ticket about ??
5:22am plo8monster: i message .... why is it urgent ??
5:19am mmnngugu: Ticket #87412
5:19am mmnngugu: help me
5:19am mmnngugu: Ticket #87412
5:18am JennaROX: I am usually Betcoin exclusive but this is a special event
5:17am JennaROX: I wanna play the Jsmith invitational does anyone wanna trade ACR for Betcoin?
5:12am blingbling911: Jenna skype
5:04am plo8monster: he musthave got it cause he went ghost
5:04am JennaROX: My A10 beat his A9 and I am a c*nt
5:04am JennaROX: Without any doubt
5:04am JennaROX: at least within Betcoin Poker
5:04am JennaROX: FYI - SMG you are the worst sport in the game of Poker ...
5:03am JennaROX: took me almost a year
5:03am blingbling911: skype
5:03am blingbling911: Jenna
5:03am JennaROX: I am almost silver now
5:03am JennaROX: just motivation to move up a level
5:03am JennaROX: It is a bit delayed often for bronze
5:03am JennaROX: Plo just so you know I will sometimes have 2 or 3 confirms and it still won't be available to transfer
4:59am plo8monster: and you are saying it IS confirmed onblockchain correct ??
4:56am plo8monster: let me knowif it doesnt lifet verysoon tennis
4:52am plo8monster: instant deposit
4:52am plo8monster: there is an article about how it works in forum ....
4:51am plo8monster: lift*
4:51am plo8monster: usually very fast after confirmations ... the restrictions kift when we actually recieve
4:50am plo8monster: ill ask
4:45am tennis: anyone here?
4:44am tennis: was trying to move over to poker thanks
4:43am tennis: it says my transfers are disabled in my account and i got email sayign deposit complete
4:43am tennis: plo8monster why is my deposit after 1 confirm still not able to move to poker
4:01am bearpicnic: paydays tomorrow someone help me out
3:56am bearpicnic: psst anyone able to throw yogi some chips? 2 oughtta satisfy the need for green if you feel me
3:42am plo8monster: 6 chips is cheap lesson got off lite
3:40am plo8monster: im sure it was a misunderstanding
3:38am sivait: why would he lie..
3:35am plo8monster: no way
3:28am hamrhank666: he lied
3:28am hamrhank666: plo8 jonny said he sent 6 did he
3:28am hamrhank666: see jonny run
3:01am plo8monster: scots streaming DC .... join the fun
2:55am hamrhank666: eatbmore chikn
2:52am Mr. Quotable: also (smg worships cows) :D alright now im off
2:52am Mr. Quotable: what do u say to a vegan on a dinner date? - stop crying im trying to eat...
2:51am Calvin Branch: steak
2:51am Mr. Quotable: (smg is vegan)
2:51am Calvin Branch: stek sounds good
2:51am Mr. Quotable: alright i feel satisfied lol. job complete i guess. :D im off like a prom dress.
2:49am Mr. Quotable: ur sounding like a giant vagina
2:49am Mr. Quotable: eat a steak or something
2:49am SickMetaGame: Good night.
2:49am SickMetaGame: You are the same fucking fish who gets babysit by the rigged software. Only reason why you still hitting any money here.
2:49am SickMetaGame: Hey bitch stop saying that your game has improved at all.
2:49am SickMetaGame: Jenna sure is the biggest cunt we have on this site.
2:49am hamrhank666: tuxedos in it he owes me 11
2:47am Mr. Quotable: "oh yes we did" lmao
2:47am Mr. Quotable: i like that new slogan from some food company
2:47am Mr. Quotable: :D
2:47am Calvin Branch: lol
2:47am Mr. Quotable: its cool i feel better he didnt make pay and kk lost to 77 lol
2:44am Calvin Branch:
2:43am Mr. Quotable: 52 ability youngin go get a job and a gf bet u ugly af in ur moms basement
2:40am Mr. Quotable: what were u raising with clown? 82? lol
2:40am Calvin Branch: i check back.going to brouse
2:40am Mr. Quotable: good job fuktard
2:40am Mr. Quotable: lol step 1-3 today made it to daily and fml lol
2:39am LivingLife: ya sometimes it takes a lil while depending if the mods are online and doing it
2:39am Calvin Branch: nothing yet
2:37am LivingLife: it will show at the top right of this page where it says balance
2:37am Calvin Branch: yea im here
2:37am LivingLife: you can refresh your page to see if the transfer has made it to your account yet
2:37am LivingLife: Hey calvin
2:36am Calvin Branch: living
2:36am Calvin Branch: hello all
2:35am Sevarious: what you trying to get into hank?
2:34am LivingLife: Hey I sent chips to a new player named CalvinBranch could you guys get mods to approve it
2:28am hamrhank666: jonny u didnt send them 6
2:28am isnortbooze: as soon as i put kids down i get to work..
2:27am isnortbooze: Just dont think of it in time
2:27am jonnyrocket: test
2:27am isnortbooze: I am really bad about it
2:27am isnortbooze: I will do more giveaways soon
2:25am sivait: I get traffic, get clicks but no sign ups ;(
2:25am sivait: my heart is broken..
2:20am hamrhank666: i guess i need to quit
2:18am plo8monster: yes dopeboi i ask
2:16am StareYouDown: did someone say step ticket or daily ticket giveaways on scots stream?
2:14am sivait: ^^
2:14am sivait: any giveaway between watchers?
2:14am plo8monster: more tweets coming for stream
2:13am plo8monster: oh damn wrong pic
2:13am plo8monster: tweets up scot
2:07am isnortbooze: keeping the stream alive with the daily coin!
2:06am isnortbooze: tyty
2:06am plo8monster: good game scot
2:04am plo8monster: messaged dopsboi
2:00am dopebOi: PLSPLSPLS
2:00am dopebOi: I'm close to BTM
2:00am dopebOi: Been almost 3 hours on my 23 chip withdrawal plo could you PLZ help me
1:59am plo8monster: sorry in advance for the suckouts coming up soon
1:59am plo8monster: now i have to win Dailycoin to prevent the swing
1:59am plo8monster: everyone i helped with stake busted
1:55am plo8monster: gl scot gl you gotthisnicecomeback
1:55am michigan1: just jokin
1:55am michigan1: i kniow
1:55am plo8monster: no
1:54am michigan1: does plo8 have another bounty with rebuy :)
1:52am sivait: infortunadamente I have busted 4 chips you sent me plo9
1:51am plo8monster: scot is HU now
1:48am plo8monster: when i treg there were allready 6 in it
1:47am plo8monster: i was like # 7 registereed wtf happen
1:47am plo8monster: the friiiggin nlo8 didnt start
1:47am plo8monster: nahh probably 3 chips
1:46am plo8monster: maybe 4 or 5 chips max
1:46am StareYouDown: i cant do those lol
1:46am plo8monster: iwas spinning,.25
1:46am StareYouDown: i was spinning pennies
1:46am StareYouDown: screw you plo8 lol
1:46am plo8monster: forst time ever
1:46am plo8monster: omgi did it
1:44am StareYouDown: Accepting daily coin stake ALOT OF OVERLAY
1:43am plo8monster: l scot
1:41am isnortbooze: down to 4 in the 6max plo8. 1k up top!
1:37am Drakavion: Drakavion is back
1:29am jonnyrocket: how long to the steps take to payout
1:20am StareYouDown: Accepting daily coin stake ALOT OF OVERLAY
1:19am plo8monster: congrtz to winners
1:19am plo8monster: hoep step3 tickets goout fast
1:18am isnortbooze: ty mr q
1:17am StareYouDown: FeelsBadMan
1:17am StareYouDown: 356 flop
1:17am StareYouDown: 1010< 33
1:16am plo8monster: flop 2 pair turn a boat all the while drawing dead...well played wpn well played lol
1:13am plo8monster: now back to 10k :)
1:13am plo8monster: then ilost blinds and went down to 400 chips
1:12am plo8monster: check this out
1:10am blingbling911: right now
1:10am blingbling911: pmic
1:10am blingbling911: Booze
1:06am SuperdaveUp1: gl tid
1:06am Mr. Quotable: gl scott
1:04am isnortbooze: about to make final table of the $88 plo8 6-max. Streaming live!
1:04am blingbling911: Ri
1:03am StareYouDown: accepting stake to daily coin ! ALOT OF OVERLAY
12:52am ungod: dont buy shoes unless dey poplar
12:51am JennaROX: ok good luck :)
12:51am StareYouDown: ill play tomorrows middle one
12:51am JennaROX: cause it won't be until fridays daily
12:51am JennaROX: if tomorrow don't play the last one
12:50am JennaROX: or playing tomorrow?
12:50am JennaROX: So are sending them back?
12:50am StareYouDown: :)
12:50am StareYouDown: right now is pre birthday
12:50am JennaROX: that's really early
12:50am unbrace: lovely
12:50am StareYouDown: yes
12:50am JennaROX: Your bday is in May
12:50am StareYouDown: pre birthday gift
12:50am JennaROX: They said their internet was disconnected
12:50am StareYouDown: daily ticket me for retweets
12:48am blingbling911: Send me daily ticket for my support
12:45am blingbling911: Rip me
12:44am StareYouDown: well good job for not being available support, 2 seater didnt run.
12:40am StareYouDown: can someone get in 2 seater so it runs, my p2p is still not approved
12:38am ungod: they like creating problems for themselves
12:37am plo8monster: tyty wow they did roll the dc back but notthe satties
12:34am StareYouDown: live chat not coming online
12:34am SickMetaGame: Tickets page is accurate plo8 it says game starts in 25 minutes.
12:34am StareYouDown: jenna should of escrow the p2p thru plo8
12:34am StareYouDown: ill use a ticket plo8
12:34am StareYouDown: send it
12:33am ungod: because they are dumb
12:33am SickMetaGame: not sure why they moved only daily coin and not the sattys.
12:32am plo8monster: someone use a ticket to enter see whioch one it puts you in
12:30am JennaROX: I think so anyway
12:30am JennaROX: right?
12:30am JennaROX: so basically you will play the satty for tomorrows daily coin
12:30am JennaROX: so the addon for the satty won't happen until late registration is ending
12:30am plo8monster: ok im confused now
12:29am SickMetaGame: she is correct
12:29am SickMetaGame: But yep daily is back at 9
12:29am dopebOi: :p
12:29am StareYouDown: tremendo mongo
12:29am SickMetaGame: I thought its still at 10
12:29am JennaROX: left the satty an hour later
12:29am SickMetaGame: Well I am sorry I am the half wit in this case.
12:29am JennaROX: Betcoin changed the daily back to 9pm
12:29am StareYouDown: not satty lol
12:29am StareYouDown: they fixed daily time
12:29am StareYouDown: its 9pm
12:29am JennaROX: GO TO THE LOBBY
12:29am JennaROX: NO GUYS
12:29am plo8monster: satties also
12:29am plo8monster: they all start 1`1 hr later
12:29am SickMetaGame: Daily Coin is at 10 o'clock you half wit
12:28am JennaROX: genius
12:28am JennaROX: smh
12:28am JennaROX: how can add on be before it starts
12:28am StareYouDown: addon happens 30 minutes after daily sstarts.
12:28am JennaROX: The daily starts 15 mins into the satty
12:28am plo8monster: nanana bo boooobooooo
12:28am SickMetaGame: lolmath is hard
12:28am SickMetaGame: add on happens before daily even starts
12:28am plo8monster: im liking it later lol
12:28am StareYouDown: approve p2p betcoin ty
12:27am dopebOi: Trying to take it out from atm
12:27am plo8monster: it has to be done by igsoft
12:27am dopebOi: Any willing support and mods Plz feel free to send my withdrawal thru
12:27am JennaROX: just sayin' ... it's not rocket science betcoin
12:26am JennaROX: so stupid :(
12:26am JennaROX: will happen as late regis ends in the daily
12:26am JennaROX: the addon
12:26am JennaROX: you have to play the daily tomorrow
12:26am JennaROX: so if you win the last satty
12:26am ungod: oh how stupid
12:26am StareYouDown: yes they changed daily time not satty time lol
12:26am JennaROX: but left the satty's
12:25am JennaROX: they changed the daily back to 6 pm
12:25am StareYouDown: oh your time
12:25am StareYouDown: last one is 8:45
12:25am JennaROX: and the daily is 15 mins later
12:25am JennaROX: The last 2 seater is at 5:45
12:25am JennaROX: WTF??/
12:20am ungod: hank stop snitchin
12:19am hamrhank666: its ours
12:19am plo8monster: I staked you guys instead of playing it .. yes hank i see
12:19am BigThangz: for sure cause winners always have no chips
12:19am hamrhank666: u watchin
12:19am hamrhank666: plo8 u here
12:18am TheGreatest: plo8 why are they ignoring my ticket
12:18am hamrhank666: id win it if i had the money to play it
12:17am isnortbooze: come snipe.
12:17am isnortbooze: Started 5:30 est
12:16am hamrhank666: whattime
12:16am isnortbooze: no plo8
12:16am hamrhank666: u mean plo
12:14am isnortbooze: I am streaming the $88 plo8 6max live!
12:11am blingbling911: Rip bling
12:11am blingbling911: Daily me
12:06am blingbling911: daily me
12:06am blingbling911: Rip
12:04am hamrhank666: king kong is the sht
12:03am StareYouDown: so is cinderella
12:03am SickMetaGame: the great wall is epic movie
12:03am plo8monster: but have had tostop
12:03am plo8monster: well the whole thing effects me horribly ...i play huge volume craps
12:03am StareYouDown: big drop
12:02am StareYouDown: rip
12:02am plo8monster: loss back is now 5%instead of 20%
12:02am plo8monster: betback is gone
12:02am StareYouDown: :)
12:02am hamrhank666: huh
12:01am blingbling911: lossback rip
12:01am blingbling911: Bet back is gone
12:01am hamrhank666: oh my betback and lossback from casino the last month
12:01am JennaROX: :) good luck
12:01am JennaROX: Ungod is already registered
12:01am JennaROX: Rene it starts in 45 mins
12:01am JennaROX: afk for a few mins
12:00am hamrhank666: nothin
12:00am StareYouDown: Live chat is playing beer pong
12:00am plo8monster: whatya need hank
12:00am plo8monster: LLB added jenna
12:00am hamrhank666: live chat out
12:00am JennaROX: Hugo are you here...
12:00am JennaROX: Plo sent :)
12:00am JennaROX: Rene go to chat :)
11:58pm blingbling911: jenna when we filming blacked ?
11:56pm blingbling911: Jonny send me 7
11:56pm StareYouDown: but did they mention me?
11:55pm StareYouDown: feel me :)
11:55pm StareYouDown: i cant control em bitches :D
11:55pm StareYouDown: hey
11:55pm JennaROX: At first I thought it was your cell but it is just the same 786 or whatever area code you are in
11:54pm JennaROX: She called me three times
11:54pm JennaROX: Actually SYD I called you earlier because I got some female from your area code calling me a fucking bitch on my voicemail this morning
11:54pm plo8monster: ok
11:53pm JennaROX: PLO I will send right now
11:53pm StareYouDown: starting to think the end of the world is near by
11:53pm plo8monster: jenna adding you to llb ??
11:53pm StareYouDown: so much love in this chatbox today
11:53pm JennaROX: ok
11:53pm StareYouDown: ofcourse
11:53pm JennaROX: good luck if you make it in the money you have to send me a portion
11:53pm StareYouDown: 1 bullet man
11:52pm JennaROX: :)
11:52pm JennaROX: so you have to make in on one buyin
11:52pm StareYouDown: ill take it thanks
11:52pm JennaROX: Ok SYD I can only send 10 chips
11:52pm JennaROX: I was actually just gonna ask Hugo if he wanted to play
11:52pm StareYouDown: ill take it
11:52pm JennaROX: I will stake you in a two seater ...
11:52pm JennaROX: Very funny :)
11:51pm JennaROX: My Dad! :(
11:51pm StareYouDown: Jenna stake me in daily coin baybay
11:51pm JennaROX: and said what is that your Halloween costume
11:51pm JennaROX: and my Dad was looking through my souvenirs
11:51pm JennaROX: I bought a Virgin Mega Store sweatshirt from NYC several years ago
11:50pm JennaROX: yeah :P
11:50pm JennaROX: maybe once before but I wasn't nearly as educated in the game as I am now :)
11:50pm plo8monster: ooooooooh a LLB virgin
11:50pm JennaROX: I think this is my 1st time :)
11:50pm plo8monster: good ^^^
11:50pm JennaROX: so I want to enter the last longer side bet :)
11:49pm JennaROX: I am feeling extra feisty tonight ...
11:45pm hamrhank666: well
11:44pm hamrhank666: when
11:44pm jonnyrocket: i did
11:42pm hamrhank666: jonny u here me send my 6
11:42pm blingbling911: Kill yourself jonny
11:42pm SickMetaGame: No need to look at Chappelle when real comedy is happening here 24/7
11:42pm StareYouDown: anyone saw the new chappelle on nexflix?
11:41pm jonnyrocket: monster u hear me
11:41pm StareYouDown: sorry.
11:41pm blingbling911: on
11:41pm blingbling911: Why u playing with Jenna's titz
11:41pm SickMetaGame: lmao
11:41pm StareYouDown: //<.>Y( . )\\
11:41pm SickMetaGame: now my hands full in silicone
11:40pm SickMetaGame: popped
11:40pm StareYouDown: give it a nice squeeze
11:40pm StareYouDown: grab em
11:39pm StareYouDown: //( . )Y( . )\\
11:39pm SickMetaGame: 8-)
11:38pm blingbling911: Daily me
11:37pm blingbling911: Kill yourself
11:36pm plo8monster: smg^
11:36pm plo8monster: sg just now saw yoru skype
11:36pm StareYouDown: how are you blingbling happy to see you.
11:36pm StareYouDown: gracias
11:35pm hamrhank666: ty
11:35pm blingbling911: Kill your self jonny
11:35pm plo8monster: gl hank and syd in theplo8
11:35pm hamrhank666: hes gone
11:33pm blingbling911: How much u get
11:33pm michigan1: dont excpect anything in return!!
11:32pm plo8monster: Jonny you are a spiritual vampire .... dude come into the light is in giving that we truly receive
11:32pm blingbling911: Seriously jonny
11:32pm michigan1: so you failed allready
11:32pm michigan1: see jonny that is not what he said
11:31pm sivait: how are them brakets doing
11:31pm sivait: :D
11:31pm jonnyrocket: lol monster if you stake me in the $11 7500 gtd ill give $10 to 10 different charities online
11:30pm sivait: I am just 2 micro mtt's
11:30pm plo8monster: I want you to do 5 random acts of kindness that cost you money, (hey have to be done with zero expectaions of return) .... and you can never tell anyone what ya did
11:29pm michigan1: what yall playing
11:29pm StareYouDown: horse on horse violence incoming:)
11:29pm StareYouDown: hank to my left.
11:29pm hamrhank666: here we go
11:28pm plo8monster: ifyour game?
11:28pm plo8monster: Jonny i have a challenge for you
11:28pm sivait: you 2 bro
11:28pm michigan1: i wish u goodluck sivait
11:27pm sivait: ^^
11:27pm sivait: simmilar feeling when mich prayed for me
11:27pm sivait: will end up shipping that donkament
11:27pm sivait: I feel the gratitude
11:26pm michigan1: jonny owes me 181 i will never see
11:26pm hamrhank666: then send me my 6
11:26pm SickMetaGame: Well said.
11:25pm plo8monster: your the susan lucci of online gambling sites
11:25pm plo8monster: they all love to hate on you ....
11:24pm plo8monster: the one thing i do like jonny is how you bring the community together in agrreement
11:23pm plo8monster: the universe is one bigmirror it reflects back what you put inyo it
11:23pm jonnyrocket: scammed by Chris ( aka bigryan)
11:23pm jonnyrocket: ive staked out tons on here and got little in return
11:23pm plo8monster: some people have more give than take ...some dont ...and then there are some who are nothing but take take take ..give me give me ...with never a concern for returning the love
11:23pm SickMetaGame: Each job application jonny submits will get rejected in the matter of 5 minutes.
11:22pm SickMetaGame: Good luck finding a job with your internet endeavors.
11:22pm michigan1: not a mental case he knows what he does it just makes him a very bad person
11:22pm jonnyrocket: monster you employed mexicans for a living took no education
11:22pm SickMetaGame: Sucks for you, since no more school aid to get.
11:22pm jonnyrocket: im graduating with a BA in commucation studies this semester from Sacramento State, sounds like a mental case
11:22pm StareYouDown: Love is in the air
11:22pm SickMetaGame: Preach
11:21pm plo8monster: you are a str8 up mental case jonny ... thats why no one wants to help you ...... honestly i dont think any amount of help will ever wok foryou
11:21pm jonnyrocket: #40yearoldVirgin
11:21pm jonnyrocket: lol you never been fucked
11:21pm SickMetaGame: Keep living in your delusional world jonnyrocket.
11:21pm SickMetaGame: Sorry I am all out fucks anyway