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7:33pm StareYouDown: ayo
6:44pm SickMetaGame: wrapppppppppp
6:44pm SickMetaGame: sack
6:43pm BigThangz: is what it post to say syd
6:42pm BigThangz: I'm giving away 30% of my million dollar Sunday winnings to BigThangz
6:32pm SuperdaveUp1: i'll look at it
6:31pm StareYouDown: isnortbooze: I'm giving away 30% of my million dollar Sunday winnings. More info here!
6:29pm isnortbooze: I'm giving away 3% of my million dollar Sunday winnings. More info here!
5:50pm OMGBartSimpson: jimmy did you send to localbitcoins from betcoin ?
5:49pm OMGBartSimpson: never do that
5:49pm jimmyneutron0038: I'm asking if people are having the same issue
5:49pm OMGBartSimpson: why would you send directly to localbitcoins?
5:49pm jimmyneutron0038: No one cares bronze
5:48pm SuperdaveUp1: sounds personal/no details please lol
5:48pm jimmyneutron0038: Anyone else having the same issue?
5:48pm jimmyneutron0038: Deposit .400 btc into LBC and now can't acess my wallet RIP
5:48pm jimmyneutron0038: :LBC JUST FUCKED ME
5:47pm texasbandit: 3 chip heads up sitngo again
5:45pm OMGBartSimpson: lol
5:33pm thiNkBiNk: lol
5:26pm StareYouDown: test
5:12pm thiNkBiNk: ban this guy
5:12pm thiNkBiNk: pokerowened is gay as fk
5:08pm MuckingAces21: ;)
5:08pm MuckingAces21: and bitcoin redeems
5:08pm MuckingAces21: they pay good
5:08pm MuckingAces21: we got offers
5:08pm MuckingAces21: come to pokerowned
5:08pm MuckingAces21: hiya bandit
5:06pm texasbandit: sitting in that 3 chip heads up sintgo now if anyone wants to battle
5:02pm SickMetaGame: everyone on three stick up
5:01pm texasbandit: 3 chip heads up sitngo anyone?
5:01pm SickMetaGame: this is a stick up
5:01pm SickMetaGame: bitz
5:01pm StareYouDown: i dont go around those places
5:01pm StareYouDown: swc what
5:00pm StareYouDown: ty
5:00pm EliavSit: SYD whatcha playin' today? :)
4:59pm thiNkBiNk: =)
4:59pm EyeWonBTC: $8.80
4:59pm thiNkBiNk: im playin 10c 420 c swc game later
4:59pm EyeWonBTC: 3:15
4:59pm StareYouDown: what time is 5 seat to 100 seater?
4:58pm thiNkBiNk: bingo
4:58pm thiNkBiNk: all hyper bs
4:58pm EyeWonBTC: ill only play those 2. They will both pay more than 5 seats. probably a lot more
4:58pm StareYouDown: they are cruel
4:58pm thiNkBiNk: wpn satties are weak
4:58pm thiNkBiNk: i like it
4:58pm thiNkBiNk: easy money
4:58pm StareYouDown: time
4:58pm thiNkBiNk: lol
4:58pm StareYouDown: where at eyewon?
4:58pm StareYouDown: carbon is weak
4:58pm EyeWonBTC: 5 seat to the Milly 100 seater
4:58pm StareYouDown: to keep the moola
4:57pm StareYouDown: i mean if i satty in 1, ill try the rest.
4:57pm thiNkBiNk: i win plenty on carbon believe dat
4:57pm StareYouDown: and $16 3 seaters
4:57pm StareYouDown: yeah i see $8 1 seater for it in under 2 hours
4:57pm StareYouDown: I need your satty resume lol
4:57pm thiNkBiNk: imo
4:57pm EyeWonBTC: 5 seat satty for 22
4:57pm thiNkBiNk: 22 tourneys and higher or riot
4:57pm StareYouDown: allin on sattys xD
4:57pm thiNkBiNk: any good satties i can get sponsor too ?
4:56pm StareYouDown: if so ill play it lol
4:56pm StareYouDown: @eyewonbtc i wont if that 1 seater $8 will give more thn 1 seat?
4:56pm thiNkBiNk: lets goo
4:56pm thiNkBiNk: jammin the new incubus its decent
4:56pm SickMetaGame: Never about the star but finish
4:56pm EliavSit: People like to tank time for no reason at freerolls -_-
4:55pm StareYouDown: i like to start my days bad, cus i finish good
4:55pm EyeWonBTC: Agreed SYD. Im gonna try and satty in the $30k KO and to the Milly 100 seater
4:55pm StareYouDown: AQ to A10 dude runner runners me :)
4:55pm StareYouDown: high five thinkbink just bubbled the 400 r/a lol
4:47pm TheGreatest: My withdrawal 0 confirms in 3 days wtf
4:46pm StareYouDown: everything else looks boring
4:46pm StareYouDown: so get backed or satty for $22 lol
4:46pm StareYouDown: only wanting to play that $160 30k KO tho
4:46pm StareYouDown: micro shit
4:46pm StareYouDown: lol
4:44pm thiNkBiNk: u playin syd atm ?
4:42pm SickMetaGame: ten k's
4:42pm StareYouDown: whats my cut in the illy
4:42pm SickMetaGame: in k's
4:41pm StareYouDown: 350
4:41pm SickMetaGame: three fiddy me
4:39pm StareYouDown: help me with it
4:38pm StareYouDown: nice strategy smg
4:37pm StareYouDown: :)
4:36pm StareYouDown: prefer $160 30 ko
4:35pm StareYouDown: me2
4:35pm SickMetaGame: Looking for a stake into milli 100 seater 51 chips
4:35pm StareYouDown: yolo
4:35pm SickMetaGame: yolo
4:34pm StareYouDown: in what?
4:33pm thiNkBiNk: i got 4th in 10 dem last night could say my career gettin serious here lol
4:32pm thiNkBiNk: lets gooooooooo
4:32pm thiNkBiNk: funday sat woooohooo
4:32pm thiNkBiNk: PMIC
4:31pm thiNkBiNk: yooooooooooooo
4:30pm StareYouDown: fishhhes
4:28pm StareYouDown: only see tampa
4:28pm StareYouDown: any MLB games on tv?
4:23pm BigThangz: i thought jenna used to it
4:23pm BigThangz: only thing I use polo fir
4:23pm BigThangz: ya I just keep etc there
4:23pm asd16: its on trading platform
4:22pm asd16: I have before but you need to have btc
4:22pm StareYouDown: $160 $30,000 GTD $50 bounties
4:22pm asd16: man they must of upgraded servers, its alot faster
4:22pm BigThangz: have u tried poloniex
4:22pm asd16: Im looking play a few tournies
4:22pm asd16: anything decent running today??
4:22pm asd16: ok cool
4:22pm asd16: ah
4:21pm BigThangz: I heard btc-e has some new usd options not sure how it is tho
4:21pm asd16: lol dont want to leave my house
4:21pm asd16: Im trying local bitcoin but I gotta deposit at the bank
4:21pm asd16: I used circle
4:21pm asd16: cant they blocked
4:21pm BigThangz: coinbase
4:20pm asd16: any know where I can buy bitcoin
4:16pm StareYouDown: lol
4:15pm BigThangz: no fuking NBA today what a joke
4:15pm BigThangz: if it aint .84 chips and 12 teams or more it aint for me
4:14pm BigThangz: I'm only interested in .84 chip 12 teamers u know the jonny rocket crack pipe parlay
4:12pm BigThangz: snore
4:11pm isnortbooze: If anyone needs a couple gs, I am giving away the opportunity to win that amount tomorrow. Good luck!
4:11pm StareYouDown: got that 2 chip 10 teamer MLB pipe dream
4:09pm BigThangz: so many winners yesterday I gottta eat chicken for breakfast
4:07pm StareYouDown: im poor
4:07pm StareYouDown: unless you are super stacked 2500 addon not needed
4:07pm StareYouDown: if you still in on break i will
4:06pm hamrhank666: addon
4:06pm hamrhank666: send me4 please
4:06pm StareYouDown: sent
4:06pm hamrhank666: ok
4:06pm StareYouDown: 1.85
4:05pm BigThangz: hank loan me 100k
4:05pm hamrhank666: anybody
4:05pm hamrhank666: syd u here
4:03pm hamrhank666: 5050 plus sb
4:02pm hamrhank666: 2 chips please
4:00pm hamrhank666: i need stake to 200 plo8
4:00pm thiNkBiNk: pmic
3:51pm hamrhank666: zzzzzzz u here
3:51pm hamrhank666: is anybody here
3:43pm hamrhank666: syd u here
3:29pm hamrhank666: if i win the 200 plo8 ill give u half
3:29pm blingbling911: 190 me Nikka
3:28pm hamrhank666: syd loan me 10 chips
3:25pm StareYouDown: went thru the comments and gave up lol
3:25pm StareYouDown: i was gonna comment for that 1% but
3:24pm StareYouDown: tried to goto it lol
3:24pm StareYouDown: salomons twitter suspendded tho
3:23pm isnortbooze: Ty u2
3:22pm EliavSit: gl snortbooze :D
3:22pm isnortbooze: I'm giving away 3% of my winnings in tomorrow's Million dollar Sunday. Info here!
3:09pm thiNkBiNk: anyone up
3:01pm EliavSit: thanks a lot buddy<3
2:55pm thiNkBiNk: gm GV
2:55pm EliavSit: thanks a lot buddy!
2:54pm StareYouDown: brb
2:54pm StareYouDown: done
2:53pm StareYouDown: sure
2:49pm jonnyrocket: lol
2:40pm EliavSit: SYD you got 11 cents to spare brah?<.<
2:40pm StareYouDown: go yankees
2:39pm EliavSit: gl SYD<3 my man!
2:39pm EliavSit: gl jonny
2:39pm jonnyrocket: barely lol
2:39pm jonnyrocket: gl in the 100 seater satty today i made it in that
2:38pm jonnyrocket: on mad red hot ifre since yest start with .5
2:38pm jonnyrocket: bang bang up to 1.88
2:35pm StareYouDown: that $160 30k KO looks nice
2:29pm ElChapo: lol @ the 555 hand
2:29pm StareYouDown: and im still in last place :)
2:28pm StareYouDown: he went out a few hands later obviously lol
2:28pm EliavSit: lol
2:27pm StareYouDown: and on flop other player minbet , i pot to 900...and he tank calls lol
2:27pm StareYouDown: he called pot preflop vs 2 players
2:24pm EliavSit: what the heck he called with
2:23pm EliavSit: lol
2:06pm StareYouDown: only thing that makes sense lol so ill go with clueless.
2:06pm StareYouDown: so i guess he can use 3 cards of the 4
2:06pm StareYouDown: lol
2:06pm StareYouDown: but he won :(
2:05pm StareYouDown: im not sure if he clueless or depressed
2:05pm StareYouDown: lol
2:01pm EliavSit: valenciaaaaa ftw
1:46pm bitcoinmachine: anyone who picks valencia x15 vs real madrid?
1:45pm StareYouDown: who got some baseball picks today?
1:44pm StareYouDown: couple hunnit
1:44pm EliavSit: WOAH 3rd? how much did you win omg :D
1:42pm StareYouDown: I am 25 years and 356 days old
1:42pm EliavSit: WOAH 3rd? how much did you win omg :D
1:41pm EliavSit: how old are you tho?
1:41pm StareYouDown: 3rd place in the $33 1500 nlo8 :(
1:41pm EliavSit: well in sunday you gonna play?
1:41pm EliavSit: Well good enough :D
1:41pm StareYouDown: :)
1:41pm StareYouDown: didnt really play much yesterday fell sleep early
1:41pm StareYouDown: just mincashes :(
1:41pm EliavSit: Recent wins lately? :)
1:40pm EliavSit: How are you?
1:40pm EliavSit: Hey SYD<#
1:40pm StareYouDown: Given a bitcoin for ?
1:39pm Christian91: Boo I was told I'd be given a bit coin. Lies
1:22pm StareYouDown: Good morning everyone, how we doing today ?
1:12pm EliavSit: sup bro
1:12pm EliavSit: illfivey
1:03pm illfivey: ...
12:46pm EliavSit: Tell me you had recent wins recently? :D
12:46pm EliavSit: I love you cio
12:45pm ciobanuionut: i not in skype almost never
12:40pm EliavSit: cio shush you skype ignorer
12:39pm EliavSit: but you love me
12:39pm ciobanuionut: true
12:39pm worldpeace: annoying so nty
12:39pm worldpeace: yes but i see u everyday asking the same thing
12:39pm EliavSit: worldpeace you've got 11 cents to spare mate?
12:38pm worldpeace: betcoin should give 250 tix each time a player level up their vip , that would be good to both players and betcoin
11:34am EliavSit: Hi guys, can someone send me 11 cents for me to buy-in $100GTD? :) it's "yonisit"
10:33am Skye5180k: long time not cash out
10:33am Skye5180k: Please withdraw hurry
10:18am EliavSit: PLO8 I hope you get that jackpot :D
9:30am EliavSit: Hi guys, can someone send me 11 cents for me to buy-in $100GTD? :) it's "yonisit"
9:29am MissMilla: are you guys still getting rake back from xiao?
9:29am EliavSit: Hi plo8 <3
8:07am love2spade: nice*
8:07am love2spade: line win plo
7:54am plo8monster: seemsok tome
7:54am plo8monster: ??
7:40am Goldbach: is betcoin down
7:34am PennyTration: Hey dabs.
7:31am PennyTration: Ok ty I used to be Vip I think.
7:30am PennyTration: I was a Vip. But I don't get no benefits of that I guess
7:30am plo8monster: next*
7:29am plo8monster: xxx amount ofstatus points eqaul nest level ofVIP benefits
7:29am PennyTration: Awww dayum. Thanx fir the reply.
7:29am plo8monster: no they are just a marker foryour VIP status
7:27am PennyTration: Hi plo8...
7:26am plo8monster: then next spin
7:26am plo8monster: sat down did .02 ofchip bet
7:25am PennyTration: Can I turn my status points into play? Or no?
7:08am love2spade: good evening
7:07am love2spade: hey
6:48am dabsofslabs: anyone having client issues?
6:40am plo8monster: so any day no i will bink a win and be able to tell you what i think ... think the selling % determines how much of action you keep ,,,,, and in addition you receive your mark up or lose at end of tournament... to offset your cost for you % you keep
6:36am plo8monster: I tried to edit an offer and it aint having none of that lol
6:35am plo8monster: not sure yet skippy ... to be honest i dont exactly understtand it yet .... I have tried it but havent won to check the payouts .... and today itotally screwed itup
6:32am ffame661: withdrawal?
6:26am ffame661: my withdrawal ?
6:24am Skippybp: sounds good thanks
6:22am plo8monster: brutal WPN ..... I bet it pre and guy 3bet shoved a./7 ..... that sucked big time
6:20am plo8monster: out 3rd instead of hugechip lead
6:19am plo8monster: dman 3 handed a7 shoves into my KK
6:17am Skippybp: i was thinking its like a traditional staking agreement but its diffrnt or no
6:15am Skippybp: no but seriously its a serious question
6:14am Skippybp: lol
6:14am Skippybp: does that mean I only get 1% of the cash if I win
6:14am Skippybp: if I sell 99% of myself
6:13am Skippybp: so this staking thing
6:13am Skippybp: heyplo8
6:10am plo8monster: daaaaaaamn what a mtt
6:09am bitcoinmachine: will only take 1minute or less for the game to be graded once reported
6:08am bitcoinmachine: contact chat support so they can ask sports dept
6:06am jimmyneutron0038: can they clear the clippers game please
6:06am plo8monster: constant crossfire
6:05am plo8monster: grueling 3 way
6:05am plo8monster: wooot idbld
6:05am plo8monster: not sure how it wound up being resolved to be honest
6:04am SilverLining: worst case i'll just use ETH from now on
6:04am SilverLining: i don'tmind paying the tx fee myself if necessary to avoid it
6:04am SilverLining: ahh
6:04am plo8monster: it is dynamic butthis isnotforst time this happen
6:03am plo8monster: right itis rare but does happen ...the fee issue
6:03am SilverLining: it's the first time i've experienced this for what it's worth
6:02am SilverLining: thanks a lot plo8!
6:02am plo8monster: but may be a bit b4repy
6:02am plo8monster: im asking now
6:01am SilverLining: ahh ok
6:01am plo8monster: barewithme 3 handed in mtt
6:01am plo8monster: I have ask them to do this before not sureof result tho
6:00am SilverLining: i'm still waiting for 1 confirm for both tx's sent from betcoin :(
6:00am SilverLining: i just had someone send me a tx which had a normal fee, versus betcoin which sent yesterday with a fee of around 0.0001
5:59am SilverLining: if betcoin sends out my withdrawals with a sub-minimal tx fee and my tx's are now sitting there for nearly an entire day or so, can they re-broadcast with a higher fee via RBF?
5:59am plo8monster: ??
5:59am SilverLining: quick question for ya
5:59am SilverLining: heya plo8 :)
5:46am plo8monster: howdy
5:46am plo8monster: bling
5:42am bitcoinmachine: do you think valencia can beat real madrid x14 if they win
5:42am blingbling911: Hello
5:39am plo8monster: small mega *
5:39am plo8monster: Final table forsmall meag the 11$ one at 9:30
5:33am plo8monster: suited aj kills ak on fire
5:31am plo8monster: plo8 is making a zero2hero story
5:30am plo8monster: when i finish this mtt ,,ill havemoretime jenna and ill skype ya
5:30am thiNkBiNk: night bud got this 2c to play on swc
5:29am JennaROX: JennaBITCH is out :)
5:29am JennaROX: I just have so much to bitch about that I feel a bit overwhelmed ... :) thank you for letting me vent I will try to put a ticket together
5:29am plo8monster: yes and i willsharethis with staff
5:29am JennaROX: Brent told me ticket is the only way to resolve ...
5:28am JennaROX: thanks :) I will make a ticket too
5:28am thiNkBiNk: lfg
5:28am thiNkBiNk: if u can cash these u can win anything lol
5:28am thiNkBiNk: lmao donkin up 10 dem
5:28am JennaROX: pre-
5:28am thiNkBiNk: lol
5:28am JennaROX: and yes I am totally per-menstrual
5:28am thiNkBiNk: lost aa to a10
5:28am plo8monster: well youusedprevewi button i used edit button and ithink that is why ..... but i also made ticket for jessica ...hope it will make sense
5:28am thiNkBiNk: i got 5th in zzz fr
5:27am JennaROX: just venting
5:27am JennaROX: all related to the staking platform ... I have definitely been the biggest investor in this feature considering it has thus far cost me well over .1 btc
5:27am thiNkBiNk: i dont have alot of wpn results not played hard at all lol
5:27am thiNkBiNk: stake
5:27am thiNkBiNk: do i have any chance of gettin a stack to something u can be honest lol
5:27am JennaROX: just seems a bit excessive
5:26am JennaROX: So basically I am due 37.50 x 2 and then 12.5 for the stake
5:26am plo8monster: tryin tofinltbl this mega
5:26am thiNkBiNk: can someone link me to the staking thing im not familar with it yet
5:26am bitcoinmachine: just a noob question does poker chips different from your mbtc balance?
5:26am JennaROX: this combined with the fact that I was charged for the stake I was posting twice upon hitting preview
5:26am plo8monster: yea .... i probably messed it up on my unplayed stake .... ill explain on skype... i swear i could screw up an ice cream cone,,
5:26am thiNkBiNk: how did it go jenna
5:25am thiNkBiNk: got some good rest now im wound up
5:25am JennaROX: Well the daily ended over an hour ago
5:25am thiNkBiNk: sup buds
5:24am fallenhigh: how many chips did you send?
5:24am JennaROX: you said after the game is over right?
5:23am JennaROX: this staking thing should payout unplayed stakes to the backer right
5:23am JennaROX: I am super irritated right now... I realize I am going to have to submit a ticket ... however...
5:22am JennaROX: Monster are you here?
5:16am bitcoinmachine: wtf clips chokin
5:13am jweb142: ive put well over 7 racks into this in the last month btw so ill get you back
5:13am jweb142: is there anyone willing to spot me 20 bucks to get goin.. cant find my credit card to get coin
5:07am plo8monster: keepin mind a 40 year old is a younger woman to plo8... and my bar is set low ..... im attracted to pretty much any woman who will tolerate me .... which is a faulty concept to begin with basically im attracted to crazy women
5:05am plo8monster: 80s bones ?
5:04am plo8monster: whast that
5:03am BigThangz: youtube has em all lol
5:03am BigThangz: wow watchin 80s bones birdgade videos getting flashbacks
5:02am BigThangz: if your into younger ladies
5:02am plo8monster: yes i was referred by biggy much do you charge
5:01am BigThangz: if your into your ladies
5:01am plo8monster: lmao
5:00am fallenhigh: good plan
5:00am plo8monster: with a girl in it
4:59am plo8monster: on my next birthday i want a cake
4:56am zzzzzz: thanks pops
4:53am plo8monster: Hope you guys had great Bday :)
4:52am fallenhigh: 32 left oss 58
4:52am zzzzzz: LEADERBOARD WILL BE CALCd and PAIDOUT in the AM. It's my SO's birthday. BBIAB! GL GL GL
4:52am plo8monster: deeprun fallen?
4:51am fallenhigh: coffee time
4:51am plo8monster: itpopped ")
4:49am plo8monster: damn folding big hands to pop thisbuble
4:42am Sandal_Hat: ty plo
4:34am bitcoinmachine: x3.30 baby loool
4:28am BigThangz: lezzzzzzzzzzz goooooo Clip show
4:23am plo8monster: The daily just ended so they are doing stakes reveiw ... so may be a bit before she sees it
4:21am plo8monster: she sees it usually very fast completes it
4:21am plo8monster: Jessicais great about completing them ... when shepopsin
4:20am plo8monster: i just did leavethat ^^
4:20am plo8monster: plo8monster: Sandal_Hat: withdrawal id 19869 ( asking for expedite on w/d)
4:17am Sandal_Hat: will my withdrawal be out by tomorrow? i got a small order that needs to be made by midnight
4:14am plo8monster: left message %
4:12am Sandal_Hat: withdrawal id 19869
4:02am fallenhigh: thanks bro appreciate it
3:56am plo8monster: gl gl fallen
3:37am fallenhigh: its all situational
3:35am plo8monster: I manage to over play or under play aces a LOT
3:34am fallenhigh: got a deep run developing here in oss 58. feeling good about it like bink city about to occur
3:33am plo8monster: any ways i managed to get him maximum value, yesir , I had him right where he wanted me
3:31am plo8monster: board got better so i bet a scare card like a boss
3:29am plo8monster: i tried to sell a str8 holding aces yesterday, problem was he had that str8 i wad posing
3:27am plo8monster: what? bluffing with AA ?
3:27am fallenhigh: so rare to turn a-a into a complete bluff
3:22am BigThangz: anyone got clippers or jazz yet
3:18am IFeltYou: I know hint why depositing
3:16am BigThangz: 10% apr weekly
3:16am BigThangz: i also except auto title loans
3:16am BigThangz: oh in that case HI RISK client 100 chips 300 usd
3:15am blingbling911: pay
3:15am blingbling911: Ifeltyou u owe nikkas
3:15am blingbling911: Rip
3:14am IFeltYou: all ok
3:14am BigThangz: ya don't use cb use bank of Thangz , home of the highly inflated fee
3:11am HugoStiglitz: felt ,just dont send here straight from cb, relay it to a non gambling wallet first
3:11am plo8monster: a tournywinnings?
3:11am plo8monster: a w/d?
3:10am Sandal_Hat: hey plo can you help my payout along
2:55am BigThangz: please make cash depo to b of a
2:54am BigThangz: if u need to buy chips i sell 100 chips for 200 usd
2:51am IFeltYou: ok cool thank you Hugo
2:51am jonnyrocket: liltte more then 2.5 x my money
2:51am jonnyrocket: blinded out in 30k oh well, 147th lame
2:50am HugoStiglitz: actually theylltakeanycardi think
2:50am HugoStiglitz: debit? coinbase
2:48am IFeltYou: with bank card?
2:48am IFeltYou: guys how do you get money on here from the bank?
2:46am plo8monster: ty ty
2:46am Blindme: thx plo gl tonight
2:44am plo8monster: find the lobby and takemy seat
2:33am Blindme: anyone else have this issue: You get moved to another table in the MTT but it never takes you to that table?
2:32am atacker: это самый тупой рум...билеты не штук 7 уже....карк строит через раз...2 раза попал на флеш рояль тут..чудеса мля....
2:29am Blindme: I lost my table some how
2:29am Blindme: wtf
2:28am jonnyrocket: at fallen high table
2:28am jonnyrocket: itm in the 30k
2:23am fallenhigh: is there a fucking ddos attack currently?
2:04am Blindme: guess chats glitching for everyone
2:02am Blindme: you know they opened a school in costa rica together before turtle went off the deep adderall bend
2:02am Blindme: lets talk about Mi_Turtle or Space Gravy
2:01am Blindme: guess that sounds wrong
2:01am Blindme: I had a deeb crush when I first started playing
1:58am isnortbooze: You shouldve heard the first time I talked to him right after pnia. He went off on shaun deeb for 45 min straight
1:56am Blindme: who talks about Deebs?
1:55am josh.hindle93: Is there a way to change the currency from mBTC to just BTC?
1:55am Shahista: his what?
1:55am jonnyrocket: ty azazel
1:55am Shahista: we wish u didnt talk about shaun deebs ....... so much
1:52am isnortbooze: Must be nice to be always waiting on a wire
1:51am BigThangz: dude im waiting on a wire
1:48am Shahista: ok
1:47am isnortbooze: but it def improves quickly
1:46am isnortbooze: i had to keep adjusting his levels cause he was moving hus phone around
1:46am isnortbooze: volume gets better like 1 minute in
1:46am isnortbooze: shahista
1:45am JennaROX: make her tapout
1:44am JennaROX: tapout
1:44am JennaROX: Tapout
1:44am Shahista: volume so low
1:44am Shahista: cant hear anything hes saying .. video closed
1:44am JennaROX: lmao
1:44am JennaROX: He won big bux in Panama
1:44am JennaROX: :)
1:44am JennaROX: that's the word on my street
1:44am JennaROX: My homie from O.C
1:44am JennaROX: I thought the top dog was Tito Ortiz
1:44am isnortbooze: read the article
1:43am isnortbooze: YES
1:43am JennaROX: No way
1:43am JennaROX: NO WAY
1:43am JennaROX: WHAT?
1:43am JennaROX: but maybe I am missing out
1:43am isnortbooze: Yes he is #1 most popular player in the world
1:43am JennaROX: I thought Trump was pretty much the trend setter
1:43am JennaROX: really?
1:43am isnortbooze: You have prob heard of him because he us all anyone is talking about right now
1:43am JennaROX: Is he a Triad member?
1:42am JennaROX: who is he? I should read the interview right?
1:42am isnortbooze: Ha
1:42am isnortbooze: No
1:42am JennaROX: Maybe it's an impostor
1:42am JennaROX: someone is named HashtagKing there
1:42am JennaROX: oh
1:42am isnortbooze: No
1:42am JennaROX: I know he was cancelled but he was already there regularly, right?
1:42am fallenhigh: hello jenna i emailed support earlier for some run good i got it drawing dead to a runner runner flush and presto!
1:41am JennaROX: I need to make a support ticket to get my chips back in wallet
1:41am isnortbooze: They prob talked about him
1:41am isnortbooze: He was going to be on live at the bike but he got kicked off
1:41am JennaROX: Hi Fallen
1:41am JennaROX: misty-eyed
1:41am jonnyrocket: ty
1:41am JennaROX: I couldn't stand "A Milli" a couple years ago cause it was so saturated but I just heard it and felt a little nostalgic about that song/summer
1:40am fallenhigh: god dam jonny good job
1:40am jonnyrocket: doubled up in the $22 30k oss got 65k
1:39am jonnyrocket: BOOOM
1:39am JennaROX: !!!
1:39am JennaROX: oops not ?
1:39am JennaROX: SO check this out ... Now that my chips are lost in the abyss of the staking platform's PREVIEW option I can not even re-enter the Daily Coin?
1:38am JennaROX: doesn't matter ... he is no Boozey!
1:38am JennaROX: Is that the same guy?
1:38am JennaROX: HashTagKing I know him from Live At The Bike right?
1:37am JennaROX: I think I know that guy
1:37am JennaROX: Always happy to see the boozester :)
1:37am JennaROX: Boozey :)
1:35am xxxFLIPxxx: test
1:35am isnortbooze: I'm giving away 3% of my million dollar Sunday winnings. More info here!
1:33am xxxFLIPxxx: test
1:30am Shahista: AKs gota daaaaaaaable ap nauuu!
1:30am Blindme: great era for hip hop
1:30am Blindme: 40
1:29am JennaROX: I am 41
1:29am Blindme: getting there
1:29am JennaROX: you must be old
1:29am Blindme: lol
1:29am JennaROX: so funny
1:29am JennaROX: I love that shit
1:29am JennaROX: :)
1:29am JennaROX: bum bum sitckity bum stickity bum I got the dope ba rum pa pa pum