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9:45am SickMetaGame: :D
9:45am SickMetaGame: It will still show you connected to the network but pages arent loading up
9:45am SickMetaGame: But I downloaded NetCut, this programs is nuts. Now I can cut out devices from wifi without them even knowing
9:45am SickMetaGame: I found shutdown -i command that could run through IP but unfortunately neighbor runs on Mac so that isnt going to work
9:45am SickMetaGame: lmao its good to stay up long nights I was looking into ways how to remotely turn off computers on the same network because I have annoying neighbors
8:54am SickMetaGame: I troll in riddles
8:54am SickMetaGame: seriously what the fuck is this, I don't speak in riddles.
8:54am SickMetaGame: i was like for christ sake you just made sure that I am never ordering your card because of this incompetency
8:54am SickMetaGame: Following response: Please be advised that snapshots cannot be accepted
8:53am SickMetaGame: Can you open up the snapshot and check it
8:53am SickMetaGame: I am like oh my god... I am simply trying to find out whether the format of a bill would work not the actual file
8:53am SickMetaGame: Following response? Please be advised that .pdf files cannot be accepted
8:53am SickMetaGame: So I asked them to confirm whether my payment receipt for cable would work as proof of address, I did upload .pdf to the first support who said she cannot open it and asked me to upload snapshot so I did that she said looks like would work but let me forward it to the verification department, so waiting a response and then I get one. "Whats the last 4 numbers of a card that you are trying to verify" I am like comeon... if you'd read the transcript you would have seen that I haven't order it yet but tryign to figure out whether it would be accepted.
8:51am SickMetaGame: I can see that in case of a problem you will listen to run around on the reggie.
8:50am SickMetaGame: lmao spectrocoin's support is so incompetent, walk around 10 miles before you order their card. I had 3 correspondences and apparently Nigerian princes have a better understanding of English than spectrocoin's staff.
7:40am plo8monster: ...
6:46am plo8monster: chat test
6:35am isnortbooze: I am streaming the final table of the 25k guaranteed.
6:31am reissthebeast: I'll shoot you some ACR if there's any hard feelings
6:31am plo8monster: congrats scot on final table
6:31am reissthebeast: I always felt bad.
6:30am reissthebeast: Wanted to catch up. I know what happened to your account I think. I registered your girlfriend for a krill roll on Skype screen sharing and didn't realize it. Or the email address from the previous owner
6:29am reissthebeast: But still going for a win b, ungod I got a new skype
6:28am reissthebeast: OK after all this did offend me, made an ass on the is, internet stoned
6:27am reissthebeast: Ass like whoa that's a woman
6:27am reissthebeast: Nice
6:27am reissthebeast: Piece woman pussy
6:27am reissthebeast: By a dime liece
6:27am reissthebeast: Within 24 hours of this day
6:26am reissthebeast: Let's all of us at betcoin get laid
6:26am reissthebeast: So god if you hear me, this is my prayer G
6:26am reissthebeast: How not to be a bigot, but not to be a critic, I want women
6:25am reissthebeast: My room mate is gay oh wtf, this is real and I got $30.
6:25am reissthebeast: Fakes go bake a cake
6:25am reissthebeast: We harder than all of you fajes
6:25am reissthebeast: Brain Damage, but my generations real.
6:24am reissthebeast: I could e from lawlessness and sin
6:24am reissthebeast: Brain Damage
6:24am reissthebeast: Crib
6:24am reissthebeast: Since I was from the vrib
6:23am reissthebeast: Like a equation, string theory is there, but is it wrong or real? I don't fucking know this I'm just a old school don't give a fuck of a bid. Brain damage
6:23am reissthebeast: I convert your energy to a different vibration
6:22am reissthebeast: I see the trap, you got a lot of my peeps, but not me, I beat you at everything you try at me that's negative
6:22am reissthebeast: You tried to take my rights, I said ya right
6:21am reissthebeast: Dick
6:21am reissthebeast: You can suck my dock
6:21am reissthebeast: I ain't never convicted of shit
6:21am reissthebeast: Fuck the police, I got 4 cases bright against me dismissed b
6:21am reissthebeast: Let's rain hell
6:21am reissthebeast: Ungod
6:20am reissthebeast: Let the flames of fury open
6:20am reissthebeast: Unfortunately let's rain hell
6:20am reissthebeast: Hard as fuck you think I bluff on this yo?
6:20am ungod: yeah i dont either
6:20am reissthebeast: If I'm in it, I'm fucking winning it. You think I'm a bitch but I got you scarred
6:19am reissthebeast: Go form a sequel
6:19am reissthebeast: Not equal your the prequel
6:19am BigThangz: I don't rember my 1st I was to young UG
6:19am reissthebeast: You gov folks can suck it, I don't like you, were not your people
6:18am reissthebeast: I'll lead the shit, cannon fodder this bitch if I end with a win
6:18am ungod: i remember my first beer
6:18am reissthebeast: Click the chamber opener to witness her, the bullet is confirmed, I shut it, fuck it, I'm loaded, who wants to start a rebellion?
6:17am reissthebeast: Sicko is my groove yo
6:17am reissthebeast: Suck it, if I offended you good I did my job, I'm common in with sin, clubbing to win
6:16am reissthebeast: It's what I call my homies and I'm white bitch
6:16am reissthebeast: Nigga ain't racist down hur
6:15am reissthebeast: Dirty dorty
6:15am reissthebeast: 561 get it done
6:15am reissthebeast: Weeeeee
6:15am reissthebeast: As we spin over 30k miles per hour
6:15am reissthebeast: Satan's symphony
6:14am reissthebeast: So beautifully chaotic and brutal
6:14am reissthebeast: How goes the volatile ride of life?
6:14am reissthebeast: It's killswitch
6:14am reissthebeast: Plo
6:14am plo8monster: houdini time
6:13am plo8monster: 24 of 27 with blinds on me
6:12am plo8monster: carrot on A STICK
6:12am plo8monster: stick in the eye
6:11am plo8monster: wpn land mines
6:11am plo8monster: flops 44
6:11am plo8monster: db into bb guyshoves a4 off into my pkt 88
6:10am blingbling911: Support
6:05am BigThangz: this chit work yet
6:04am SickMetaGame: bye
6:04am SickMetaGame: Thank you god for proving my point
6:03am SickMetaGame: obviously sir has just hit his 50 games run good juice
6:03am SickMetaGame: Well I just decied to sharkscope the superstar playing T6
6:01am SickMetaGame: gl
6:01am SickMetaGame: anyway I am out
6:01am SickMetaGame: I don't know why is it hard to just talk direct.
6:01am SickMetaGame: But whatever
6:01am plo8monster: totall nonsense
6:01am SickMetaGame: and not only llimited to them
6:00am SickMetaGame: neighbors, landlord, wife
6:00am plo8monster: i just had 23 shove our of positon into kk and he floped 2 pair
6:00am SickMetaGame: It has happened whole day today
6:00am SickMetaGame: I hate when people start trying to give me non-logical answers.
6:00am SickMetaGame: And I am in very ad mood.
6:00am blingbling911: What game
6:00am SickMetaGame: Anyone wonders why I went on a rant is becajuse KJ, mofo plays T6 all the way til river cus QJ8K9 runs out
6:00am plo8monster: freerolling ....
6:00am blingbling911: Like my Skype
5:59am plo8monster: i cashed all but 1 mtt today ...looking to deeprun the turbos ...
5:59am blingbling911: Abdou has suicided
5:59am SickMetaGame: Betcoin pro team is abdou and plo8
5:59am blingbling911: Kill yourself
5:59am ungod: deez nuts
5:59am blingbling911: whos Betcoin pro team
5:58am blingbling911: Let's go nikka
5:58am plo8monster: 109 25k
5:58am SickMetaGame: RNG will babysit you to win when the time is right.
5:58am SickMetaGame: But the reality is that you don't need to have skill
5:58am blingbling911: What's Scot in
5:58am SickMetaGame: So whenever someone is reviewing that it would look like wins come normally.
5:58am SickMetaGame: They have programmed it to give wins in certain amount of games
5:57am KRKMiner: anyone ever wonder why i cant win head up tonight!!! lost both 3r and 6r heads up on river!! once chance left 19 left in $30 20k short again
5:57am SickMetaGame: I salute you IGsoft you have came up with a magnificent way on how to rig your system and same time make it appear legit
5:57am SickMetaGame: well yes but if you don't even have half a brain and keep punting oh well then sorry for you.
5:56am SickMetaGame: New luck juice kicks in
5:56am SickMetaGame: Anyone ever wonders why all of the accounts have wins after 50th game?
5:56am SickMetaGame: I got them for days
5:56am SickMetaGame: To grind out the rig 500-700 games
5:56am SickMetaGame: Anyone ever wondered why pescado played 200 2 buck hypers all of a sudden?
5:56am plo8monster: scot 10 of 15 come on final tbl !!
5:56am SickMetaGame: Didn't want to pay that 500 games doomswitch
5:55am SickMetaGame: Anyone ever wondered why Pescado quit playing on his account at 1000 games?
5:55am SickMetaGame: TD winning will have one on the shelf just for you
5:55am SickMetaGame: If anyone wonders how to ensure doomswitch then make critical comments
5:55am SickMetaGame: Same rigged RNG, no difference. You can stay at ACR
5:23am reissthebeast: My 12
5:22am reissthebeast: Trade me $12 ACR for $10 in coin here?
5:21am reissthebeast: I guarantee it's over 12%
5:21am reissthebeast: Had a downswing don't know if it's over 20%
5:20am reissthebeast: If I take the time what ROI do I need and volume to get a stake?
5:20am reissthebeast: I can send a screen shot of a sharkscope
5:20am Eagerkid: play me HU for $10 and I will see if you are good
5:20am Sevarious: Got a wait till roofing season starts again
5:20am reissthebeast: Na all good lol
5:19am Eagerkid: screen shot your sharkscope would probably help
5:19am reissthebeast: Try me out I'm a beast
5:19am Sevarious: Poor man
5:19am Sevarious: I'd stak3 but I'm poor
5:19am reissthebeast: Kicked off the team for not enough play
5:19am reissthebeast: Was staked by winningstaking
5:19am Eagerkid: "MTT Pro"
5:19am reissthebeast: Trying to get back in
5:19am Sevarious: aaah
5:19am reissthebeast: I'm a MTT pro, laptop broke mom was dieing had to take a break.
5:18am Sevarious: Who are you?
5:18am reissthebeast: Only one on this site who is say has more MTT skill is plomonster
5:17am reissthebeast: Aka brings home the bacon
5:17am reissthebeast: Aka KillSwitch
5:16am reissthebeast: Snapcall*
5:16am reissthebeast: As well I have some ace funds I'd trade at a 10% discount for coin here. $22 in ACR for $20 worth of coin
5:15am reissthebeast: 50/50+ make up is fine
5:14am reissthebeast: Yo this is Snap all any one want to stake me?
5:04am Eagerkid: someone play me $10 HU on the turbos
5:01am plo8monster: he is gonna crush it .... will post links when he goes live
5:00am plo8monster: snortboozey gonna stream final tbl ina about an hour
5:00am blingbling911: Rip baby bling
4:59am blingbling911: Rip baby snort
4:57am Veruz: 5/78 for Hank in the 5.50 1k, also accepting any other stakes for anything running currently or at any point tonight. 40/60 + Stakeback :D
4:53am Sevarious: l0l
4:53am Sevarious: dmb
4:53am Sevarious: Just vvon 5 all ins on free roll with 84
4:51am zzzzzz: IM still trying to get this baby to bed : ) Hope to catch yall in a bit.
4:36am Veruz: Scot I shot you a msg
4:35am Sevarious: OK never mind I'm dumb
4:34am Sevarious: l0l
4:34am Sevarious: Goddamnit Isnor follow me back
4:32am isnortbooze: Refreshing
4:30am Sevarious: Waiting for Hank to come back like "I won the jackpot!" It'll happen
4:30am blingbling911: shower
4:30am blingbling911: Snort how was your golden showet
4:30am blingbling911: Hello
4:27am Veruz: Yes that's me.
4:25am Sevarious: Case you're wondering
4:25am Sevarious: I am Anonymous klepto
4:23am isnortbooze: nm its obvious now. got you back
4:22am isnortbooze: alex?
4:20am Veruz: Hey Scot I shot you a follow on twitter
4:17am KRKMiner: bleh got 2nd in 3r aq to kq... FT of 6r right now but shorty
4:14am Sevarious: You know who I haven't seen in forever.... XXL
4:07am Sevarious: OK 1 Second
4:06am Veruz: Scotlenter
4:06am Sevarious: Isnort... You have Twitter?
4:05am Sevarious: Right fucking away
4:05am Sevarious: hank staked me in a tournament. Lost like three quarters of my chips to flush ace over my flvsh king
4:05am isnortbooze: thanks man
4:05am SickMetaGame: You will turn it around, GL.
4:05am SickMetaGame: Well luckily for me I have no buy ins to get into the games, so my table will remain unflipped.
4:04am isnortbooze: not much has gone right since :)
4:04am isnortbooze: theres still time
4:04am SickMetaGame: I would have flipped my table right there and then
4:04am isnortbooze: vs bustorglory too
4:04am Sevarious: Whack
4:03am SickMetaGame: That's cold
4:03am isnortbooze: aa
4:03am Sevarious: Sorry
4:03am Sevarious: I didn't watch the end of your lifestream
4:03am isnortbooze: funny smg :)
4:03am SickMetaGame: oh I see, so ACR won the 10%
4:02am Sevarious: I think the 10% of the lifestream was only if he wins
4:02am Sevarious: But I won't go to sleep till late
4:02am SickMetaGame: So who was the lucky winner of 10%
4:02am Sevarious: I'll be here. I got to see probation in the morning
4:01am Sevarious: 0k
4:01am Sevarious: l0l
4:01am hamrhank666: ill be back
4:01am Veruz: Good luck Hank, don't blow it all :P
4:01am Veruz: Thanks Sev, and thanks Hank, going to at least cash enough to get him his money back lol
4:01am Sevarious: Good night
4:01am hamrhank666: bbl going to casino
4:00am Sevarious: Good luck man
4:00am hamrhank666: sent
3:59am Veruz: Don't wanna spam chat too much so last time ill say but hank do u want to try to run the 5.50 1k that starts now? I'll include the 11 in the stakeback for whatever I win.
3:59am hamrhank666: outta money twice
3:59am hamrhank666: outta last 26 trnys f tabled 22
3:58am Sevarious: Get paid for views
3:58am Sevarious: Should like make YouTube videos
3:58am hamrhank666: i told ya i used to teach thisa game
3:58am Sevarious: l0l
3:58am Sevarious: Do you have any tips for n00bs?
3:57am hamrhank666: i was up 1500 before it started and took 2nd for another 2500
3:57am hamrhank666: i won 8 tickets in a day to that trny
3:57am Sevarious: It's already 10 o'clock?
3:56am Veruz: Interested HanK?
3:56am hamrhank666: and 165 buyin 15k on absolute
3:56am hamrhank666: plo8 remember the 26 buyin 4k on tilt
3:55am hamrhank666: been to over 2000 f tables in 12 yrs
3:55am Veruz: If you wanted to try to run the 5.50 1k that starts in 6 minutes I would include the 11 in the stakeback for whatever I win.
3:55am Sevarious: poker Messiah
3:54am Veruz: Grats man that's awesome, every time I'm on here you're winning lol
3:54am hamrhank666: thats my 673 trny win
3:54am Veruz: Grats hank, sorry for the bustout 55 vs JJ, I tried for us.
3:49am Sevarious: Awesome
3:49am Sevarious: Had to make the money you wasted on us somehow hahahaha
3:48am Sevarious: Gratz
3:48am Sevarious: Good for him
3:48am hamrhank666: boom shakaklaka
3:48am Sevarious: haha
3:48am Sevarious: Unbelievable
3:48am plo8monster: woooot wooooooooooooooooot !!!
wtgHank !!!
3:44am Sevarious: At least Hanks going to make back the money wasted on us Michigan l0l
3:43am Sevarious: Jesus Christ
3:43am Sevarious: hhahaha
3:43am ungod: fat upper pussy area
3:43am Sevarious: What's a fupa?
3:42am Sevarious: lm playing
3:42am ungod: mighta been her fupa
3:42am Sevarious: haha
3:42am Sevarious: That's her mouth. She must be ugly considering you can't tell the top from the bottom l0l
3:41am ungod: was probably a fat roll
3:40am KRKMiner: FT of 3r and almost FT of 6r also.
3:40am Veruz: Weird, what did I put my dick into with my gf on Saturday? Definitely wasn't the vagina
3:37am Sevarious: l0l
3:37am Sevarious: Duh
3:36am Sevarious: What Are you talking about. Girls don't have but holes
3:36am Veruz: Yeah but girls have that too.
3:35am Sevarious: Pretty sure that's called a butt hole
3:35am Veruz: What is boy pussy lol
3:35am Sevarious: n0 sorry.
3:35am ungod: sevarious do you like boy pussy?
3:35am Sevarious: vh Well you're beautiful
3:33am hamrhank666: here goes
3:31am ungod: would that make me pretty
3:30am Sevarious: That would've been awesome
3:30am Sevarious: I was really kind a hoping you were 15
3:30am Sevarious: l0l
3:30am ungod: im 30 nigga
3:30am Sevarious: I remember my first beer
3:29am Sevarious: l0l
3:29am Veruz: I think not
3:29am Veruz: lol
3:29am Sevarious: Oh my god that explains so much
3:29am Veruz: Would you be surprised if he said yes?
3:29am ungod: i turn 15 next week
3:29am Sevarious: ngod are you really 14?
3:28am ungod: somebody give michigans wife some dick while he sits online broke cheerleading for stakes
3:26am michigan1: didnt relize you were
3:25am michigan1: zzzzz let me know
3:25am Veruz: sorry hank busted JJ vs 55
3:24am zzzzzz: my SO didnt realize I was streaming tonight and the baby is being fussy. Fam first.. Ill have stream on late.
3:24am Sevarious: Send another one home
3:22am michigan1: hehe
3:21am Sevarious: haha
3:21am hamrhank666: btchboy
3:21am Sevarious: l0l
3:21am michigan1: no your the slut that the whole team passes around :)
3:21am Sevarious: l0l
3:20am ungod: lol
3:20am Sevarious: Am I pretty cheerleader?
3:19am ungod: hank got a whole squad of cheerleaders
3:17am Veruz: Hank might actually be the nicest guy on betcoin, so easy to root for him
3:17am Veruz: grats hank
3:14am michigan1: hanky hanky ft
3:11am plo8monster: Ill work with everyone tomake sure youget them ...:)
3:10am IH8duke: no*
3:10am IH8duke: mo problem my dude, just wondering, Thanks!
3:09am plo8monster: hopefully not to muchlonger Ih8duke
3:07am IH8duke: yo plo is there still an issue with tickets? never got my step 2 ealier
3:06am Veruz: 33bb for us now hank
3:05am ungod: ive seen that bum play im not impressed :)
3:05am ungod: if hank could really play plo8 he wouldnt still be silver hed be on those cash games
3:04am michigan1: let alone 900
3:04am michigan1: jonny havent made 90
3:04am michigan1: lmao
3:03am plo8monster: 6 digits in USD ...easily .... probably net between 125 to 200k easily with your plo8 ROI thruthe years....substantial amount ..... but not as much as Jonny 900K profit ...
3:03am Veruz: Hank did you see my message about the 5.50 1k? A bit late for it at this point but another one runs at 11pm if you want to run me in that on the side? 23bb in the 7.5k
3:03am michigan1: just hi lo huh
3:03am michigan1: ahh
3:02am hamrhank666: dont play plo
3:02am michigan1: theres a 2500 6max plo
3:01am hamrhank666: since you known me
3:01am hamrhank666: plo8 how much have i won playn plo8
2:57am plo8monster: Hank is Ninja o8 playa !! he stacks up like this he will own it ..short of any bad beat
2:56am michigan1: gl hank your killin em
2:56am hamrhank666: time to get high
2:55am hamrhank666: next
2:55am michigan1: hank gets another
2:55am michigan1: whhop
2:54am hamrhank666: crispy or regular
2:54am ungod: extra crispy pls
2:54am hamrhank666: kentucky fried
2:54am hamrhank666: next
2:54am michigan1: hand for hand
2:53am michigan1: whoop nh hank
2:53am ungod: hank will you buy me a bucket of chicken
2:53am Veruz: Hank did you see my message about the 5.50 1k on the side?
2:53am hamrhank666: a2q9 sendin
2:52am michigan1: lookin
2:52am hamrhank666: come watch me kill them
2:52am michigan1: nice
2:52am hamrhank666: 1st in plo8 captain
2:52am michigan1: i suck im sorry
2:52am hamrhank666: yo
2:52am michigan1: hank
2:52am blingbling911: Hi
2:51am hamrhank666: boom
2:51am hamrhank666: 91k pot scoop
2:48am ungod: we want yayo
2:48am blingbling911: I want answers
2:46am blingbling911: Hello
2:45am blingbling911: Who is on Betcoin pro team
2:44am plo8monster: we have to stand up against cruel and unusual punishment by the WPN .... international tribunal .. riots in thestreets ... Poker players stand together .....**Poker player lives matter**
2:42am plo8monster: poker players lives matter !!!
2:42am plo8monster: sheer carnage, human ...trill of victory agony of deee feet .....
2:41am Sevarious: I haven't had my head cracked that bad before
2:41am plo8monster: I frigging earned the win .,... that woulda helped seal the deal ..standard wpn brutality
2:40am Veruz: gg plo
2:40am plo8monster: i got bad beat out of win sb into bb i had kk /... guy rivers a .. holdin a/7to shove intome with
2:40am ungod: hank youre gonna have people sleeping on your couch and eating your ramen soon
2:37am Veruz: Hank what do think about the 5.50 1k on the side? 2x starting in the 7.5 for us
2:37am Sevarious: Nice
2:37am Sevarious: I can't believe I lost that flush king
2:37am hamrhank666: imin 1st in plo8 trny
2:36am hamrhank666: your alright
2:36am blingbling911: that nikka
2:36am blingbling911: That's creamsauce
2:36am ungod: sounds like michigan lol
2:36am Sevarious: I play dumb?
2:36am Sevarious: Hank I was poisoned right away
2:34am ungod: also jonnyrocket
2:33am blingbling911: Last night I was in your room
2:32am ungod: yes
2:31am blingbling911: He's the site pro
2:30am ungod: dingdingding123
2:30am Veruz: Gl Hank, I'm 2x starting stack or so in the 7.5k now. Are you interested in doing the 5.50 1k that started an hour ago on the side? 1 tabling is rough lol
2:29am blingbling911: who is on the Betcoin pro team
2:29am hamrhank666: gt it right
2:29am blingbling911: plo8
2:29am blingbling911: Hello
2:29am hamrhank666: 1st
2:25am blingbling911: In what
2:25am nitw1t: how long to withdraw? I place my withdrawl request 8 hours ago... still "pending"...
2:24am plo8monster: hank sitting 2nd place
2:20am ungod: he ded
2:20am blingbling911: TID
2:20am blingbling911: How's scot
2:20am plo8monster: final tbl
2:19am blingbling911: Yes cloudbet
2:18am ungod: somebody take his financial aid?
2:18am blingbling911: Jonny is busted
2:18am blingbling911: Where's Jenna's titz at
2:15am ungod: we miss jonny
2:12am ungod: plo8 is jonny still banned from main chat? ive seen him in the forums but not in the box
2:11am ungod: you didnt really block me michigan, you woulda been done that lol
2:07am ungod: + pocketbook
2:07am ungod: ungod buy you tampon
2:06am ungod: aaww cmon dont be a pussy
2:06am michigan1: Ok ungod is now blocked i cant have negative crackheads in my chat any longer i wont see it from now on
2:05am ungod: what you worried about it for michigan? you aint got no money
2:04am ungod: nothings ever fixed for good at betcoin lol, look at the chatbox
2:04am michigan1: what hyper?
2:03am plo8monster: ITM hyper !!! yawatching Hank ??
2:02am plo8monster: no DC until ticket system is restored .... and for tickets owed ... i posted in forum ..... guys im really sorry about all this truly does suck .. I hope they will be able to get it restored soon ,,,, let me explain what my best understanding of it is... when poker updates happen whether for WPN or igsoft updates ...some how each time it effects the ticket system ... when we designed the ticket system, Chris and Mike built a special loop that is(betcoinonly) for the tickets ....these vendor type updates somehow crash our ticket system .. it happens with practically every update .. But i do believe this will be fixed for good now they know what is causing it
2:01am Sevarious: hank
1:58am ungod: hes in 43rd
1:58am ungod: ill throw in 35 cents
1:57am ungod: sounds like a worthy cause
1:57am blingbling911: No
1:57am ungod: damn blings a savage
1:57am blingbling911: Hang yoself
1:56am enoo: the link is not there
1:56am enoo: no one can buy in directly
1:56am blingbling911: kill yoself
1:56am ungod: how many people you think would buy in direct like 3?
1:56am ungod: lol
1:56am blingbling911: Veruz
1:55am blingbling911: directly
1:55am blingbling911: People can buyin
1:55am ungod: cuz theyre too dumb to fix automated ticket system in a week
1:55am blingbling911: Why they cancel daily
1:54am ungod: :O
1:54am blingbling911: Ungod kill yourself
1:54am ungod: deez nuts
1:54am blingbling911: Which Nikkas are on it
1:53am blingbling911: There's a Betcoin pro team?!?!?
1:48am ungod: im 14 1/2
1:46am enoo: TIL ungod is 12
1:46am ungod: they also explain how to find it at
1:45am enoo: sure buddy
1:45am ungod: you have to press alt+f4
1:45am enoo: really? because it doesnt appear on the tourney tab
1:43am Sevarious: Hank here?
1:42am ungod: nah its running
1:40am enoo: is the daily coin cancelled?
1:40am ungod: ^^ +1
1:40am Sevarious: Fuck hank
1:40am BEPA: hello
1:39am BEPA: hello
1:39am Veruz: Hank are you interested in doing the 5.50 2k on the side or even the 3.30 150? 1 tabling is rufffff lol
1:34am Shahista: tourney ID: 34442
1:34am Shahista: 34442*
1:33am ungod: never
1:33am Shahista: plo i still waiting S1 tikky for winning freeroll id: 34443
1:32am Shahista: hey plo when will steps work again
1:23am ungod: kill yourself michigan
1:23am ungod: lol
1:23am michigan1: Im fkin out im never askin hank for a stake again he is to nice
1:21am Sevarious: Half my chips right away
1:21am Sevarious: I lost flush king to Flash ace
1:20am StareYouDown: Isnortbooze is streaming live the $215 40k tune in for GIVEAWAY of up to 1.1 bitcoin!
1:20am michigan1: AQ diamonds caught a ace on flop and they fkin hit three 10s
1:20am Sevarious: Dude I'm not doing well either
1:20am michigan1: litterally down to 440 chips fml
1:19am michigan1: Called a allin with AQ diamonds and they had k10 and caught trip 10s
1:19am michigan1: wow hank i fkin suck man never stake me again
1:12am IBZENIAN: Hello there!
1:11am urubu615: Jessica
1:09am ungod: along with table starter and vip freerolls
1:09am ungod: yes
1:09am BigRyan421: is daily coin gone for good?
1:08am ungod: ft 1000plo8
1:07am hamrhank666: ok
1:07am Sevarious: 2 Js going
1:06am isnortbooze: I am live streaming the 40k guaranteed at and doing a giveaway for betcoin players!
1:06am Sevarious: Already folded
1:06am hamrhank666: doit
1:06am Sevarious: n0
1:05am Sevarious: 2 9s?
1:05am Sevarious: bs I go Allin of these nines?
1:05am hamrhank666: im watchin
1:02am Sevarious: Unbelievable is hank here
1:01am Sevarious: me
1:01am Sevarious: Fuck yeah didn't even tell me love me before he fucked
1:01am ungod: did he teabag you after the KO?
1:01am Sevarious: Can't believe it
1:01am Sevarious: ......
12:55am Sevarious: Dammit just lost flush King to flush ac3
12:40am Sevarious: Someone has my name already in twich.. What the hell? ha
12:39am hamrhank666: i know
12:39am Veruz: Hank just a reminder my table name is TheLionsMakeMeSad, I'm registered. Lets TID
12:39am Sevarious: I'm gonna watch. Isnortbooze's twitch tonight
12:36am plo8monster: chattest
12:32am hamrhank666: testing
12:32am plo8monster: what hank ?
12:31am hamrhank666: 4k plo8 trny tonite
12:31am ungod: this dudes name on wpn if jewcifer lmao
12:31am hamrhank666: anbody wanna split 4 plo8 trny with me 22 hips
12:29am hamrhank666: need more players 10 25 plo8 cash game
12:19am urubu615: Plo8 is management around like disappeared on me mid convo
12:17am plo8monster: yes
12:17am hamrhank666: u playn plo8 770 plo8
12:17am plo8monster: always ... expecially when i first log in for theday
12:17am Sevarious: Busy man
12:16am plo8monster: i havent beentweeting past few days while dailycoin is not running
12:15am Sevarious: pl08= infinite retweets
12:15am hamrhank666: i mean has been
12:15am plo8monster: wazzzzz up hankypanky
12:14am hamrhank666: hello mr plo8
12:14am plo8monster: HS i will message for your w/d ..and let ya know what is reply .... very odd your w/d would take so long