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8:23am BigThangz: dam storm knocked out internet
5:53am Greekeazy: thanks randy
5:52am Support Randy: I put a ticket in for you.
5:46am Support Randy: yw, we are here for you :)
5:45am Greekeazy: noted and thanks again or for your time and help much appreciated
5:45am Support Randy: just saying, im not a sports wiz.... so i messaged a this to sprots team
5:44am Support Randy: but siri is not a formal verification
5:44am Greekeazy: thanks randy for confirming that for me just let me know if i need to put a ticket in happy holidays
5:43am Support Randy: it is one of those rare bets that gives ou ot and penalty for game totals so it is a live bet that actually grades after the game.... so it may be stuck .... im not a sports specialist however it looks good to me. oyu bet under 3.5 and siri says 2-1 was final score...
5:42am Greekeazy: nothing but love for the betcoin CS team
5:42am Greekeazy: just want to make sure im in no rush just want the grade corrected
5:41am Greekeazy: i think it was graded as a loss..?
5:41am Support Randy: yea, hmmm ok well it must be stuck
5:40am Greekeazy: 4 hrs
5:34am Support Randy: how long has game been over?
5:34am Support Randy: Messaged sports team to get that for you Greekeazy.... congrats!
5:27am Greekeazy: yo betcoin been waiting on this to get graded Ticket ID: X11V55QFB thank you happy holidays
4:05am Support Randy: SMG sorry for the delay. your ticket is replied to
3:48am SickMetaGame: okay time to will it around
3:47am SickMetaGame: slowest block ever..
3:36am SickMetaGame: i am laughing but it hurts
3:35am SickMetaGame: :D
3:35am SickMetaGame: one off last night, all off tonight
3:35am SickMetaGame: lol well shit
3:35am SickMetaGame: and not in a good way
3:35am SickMetaGame: smh haven't had a run like this in a while
12:41am EyeWonBTC: Jets did exactly what I figured. Helps your parlay
12:36am EyeWonBTC: thangz Step 6 was snipeable. 5 or 6 more got in last minute
11:44pm Betcoin: Hi Peyton unfortunately we cannot assist with any poker related inquiries. Please go to and use the live chat or support. Thank you.
11:07pm Peyton2016: Withdrawal time use to be in hours now up to 48 hours
11:06pm Peyton2016: And what happened to withdraws
11:06pm Peyton2016: Traffic is almost zero in poker
10:34pm BigThangz: plenty time to get more tickets
10:34pm BigThangz: over a ticket at this point
10:34pm BigThangz: id take that
10:34pm BigThangz: ya id that
10:31pm EyeWonBTC: was $1,750 extra when i played
10:29pm BigThangz: woot HOU td
10:28pm BigThangz: i will aim for cash in step 6 if like that last tourney lol
10:28pm EyeWonBTC: exactly4
10:28pm BigThangz: so if u don't cash -2650 off your winnings that u got in for free
10:27pm BigThangz: because im sure it will count the venom
10:27pm BigThangz: i agree
10:26pm EyeWonBTC: they should count these steps on sharkscope
10:25pm EyeWonBTC: definitely
10:25pm BigThangz: im sure i can find 1 that's snipeable
10:25pm BigThangz: ya got 7 months
10:24pm BigThangz: people may be allin or go home since its only top 3
10:24pm BigThangz: but ill watch a few see how they go
10:24pm EyeWonBTC: plenty of time to scope out Step 6, no rush to play
10:24pm BigThangz: ya im thinking 30-60 min into it
10:24pm EyeWonBTC: I only played 1 Step 6 when they had it on Sat. i got in half way though
10:23pm BigThangz: think may have to actually play some poker and enter early
10:23pm BigThangz: i don't have high hopes of those be great for snipes
10:23pm BigThangz: ill see if snipeable
10:22pm EyeWonBTC: Step 6 just started
10:22pm EyeWonBTC: i bagged it. was like 500 left
10:21pm BigThangz: was to focused on folding into step 6
10:21pm BigThangz: crap i missed the step 1
10:20pm EyeWonBTC: dont have any 4's
10:20pm BigThangz: hr late reg left
10:20pm BigThangz: step 4 is running
10:20pm EyeWonBTC: 2 - 6s for me
10:19pm EyeWonBTC: gotta do what you gotta do
10:19pm BigThangz: got 2 600s now
10:19pm BigThangz: gotta work off my 50s
10:19pm BigThangz: im outta 200s
10:19pm EyeWonBTC: #snipelife
10:19pm EyeWonBTC: hell yeah
10:18pm BigThangz: but 600 seat worth more then 120
10:18pm BigThangz: i woulda folded qq
10:18pm BigThangz: if it woulda been more then 120
10:18pm EyeWonBTC: lol
10:18pm BigThangz: bang bang eazy breezy
10:18pm EyeWonBTC: BOOM
9:55pm BigThangz: dang they moved me
9:55pm BigThangz: why wouldn't ya
9:43pm nevetshan: Sooooo, What yall think. Should I come back to betcoin poker?
9:40pm EyeWonBTC: gl
7:43pm BigThangz: already 1 dropped
7:42pm BigThangz: if don't end before llol
7:42pm BigThangz: step 5 should be great snipe
7:38pm EyeWonBTC: me too
7:35pm BigThangz: nice i passed on the step 3
7:30pm EyeWonBTC: S5 started
7:24pm BigThangz: xmas presents or coal
7:24pm BigThangz: went Texans bears hawks saints
7:23pm BigThangz: i need my parlay hit
7:22pm EyeWonBTC: Only 7 more months of Steps. lol
7:21pm EyeWonBTC: usually not fri - sun
7:21pm BigThangz: don't look to tastey atm
7:20pm EyeWonBTC: looking at it too
7:20pm BigThangz: lookin at this step 3 now
7:20pm BigThangz: hope they snipeable
7:19pm BigThangz: llol
7:14pm EyeWonBTC: 3 more needed for Step 5 and 6
7:07pm EyeWonBTC: got in S1 with less than a min. was like 350 left. sitting in 3rd. lol
7:06pm EyeWonBTC: get them steps
6:48pm BigThangz: its up now yo
5:52pm BigThangz: yep
4:41pm Apical90: poker= down?
2:41pm Apical90: poker?
12:54pm Support Randy: good luck at the tables!
12:54pm Support Randy: they may not have the answer you want to hear but at least you can ask a real person about it
12:53pm AcidFish: ah, now i see. thank you. didn't know about this
12:52pm Support Randy: that is the email bottom right of landing pge is a link to live support it is red in color chat with us button
12:51pm AcidFish: do you mean [email protected]?
12:49pm Support Randy: there is a link at bottom right of landing page for live support
12:49pm AcidFish: there's no chat like this there
12:48pm Support Randy: we no longer handle poker here at have you ask at this morning ?
12:48pm Support Randy: ahhh yes apparently it is taking longer than anticipated, sorry
12:47pm AcidFish: yeah
12:47pm Support Randy: the poker site?
12:46pm AcidFish: damn site is offline again. they say "few hours", which means few days
12:43am BigThangz: i hope so they were like -10000
12:37am SickMetaGame: two locks started already
12:37am SickMetaGame: celtics 42 points first quarter lol
11:54pm BigThangz: nba
11:53pm BigThangz: whats the lock tonite
11:19pm EyeWonBTC: im in the VIP system and earning points i can cash out for, from the Steps
11:04pm BigThangz: that paid top 3
11:04pm BigThangz: playing 50-200 hype 5 mans allday
11:04pm SickMetaGame: high rb always good
11:04pm BigThangz: it was awesome
11:04pm BigThangz: for tournys
11:04pm BigThangz: i used to have 50% on microgaming
11:04pm SickMetaGame: for grinder/per stake i mean
11:03pm SickMetaGame: that only cash 50% rb is really good obviously if there would be six tables worth of traffic
11:03pm SickMetaGame: improvement is new coins
11:03pm BigThangz: ya i think cash only
11:02pm SickMetaGame: that's correct isnt it
11:02pm SickMetaGame: yea but im saying you not getting tourney rb on betcoin at all
11:01pm BigThangz: he plays steps
11:01pm BigThangz: eyewon would know
11:01pm SickMetaGame: I am saying that I don't know what's the most recent
11:01pm BigThangz: eyewon is this true?
11:01pm SickMetaGame: maybe they do now though
11:01pm SickMetaGame: on other skins you would get yup
11:01pm SickMetaGame: BC doesn't pay tourney rb's
11:00pm BigThangz: u get rb from steps?
11:00pm SickMetaGame: or that VIP structure
11:00pm BigThangz: and nothing under
11:00pm SickMetaGame: you can opt for either regular 27% rb
11:00pm BigThangz: i see him in the 50s all the time
11:00pm BigThangz: except danny laruso
11:00pm SickMetaGame: some is paid yep in rb and well crush promos?
11:00pm BigThangz: i would assume most people in steps are from step 1 fro free
11:00pm BigThangz: didn't they pay most the rake they get back
10:59pm SickMetaGame: that number isn't even as much as I thought before
10:59pm SickMetaGame: oh and I was thinking if we count all the steps rake then actually
10:47pm BigThangz: ill take what is next week for 200 alex
10:47pm SickMetaGame: i am not the one you are looking for
10:47pm DOPEYSTICK: could ya shoot me a chip?
10:47pm DOPEYSTICK: smg
10:46pm SickMetaGame: just need wait when its fixed it would load up
10:46pm SickMetaGame: yea it will be up eventually
10:45pm EyeWonBTC: We would like to inform you that our server provider encountered a global affecting issue and due to that BetcoinPoker will be down for a few hours. Updates will be posted here and on Facebook/Twitter once we have more information.
10:31pm BigThangz: it should be up and running soon
10:31pm BigThangz: betcoinpoker is having problems atm
10:26pm Fontesbtc: good evening my betcoinpoker app is not opening how to solve this problem
10:25pm Fontesbtc: good evening my betcoinpoker app is not opening how to solve this problem
10:01pm EyeWonBTC: i don't think they look kindly on anything involving children.
9:56pm BigThangz: they don't care if u kill kids just don't molaste them?
9:56pm BigThangz: or is it just child pedos the fk with
9:55pm BigThangz: wont the prisoners fk him up since he fkd wit kids
9:55pm EyeWonBTC: They bashed his head into the urinal and sink
9:54pm EyeWonBTC: Someone should dispose of him in prison like Dahmer
9:52pm BigThangz: that dude was shitting balls when he say the vid
9:38pm EyeWonBTC: They'll be lining up
9:38pm EyeWonBTC: He's gonna get mad free dick in prison
9:35pm BigThangz: lol
9:27pm EyeWonBTC: FBI accuse Watts' 'gay lover' of lying and being a prostitute
9:07pm BigThangz: u see this vid yet of this moron getting caught loading the bodies in his truck
9:07pm BigThangz: LMAO
9:04pm BigThangz: still seems shady to run for 1 milly and just ccancel 1 mill and change peeps tickets to a turny 7 mnth later
9:03pm BigThangz: and they paid cash for tickets
9:02pm BigThangz: i stacked up tickets then America got band from party before tourney went off
9:02pm BigThangz: ran multis every saturday
9:02pm BigThangz: party poker tried this years ago for the 1st milly
9:01pm BigThangz: so they need to run steps for 7 months to fill a 5 milly
9:01pm SickMetaGame: and all steps say its fo 5m
9:00pm SickMetaGame: i mean only one
9:00pm SickMetaGame: it looked like only 5m ones left
9:00pm SickMetaGame: Yea I agree with that, I went and checked after I said it
9:00pm EyeWonBTC: I'm pretty sure the $1M Venom is gone for good. My Venom ticket only shows the $5M tourney
9:00pm BigThangz: close 12-1:30 for lunch
8:59pm SickMetaGame: monday til friday
8:59pm BigThangz: pretty sure its denal office hrs mon-thrus 10-4
8:59pm SickMetaGame: :)
8:59pm BigThangz: 9-5 lol
8:59pm BigThangz: i was hopin to cross the 30 ticket mark today
8:59pm SickMetaGame: you didn't know that online poker site is a 9-5 operation?
8:58pm BigThangz: so could be one of these week things like before
8:58pm SickMetaGame: weekend time party shots
8:58pm SickMetaGame: they counting last 120 seconds to rush out from the office
8:58pm BigThangz: on fb they say its not there end
8:58pm SickMetaGame: check back Monday
8:58pm SickMetaGame: who got time to fix it
8:58pm SickMetaGame: its friday
8:58pm BigThangz: i don't think poker be u p for awhile
8:57pm SickMetaGame: I am staking you in all Step 1's 60-40 my way until the Venom
8:57pm BigThangz: ya 99% me 1% u
8:57pm SickMetaGame: You forgot our staking agreements bros?
8:57pm EyeWonBTC: have to mull over that
8:57pm BigThangz: ill sell u a step 1 for 1 buk
8:57pm SickMetaGame: $1
8:57pm SickMetaGame: I am countering
8:56pm EyeWonBTC: $598 here
8:56pm BigThangz: id totally sell you a 600 step for 599
8:56pm SickMetaGame: write a letter to WPN on the tourney day ask for a ticket saying what's the difference in 310 or 311 tickets except some good graces
8:55pm BigThangz: i wish u could transfer tickets
8:55pm SickMetaGame: David put me in coach
8:54pm SickMetaGame: I will take a free stake
8:54pm BigThangz: all I see in the fine print is "the steps promo is offered to all players except smg"
8:53pm SickMetaGame: :D
8:53pm SickMetaGame: round it up to milli
8:53pm SickMetaGame: starts from about 840k+
8:53pm SickMetaGame: you don't know?
8:53pm SickMetaGame: its the old school milly
8:53pm SickMetaGame: you need to read the fine print
8:52pm BigThangz: if they are advertising milly for 1st im sure it will pay 1 milly
8:51pm BigThangz: ill just use the ole u don't wanna end up like tony do ya lol
8:51pm EyeWonBTC: lol
8:51pm BigThangz: well when I win I guess I might have to shake down phil for 200k
8:50pm EyeWonBTC: And it is never $1M
8:50pm EyeWonBTC: shows*
8:50pm EyeWonBTC: But if you look at the tournament it shos the payouts
8:49pm BigThangz: $5 Million guaranteed, $1 million for first place!
8:48pm EyeWonBTC: I know. I read it at ACR too
8:47pm BigThangz: on the facebook it said 1 milly gtd
8:44pm EyeWonBTC: If the $5M covers, first place will be $817,500. There is no $1M guaranteed
8:30pm SickMetaGame: SMG The WPN 5 Milli Champ
8:29pm SickMetaGame: lol
8:29pm BigThangz: if u build it they will come
8:29pm BigThangz: and see other tournys the temptation will set in
8:29pm BigThangz: sure they will after they play awhile
8:27pm BigThangz: 1milly gtd for 1st
8:27pm BigThangz: but some have to be fresh
8:27pm SickMetaGame: The best marketing move would be let SickMetaGame win this 5 milli gtd Venom and I guarantee at least 1 billion people would hear about it.
8:26pm BigThangz: granted im sure some have just doubled accounted up
8:26pm BigThangz: now they get like 1300
8:26pm BigThangz: the step 1 used to have like 700 800
8:25pm BigThangz: to play other tournys or cash
8:25pm BigThangz: and then depo eventually
8:25pm BigThangz: people will come for the free step 1s
8:25pm SickMetaGame: :)
8:25pm SickMetaGame: back office wins this one
8:25pm SickMetaGame: I am sure they will make back for it
8:25pm SickMetaGame: if they happen to reduce the amount of freerolls as it looks closer probably looking at like $350-500k minus from the free tickets after making some back on rake.
8:24pm BigThangz: and bring new money to site
8:24pm SickMetaGame: like from 4 to 8 then 12 and stay like that
8:24pm BigThangz: a 5 million tourney will draw crowd
8:24pm BigThangz: im sure they look at is as a marketing expenses
8:24pm SickMetaGame: that's not considering these steps might get reduced as time gets closer as well like you said
8:24pm BigThangz: they will make up for it
8:23pm SickMetaGame: but its still more than WPN is going to rake from the tourney though
8:22pm SickMetaGame: every week that structure wasn't working
8:21pm SickMetaGame: well with this tourney being 5 milli gtd that's giving away 18% in seats that's not even that much.
8:20pm SickMetaGame: and step 1 did appear in the list like you said
8:13pm BigThangz: hope I can get on before snipe ends
8:11pm EyeWonBTC: Step 4 started
7:49pm SickMetaGame: "Ven, who?"
7:49pm SickMetaGame: "Ven"
7:49pm SickMetaGame: "who's there?"
7:49pm SickMetaGame: "knock knock"
7:49pm SickMetaGame: lol
7:49pm BigThangz: I will knock on phil naggys door if I have to
7:47pm SickMetaGame: oh its tomorrow thought we Saturday already
7:47pm SickMetaGame: what's up with that
7:47pm SickMetaGame: Didn't know they have NFL today
7:46pm SickMetaGame: might get alternative to play some other 2700 buy in game if they run BOSS events or something that probably best there, lol I would not hold my breath for "getting them paid"
7:46pm SickMetaGame: wait next six months to play again
7:45pm SickMetaGame: unless you fire them all in multi-bullets aint nothing going to happen to them
7:44pm BigThangz: cause by july hits ill have dozens of entrys
7:44pm BigThangz: I wanna knw what happens to all the extra tickets
7:43pm BigThangz: getting while they free
7:43pm BigThangz: that's why I started stackin
7:43pm SickMetaGame: yea lol if it was 2 hours then that would be double
7:43pm BigThangz: im sure it will change to 4 a day then even out to 1 or a 0 a day lol
7:42pm SickMetaGame: 199 days in july + whatever that date actually is don't think its first? $891,834 bucks in free seats.
7:42pm BigThangz: they used to be every 2 hr
7:42pm BigThangz: im sure they will start lowering how many freerolls they do
7:42pm SickMetaGame: 678 seats = 4,481.58 per day
7:41pm SickMetaGame: let me do new match
7:41pm SickMetaGame: well like I said I might have used wrong number
7:41pm BigThangz: 113 u mean
7:41pm SickMetaGame: yeah that's what I am saying its from freerolls
7:41pm SickMetaGame: 116 x 6 x 6.61 = 4600.56
7:41pm BigThangz: they run 6 freerolls a day
7:40pm SickMetaGame: still 4 mils to fill at least its not full pool lol
7:40pm SickMetaGame: anyway like 920k in seats
7:40pm SickMetaGame: but I might have used wrong amount of seats I took 116 but maybe it was 113
7:39pm SickMetaGame: 6 times per day, $4,600 in step tickets from freerolls
7:38pm SickMetaGame: WPN is looking at giving out $1,000,000 in freeroll entries into the Venom
7:38pm SickMetaGame: At this rate
7:37pm BigThangz: but the tourney still ran lol
7:37pm BigThangz: won ticket then bc poker went down
7:37pm BigThangz: today
7:37pm SickMetaGame: that means 6 of them per day
7:37pm BigThangz: I played the 6am
7:37pm SickMetaGame: so once every 4 hours
7:37pm SickMetaGame: we will see
7:36pm SickMetaGame: it should appear in 24 mins
7:36pm BigThangz: 24 min should pop up
7:36pm SickMetaGame: well by this math
7:36pm BigThangz: in the lobby
7:36pm SickMetaGame: oh wait I am hour ahead lol
7:36pm BigThangz: ya it u wpnt see step 1 til 3pm est
7:36pm SickMetaGame: its 3:36
7:36pm SickMetaGame: yeah well there is no game listed
7:36pm BigThangz: 5m est sniptime
7:36pm BigThangz: 4pm est
7:36pm SickMetaGame: so what's that ET
7:36pm BigThangz: next on is 1pm my time zone 2pm snipetime
7:35pm BigThangz: and they only run every 4 hrs
7:35pm BigThangz: the freeroll ste p 1 don't pop up until 1hr before start
7:30pm SickMetaGame: lol imagine if you have just 1 game in July and freerolls to get into it, by the time July comes you have given out a guaranteed amount in tickets? So paying for the game anyway out of the pocket, might have just as well run it without satellites.
7:30pm SickMetaGame: That freeroll step can't run so often, some yeah for promo so micro/lower stake recreational have a shot at getting into the game is alright but if you just feed freerolls every couple hours thing isn't going to work out.
7:28pm SickMetaGame: This way it might be possible that this will turn out to be a real game.
7:28pm SickMetaGame: Well at least that makes sense
7:27pm SickMetaGame: There's no more freeroll steps though
7:26pm SickMetaGame: nvm I am checking those steps on ACR it would appear like it is the case
7:25pm SickMetaGame: or glitches as it sounds BC skin not working
7:25pm SickMetaGame: not that they took it off
7:25pm SickMetaGame: If there's some updates then most likely that weekly Venom just not listed back as yet
6:40pm BigThangz: oh
6:40pm EyeWonBTC: im on ACR
6:39pm BigThangz: but if u check step 6 it shows seats for the venom 5 milly
6:39pm EyeWonBTC: only see the 5
6:39pm BigThangz: unless they add the 1 milly back
6:39pm BigThangz: but its 5 milly
6:39pm BigThangz: and ya I think the next venom is july
6:39pm BigThangz: my still wont open
6:38pm BigThangz: can u get on poker
6:38pm EyeWonBTC: Snipe time 2 hours and counting
6:38pm EyeWonBTC: its running
6:38pm EyeWonBTC: 1 more
6:38pm EyeWonBTC: Only 2 more needed for Step 5 to run
6:38pm Betcoin: Hello Greekeazy, if you are still waiting for the deposit, please fill out a ticket so we can have a look. There should be no issues.
6:36pm EyeWonBTC: The $5M Venom will probably have 2 days late reg, lol
6:33pm SickMetaGame: if you have more than 1 confirm then it might be delayed, might want to create a ticket then
6:33pm Greekeazy: Hey betcoin been waiting on deposit.. is deposit down ?
6:33pm SickMetaGame: at least if we get a quiz what's Nagy's favorite movie of 2018 then we have the answer
6:32pm SickMetaGame: ;D
6:29pm EyeWonBTC: then they can pay me the $2,650 lol
6:27pm SickMetaGame: Venom is most likely looking at a discontinuation before it even kicks off
6:27pm EyeWonBTC: Guess i have to wait to use my 1 Venomticket
6:26pm SickMetaGame: well majority of them
6:26pm SickMetaGame: so players would have to buy into at least first step
6:26pm SickMetaGame: Should have had just a few freerolls
6:26pm SickMetaGame: and then you get a few high rollers who don't have time to grind low steps, buy in half way. But this will always guarantee overlay in the main tournament, even when it covers.... because you have let $500,000k of buy ins freeroll into it lol
6:25pm SickMetaGame: If you just have freerolls every 2 hours, player stop buying in and just freeroll... especially the ones who know how to play poker lol because winning first seat too ez.
6:25pm SickMetaGame: but your main entries should be coming from players putting in micro satellite buy ins and grinding up their way.
6:24pm SickMetaGame: You should have some freerolls to get step 1 tickets
6:24pm SickMetaGame: but where did they go wrong? Creating too many freerolls for it.
6:24pm SickMetaGame: WPN had a right idea with the steps
6:24pm SickMetaGame: originals that didn't have stupid step structure.
6:24pm EyeWonBTC: yeah those for sure
6:24pm SickMetaGame: I am talking about the first 530 ones
6:24pm SickMetaGame: well not that one
6:24pm SickMetaGame: at least one
6:24pm EyeWonBTC: Not the $2.5k one
6:23pm SickMetaGame: They have
6:23pm EyeWonBTC: They haven't ever covered the $1M
6:23pm SickMetaGame: "Let's create all bunch of freerolls to get into it!"
6:23pm SickMetaGame: "How to make sure we will never cover a 1M GTD tourney by WPN"
6:20pm EyeWonBTC: So there is no more $1M Venom and the $5M Venom won't run until July?
6:12pm SickMetaGame: How do you teach sarcasm to a robot?
6:11pm SickMetaGame: on that note, he could have been fined, I might have simply not heard about that part.
6:09pm SickMetaGame: I can't remember how it pan out, exactly, did he get snitched on or just confessed himself later but not that they did him anything got a warning like a nikka
6:08pm SickMetaGame: to get dismissed and go home
6:07pm SickMetaGame: call in a threat too
6:07pm SickMetaGame: Most likely some dumb kid though, I remember from my school days we had one who didn't care lol
6:07pm SickMetaGame: Not sure, didn't dive more into details. Saw a quick title update.
6:01pm BigThangz: did they catch the caller
5:23pm SickMetaGame: I am thinking who the fuck would decided to bomb elementary school in the first place, you have to be a real god forsake schlong sucker. Calling in a fake threat is even worse.
5:23pm SickMetaGame: elementary school
5:22pm SickMetaGame: sixth anniversary since shooting, let's send them a bomb threat.
5:22pm SickMetaGame: somebody decided to call in a bomb threat to Sandy Hook
5:22pm BigThangz: lol
5:22pm SickMetaGame: Smh
5:17pm SickMetaGame: sounds like some philippines basketball association team
5:17pm SickMetaGame: lol
4:06pm BigThangz: woot Taiwan beer lost
3:48pm BigThangz: google is a headache
3:34pm SickMetaGame: Google almost as fast as Betcoin David
3:34pm SickMetaGame: ten minute rant :D
3:32pm SickMetaGame: took under an hour
3:32pm SickMetaGame: Well at least Google's support working fast lol just got PW reset link
3:28pm SickMetaGame: Haven't had to type in passwords in forever since they did this always logged in shit for two accounts
3:27pm SickMetaGame: in safari still lol.. it logged me out of PC
3:27pm SickMetaGame: I am logged in on phone....
3:25pm SickMetaGame: after I submit that shit it said response in 1-3 hours... that's one of the worst lost password request options ever though.
3:25pm SickMetaGame: I don't have a clue when I created it
3:25pm SickMetaGame: I can't get in... forgot password options asked for last pass you remember and when account created
3:24pm SickMetaGame: its saying its not though so
3:24pm SickMetaGame: I am pretty sure this is my password
3:24pm BigThangz: u don't have your log in ifno
3:24pm SickMetaGame: 1-3 hours
3:24pm SickMetaGame: submitted request to help me like a PC newb
3:24pm SickMetaGame: this blows
3:24pm SickMetaGame: Got niggered :/
3:24pm SickMetaGame: blasphemy
3:23pm BigThangz: mine seems to stayed loged in
3:21pm SickMetaGame: might be just some new encryption thing anyway can't get back into account now...
3:20pm SickMetaGame: in the policies which auto-logged out accounts
3:20pm SickMetaGame: not sure when this hearing, but something was changed last night
3:19pm BigThangz: didn't that happen awhile ago
3:18pm SickMetaGame: such bullshit
3:18pm SickMetaGame: now logged out of second one and password not working like what the fuck is this shit
3:18pm SickMetaGame: been logged into both of my accounts for half a year
3:18pm SickMetaGame: looks like Google had to redo some policy bullshit after congress hearing
3:18pm SickMetaGame: well unreal
3:03pm BigThangz: pker lobby down again but the game in still playing wtf lol
2:43pm SickMetaGame: its even more +135...
2:41pm SickMetaGame: ....
2:41pm SickMetaGame: ez +110 on Portland
2:41pm SickMetaGame: sigh...
2:41pm SickMetaGame: lmfao what a shroop......... looked at injury reports Kawhi most likely out with hip and was like that's raptors lock thinking he playing for Portland... what the fuck nikka
2:01pm SickMetaGame: Might want to skip back-alley shortcuts!
2:01pm SickMetaGame: :D
2:01pm SickMetaGame: If lixogram decides to hit over 20.63 parlay before the weekend is out, then you better watch your back nikka.
1:53pm SickMetaGame: None on the chips end, so nothing to rush.
1:53pm SickMetaGame: I have withdrawals too, drugs withdrawals!
11:29am Peyton2016: Damn betcoin make my withdraw happen
11:28am Peyton2016: Poker is down
8:23am StuUngar: I know, but I cant running poker software about 2 hours
8:00am Support Randy: poker is no longer at it has it's own domain at
8:00am Support Randy:
7:59am StuUngar: Can you start poker software?
6:21am Peyton2016: Somebody push my withdrawal through..
4:54am Princessccxo: hi any one feeling giving :}
4:34am BigThangz: chargers got balls going for duece
4:33am BigThangz: what a finsish
2:40am SickMetaGame: to get on this dallas minus train
2:40am SickMetaGame: maybe a miracle timing
2:09am BigThangz: it will be worth it when I got 10 buyins to fire at 5m illy
2:07am SickMetaGame: plenty of steps
2:05am BigThangz: not realy a grind when you snipe and dub up and fold in or lose and go hoem lol
2:02am SickMetaGame: Trill style
2:02am SickMetaGame: need dem easy millies
2:02am SickMetaGame: oh sure wanna but grindin dem steps I dont know
1:32am BigThangz: u don't wanna a million
1:19am SickMetaGame: You paying your light bills with Venom step tickets now
12:01am BigThangz: 5 milly or bust
12:01am BigThangz: im here collecting tickets like a toll booth
11:24pm hamrhank666: anyboy f here
11:06pm hamrhank666: hidyho
6:01am DOPEYSTICK: polo you still here or no?
6:00am DOPEYSTICK: itlll pass eventuallly
6:00am DOPEYSTICK: ya
5:58am BigThangz: that's an early start
5:58am BigThangz: dang
5:58am DOPEYSTICK: got to work in 4 hrs meh "mehhh"
5:57am DOPEYSTICK: lolz
5:57am BigThangz: marco
5:57am DOPEYSTICK: yo polo
5:55am DOPEYSTICK: loud n clear
5:55am polo514: test
5:54am polo514: yo
3:51am BigThangz: phew it open
3:37am BigThangz: great the reg button fkd up again
3:32am hamrhank666: bllohoho
3:31am hamrhank666: hidyho
3:29am BigThangz: hello tiki
3:29am BigThangz: bang bang another ticket added to the pile
3:11am xxlx2014: hi
1:53am BigThangz: I might take san diego
1:45am SickMetaGame: Which could be your locks if the price is right!
1:45am SickMetaGame: and I got all the locks
1:45am SickMetaGame: I am from the future
11:34pm BigThangz: yohoho
10:37pm hamrhank666: is this a communists site
10:32pm hamrhank666: anybody here
10:24pm hamrhank666: plo8 why u come in chat hen i leave
10:23pm hamrhank666: wtf
8:57pm BigThangz: it takes like 2 min for tab to open
8:55pm runrrunr: Yes thangz. I click and nothing.
8:53pm kkeljoon: send direct message to me
8:53pm kkeljoon: hamed__teimouri is my username on instagram
8:53pm kkeljoon: please contact me
8:53pm kkeljoon: and share winings
8:52pm kkeljoon: can any one help me to play
8:52pm kkeljoon: they don't have any strategy
8:52pm kkeljoon: but I am amature too
8:52pm kkeljoon: I am in a local poker website which most of players are amature
8:51pm kkeljoon: is there anyone who is very good at poker?
8:51pm kkeljoon: hi fiends
8:21pm BigThangz: anyone having issues with the reg button on tournys
7:05pm BigThangz: your bush league
6:17pm SickMetaGame: I thought I was good at parlaying until lixogram came around
5:24pm BigThangz: 40 min snipe oclock
5:23pm BigThangz: almost time to put in some work for july