Awareness in electronic sports has become quite extensive with it fan base reaching the upwards of 300 million people.

    by Betcoin on May 19th, 2017

    Awareness in electronic sports has become quite extensive with it fan base reaching the upwards of 300 million people. If you remember then a few weeks ago we did visit a topic about virtual gold rush, in which celebrities are investing into current e-Sports market and teams. As you have become familiar with their background and which teams they are vested in, then lets focus on why they are doing this in the first place. We are going to give you a little hindsight into why are celebrities taking their money and investing it alongside with their time into development of the virtual sports industry.

    Big Spectators Base Means Big Revenue

    Avid professional basketball supporters were seeking for the answers after their beloved NBA franchise, known as Philadelphia 76rs, took an executive decision of taking stakes in two of the popular e-Sports teams. CEO spoke out that the incentive behind this move was the simple fact of how popular virtual sports are in the current entertainment sector, which results in enormous potential to generate a stream of revenue by marketing teams, even if the matches are played in the virtual environment, to the actual real world audience.

    You can purchase your favorite athlete jersey and wear it in support, while railing him in the middle of playoffs game 7. Same type of mentality is spreading across the fans of virtual sports, who do not hold anything back when it comes to supporting their favorite players, turning merchandise sales into one of the most lucrative ways for revenue generation.

    Trends Shift With New Generations

    Humans are one progressive race, at least we think that we are and sometimes try to actually be one. We can notice how each new generation has slightly, and sometimes vastly, different views or things that interest them in general. This creates an environment in which kids who have grown up spending majority of their time behind the gaming consoles and computers, are likelier to prefer spectating these type of athletes to compete between each other, rather than the ones doing so in physical sports which might be more of a interest to the people who were brought up in the middle of that.

    This statement should not be considered as every person who likes video games is not into sports but rather how they are more likely to be interested to rail virtual sports. We can notice big trend in current gaming community supporting their favorite gamers. One of the best examples is the popularity of a streaming platform, known as Twitch. Users have the options of sending donations to their favorite players and subscribing to their channels by paying a monthly fee.

    Entertainment behemoths have noticed the potential of electronic sports industry and started allocating their time and resources into the development of this sector in order to reap bigger profits in the future. We here at bring you the best bitcoin sportsbook to place all of your e-Sports wagers at and you can find all of the major virtual sports events in our easy-to-use betting interface. We hope that you have enjoyed reading our article about why people are investing into the e-Sports industry. Do you have a favorite virtual sports team and do you enjoy spectating e-Sports events? Have you ever purchased any of their merchandise? We are looking forward to your comments below!

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    Mentat: The actual act of gamers
    Fri, 05/19/2017 - 15:29

    The actual act of gamers participating in the competition coupled with the fans watching the games definitely creates a heart pounding environment and yes, I agree, there is a dramatic amount of money to be made by participating in these spectrums on both sides of the table. With the input of money, a whole other element of euphoria is introduced to both participants and spectators... but mainly the former. This element fosters an environment very similar to poker, which certainly would lose a great deal of steam absent of that catalyst. With it, you will notice a multi billion dollar industry developing in a way that does not affect people quite the same as traditional full contact sports. Hopefully gamers can find a somewhat healthy balance between the need to compete and the reality that this can cause a host of side effects that make functioning in the present a tough proposition. I definitely believe this is worth investing into... though I find the speciation to not have as much potential as depicted. It would appear, however, that those types of groups are being created by market makers in a way similar to non professional sports players eventually becoming non participants as the gap between average people and others becomes too great.

    Mentat: Edit*
    Fri, 05/19/2017 - 15:33


    I noted that euphoria is mainly felt by participants and not spectators, but I underestimated (or forgot) the religious like fervor that groups engage in at public sports competitions. I suppose it's a mix of narcissism and outright "feel good" ......

    Blindme: Feel old when it comes to
    Fri, 05/19/2017 - 17:57

    Feel old when it comes to this esport stuff,closest I can relate is counterstrike and have been looking for a site that explains the sites and who to bet on for a well now.

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