NFL Divisional Playoffs are here, enter for a chance to win .5 chip bonus

    by BigThangz on January 11th, 2018

    Its the best time of the year, NFL Playoffs does it get any better? 4 games this weekend and matchups are looking for some great games.

    Atlanta Falcons -3 vs Philadelphia Eagles
    Game 1 this weekend is Falcons vs Eagles and it takes place in Philly on Saturday at 4:35pm est. Falcons have the 20th ranked Offense and the 27th ranked Defense and finished the season at 10-6 overall and 3rd in the NFC South. Eagles have the 7th ranked Offense and 4th ranked Defense and finished the season at 13-3 overall and 1st in the NFC East, keep in mind the Eagles will be running with QB Foles and not Wentz. This Game could go either way, but after watching the Falcons last week it looks like they may be back on track, but I think Philly D is to tuff at home and Foles can do enough on the Offense end to get Philly points . Right now its pretty much even money bet on the spread with 60% on the Falcons. I'm gonna take the Home Field advantage and roll with Philly +3 on this one.

    Tennessee Titans vs New England Patriots -13.5
    Game 2 this weekend is Titans vs Patriots and yes this is really a Divisional Playoff game its not a typo the Titans are still alive, anyhow this game takes place on Saturday night at 5:15pm est in New England. Not that matters but the Titans have the 1st ranked Offense and 12th ranked Defense and finished the season at 9-7 overall and 2nd in the AFC South. The Patriots have the 2nd ranked Offense and 28th ranked Defense and finished the season at 13-3 overall and 1st in the AFC East. Mariota gonna have to throw more then 1 TD to himself this week if they wanna beat the Pats at home if you ask me. I'm taking the Pats -13 at home for sure on this one, 13 is a lot for a playoff game but it is Brady at home so ill ride with it. 77% of the money bet is on Pats -13. I just cant buy into this Titan Hype I think the run ends this week for them in New England.

    Jacksonville Jaguars vs Pittsburgh Steelers -7
    Game 3 this weekend is Jags vs Steelers and it takes place in Pittsburgh on Sunday at 1:05pm est. Jags have the 6th ranked Offense and 2nd ranked Defense and finished the season at 10-6 overall and 1st in the AFC South. The Steelers have the 4th ranked Offense and 5th ranked Defense and finished the season at 13-3 overall and 1st in the AFC North. I think the Jags have been playing very good football latley and I think this game could come down to who has the ball the last. So I think +7 should cover for the Jags even if they lose the game. The Steelers are 13-3 and at home with home field advantage but I dont the enough trust in them to cover -7 vs the Jagz. I may even take some Jagz Money Line for some extra juice also on this one and look to hedge it LIVE BETTING. 63% of the money bet is on Jagz +7 on the road and it is my pick on this one also.

    New Orleans Saints vs Minnesota Vikings -5
    Game 4 this weekend is Saints vs Vikings and it takes place in Minnesota on Sunday at 4:40 pm est. The Saints have the 3rd ranked Offense and 17th ranked Defense and finished the season at 11-5 overall and 1st in the NFC South. The Vikings have the 10th ranked Offense and 1st ranked Defense and finished the season at 13-3 and 1st in the NFC North. The Saints have been playing good football latley but they will be on the road this week. Right now its pretty much 50/50 on the money bet on this spread. When the Saints went to Minnesota in week 1 this yr they lost 19-29, im gonna roll with the Vikings -5 at home on this one. The Vikings have been playing overall good ball on both ends. I think out of all 4 games this weekend this is the toughest to bet so im gonna tread lightly on this game and hope for some good LIVE BETTING LINES.

    Recap Divisional Playoff Picks
    Eagles +3
    Patriots -13
    Jaguars +7
    Vikings -5

    What picks do you like this week and why? Leave your picks and reasons below and we will be giving away Two (2) .5 chips to the best picks and reasons. All picks must be in before game 1 kick off and winners will be annouced after the games are finished.

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    michigan1: Pats WIn superbowl !!!
    Thu, 01/11/2018 - 21:11


    alwiniecke: Saints +5. This game will
    Fri, 01/12/2018 - 03:41

    Saints +5. This game will come down to Saints offense vs. Vikings #2 ranked D. Although Case Keenum finished the season with the 2nd highest QB rating, I'm not buying his ability to consistently put up points in a playoff setting. They're 13-0 when rushing more than 30 times, and this will be the game plan, but the Saints D has been playing well and their secondary/pass rush will do enough to shut Case down. I like Drew Brees vs. the Viking's D for several reasons. Playoff experience - Minnesota's a bit young and raw on D. Sean Payton is familiar with Mike Zimmer's schemes from their time in Dallas and he'll be able to disguise their pass packages, especially out of the backfield, against Rhodes and the Vikings secondary. Although the weather will be cold and the home crowd rowdy, I like the Saints against this Vikings team.

    CntryBoy: I'm loving the Saints +5! NO
    Fri, 01/12/2018 - 12:17

    I'm loving the Saints +5! NO has been on a roll and they're defense has really stepped up over the last half of the season. I honestly think they win big hear and will be taking them on the ML as well. I'm also rolling with the Titans here +13.5. I don't think they win the game, but I think their defense keeps in within 2 TDs. Best of luck!

    Shahista: Stellar Analysis
    Fri, 01/12/2018 - 17:24

    What to say.... except I completely agree with everything in the article.
    Good Job.
    Ima copy all your picks

    Eagles +3
    Patriots -13
    Jaguars +7
    Vikings -5

    GL GL
    <3 Long live BETCOIN!!! <3

    inJESUSname: Going to win twice
    Sat, 01/13/2018 - 01:09

    Eagles patriots Steelers vikings

    nsinalis11: Picks
    Mon, 01/15/2018 - 18:25

    Jacksonville Jaguars vs Pittsburgh Steelers -7
    is the best ,lot of action , it represents the power and danger of the game! :) good luck to all

    BigThangz: congrats winners
    Tue, 01/16/2018 - 19:00

    winners for this week once again are inJesusname and Shahista, nice piks better luck next week for those who didn't win don't for get to try again this week...

    inJESUSname: Ha
    Wed, 01/17/2018 - 04:56

    What did I say....

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