Top Five (5) Reasons to Use Litecoin to Gamble (Casino Bonus for Comments!)

Litecoin remains a favorite method of deposit and withdrawal of our users and it is easy to see why.

by Betcoin on July 31st, 2018

One piece of feedback we are always asking our players is what new currencies should be accepted at Betcoin. Such was the case over 4 years ago when we became one of the first online casinos in history to accept Litecoin as a currency for our casino and sportsbook. Litecoin remains a favorite method of deposit and withdrawal of our users and it is easy to see why. Below we will explore the top five reasons to use Litecoin as to gamble.

1. Easy to Obtain
When someone makes his first venture into the crypto world, the first question is always the same: “How do I get some?” Litecoin is one of the easiest currencies to obtain, being available on almost every exchange worldwide. One of the 5 most popular cryptocurrencies, you can find Litecoin just about everywhere you can find Bitcoin. But unlike bitcoin, if you are on a budget you can still receive substantial quantities of Litecoin for your buck. Many new users to digital currency are put off by the fact that they can only afford tiny percentages of a Bitcoin, whereas the lower price of Litecoin allows them to more easily purchase an entire unit or more.

2. Faster Block Times and Lower Fees
Betcoin is happy to automatically credit all deposits as soon as 1 confirmation is received on the blockchain. The average block confirmation time for Bitcoin is 10 minutes, which can seem like forever when you are trying to get some gambling action. Litecoin transactions run around 4 times faster, with the average block confirmation being about 2.5 minutes. In addition, the fees for sending Litecoin are almost negligible, about €0.06 at the moment. Of course, the withdrawals are just as fast. The one thing gamblers hate the most is waiting to get paid and you never have to worry about that when using Litecoin withdrawals on!

3. Less Volatility than Other Currencies
The maximum market cap on Litecoin units is 4 times higher than Bitcoin. This is one of the big reasons that the fiat value on Litecoin is so much lower. But this is not necessarily a bad thing! Cryptocurrency can be extremely volatile with large swings in either direction at any given time. A 10% swing is considered major in any market, but the lower price of Litecoin allows those downswings to affect your bottom line in a much more manageable way.

4. Anonymous Transactions
Cryptocurrency has been around nearly 10 years now and one of the biggest selling points from day one was anonymity. Gambling is an industry where people have a large need for privacy, which is why it pairs so well with crypto. Litecoin gambling on offers its users these same privacies. No longer do players have to worry about their banks, government or spouses getting involved with their own personal transactions.

5. Earn Money While Winning Money
The best part about crypto in general is that it can be a great investment. Litecoin is up 86% in the last year alone, and there is no telling how high it can go. This means that when you are winning money in Betcoin Casino and Sportsbook, the money you are winning is actually earning on itself with no extra effort on your part!

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jadenelson: Etherium
Tue, 07/31/2018 - 20:20

Although I still use bitcoin often to play on, lately I have been using etherium. It has all the same benniffits as litecoin and bitcoin like fast transacrions, but I find it to be a little cheaper, and faster, and because it's value is less it seems to have less volitility in the market.

DanyMan428: Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
Wed, 08/01/2018 - 07:00

I came back today to after some time. I used to play a lot in the casino and on Dice here before. My favorite current gambling cryptocurrency is Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

Bitcoin Cash is the younger sibling of Bitcoin, striving to provide the same benefits but with a faster transaction time and without any congestion issues.

What are the benefits of using Bitcoin Cash?
- Faster than Bitcoin
- Just as easy and secure
- Increased network stability


cryptodude15: LTC and ETH
Sun, 08/05/2018 - 03:59

I love using LTC and ETH both get deposited fast both i think have great potential going forward as far as value. I have no reason to use any others at the moment.

yakuzza: Bitcoin
Sun, 08/05/2018 - 09:27

I use mostly Bitcoin, although I've used LTC and ETH as well. I know there are perks to use other coins but I guess I am loyal to Bitcoin out of habit now. I am too used to mbtc bets. Only discomfort I had so far was in December 2017 when fees were high and transaction time too slow.

SickMetaGame: The original...
Sun, 08/05/2018 - 13:20

Bitcoin is my go-to choice. Since segwit transaction costs have been reasonable, the network moves quickly and we haven't had any heavy congestions. I stick to BTC because of it being the easiest to trade for FIAT and vice versa.

When in need of a super-fast conf for that last minute bet then Ethereum blockchain delivers always.


xander8912: BTC
Sun, 08/05/2018 - 16:49

I must admit im quite old school in that i exclusively almost always use Bitcoin. Mainly because at any one time i know exactly what my BTC is worth top of my head, and can keep track of it easier that way. I also am finding all transactions extremely fast these days compared to previous years.

However i will mention that im currently branching out to Bitcoin Cash and am liking it very much. Will I exclusively switch to Bitcoin Cash? Time will tell.

REDSCARFACE: I will have to go with
Sun, 08/05/2018 - 20:16

I will have to go with bitcoin also. It just has a fast pace and is actually working great now. Also, Ethereum would be my next choice because of the fast confirmations. All in all I play with everything and keep track in coinomi.

ipath: Bitcoin
Mon, 08/06/2018 - 03:56

Bitcoin for gambling and there is no other coin that even comes close. There are so many reasons why but when it comes to gambling it is very simple and clear. Cash in hand same day anonymously. Sure depositing and withdrawing in bitcoin is a dream, but the real up side to gambling with bitcoin is knowing you can translate that into cold hard cash the same day. I've been using Betcoin for many years now and there have been many times where i have made small deposits, run it up and used the fast withdraw times to then sell it in person, through and exchange, at an ATM or trade it for an other fiat my heart desires. The ease of gambling with bitcoin has helped bitcoin become what it is today. Without bitcoin gambling we wouldn't even have betcoin in the first place.

yallredeknoo: Litecoin
Mon, 08/06/2018 - 12:26

Although I am a firm believer in Bitcoin, I think that Litecoin will ultimately be the main coin when it comes to gambling. It is considerably faster than Bitcoin, completing transactions in an average of 2.5 minutes, compared to the 10 minutes it takes to perform a similar operation in the latter. This is essential in the gambling world, as people want to confirm their deposits and cash out their withdraws "instantly". Litecoin also represents a cheaper option for people looking to perform transactions, with an almost zero transaction fee compared to Bitcoin. This is imperative for the smaller bettors as fees with Bitcoin can sometimes eat up a major portion of returns. Smaller fees are also good for the gambling ecosystem as books like Betcoin do not have to pay excessive withdraw fees when players decide to cash out. This savings will ultimately help Betcoin grow and give them the opportunity to invest that savings back into the website, software, and players in the form of promotions like this one!

Betcoin: Everyone's a winner!
Mon, 08/06/2018 - 13:42

Thanks to all players who participated in our 5 chip casino bonus giveaway. You have all received a 5 mBTC casino bonus for your participation. Good luck to all!

yallredeknoo: Betcoin: Everyone's a winner!
Mon, 08/06/2018 - 14:59

Hey Betcoin,

Thanks for giving out these bonuses! However, I do not see this credited to my account?

Betcoin: @yallredeknoo
Mon, 08/06/2018 - 15:28

We see it on your account, so it is there and ready to be played. Make sure you are on a desktop PC and if it doesn't show up, click refresh twice and it will appear. Good luck!

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