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Im looking for someone to invest .075 BTC {Currently $500 USD}. I will repay no more than 3 months from date of transaction sending back .1 BTC or the min. equivalent of $500 USD and that time if the price happens to fall.

This would be used for a bankroll towards Poker on Betcoins sister site (Winning Poker Network).

Im Gold status here with established rep. I am not liked by a lot of players here due to my lack of care towards people getting offended. But I am totally good for it and the mature players here will vouch for that.

Transfer Name: TrillMyWatch
*Will provide BTC addy if needed for that way

*Message me for Stake options a avail

Time is of the essence so please get fucked if you arent serious in assisting me here or plan on just commenting to be a Troll

Comment with questions or just send and I will contact you directly after

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SickMetaGame: ...
Tue, 10/09/2018 - 13:25

You should have left all bunch of nonsense out of your thread, Trill. I don't think we have a single player here who would vouch for you to be good on a 0.075 stake, especially with you claiming to repay it back no matter what happens to fluctuations when you haven't even played poker regularly for the past two and a half years. In other words, you are trying to sell a $500 lottery ticket but want to make it sound a sure deal which is wrong.

All I have seen you do for this year when you came back is to ask for 50 or 5 chips in Betcoin chat, that's not the way poker grinders do it. I am not sure why you haven't found yourself a job and play as much as you wish. It will put some actual value behind the chips, not pipe-dreaming it 24/7.

So in my opinion, one of the two things would happen here. You get $500 lose it in a night or two and out of five hunnit. Or you might run it up in a few days but because of your deadline, you will end up not shipping it back yet hoping to ride your poker-Jesus wave to win some more and still lose it all back.

Good luck in your search but I wouldn't go for it. It is my opinion, doesn't meant it would play out like this. If I had to make a bet that's what I would be putting it down on.

/Also gold status here doesn't prove any rep. It only shows that you have been around for a while, but nobody on this site should watch VIP status as an indicator of trustworthiness or credibility.


LetsGumbol: Bruh
Thu, 10/11/2018 - 20:02

I love how you are the one to comment on this. LUL.

TrillMyWatch: ....
Sun, 12/02/2018 - 20:08

I want to snap necks and cash checks

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