DailyCoin tickets from plo8monster

by plo8monster on April 27th, 2017

Recently i was lied to and gave a player a ticket. Now mind you, this was not first time but second time the player got me....
Fool me once, fool me twice .....well lets just say shame on me. I got in a hurry and took the player at his word.
It wont happen again, and I have given Betcoin my word that it wont.

I try to keep a current as possible with tickets, but i know i can make mistakes, so i took the player at his word. He had me convinced support sent him to me.

Thing is, there may be some collateral damage as i tighten the reigns. Dont get your feelings hurt if insist on verifying with support before issuing any outstanding tickets. It is not personal, it is my job.

It is a shame so few can effect so many, they poison the lake.

I will be especially vigilant about tickets. So be forewarned if you take over 24 hrs to contact me, then i will require support to verify the win before i can help.

These are the tickets i do handle:
1) My bounty for DailyCoin,
2) the steps 1, 2 and 3 all pay automatically ...but i do manually add a replacement tickets for odd man out.
3) the 5 chip r/a satellites.... the last one of day (but only the last one) i do manually pay out ......and if there is overage i make sure it gets paid to players in mBtc

If i miss a payout please contact me right away within 24 hrs,
you can also simply post in the zero2hero thread .... that way it is time stamped.

Im sorry it has come to this, but i must keep my word with Betcoin, When i say it wont happen again. I mean i will take every effort to verify .... So again i ask you not to be upset should this cause delays. It has become necessary.
Of course the best thing i can do, is make damn sure i dont miss anyone on a daily basis. In the past 2 years i have rarely missed sending tickets. Ill continue to do my best to prevent any outstanding tickets, but im human and i will miss someone, some where along the way, and it will be on you to contact me right away, or post in the zero2hero thread.

Thanks in advance for understanding

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StareYouDown: I hope his funds got locked
Thu, 04/27/2017 - 14:22

I hope his funds got locked in the account and we can just add it into the pool for the 250 freeroll weekly :)

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