We have now come so far that the officials in Dubai have made clear statements about working towards becoming the first blockchain government by 2020.

    by Betcoin on July 26th, 2017

    Not an argument that the full potential of the blockchain technology is far from being completely explored as yet but from the looks of it, mankind is on the right path. The fact that any government is working towards tapping into all of it is close to unbelievable if we think about the early days of the blockchain technology and how much shade it was dragging along with it due to all of the criminal activity associated with the anonymous digital currencies powered by the blockchain. We have now come so far that the officials in Dubai have made clear statements about working towards becoming the first blockchain government by 2020.

    Blockchain Technology Could Reduce Operational Costs by 75% For Dubai

    There are many beneficial reasons to why all of the governments should be looking into implementing blockchain technology in their daily routine but one of the most important ones is the massive reduction of operational costs,

    Blockchain City adviser for Dubai, Dan Frankel, states that the tamper-proof ledger technology is projected to bring up to 75% savings thanks to the elimination of the manual processing, errors, and re-working. There is no better way to gain public trust by giving them transparency in their government and the blockchain technology enables that and so much more.

    Government officials noted that another positive factor that the implementation of blockchain technology brings alongside with it is the new jobs for the public and private sector.

    Passport-Free Entry Into Dubai Powered By The Blockchain Technology - Digital Passports

    Becoming a full blockchain government does not mean that Dubai plans on moving all of their transactions into the tamper-proof ledger only but that they implement it wherever possible! One of the biggest steps towards becoming the first blockchain government is enabling entry through the arrival ports via blockchain-based digital passports.

    Dubai has partnered with the UK-based blockchain startup ObjectTech that will be developing digital passports system. Passengers will be registered into the country by pre-approved digitalized passport and they can walk off the plane straight to the baggage claim while eliminating the process of waiting in lines for entry to be manually approved by the officer.

    What are your thoughts about Dubai working towards becoming a full blockchain government by 2020? Do you think blockchain-based digital passports should be approved all across the globe or have something against that? We are looking forward to your comments below!

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    jramy: This is great news
    Wed, 07/26/2017 - 15:34

    This is great news implementing block chain technology into our daily lives for convenience sake is brilliant and definitely worth the effort. I would love to this take off global as well.
    Dubai will be the leader in showing how useful block chain technology really is and I expect many countires to follow suite if it becomes successful.

    jcmillionman: great news..
    Wed, 07/26/2017 - 17:20

    great news.. blockchain technology will soon govern all around the world. Thanks for the share betcoin!

    BigBadMan: Great news, but some reservations
    Thu, 07/27/2017 - 12:21

    fantastic that Dubai has embraced blockchain technology and transparency in government.

    However, I would have some reservations regarding digital passports allowing the bypassing of manual passport checks.
    terrorist/criminal groups could possibly manipulate this system by obtaining digital passports with false information.
    They may get caught time after time after time trying this, but they only need to succeed once and will know in advance if they are going to be allowed access with absolutely no risk to themselves.

    Hopefully there'll be enough checks and balances to counteract this & ensure there are no flaws in the passport servicing system..

    But for now.... NERVOUS at the prospect ??

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