Looking for a 24 hour Loan- Also looking to find those who scammed me

by pirate ace on January 1st, 2018

Hello any members out there may remember me from earlier this year and last year as I was betting heavy on our casino. We used to have a open box showing all the players who bet there and personal chat and this way i began to make friends here as people were messaging.

Over this time i loaned players that have never returned me the funds

dopeystick 800 chips

jonnyrocket 150 chips

rozay 100 chips

fresh start 50 chips

and bunch of others smaller amounts.

Today I am looking for a loan. I would like .01 or .02 btc i will send back 1.5 x the size by tomorrow evening

.01 for .015 or .02 for .03 return

here is my betcoin deposit addresss so i can get to dicing!


if anyone knows how to track the players i listed who owe me funds as well please let me know

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Mentat: i appreciate you taking the
Thu, 01/04/2018 - 22:53

i appreciate you taking the time to write this out and i found trying to understand it novel and amusing... however...

i failed

the deposit address was kinda lol tho...

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