MLB 2018 Playoffs Is Taking Place!

    by BigThangz on October 6th, 2018

    2018 MLB Playoffs
    The 2018 MLB Playoffs are taking place and Betcoin Sports has all the prematch options and the MOST LIVE INGAME options in the market! The Wild Card games are over that featured the New York Yankees vs Oakland A's. The Yankees beat the A's 7-3 to land them a spot vs the Boston Red Soxs. The other Wild Card game was Chicago Cubs vs Colorado Rockies. The Rockies won 2-1 to land them a spot vs the Milwaukee Brewers.
    Baseball is World Wide but for those of you not familiar with the MLB Playoff layout it goes like this.
    The Major League Baseball postseason is an elimination tournament held after the MLB regular season. As of 2012, the playoffs for each league American and National consist of a one-game wild-card playoff between two wild card teams, two best-of-five Division Series featuring the wild-card winner and the winner of each division, and finally the best-of-seven League Championship Series. The winners of the American League Championship Series (ALCS) and the National League Championship Series play each other in the best-of-seven World Series.

    Colorado Rockies vs Milwaukee Brewers
    The Rockies Finished the regular season with a 91-72 record. The Rockies had the 3rd best Batting Average in the NL with .256, the 2nd most runs with 780, the 3rd most Home Runs with 210, and the 12th best ERA of 4.33. The Brewers finished out the regular season with a 96-67 record. The Brewers had the 7th best Batting Average of the National League with .252, the 7th most Runs with 754, 2nd most Home Runs with 218, and the 4th best ERA f 3.73. The Brewers lead this Series 2-0.

    L.A. Dodgers vs Atlanta Braves
    The L.A. Dodgers finished the season with a 92-71 record. The Dodgers had the 8th best National League Batting Average of .250, 1st in Runs with 804, 1st in Home Runs with 235, and the best ERA of 3.38. The Braves finsihed out the regular season at 90-72. The Braves had the 2nd best Batting Average of .257, 5th in Runs with 759, 8th in Home Runs with 175, and the 5th ranked ERA of 3.75. The Dodgers lead this Series 2-0.

    Cleveland Indians vs Houston Astros
    The Indians had a 91-71 regular season record. The Indians had the 2nd best American League Batting Average of .259, 3rd in Runs with 818, 4th in Home Runs with 216, and 4th best ERA of 3.77. The Astros had a 103-59 regular season record. The Astros had the 4th best Batting Average of .255, 5th in Runs with 797, 7th in Home Runs with 205, and the best ERA of 3.11. The Astros lead this series 1-0.

    New York Yankees vs Boston Red Soxs
    The Yankees had a 100-62 regular season record. The Yankees had the 8th ranked Batting Average in the American League with .249, 2nd in Runs with 851, 1st in Home Runs with 267, and the 5th ranked ERA of 3.78. The Red Soxs had a 108-54 regular season record. The Red Soxs had the 1st ranked Batting Average of .268, 1st in Runs with 876, 6th in Home Runs with 208, and the 3rd ranked ERA of 3.75. The Red Soxs lead this series 1-0.

    What The Players Are Playing For
    The playoffs are the best time to get in on the action, players have something to play for, so they should be playing at their best. Here is what the players are playing for.
    How The Bonus Pool Is Determined
    There is a separate pool for each series – the Wild Card games, the Division Series, the League Championship Series, and the World Series. The players' bonus pool is funded with 60% of the gate receipts for each of the Wild Card games, the first three games of each Division Series, the first four games of each LCS and the first four games of the World Series; limiting the funding for the pool to these games, the minimum number in each series, removes incentive to extend the series for merely fiscal sake. The value of the gate is determined by the size of the venues, the amount of high-priced premium seating in the venues, the number of games played in the series and whether the games sell out. Ticket prices for each series are set by MLB, not the home teams, so they are relatively uniform across baseball.
    How Much The Winner And Loser Receives From Each Pool
    The World Series winner gets 36%, the World Series loser gets 24%, both League Championship Series losers get 12%, the four Division Series losers get 3.25%, and the two Wild Card playoff losers get 1.5%.
    How The Teams Share Their Prize Pool Cut
    The division of the team's share of the pool is voted upon by the players who have been on the team during the entire regular season, in a meeting chaired by their union representative. This meeting follows the trade deadline on July 31. Players who have been with the team for the full season automatically receive a full share. At the meeting, the full-season players vote on whether anyone else—including players who have not been with the team for the full season, coaches, and trainers—is to be granted a full share, less than a full share, a cash award, or no share. After the World Series, the pool of money is split according to the shares determined in the vote. There is no limit to the number of shares that may be granted, but a greater number of shares dilutes the value of each share, and consequently the amount each player is awarded.
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