The temple of the ancient sun god has lain undisturbed for millennia, but now your intrepid band of explorers have broken the seal and stand ready to brave the subterranean maze. But be prepared: Ra’s curse has been awoken and his reanimated army stands between you and the undiscovered treasures of Ancient Egypt.

    by Betcoin on November 16th, 2018

    The temple of the ancient sun god has lain undisturbed for millennia, but now your intrepid band of explorers have broken the seal and stand ready to brave the subterranean maze. But be prepared: Ra’s curse has been awoken and his reanimated army stands between you and the undiscovered treasures of Ancient Egypt.


    MAX QUEST transplants the excitement of RNG-based slot gaming into an interactive shooting experience.

    Every bullet fired towards the shambling hordes has a chance to pay out or trigger a feature, and while Ra’s gauntlet will test players’ nerve, it never tests their aim.

    A missed shot will either ricochet until it finds a target, or return to the chamber along with its wager.

    As you progress through the rooms, sinking deeper beneath the sands in search of loot, your party will come toe-to-toe with different tiers of terrifying enemies and accrue an arsenal fit for a Pharaoh.

    Gem-crusted Scarab beetles scuttle, risen warriors sharpen their weapons, and the god’s own Shadowguard shuffle forward in their funeral shrouds.


    Plasma guns, laser rifles, shotguns, machine guns and grenades can all drop at the feet of the fallen, or can be called down from the surface with a feature buy-in mechanic.

    Even the biggest guns are no substitute for other adventurers at your side.

    MAX QUEST matches players with up to five others in console-style lobbies. Parties will need to co-operate to bring down the hulking God Event bosses and flaming Reborn Mummies. These enemies randomly rise from the dust and offer huge cash prizes or collectible treasures.

    Unearth extensive social features, XP-driven player progression, achievements, avatar customization, a leaderboard prize pool designed to power seasonal events, and much more in MAX QUEST: WRATH OF RA.

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    dailydose1: So do you make money in this
    Mon, 11/19/2018 - 19:39

    So do you make money in this or what is the point?

    Betcoin: Yes, this game is essentially a slot-machine in RPG form
    Mon, 11/19/2018 - 19:51

    Each shot you fire is equivalent to a slot spin, which can either earn you money or activate a game feature. If you miss your shot, the bullet will either ricochet until it hits something or return to you (along with your funds). The further you progress in the game, the larger the potential prizes and you can also team up with up to 5 players in the same game at the same time. We have added some test chips to your account. Please give the game a try and post your review in the comments.

    jadenelson: Hey I want to try it too
    Mon, 11/19/2018 - 21:33

    is there a way to activate play money or something?

    Betcoin: All games can be tested for play money
    Mon, 11/19/2018 - 22:41

    All games can be tested for play money by logging out of your account and then going into the game. The direct link for this one is:

    dailydose1: Testing now and will post a
    Tue, 11/20/2018 - 00:45

    Testing now and will post a review for sure! Seems like an interesting concept

    seanrc: Love this
    Tue, 11/20/2018 - 08:01

    Great addition, that truly immerses you in the game, lots of action and fun, Great change to a traditional slot, Can see myself playing quite frequently, Fun and another great addition to Betcoin Thanks guys

    dailydose1: Max Quest: Wrath of Ra Review
    Tue, 11/20/2018 - 19:42

    *upfront: i was given 10 mbtc to test this game, but in no way does it reflect anything in my opinions*

    This game is fun to play, reminds me of many of the games I play on my phone. It is a point and click type game with the ability to upgrade,gain abilities. I trialed this game both on mobile and PC. Mobile I found to be very user friendly (I'm playing on a galaxy s8+) , and the experience was easy and fun. It has an option to take up the whole screen and has easy use controls. On the PC the game is easy to use as well, however seems to be more suited or fun on my mobile phone. Perhaps it's because I like mobile gaming and have found typical slots difficult to use on my phone.

    This is really a simple game. The basis is point and click. Basically you choose the "enemy" you want to kill and click on them until they die. Pretty simple and clicks are accurate. Interestingly if something is in front of the thing you are clicking on the bullet still hits that instead of the object in front of the bullet. The basic enemies do no have a health bar that I could see which was a bit frustrating as I spent a lot of bullets attacking something that never died. The bosses are large and require a large bullet bank to defeat. They do have a health bar which is nice and while not challenging to kill, are pretty fun to try different weapons on to kill. There are three tiers of weapons to buy, and interestingly the most expensive doesnt necessarily do the most damage to the boss. I found the second tier to do the best in that category. The most expensive worked best in the regular levels.

    This is hard to tell what the payouts are like. The payout per enemy killed varied greatly and seemed to not be uniform between enemies. For instance killing the large skeletons dropped varying amount of rewards. The boss did put off a greater amount of reward and I did notice a greater level of winnings with the upgraded weapons versus the basic one. This was a small sample size however. Something I am interested in is the payouts as your character levels up, you defeat more bosses, etc. This is a small sample so I unfortunetly did not get any bonus rounds during my gameplay. These are gained through leveling up your character in the game. There is a multiplayer game mode as well which could be fun and winnings are split among players which could be fun. One of the biggest downsides and thing I like about slots is the possibilty of a huge payout. This game I believe has a max of 15 winnings per bet. While that is significant in a 0.01 mbtc bet, it's not the 1000+ coins I'd like the thought of being able to win

    *I put in 10mbtc for 1000 rounds and received 6.5mbtc from payouts*
    *10 mbtc with my character having little experience lasted me approx 9 minutes of gameplay, so after inputting 10 mbtc and playing for 8 minutes I was down to 6.5mbtc.*

    OVERALL IMPRESSION: this game is fun and I would play again. I would like to play multiplayer to see the payouts and fun of it. I was a little disappointed with the payouts and feel this game requires a large investment to make money or really get the full experience. I would also like to see some more development of making it a skill based game versus a point and shoot. However I can see the argument for both sides. Overall a fun game to try and see if you can be successful!


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