On April 17th, we hosted a Pot-Limit Omaha freeroll here at Betcoin, and gave away 15 mBTC across the top 7 finishers. Here is a look at the biggest hands from the final table

    by zzzzzz on April 19th, 2017

    On April 17th, bitcoinpromocode.com hosted a Pot Limit Omaha freeroll here at Betcoin, and gave away .015 BTC (15 chips) to the top 7 finishers. Here is a look at the biggest hands from the final table:

    The bubble broke when BigRyan421 flopped a set of 7s against Bitmonk’s pocket kings. Bitmonk was all-in for less than 1 BB at the start of the hand, but had the best of it with KK95 against the A774 of BigRyan421. The 672 flop left Bitmonk drawing to the 8 or the king, and neither came on the turn or the river, so Bitmonk hit the rail and the remaining 7 players were in the money!

    The very first hand in the money saw our eventual champion, twirlspin, take an enormous pot off of kott. On a board of A486K, with no flush possible, there were 10,000 chips in the middle. The action started on kott, who bet out for 6,000 chips. Twirlspin had a tough decision at this point, because he had flopped two pair, but improved to top 2 pair on the river, with his AKJ4. The strength of kott’s bet could easily have represented a straight or a set, but twirlspin made the call, and took the 22,000 chip pot when kott showed Q865 for a worse two pair.

    After the above hand, the action slowed down for the next ten hands or so. Some short stacks busted and small pots passed between the players, until twirlspin got mixed up in another huge pot, this time with slightly the worst of it (and a ton of outs).

    Fast forward to 5 handed action: The blinds are 800/1600. BigRyan421, with almost 16k chips, limped on the button, twirlspin, sitting on nearly 30k chips, called in the small blind and kott (30k chips) checked in the big blind. The flop came down K62, with 2 spades. Twirlspin lead for half pot (2400) and both kott and BigRyan421 called. The turn brought the 8h and twirlspin fired for 4800. Kott folded, but BigRyan jammed for 7k more and now it was back to twirlspin. With 26k in the middle, twirlspin was getting almost 4:1 and called immediately. The cards were turned over, and BigRyan421 showed AK86 for top two pair. Twirlspin turned over the KQJ5 with 2 spades for draws to the flush and a better two pair. Any spade, other than the 6 or 8, any J or any Q would send the pot to twirlspin, and any other card would give it to BigRyan421. The river brought the 3s and ended the tournament for BigRyan421, who finished in 5th place.

    Further along in the tournament, the play got three handed, and twirlspin had more chips than the other two players combined (with nearly 60k to their approximately 20k stacks). The blinds were 1k/2k, twirlspin was on the button, kott was in the small blind, and illfivey was in the big blind. Twirlspin limped, kott called and illfivey checked. The flop was J88 with 2 clubs and a diamond. Kott took the lead and lead for 2k. The other 2 players called. The turn was the Queen of hearts. Kott led for pot (12k) leaving himself about 8k behind. Only twirlspin called. The river brought the 3s, Kott shoved for his remaining 8k, and twirlspin called. Kott showed JT42 for two pair, Jacks and 8s. Twirlspin turned over 679T with the 9T of clubs. He had flopped an open ended straight flush draw and turned the straight. Kott was eliminated in 3rd place.

    The heads up battle lasted only 7 hands and ended when twirlspin’s KQQT held against the JTT2 of illfivey, all-in preflop. It was a pretty standard play, given that the blinds were 1.2k/2.4k and illfivey started the hand with 6 big blinds.

    Congratulations to all 7 who finished in the money: twirlspin, illfivey, kott, theBeast812, BigRyan421, trekmasterx, and vali246. Remember, your cashes will be tracked on the leaderboard, and our top 3 winners at the end of the month will receive additional bitcoin bonuses. Good luck at the tables!

    source: http://www.bitcoinpromocode.com/in-the-money-with-z-april-17th-2017/

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    jcmillionman: Sweet analysis !!!
    Wed, 04/19/2017 - 23:49

    Great hand analysis and review, cool to see a post like this really hope to see more breakdowns like this on betcoin... just breaking down poker at its finest, cheers!

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