NBA FINALS 2018
    The NBA Finals 2018 Tip Off on May 31st 9pm Est in Golden State. For the 4th straight season we have Golden State Warriors Vs Cleveland Cavaliers if things pan out like we have seen in the past we should be looking at a entertaining series again. The Warriors look to have to a big advantage on paper, the GSW average 109.1 points per game, 46.2 rebounds per game and 25.6 assist. The Cavs average 101.2 points per game, 40.2 rebounds per game and 18.8 assist per game.

    The Line Makers are favoring Golden State Warriors to win the series at -1100, making the Cleveland Cavs a big underdog at +675. They are also Favoring Golden State in game 1 with a GSW pregame line -12 ATS and -950 Money Line , the Cavs are +12 ATS and +625 Money Line. The over under is 214.5 for game 1 and at the time of this article the early money is coming in on the UNDER.
    Every article I have read or watched are all taking Golden State in 6 games or less, I think the Cavs are good for 1 maybe 2 wins in the series but wouldn't surprise me at all if they get skunked. Lebron James is a Good Player but his Team Is Not. I don't think Lebron has enough in him to over take the Warriors 4 games, they had enough trouble vs the Boston Celtics to even get to the finals.

    For wagering the NBA FINALS some of the things im looking for is CAVS to start off decent and bring down the GSW Money Line, GSW have gotten off to some slow starts in some of the games in the playoffs and coming back with a exploding 3rd quater. Which me leads to the next thing im looking for is getting a good LINE on GSW to win 3rd qtr, like I said before they have been crushing teams in the 3rd qtr. I will also be watching the Asian Handicap Lines on the over unders, I like to take a pik on either over under with juice when I feel a swing coming, and if the line changes in my favor ill hedge with a juicy over under line also and lock in the juice for profit no matter what happens and leave the option of both hitting a possibilty if the total hits between my points. I also like to do that on the Asian ATS, example if i can get CAVS +15 +140, then ill try and get GSW -10 +140 at some point in the game.
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    dailydose1: BT you arent even a good
    Sun, 06/03/2018 - 21:20

    BT you arent even a good gambler....haha jk i like the article man. keep em coming! tons of hedging in the first game

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