New at Betcoin for 2018- Two (2) 10 Chip Casino Bonuses Inside!

We have had tons of huge winners, added many new games and player satisfaction is at an all time high!

by Betcoin on April 16th, 2018

Betcoin has gone through many exciting changes this year and we are happy to say that things are better than ever! We have had tons of huge winners, added many new games and player satisfaction is at an all time high! Below are just some of the exciting new features of Betcoin in 2018.

Highest Level Player Support
Betcoin players have three ways to contact support if an issue arises, support ticket, email and our 24/7 live chat. We are pleased to say that we have increased our staff so that all inquiries get responded to quickly and we leave no issue unresolved. Faster support times are great, but the thing we are most proud of are the super fast withdrawal times. Average withdrawal processing time is now around only 15 minutes! Because who wants to wait to get their money?

Over 1,000 New Ways to Win
We have always prided ourselves on keeping up to date with the latest and greatest casino games on the web. We have outdone ourselves this time by adding over 1,000 new casino games in 2018. From exciting new slots, to more live casino games and provably fair options, there is something for everyone at the new Betcoin!

Improved Sportsbook
We are always improving our sportsbook and the huge increase in volume we have seen shows that players like what they see. With lightning fast grading and near 100% accuracy of grades, more and more players are flocking to the great Betcoin sportsbook. One area where we have seen a vast increase is our live book, where players bet along with the games as they occur! We have also added some fun virtual games so you never have downtime on exciting sports betting action.

Thrilling Promotions
This year marked our first annual March Madness bracket competition. We guaranteed a total of .25 BTC to the top 3 players, not a bad return on a .001 BTC investment! 2018 isn’t all new, though, and we are happy to say we have brought back our deposit bonuses, which feature 100% on 1st deposit, 50% on 2nd deposit and 25% on 3rd deposit! After all, the only thing more fun than gambling is gambling with bonus money!

10 Chip Casino Bonus
We have always tried to make Betcoin your home for the best cryptocurrency casino and sportsbook and hopefully these great additions solidify that fact. Now we would like to hear from you. What do you think of the new, improved Betcoin? What do you like best? What are some areas you feel could be improved? We will be awarding 10 chip casino bonuses to 2 of the best replies! Entries must be received by April 20 at 10AM EST to qualify.

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cryptodude15: What do you think of the new,
Mon, 04/16/2018 - 20:22

What do you think of the new, improved Betcoin? I just signed up this year so my knowledge of the site is limited but I think it's great easy to navigate, lots of choices, support is quick and very kind, deposits and withdrawals are really quick.
What do you like best? The choices of games to play. There are so many more than i can try any time soon. What are some areas you feel could be improved? There are some games that are not allowed in the USA, I do not see anything that says which are allowed and which are not allowed until i attempt to play them, Maybe adding a search parameter or having something that shows where the games are allowed would be nice.

cryptojoker69: What do you think of the new, improved Betcoin?
Tue, 04/17/2018 - 06:32

I was skeptical, to say the least at first had a long run of less than stellar luck but that's odds for you. But the people in customer support are professional and honest and best of all have the integrity to stand their ground when pushed I like that in a professional and they have inturned earned all my respect! I have been an active member here going on 3 years and it was stagnant for some time now it feels like things and new games are added and updated more and the overall feel is just better. the other thing I LOVE is the amount of detail in the new games that let you look back on what was played to dbl check. I was in the gaming biz for some time and that kind of back-end access for those of us that are techies is superb. some more work with the layout would help such as bonuses labeled in a few areas but only the one on the player's profile leads them to there bonus area also something needs to light up and alert them that a bonus has been placed on their account. this also leads me to my last comment on improvements after 2.5 years and more then 20btc I'm sure I just in the last 60 days received any bonuses I would like to see some type of structured bonus so that we wouldn't have to make a ticket to ask for one or just hope someone sees and thinks we deserve it that isn't fair to people who might be shy to ask or whatever. more weekly tournaments and maybe some free entry or earned slot tournaments despite all This is still a premier site and my favorite place to game. Thanks for the .004btc bonus that turned into 2 BTC today I am still amazed!!

2006: The site is the games are
Tue, 04/17/2018 - 21:29

The site is the games are very good, but I would really like the wallet poket and casino to be the same deposit address.

win008: In the last year I have seen
Tue, 04/17/2018 - 21:30

In the last year I have seen a tremendous improvement of all aspects of When I first signed up support was present but not very fast and responsive, sports wagers were graded slowly and withdrawals could take a few hours. Since the change, support has been exceptional with all aspects including support tickets, live chat and withdrawal speeds. The new changes have made my favorite place to play online for my casino and sports plays.

I also want to point out that the sportsbook since the change is one of the best online with the amount of pre-match and live wagers. The live sports featured far exceed most other websites and are competitive with some of the top online websites. The improvements in the sportsbook have been wonderful. Also the improvements in the casino have also been great. When I first played I believe the only provider was Betsoft and now over 10 providers and an additional 800 games have been added. The play and value is exceptional.

As for improvements, I would like to say more specials and promotions. The last promotion was a lot of fun. Also more eSports prematch and live action. Lastly, I would like to see the addition of more coins. Thanks for the consideration.

xander8912: Questions, Questions:D
Wed, 04/18/2018 - 02:12

What do you think of the new, improved Betcoin?

Simply put, a massive and impressive improvement. Previously, i will be honest, Betcoin was not my BTC casino of choice - now? Without doubt id play here over any other. Its the little things; withdrawals being sped up to damn near instant, game selection expanded even further with some top players now on site and support being completely and 100% on the ball. The improvements the dashboard has had i find very agreeable too. Everything in one place, with a huge amount of information about your account available.

To sum it up, i guess almost everything has improved from the Casino section, to the Sportsbook, to the Live Casino. Keep it up is what i say:)

What do you like best?

For me, being a slots man, i love the inclusion of some new slot providers. Quickspin for example - A personal favourite of mine any day:)

But i wont even pretend its the best thing - the best is surely the wonderful instant withdrawals going on. I always merit an online casino, especially a BTC casino, on how it handles withdrawals. Pending periods are evil, in my opinion. A tool the casino uses for one reason only, and thats to hope the players reverses and loses before it is processed. I am very pleased that Betcoin does not use such tactics. You win, you get paid, there and then. Fantastic:D

I will add another point here however. as a close runner up to my favourite thing. I have played at many BTC casinos over the years. And none have been as generous and as fair as Betcoin, in any capacity. Takes a lot for me to say that, i mean, its a casino right? All evil and terrible:D Well, i found the one that is actually decent, finally:)

What are some areas you feel could be improved?

There isnt a huge amount, but there are a few things id love to see improving, sure:)

The site i find can be a little sluggish at times, especially when navigating the dashboard section. Im no web designer so i couldnt even begin to comment on how to speed things up, but hey its just a suggestion:D

Id love to see more promotions. You know, deposit today for 10 spins for example, or like slots races. Who can wager the most over 3 days etc, with prizes to top players. Maybe some match bonuses thrown in here and there.

Thats my 2c, for what its worth:) Cheers.

Thu, 04/19/2018 - 21:35

What do you think of the new, improved Betcoin?

Honestly, I like the update, At first i was a little skeptic seeing that the united states was being held back from playing but, Seeing you guys brought it back is awesome. I love the sport-book honestly. You guys are offering a lot of new things on Betcoin. Though many will agree we will all miss the free rolls here. With poker going to be gone unless Betcoin decides to keep it, I see this site turning more towards sports. In my book that is a plus!!! There is not to many sites that have a good lay out like Betcoin!

What do you like best?

My favorite is the sport-book! Of course, I been here for years and have seen a lot of changes here. The changes made to the sports is my favorite. Also, the addition of more crypto currency is a big plus for me seeing I use multiple crypto.

What are some areas you feel could be improved?

Honestly, the main thing I think that could be approved is adding more crypto currency. Also, if you want to actually make the site a little bigger, I would add, a buy and sell page for crypto where its like a exchange but for users which will allow people to make money like stocks. If you use simplex you can also make/add a page where you can buy crypto. A lot of people are always looking for a fast way to buy crypto and play! This could be a huge way to bring in new users and keep a big fan base! The integration of simplex to Betcoin would be so simple!

Well that's my feedback hopefully i win my bday is the 23rd! Wouldn't mind playing a bit.

Betcoin: Bonuses have been added!
Fri, 04/20/2018 - 15:15

Bonuses have been added! Thanks to all who participated. Good luck to all!

leebdrenk: New Site
Sat, 05/05/2018 - 19:06

I agree. Very good article. Any way you could do an article on how using datamined hands from sites like could help boost your winrate?

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