Week 2 starts on Thursday with the Ravens vs Bengals.

    by BigThangz on September 13th, 2018

    Week 2 NFL Picks
    We started off the season 2-1-1. Not a bad start for the season was able to pull profit even after breaking my golden rule of never taking a NFL team minus more then 7, go figure every time you break a rule it comes back to bite you. Lets not forget about the Broncos sweat, sweat all game just push at then end. Week 2 has some good games with some close lines I will be looking to take advantage of this week and make some coin. Im not really a fan road teams in the NFL but this week seems to be any team I like to win is on the road so I will just go with my gut and take the road teams.

    Baltimore Ravens +1 vs Cincinnati Bengals
    Game 1 this week I like this week is Baltimore Ravens vs Cincinnati Benglas and takes place on Thursday night at 8:20pm est in Cincinnati. The Ravens have a 1-0 record with the 1st ranked Defense and the 11th ranked Offense. The Bengals are 1-0 also with the 24th ranked Defense and 19th ranked Offense. After watching both teams last week I dont think the Bengals have what it takes to stop Flaco and the Ravens Offense. I also think Ravens Defense will make it harder for the Bengals to score then it was last week for them. Im gonna take advantage of the close spread and take the Ravens +1 and hope they can pull off a road win early in the season.

    Minnesota Vikings +1 vs Green Bay Packers
    Game 2 this week I like this week is the Vikings vs Packers and takes place Sunday at 1pm est in Green Bay. The Vikings have a 1-0 record with the 12th ranked Defense and 15th ranked Offense. The Packers are 1-0 with the 6th ranked Defense and 10th ranked Offense. It is tuff to go against Aaron Rodgers at home but with a weak knee any early hit from the Vikings D could send him to the sideline. I also think the Vikings Defense will play better vs the Packers then the Bears Defense did last week. I also think the Vikings Offense will put up more points against the Packers Defense what did not look that great last week. Im taking Vikings +1 on the road.

    Kansas City Chiefs +4.5 vs Pittsburgh Steelers
    Game 3 this week I like is the Chiefs vs Steelers, this game takes place Sunday at 1pm est in Pittsburgh. The Chiefs have a 1-0 record with the 32nd ranked Defense and 13th ranked Offense. The Steelers are 0-0-1 with the 12th ranked Defense and 4th ranked Offence. After seeing the Steelers last week tie the year plus winless Browns I do not think Steelers will have a easy time with the Chiefs even at home. Steelers looked to old and slow vs the Browns. Cheifs last week looked unstopable, I am going to keep riding the away train and take Chiefs +4.5 on this one. +4.5 is a great line if the Steelers do pull a win out I think it will be close and +4.5 should still pay out.

    New England Patriots -0.5 vs Jacksonville Jaguars
    Game 4 I like this week is Patriots vs Jaguars, this game take place on Sunday at 4pm est in Jacksonville. The Patriots are 1-0 and have the 11th ranked Defense and 8th ranked Offense. The Jaguars are 1-0 with the 10th ranked Defense and 25th ranked Offense. Alot of people are talking about the Jags D and the rematch of last years playoff match, I do not think the Jags D will be able to stop Brady and the Pats. The Jags did not look all to hot last week against the Giants, if the Jags come like they did last week Brady should serve them up a easy L. Im gonna roll with grandpa Tom and take the Pats -0.5 in this one.
    Recap Week 2 Picks
    1 Baltimore Ravens +1
    2 Minnesota Vikings +1
    3 Kansas City Chiefs +4.5
    4 New England Patriots -0.5

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