Road to the 2018 NCAA Championship is almost here.

    by BigThangz on December 26th, 2017

    Road to the NCAA Championship is almost here. Jan 1 2018 we got 3rd ranked Georgia vs 2nd Ranked Oklahoma. After that we got 4th ranked Alabama vs 1st ranked Clemson. The winners will meet up in ATL on Jan 8 2018 to play for the title.

    Georgia Bulldogs vs Oklahoma Sooners

    The 1st game of the night is Georgia vs Oklahoma. Georgia has the 35th ranked Offense and 4th ranked Defense with a 12-1 overall record. Oklahoma has the 1st ranked Offense and 57th ranked Defense with a 12-1 overall record. The spread on this game is Georgia -2 and its about 50-50 on the money bet on this game. The under has 76% of the money bet on it so far and is 60 points. With a match like this its tough to pick winner, I think this game will make for a good Live Betting game. I would expect this game to go back and forth on the score and stay low scoring. I have watched both these teams a lot this season and it should make for a great match up when you got a 4th ranked Defense against a 1st ranked Offense. The ATS for Georgia on the season is 9-3, for O/U Georgia is 5-7. The ATS for Oklahoma on the season is 8-5, for O/U Oklahoma is 6-6.

    Alabama Crimson Tide vs Clemson Tigers

    The 2nd game of the night is Alabama vs Clemson. I'm looking more forward to this game then who plays on an 8th, this seems more like a championship game to me. Alabama has the 19th ranked Offense and 2nd ranked Defense with an 11-1 overrall record. Clemson has the 30th ranked Offense and 6th ranked Defense with a 12-1 overall record. The spread on this game is Alabama -3 and people are favoring Clemson on the ATS at 61% so far. The over under on this game is 47 and so far 62% of the money is bet on the over. This should be the better game between the 2 games. Both teams are running hot but I think Alabama can pull this off, not sure if they can cover the spread or not. This game could come down to the last play. The ATS for Alabama on the season is 4-7 and for the O/U they are 5-6. The ATS for Clemson on the season is 7-4 and for the O/U they are 3-8.

    Which teams will make it to Jan 8th? We will have to wait and see but at least no matter who wins each game Jan 8th will at least bring some entertainment. Dont forget to check out some of the tasty lines to bet on in the sportbook.

    0.5 - $8 Bonus
    Who do you think will win and why each game of the NCAA Football Playoff. Please provide a good well reasoned response and answer and the top 2, I will give a 0.5 chip unrestricted bonus to. One entry per person. This promotion will end Friday, 29, December 2017 at 20:00 EST. Good luck!

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    cjmoles: Keep your change....BAMA
    Wed, 12/27/2017 - 07:46

    Keep your change....BAMA hands down ----> Bring back poker!

    SickMetaGame: I'll take it...
    Wed, 12/27/2017 - 13:50

    All of the Satoshis are good in my bank.

    Expecting Clemson to continue their heater and bring a win while battling it out on the home field, I'd take them outright vs Alabama or Over 50.

    College boys under playoffs pressure, the defense will be shaky, I'd go for over 60 if taking points and Oklahoma ML for the gory!

    These picks are (not) guaranteed to hit.


    REDSCARFACE: Georgia and Clemson no need
    Thu, 12/28/2017 - 06:18

    Georgia and Clemson no need to explain I like my odds.

    spence: Georgia to take it
    Thu, 12/28/2017 - 21:01

    No one gives georgia any credit for a great season and making it to the CFP.

    They're a great balanced team which works well against Oklahoma's offense, they can slow them down and limit Mayfield's offense to about 25-30 points, which gives themselves a chance to make the championship game if their own offense can deliver against a relatively bad oklahoma defense.

    I think they matchup better against Alabama than they would clemson in a potential championship game, since it would be more of an old rivalry against bama, who they share the same type of balanced playstyle. A game against clemson would be harder for them to win since they would be limited to a more pass-heavy offense.

    I think Alabama beats clemson in the revenge matchup on the other side of the bracket in new orleans, which would open the door for UGA to beat bama in the championship game in Atlanta, with a huge home crowd behind them, just about an hour away from campus.

    BigThangz: winners congrats
    Tue, 01/02/2018 - 18:04

    Congrats to Spence and Redscarface for winning, chips be sent out soon, sorry it took so long to announce winners was in the snow with no internet for a couple days.......

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