Sample: using stake to stretch a bankroll

50% for sale @33.3% markup
must sell 100% of that 50% (7,5chips) to play.

player pays 7.5 chips to create stake
receives 2.5chips returned as markup (33% of the 7.5 chips of stakes sold)

Net result player pays 1/3 of buy in for 1/2 of win

This is a fair offer to both player and buyer, and allows player to stretch his bankroll buying in a a bargain price.


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plo8monster: Buyers cost in this example
Mon, 06/19/2017 - 02:44

if 1 buyer buys entire stake he pays 10 chips or 66.6% of buy in for 50% of winnings.
This is instead paying 100% of buy in for 60% of winnings. (plus stakeback)
The buyer trades off stakeback for a better ratio which really pays off best on deep runs.
And buyer gets that better ratio while risking less chips(66% of buy in instead of 100%)


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