How can I get bitcoin?

Last updated: February 3rd, 2017

You can get bitcoin a wide variety of ways. You can buy bitcoin from individuals that own bitcoin as well as sell them to anyone interested in buying them. The most common ways to acquire and sell bitcoins are through exchanges.

We highly recommend and to purchase bitcoins using your bank. Also, you can use to find people in your area to purchase bitcoin from You can purchase coins from these companies and also sell coins for cash to convert your coins back into your local currency at anytime.

The best way to acquire bitcoin however is to offer your goods or services to others in exchange for bitcoin!


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Sun, 10/23/2016 - 03:43


EZSqueeZ33: Account Wrongly Suspended
Fri, 05/19/2017 - 02:30

Your support staff member "Betcoin Danny" was asked to expedite a p2p transfer between myself and my girlfriend. It dawned on Danny that we share the same internet connection. Danny demanded to know the affiliation between myself and "queenbeecj" and I explained that queenbeecj is my girlfriends account. Not satisfied with this explanation; Danny proceeded to suspend her account while she was in a deep tournament run. Danny refused to listen to reason and acted rashly with no justification. Restore queenbeecj and compensate her for Danny's actions.

Danny suggested that we could be cheating. However we don't play cash, we play MTTs where we usually don't even play on the same tables. When confronted with this fact Danny pulled some buzzwords from his latest attempt at reading a poker book and suggested that I "could still eliminate combos". I explained to Danny that I gain no advantage via knowing which cards aren't coming from a deck at a separate table than the one I'm playing on. He rebutted with the well thought out question "have you even seen a pro player?". After recollecting that I did in fact look in the mirror at least once in the past five years I've been playing professionally, it occurred to me that Danny was a lost cause. I hope the error will be corrected once the next shift comes in, as this sad man seems to be the entire support staff currently.

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