How do affiliate commissions work?

Last updated: April 6th, 2015

Affiliates earn commissions in 3 different categories off each player:

Level 1Under 10 BTC/moLevel 210 - 25 BTC/moLevel 3Over 25 BTC/mo

Casino20% Revenue Share30% Revenue Share35% Revenue Share
Sportsbook20% Revenue Share25% Revenue Share30% Revenue Share
Poker20% Rake25% Rake30% Rake

How revenue share is calculated for the casino and sportsbook

The revenue share paid to the affiliate is calculated off the total winloss of a player and the total commission paid to the affiliate on that player. There is no cap on the amount the affiliate can earn.

For example, if a player bets 1000 chips in the casino and wins back 800 of those chips then their winloss will be -200 and the affiliate will receive 20% of that 200 chip loss (40 chips, or .04 BTC).

If another player bets 1000 chips in the casino and wins 1200 chips then their winloss will be positive and it will be a 200 chip loss for Betcoin and the affiliate will not receive anything. Affiliates are only paid out on losses that a player generates.

We basically pay the affiliate the greatest winloss amount that we have never paid on. If the total winloss for a player is 800 chips and we have paid the affiliate for this 800 winloss then the affiliate will not receive any new commissions until the winloss for this player exceeds 800 chips.

Detailed Example

As another example, let's look at the course of 4 days for a player and see how payments would be broken down:

Day 1: Player bets 500 in casino and wins 200. This is a -300 chip winloss and affiliate gets paid 20% of 300 (60 chips).

Day 2: Player bets 400 in casino and wins 1200. Player is now up 800 day 2 and their total winloss if you combine day 1 is 500 (-300 winloss from day 1 + 800 winloss from day 2). Since the player is now up the affiliate does not receive commissions.

Day 3: Player bets 1000 and wins 300. Player is down 700 chips for day 3 and their total winloss if you combine days 1, 2 and 3 is -200 (-300 + 800 + -700). Since the affiliate has already been paid up to 300 chips for this player, and the current total winloss would only pay 200 chips, the affiliate does not earn a commission.

Day 4: Player bets 600 and wins 300. Player is down 300 chips for day 4 and their total winloss is now -500 (-300 + 800 + -700 + -300). The affiliate has been paid up to 300 chips already but not up to 500 chips. So the affiliate now receives a commission on the greatest winloss that they have not been paid up on, which is 200 chips. The affiliate will receive 20% of 200 chips and the greatest that the affiliate has been paid on for this player is now 500 chips.

This will continue on and on and the affiliate will continue to earn on any winloss that exceeds the amount they have already been paid on.

Note that the casino and sportsbook are both tracked separately on commissions for each player. So the winloss in the casino does not affect the winloss in the sportsbook for each player. They are both calculated independently.

How rake is calculated for poker

Rake is calculated off the total rake brought in for a player in both ring games and tournament fees. So if in a day a player were to play 1,000 ring game hands which generated 30 chips in rake and then 3 tournaments which generated 5 chips in fees then the total rake be 35 chips (ring rake + tour fees) for that day. Of the 35 total chips raked the affiliate would receive 20% of this (7 chips, or .007 BTC).


Affiliates that generate more than 10 BTC/mo in commissions will be bumped up to the next commission level. Affiliates that generate more than 25 BTC/mo in commissions will be bumped up to the highest commission level.


frenchi: 48 referries but no cash
Sun, 03/12/2017 - 04:36

about 48 people did create accounts over my affiliate-link. None of them did cash in any amount. No affiliate-money. Nothing. This can't be normal. There must be a mistake or even fraud. Please check.

jura1313: I have 550 and 0
Fri, 06/16/2017 - 21:57

I have 550 and 0

jura1313: it s normal
Fri, 06/16/2017 - 22:01

it s normal

bigdope32: affiliate question
Mon, 12/11/2017 - 17:26

are you paid on sportsbook and casino precentage of losses

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