How Does Staking Work?

Last updated: May 5th, 2017

Poker staking allows players to have other players invest in them in one or multiple tournaments. The player being staked shares any winnings made on their staking schedule with all the other players who invested in them. The payout is relative to the percentage of the stake bought.

There are various settings the players creating the stake has available:


Currently staking is only available for multi-table tournaments. In the future staking will also be available for Ring Games and Sit & Gos.


You can select one or more tournaments to stake. All tours will be bundled into a single stake where other players can invest in an entire schedule of tournaments.

To select multiple tournaments ctrl + click the desired tournaments you want.


The player has the ability to sell 1 - 100% of their action. This percentage will include the sum amount of all the selected tours. So if a player selects 3 tours that total 80 chips in buyins if they sell 75% of their action then they will allow other players to buy up to 75% of their action (60 chips).

The portion that the player does not sell and keeps for themselves will be deducted from their account at the time of creation of the stake. So if the total amount of a stake is 80 chips and the player sells 75% of their action then the remaining 25% (20 chips) will be deducted upon creation. If the funds are not available then the stake will not be created.


Markup is a premium or margin that the player is able to include on top of the stake. If the player sets a 10% markup and an investor wants to buy 5 chips then the investor will be charged 10% of 5 chips (5 * 0.10 = 0.5) on top of their investment. So 5 chips will be charged 5.5 chips to invest. This extra 0.5 chips will be sent to the stake creator whether they win or lose.

The stake creator never pays a markup in their own stake. They can buy as many shares as they like without markup. Only other investors pay markup.

Funding Requirement

The funding requirement determines the minimum amount of funds needed for the stake to take place. There are a few things to consider here.

A 100% funding requirement means that the stake must be 100% funded in order for it to run. If the stake does not receive 100% funding then all players will be refunded their investments upon the start time of the stake and the stake will be canceled.

0% funding means that the stake will run regardless of any additional funds received. It is important to note that if a stake meets the funding requirement then any leftover amount will be deducted out of the stake creator's account upon the start of the event. If the funds are unable to be allocated then all players will be refunded and the stake will be canceled.

For example: If a players sets a funding requirement of 75% and the stake gets funded 80% then when the stake closes the additional 20% will be deducted from the stake creator in order to fund it 100%.

Conversely, if a player sets a funding requirement of 75% and the stake gets funded 70% when the stake closes then it will not meet the funding requirement. In this case since it did not meet the funding requirement the stake creator will not have any additional funds deducted from their account and everyone will be refunded and the stake will be canceled.

Min and Max Amount

The min amount is the minimum amount a player can invest in the stake. The maximum amount is the maximum amount a player can invest in the stake.

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plo8monster: Comment to help those looking to use stakes to play for free
Sun, 06/18/2017 - 08:49

This comment is specifically to help those looking to use stakes to play for free:

*** This platform requires seed money to create a stake ***
I see a lot of players looking for stakes with zero money to work with.This platform is not inherently designed for this. However it can be accomplished if you have some % of the buy in amount to initiate/start/create the stake offer,,,(this amount is returned to you as markup)

***This platform format requires you to wait until mtt ends to receive markup***
So if your trying to freeroll the mtt at no personal cost. Be aware your set up cost for the stake: (the % of your own action that ya kept) is held in escrow until mtt ends,and then returned in the form of markup

***This platform does not include stake back to buyer***
This results in a % of win w/o paying stake back first and then a % of win,
Making it quite different from what many of us are used to. The simplicity itself confused me at first. However, because of the flexibility in the set up parameters, any goal can be accomplished. Keep in mind, often a smaller % goes to player, to offset the absence of stake back.

***This is very important: You ONLY win the % you keep***
If you sell 100% you get paid zero% of your winnings.
You would only receive the markup.
NOT a good way to freeroll a stake ... and not a lot of folks will buy that type offer

*However:) ODDLY enough, a horse could actually set a high mark up, sell 100% of action, with 100% funding requirement, and actually be running for a set fee (The markup amount only)
.......................100% of winnings would go to buyers.

I would like to give you an example of an offer to run for 30% of the winnings.(at no personal cost to the player) And also an example keeping 20% of winnings (easier to sell)

Sample 70/30 chop:...... ( to allow player freeroll stake)

Lets look at one of Betcoin's 25 chip mtts.
Set selling% at 70% (thus keeping 30%)
your setup cost is 7.5 chips (deducted at creation of stake)
Set funding requirements for 100% (so that 100% of the 70% for sale MUST sell for stake to complete)
This would require a 43% (7.5chips) markup on the 70% (17.5 chips) for sale
The buyers are paying 70% of buy-in for a 70% cut of the winnings.
Instead of 100% buy-in for a 60% cut.

This is indeed different than the stakeback + 60/40 you see tossed around between players currently.
(This is different: it is 70/30 w/o stakeback) in this offer the stake buyer is not risking 100% of buy in cost,(only 70%) the 43% markup is a reach tho...... only a top player could sell that % Markup.

To be honest, i think the best way to show how this works is to use samples. I will be describing each offer in the comment text box.

Sample 80/20 chop:...(to alllow player to freeroll stake)

Please view the sample^^ and keep in mind if ya wanted to make a more appealing offer keeping only 20% of your own action, for sales appeal the markup % could be lowered to 25% and get same result of zero cost to player offering stake.

** This would be a good starting point to build a rep with. Since, after all it is a way to freeroll your way into coin :) Once established you can strike a better deal.

The platform, is Especially different in that more buyers are usually involved and cost are split between them, and everyone gets paid by the site (guarantee of payment) And multiple tournaments can be combined in an offer with multiple buyers. So that a complete days worth of tournaments can be packaged.

It is a decentralized disbursement (i had to throw that in there, lol)
in Betcoin's unique way:) Allowing players to share the wealth (players helping players) Site facilitated: guaranteed payment w/o tracking hassles or confusion and animosity.

The really cool part is: these percentages can be tweaked to find a sweet spot.

This is more especially true for those not looking to freeroll the stake.
Those looking to ONLY sell part of their action to reduce cost to achieve a bargain; those looking to stretch and get best value with a small bankroll.
This platform is excellent for these purposes....(tips for this purpose at will be the next post) .........Sample Bargain buy: (to pay 33% for 50%):


plo8monster: reserved
Mon, 06/19/2017 - 03:01

for sample stakes


plo8monster: reserved for stake buying and selling tips
Mon, 06/19/2017 - 03:03

saved for tips

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