How does your 100% bonus work?

Last updated: June 15th, 2017

At Betcoin, we currently have two deposit bonuses given to players on their initial deposit. Due to rampant abuse, the casino bonus is only available for VIP levels of Bronze II or higher and is retroactive. Once you reach this level, please follow the directions on #2. Your poker bonus is immediately added on your bonus and see the poker section on how it is released.

1. The first is a poker bonus which is instantly added to your account and is released into your chip count at a rate of 15% of the rake you generate while playing poker.

2. The second bonus is a casino bonus which is added to your account, upon submitting a ticket, asking in live chat or emailing us "Deposit Bonus". Please include your login name, amount that you deposited and whether this is your first, second or third deposit bonus. We will then perform our abuse checks and add the bonus once the checks are complete.

The maximum bonus is 1,000 credits or 1 btc.


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