Player chat and forum terms and conditions

Last updated: January 2nd, 2019

Below you will find the terms for posting in the player chat and forum. While we encourage free expression at, these terms will ensure order and peace among players and staff. Enforcement of these terms will be at staff or moderator discretion. The player chat and forum are for the benefit of the active players at and any participants in the player chat and forum that do not participate in any gaming activities or minimal gaming activities at may be blocked from participation in the chat and / or forum and / or website at the sole discretion of staff or moderators. The following acts are not allowed in the player chat or forum.

1. Abusive speech- This refers to a direct insult or name-calling of another player or staff member. Abusive speech includes referring to another member as ignorant, telling someone to shut up or being repeatedly rude. This also includes harassing and intimidating behavior toward other members or any threat or suggestion of a threat.
2. Hoaxes- Purposely misleading other members to their detriment. Giving advice you know to be incorrect or harmful. Any attempt to deceive someone into sending you funds by providing false information.
3. Trolling- Posting with the intention to anger or intentionally cause negative reactions from a player or staff member or posting false or misleading comments in chat or the forum about the website, its players or staff or posting to encourage players not to play at the website.
4. Discrimination- Any racial, ethnic or gender-based insults or bigotry.
5, Extreme profanity- While some mild profanity is permitted, extreme or offensive profanity may be banned at staff or moderator discretion
6. Advertising- Using the player chat or forum to for site, product or business promotion. Do not promote referral links, malicious files, ponzis, cloud, mining, hyip, doublers.No posting short links. Do not post direct links to executable files as they may contain malicious downloads.
7. Overposting- Making the same post many times. Making multiple irrelevant posts.
8. The posting of any copyrighted and/or trademarked material in the forum is strictly prohibited without permission from the original content creator.
9. False or misleading information - Posting false or misleading information about the website or any staff member.
10. Reposting deleted posts - Reposting of deleted posts by a staff member or moderator.
11. Solicitation - Asking others to loan or give you funds.

If one of these terms is violated, you will receive a warning and your account will be noted. If there is second violation, a penalty will be assessed at staff discretion up to and including a site ban. To report a violation or inquire about the forum rules, please email [email protected].

While Betcoin encourages constructive comments, we reserve the right to delete any posts which violate the above rules.