Reading your betslip

Last updated: January 3rd, 2019

Your sports betslips can be found by selecting transactions from your dashboard screen. Find the bet you are looking for more information on and click view. Below you will find a sample sports betslip.

Let's examine what is meant by the items on this slip:
Ticket ID: This is the reference number for the entire slip.
Type: This will say either LiveBetting or Pre-match, depending on the type of bet.
Stake: This is the amount you wagered, in mBTC
Odd: This is the multiplier you will receive if you win.
Payout: If you pushed or won your bet, this will list how much you received, total.
Possible Winnings: This is the maximim amount, total, you can receive for your ticket. In this example, 0.85*2.19=1.86 Total possible winnings

Match: This is the teams or players in the match you are wagering on
Bet: This will refer to the specific action on the match which you are wagering. This could be as simple as saying winner of the match. Or it may get more specific, stating that the winner includes overtime or that it is a 3-way bet. Another example of a bet type could be something like over/under on a game total or number of kills in an e-sports match. In this case, the total will also be displayed in this section.
Type: This is the selection you made on the match. If you are betting on a team, this will state type 1 or 2. This refers to the order which the team is listed. Team 1 is first and team 2 is second. If you are betting on over/under, this is where it will say which you chose.
Value: This refers to a point spread on the game. If you chose a moneyline wager, this will be blank. If you chose a points line, the value listed is the amount of points TEAM 1 will be receiving or giving up in your wager. This will be a positive number if team 1 is getting points or a negative number if team 1 is giving up points. In the example above, team 2 was selected and the line is shown as 8.5. This does not mean that team 2 gets 8.5 points, since the value always applies to team 1. In this example since team 1 gets 8.5 points, that means team 2 gives up 8.5 points, so your wager is actually team 2 -8.5.
Odd Value: This will be blank if you chose a points line but if you chose a moneyline wager, this is where it will list the odds given on your moneyline bet.

A combo or system betslip will be read the same way, except multiple single betslips will be shown as a part of the larger betslip. In this case, each individual betslip will be read as listed above, except the total amount paid out will depend on the combined results of all matches on which you have bet.


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