VIP Player's Club Details

Last updated: October 1st, 2015

Status Points (status_points)

Status points determine your current VIP level and the amount of rakeback, betback, lossback and other rewards that you will receive. The higher your VIP level the greater the rewards.

You earn status points by rake and tournament fees in poker and bets placed in the casino, sportsbook and dice.

Betcoin Points (comp_points)

Betcoin Points are used to payout rakeback from poker and betback & lossback from the casino, sportsbook and dice. 66 Betcoin Points = 1 Chip (1 mBTC). You can convert your Betcoin Points to chips on your user wallet page.

Betcoin Points are awarded in real time for the casino and dice. For the sportsbook Betcoin Points are awarded when a bet is graded. For poker Betcoin Points are awarded once a day for your play the previous day.


Betback is awarded in real time (with about a 5 minute delay) for the casino and dice. For the sportsbook betback is awarded when the bet is graded. There is no betback paid in poker. You can view your betback in your events page in your wallet.


Lossback is paid out in real time (with about a 5 minute delay) for the casino, dice and sportsbook. Lossback is paid out on net losses. What this means is that you will only receive lossback when your current losses exceed the total losses you have already received lossback on. Casino, dice and sportsbook all track lossback independently so one will not affect the lossback of the other.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Remember that even though lossback is paid instantly it will not show up unless your current winloss is less than the total amount of losses you have been paid lossback on. The lossback example listed below illustrates this point. If you are wondering why your lossback is not showing up please read through the example as this is the most frequently asked question about lossback. You only receive lossback when your losses exceed the amount of losses you have already been paid on. It does not happen daily or instantly on every loss. It has to meet the requirements.

Lossback Example

If you start at 1,000 chips and lose 400 chips you would be paid out lossback for the 400 chips lost. If you then won 400 chips back and then lost another 200 chips you would not be paid back on those 200 chips lost since your net losses are not greater than the amount of lossback you have been paid on. At this point you have been paid out on 400 chips in lossback but are currently down 200 chips. You would be paid lossback again when you lose anything greater than 200 chips at this point.

You can view your lossback in your events page in your wallet.


Rakeback is only paid in poker and it pertains to both ring game rake and tournament fees. Rakeback is paid the same for ring game rake, Betcoin only tournament fees and WTN tournament fees. Rakeback is updated once a day and will show on your events page in your wallet.

Update Frequency

All casino and dice activity is update in real time (with about a 5 minute delay). You can always track your status points (status_points) and Betcoin Points (comp_points) in your events page in your wallet.

Sportsbook points are paid out at the time a bet is graded.

Poker points are paid out once a day. This usually occurs between 12 - 4 AM EST.

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EZSqueeZ33: Account Wrongly Suspended
Fri, 05/19/2017 - 02:08

Your support staff member "Betcoin Danny" was asked to expedite a p2p transfer between myself and my girlfriend. It dawned on Danny that we share the same internet connection. Danny demanded to know the affiliation between myself and "queenbeecj" and I explained that queenbeecj is my girlfriends account. Not satisfied with this explanation; Danny proceeded to suspend her account while she was in a deep tournament run. Danny refused to listen to reason and acted rashly with no justification. Restore queenbeecj and compensate her for Danny's actions.

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