What are the poker room rules?

Last updated: August 1st, 2014

These rules apply to all games played on Betcoin Poker tables. Please see the 'Poker Room Rules' section for all additional rules.

All players are subject to Betcoin Poker's rules and any rules relating to the individual game.

Before registering for a Betcoin Poker account and accessing Betcoin Poker's services, you must be a minimum of 18 years of age or have reached the legal age of majority in your legal jurisdiction.
Access to Betcoin Poker from any jurisdiction where it is illegal to do so is strictly prohibited and may result in the suspension of your account.
Before being eligible to play for real bitcoin, you must first provide a username and password, all other information is optional, however if you do not provide an email address, we will not be able to send you a password for your account nor reset your account ever.
All members may hold only one Betcoin Poker account. The creation of additional accounts, for whatever purpose is strictly prohibited.
You may access Betcoin Poker's services using your own account only. Similarly, you may not access Betcoin Poker's services via another player's account.
You are solely responsible for ensuring the viability of your internet connection and any computer equipment used to access Betcoin Poker's games. Betcoin Poker is unable to accept responsibility for the quality of your Internet connection or any related disruptions, excepting those caused directly by Betcoin Poker's servers.

As you play on Betcoin Poker's tables, information is exchanged between your computer and our servers via a number of external peers. Betcoin Poker is unable to accept responsibility for any loss or damage incurred during this process.

Betcoin Poker recommends that Players ensure that they have access to a secure back-up internet connection, to be used in the event of unexpected disconnection.

Betcoin Poker will do everything in its power to detect and prevent all forms of cheating in its poker games. To achieve the most effective level of security, Betcoin Poker uses methods which may include the examination of your Betcoin Poker account, inspection of individual player history and the continued scanning of your use of Betcoin Poker's services to detect patterns for any programs running that could be used to cheat the Betcoin Poker system.
Any player who is involved in a deal with another player, including swaps, staking, profit-sharing, or any kind of bankroll sharing agreement, is strictly prohibited from playing at the same real bitcoin table or in the same Sit & Go tournament as the other player.
The act of 'chip dumping' (deliberately losing a game or hand in order to transfer chips to another player) is strictly prohibited in all Betcoin Poker games.
'Collusion', which is the act of two or more players working together as a team during a game to share information about the game in order to acquire an unfair advantage over other players, is strictly prohibited in all Betcoin Poker games.
Betcoin Poker will do its best monitor all available software which may be used to affect the outcome of a game. An extensive list of known software programs and services and their current status (i.e. allowed or prohibited) in connection with Betcoin Poker's services can be found in our 'Prohibited Software' section.
All services and programs which are listed as prohibited may not be used in connection with Betcoin Poker's services. Any attempt to use these prohibited programs or services may result in the immediate suspension or forfeiture of your Betcoin Poker account.
Betcoin Poker reserves the right to apply sanctions as a result of cheating and/or unfair play on the part of any Betcoin Poker player. These sanctions may include but are not limited to written warnings, account and player restrictions, and/or exclusion from services and events. All instances and examples of cheating and/or unfair play are included, including (but not limited to) collusion, the creation or abuse of multiple accounts and/or the use of prohibited programs may result in the suspension or forfeiture of your Betcoin Poker account.
Any player found to have engaged or attempted to engage in cheating and/or unfair play and/or any other form of game manipulation will be subject to the regulations outlined by Betcoin Poker. We will aggressively defend the integrity of the Betcoin Poker service.

The 'Time Bank' is a useful tool in Betcoin Poker's games which gives each player extra time to make a decision.
If you fail to act within a certain amount of time, have bitcoin invested in the pot and are connected to the system when your time expires, the time bank is automatically activated.
If you use your time bank, all other players at the table will be notified.
The time bank 'runs down' as it is used and cannot be manually extended by Betcoin Poker.

Except in certain situations (such as during 'local', national tournaments, all chat messages must be sent in English.
All abusive, racist, threatening or otherwise inappropriate language is prohibited and may result in a warning and/or the suspension of the offending player.
Betcoin Poker's chat rooms are made available for the comfort and pleasure of all members. They may not be used for the advertisement of any service or product.
'Flooding', i.e. entering large amounts of text and/or copying and pasting the same message repeatedly, is prohibited.
'Spamming', i.e. posting messages that are against the rules, is strictly prohibited.
Posting comments which relate to any current game and/or may affect the outcome of a game is prohibited. This rule does not apply in the case of a 'heads up' situation (i.e. only two players remain). In this situation, the two players involved in the game or tournament may chat as they wish.
In the event of queries related to Betcoin Poker's chat functions or to report any and all violations of these rules, you can contact a support by clicking the 'Live Support' link located in the main lobby under the Live Support menu option or via email to [email protected].

Whilst Betcoin Poker ensures the security of all player and account information, it is the responsibility of every Betcoin Poker member to ensure the individual security or their account. For this reason, you must, at all times, ensure that your unique password and all account information remains confidential and cannot be accessed by any other person.
Betcoin Poker recommends that you choose a very strong password which can not easily be deduced by others.

You are also required to take every reasonable measure and precaution to protect your computer and internet connection from unauthorized access and malicious as well as phishing software.
Betcoin Poker is unable to accept any liability for any loss or damage which is a direct result of security on your computer.

If, during a draw game, the original 52 card deck is unable to allow a player to draw the number of cards needed, all previously discarded cards and the remaining deck will be reshuffled to make a new deck.
Once the cards have been reshuffled, the server and system will prevent each player from receiving cards which they have personally discarded.
The minimum bet in both our Poker No Limit and Pot Limit games is equal to the big blind, which is always treated as a raise of the small blind. This means that in the pre-flop, any raise in an unopened pot which is equal to (or greater than) the small blind reopens the action in game.
In the event of any discrepancy between the Card room Rules (including the Ring Game Rules and the Tournament Rules) and the Terms and Conditions, the Terms and Conditions takes precedence. During a tournament, if there is a discrepancy between the Card room Rules and the Tournament Rules, the Tournament Rules will take precedence. During a ring game, if there is a discrepancy between the Card room Rules and the Ring Game Rules, the Ring Game Rules will take precedence.
Betcoin Poker reserves the right to modify or amend any of its individual rules, policies and/or the Terms and Conditions at any time.
In the event of a breach of these rules, Betcoin Poker reserves the right to terminate any player account, or take any other action it considers necessary regarding any player account.
It’s the player’s sole responsibility to review recent changes. Yet, Betcoin Poker at its sole discretion may decide to send you an official notification to your registered Betcoin Poker e-mail address or use any other account information to get in touch with you.
In the event of a dispute, any decision made by Betcoin Poker's management will be final.


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