Why is my withdrawal taking so long?

Last updated: September 23rd, 2015

We take security very seriously and because of that it may delay withdrawals. Your btc will always be safe however and we will never sacrifice security. This is why you will never hear about btc comprised or btc stolen, emails or accounts stolen like you have at other websites that have done faster withdrawals but are slowing them down to follow our protocols now.

There is no "issue". We are just confirming everything about every withdrawal with great detail. If your withdrawal has taken longer than 4 hours please send an email to support or submit a ticket with support at www.betcoin.ag/support. Thank you.

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SreudianFlip: Still does not answer the question
Sun, 09/03/2017 - 20:10

What could possibly take 4 hours - 24 hours to confirm? Why are you keeping customers' cash for so long after they have requested withdrawal?

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