Top 5 Reasons to Use Bitcoin Cash to Gamble

We know that members love both Bitcoin and cash, so BCH is a perfect fit for our players!

by Betcoin on February 6th, 2019

Since Bitcoin Cash forked from Bitcoin in August 2017, it has become a powerhouse in the world of digital currency. Nearly instantly, it became a top 10 cryptocurrency by market cap and it has maintained that status ever since. We know that members love both Bitcoin and cash, so BCH is a perfect fit for our players! Below. We will explore 5 reasons which Bitcoin Cash is a great method for online gambling.

1. Cousin of Bitcoin
As stated earlier, Bitcoin Cash is a direct relative of Bitcoin, having forked on 1 August, 2017. Most people get introduced to digital currency through Bitcoin, and since BCH is a copy of the same technology, it is easy to make the transition. There is a lot of dissent in the community over which is better, but the truth is that both of these cryptocurrencies have their own merits.

2. Faster and Cheaper
Since the BCH blockchain can support a larger block size, this means that the transactions can be processed faster than BTC transactions, in general. Things have improved drastically as far as transaction times for Bitcoin since BCH forked from it, but it does still backup occasionally and the larger block sizes of Bitcoin Cash allow for much faster transfers during these times. The fees for BCH tend to be lower overall as well, so players can spend more of their funds on what is important, enjoying while trying to turn their money into more money!

3. Easy to Spend
They call it Bitcoin CASH for a reason! While both BTC and BCH are great investments, Bitcoin Cash is an easier currency to spend. We all long for the day when we are able to walk into a supermarket and use our crypto to buy a litre of milk. The lower value and faster transaction times of BCH, ensures that when it comes to making payments, it will be the leader in the Bitcoin family.

4. Simple to Exchange
Unfortunately, the ability to walk into most stores and purchase our essentials is a distant future at the moment. Luckily, Bitcoin Cash is available at nearly every Bitcoin exchange across the globe. So when the adverse situation of needing your region’s currency does come up, turning your BCH into fiat is just a click away!

5. 100% Deposit Bonus
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Good luck to all!

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Mentat: Excellent article !
Sat, 02/16/2019 - 01:05

Excellent article !

I am a emerald level 2 😺 vip player with well over 200 thousand points and I can honestly attest that this site really is THE BOMB.

SHOUT OUT to support for always taking care of their great players and a special thanks to Betcoin George and all the other folks here for looking out ! !

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Tue, 02/19/2019 - 02:36

I have to say with merely 400 points I dont compare to your VIP level ..... but support still treats me like I am the highest level VIP. This site is second to NOBODY . Best support of any casino or sportsbook .

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Thu, 02/28/2019 - 17:30

Since I''m so happy to hear of the FASTER TRANSACTION TIMES I will head over to my nearest ATM and make a deposit today ! !

Yes , YOU GUYS ROCK !!!!!!!!!


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