Top 5 Sports To Bet On With The Best Odds!

    by BigThangz on November 25th, 2017

    What are the best sports to bet on with the best odds? That is a question that people ask me all the time, so I figured I make a list of top 5 sports to bet pregame. At the end of the day I don't really care what the game is as long as its a winner, but it is easier to place bets and do research on some sports vs others.

    #5 Baseball

    Baseball makes my list as #5. Baseball pregame betting is pretty simple, you got a few choices Money Line wagers, -1.5 Run Line and Over or Under. With baseball the line is pretty much gets broke down to who is pitching for each team that night. So when you got a good pitcher going up a against a not so good pitcher you can get some juicy lines on the underdogs, and just cause you got a good pitcher on the mound don't mean its a easy win. I also like baseball cause if there is a good pitcher pitching and you don't want to take the underdog you can jump on the -1.5 line which is a lot of times juicy or no worse then -120 vs taking the Money Line -200 or worse. The Over or Under is also a good pregame bet for baseball, if you got some heavy hitting teams with crappy pitchers that night you probably wanna take the over. And if you got some pitchers that are on fire striking everyone out you probably wanna take the Under.

    #4 Hockey

    Hockey makes my list as #4. Hockey pregame is pretty much like baseball you have your Money Line wagers, -1.5 line and Over or Under. You can find some really juicy lines on hockey games, they play a lot games threw out the year so any given night a juicy underdog ML can hit. I also like betting Hockey because like baseball you can take the -1.5 on a heavy favorite team and get a return on your wager vs taking a money line, the -1.5 bets are also juicy sometimes. Hockey is also a easy sport to do your homework on, I suggest 1st starting at who the goalie is for each team that night. Hockey is also one of my favorite sports to do Parlays on, if you start parlaying the -1.5 lines with each other the juice adds up fast giving a nice return on even 2 or 3 team parlays.

    #3 Tennis

    Tennis makes my list as #3. Tennis offers many styles of betting, you have your Money Line bets, who wins each set betting, over/under on # of games, over/under on sets, + or - total games of the match and many others. More people bet on Tennis then you may think, Tennis is huge for betting and I understand why. There is so many different way to get good on odds on Tennis its almost overwhelming to a lot of people, so if your looking for a great paying long shot or lay down big for min profit but easy win check out Tennis. My favorite way to bet Tennis is with parlays, you can parlay some heavy favorite Money Lines in Tennis and get a pretty good return on 4-6 team parlays. I have found early in the tournaments is a great time to do these parlays while the good players are fresh and ready.

    #2 Basketball

    Basketball makes my list as #2. Basketball pregame lines are simple its Money Line, Point Spread or Over/Under. Basketball will have some heavy underdogs lines pregame if you like long shots. Basketball is a long season so anything can happen any night. I like Basketball because its easy to do your homework on and with a lot of games on most nights it makes a good sport to parlay either heavy favs for a decent payout or some longshots for a huge parlay win. Most of the big payout parlays I have hit over the years have came from basketball, with so many lines available each night to wager on it is easily one of the best sports to find good odds on. Straight up bets is also great for betting basketball with a lot of games to wager on it is easy to find value.

    #1 Football

    Football makes the list as #1. Football has to be hands down the easiest sport to bet on. All week you can research and do your homework before you place your wagers, and with each team only playing 1 game a week they take each game serious. With so many ways to bet football it easy to see why more people bet football then most other sports. I like to take the favorites either Money Line or - points, while some people like football for the underdog juice. Every week I can find value in football lines on either favs or the underdogs. Over the years Football is hands down the most profitable of sports for me to bet on. My fav part about football is the game play set up, you have a Thursday night game , AM Sunday Games, Pm Sunday Games, Sunday evening, Monday night. It makes it easy for Bank Roll Management vs when you got multiple games each day all week like other sports.

    What are some of your favorite sports to bet on with good odds? When the Winter Olympics are running my favorite sport to bet is Women Curling, always seem to find great odds on that.

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    Shahista: My favorites are:
    Sat, 11/25/2017 - 18:15

    NBA MLB NFL NHL Handball Volleyball Football

    SickMetaGame: oh
    Sat, 11/25/2017 - 20:19

    Anything that starts with a b and ends with ball, as long as it is not baseball.


    player10: can't win
    Wed, 12/06/2017 - 00:29

    does anyone actually win betting sports?? seems like the casino always wins and the player always loses (in the long run).. its like claiming u play roullette for living.... I just dont buy it...

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