Top Litecoin Casino for 2019- 100% First Deposit Bonus

A new year is on the horizon, and has high hopes for 2019!

by Betcoin on December 11th, 2018

A new year is on the horizon, and has high hopes for 2019! We are extremely proud to be moving into our 6th year in business, as one of the originators of the online cryptocurrency casino. Originally only accepting Bitcoin and Litecoin, we have since grown to accept 6 additional currencies. But Litecoin remains one of our favorite and most popular methods for deposit and withdrawal, and below we will explain why.

Very Fast Transactions
The second most important thing to online gamblers is the speed at which they receive their deposits. The MOST important thing to online gamblers is the speed at which they receive their withdrawals. Litecoin is a currency which caters to both of these needs, with an average confirmation times of about 3 minutes. This means that Betcoin players can be loaded and ready to enjoy their gambling experience almost as soon as they click to send their funds. It also means, that within minutes of requesting your Litecoin withdrawal, you can be sure those funds will be in your personal wallet.

Negligible Fees
The average fee to send a transaction on the Litecoin blockchain is 0.0009 LTC. For those of you, who want a fiat equivalent, this is about than 0.02 USD. If you have a couple pennies to rub together, you are essentially making these transactions for free. Making a larger transaction does not change this amount significantly, so players are free to make large deposits and withdrawals without having to worry about their hard earned funds being diminished due to excessive fees.

Less Volatility
It seems like the price of cryptocurrencies can never just settle. Just when you think they have found their place, something happens that causes a big shift. We expect that as they become more accepted by mainstream society, the value will level off a bit. Until then, it is difficult to tell what direction the swings for the month will be heading. But the lower inherent value of Litecoin will ensure that these swings will not have as large an effect on your investment as they would on a currency like Bitcoin.

100% Deposit Bonus
New players who sign up at and deposit with Litecoin are all eligible for our bonuses on your first 3 deposits, including 100% on your first deposit. If you don't use Litecoin, you need not worry, because the the same bonus is offered on your first 3 deposits using Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Ripple, DASH and Monero. Thank you to all our great players for making Betcoin your home for the best online crypto casino and good luck to all!

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