TwitchySeal Back at it again offering me $ to help trash BetCoin proof below

I was "recruited" into Twitchy's "team" of people who are out to do nothing but ruin BetCoin in order to promote SWCPoker and a new website they are supposedly working on. After being added to a Skype call I saw the 2 month history of recorded DDos attacks and planned new ones.

I was offered money to post on my YouTube/Socials & ask my fans to post bad reviews about BetCoin and send them over to a site called "SwC Poker". Not sure if they are affiliated with the owners or what is actually going on but that's the information I got.

They also organize the trolls effectively and a lot of the time Twitchy is under multiple usernames with other people all acting as Twitchy. If he contacts you he's extremely annoying & is out to to build "his own website" so it seems like jealousy that he has towards BetCoin.

Below are transcripts I have for the people that think i'm not following the exact truth. I did have an issue with BetCoin a few weeks ago and I can honestly say management took care of it 110%. Andrew/Jessica were extremely helpful.

Also when the site goes down it's Twitchy paying services to help him bring down the website. He's trying to bring down poker next and I was suppose to be the cherry on top to help him get thousands of people to tarnish the name. He asked me to write specific reviews about lies and will do anything to tarnish Andrew/Jessica/PLO or any other BetCoin staff.

My strongest advice is to ignore him and ask him to stop. If you need any further proof of anything let me know & i'll respond. I've heard that some people on here support Twitchy but BetCoin is actually a great service and puts players first. A lot players get confused if they don't get lighting speed responses to tickets as I was but from BetCoin's perspective they have thousands of players and don't prioritize anyone no matter how many followers etc. they have.

I'm going to be streaming BetCoin's poker here the next few weeks and if you have specific questions about this don't hesitate to ask. It's hilarious that someone would actually go this far to try and bring a website down that brings a good service. I am only posting this because it's funny that Twitchy really thinks he can recruit me to a team of nothing but trolls. It's hard to create a good system and really easy to hate on it/wanna destroy it.

Look forward to playing sports this NFL season/Rest of MLB & seeing you guys on the poker tables!

Also UNGOD is involved in all of this but still is here daily which doesn't make sense to me. But it's all a SwC scam to get you on there and I wouldn't trust Twitchy for anything.

Here are the direct Skype transcripts regarding their dishonest, untrustworthy and criminal behavior:

[7/25/16, 3:03:55 PM] ungod: Aj meet Twitchy
[7/25/16, 3:04:08 PM] TwitchySeal: AJ why did you trash my name? How much you sell your soul for?
[7/25/16, 3:04:16 PM] ajundftd: nah
[7/25/16, 3:04:19 PM] ajundftd: i didn't
[7/25/16, 3:04:22 PM] ungod: he did admit it so we take you in
[7/25/16, 3:04:31 PM] ungod: we won't hold it against you
[7/25/16, 3:04:39 PM] ajundftd: i did
[7/25/16, 3:04:41 PM] TwitchySeal: Well welcome to our club. BetCoin will be gone by the end of the year.
[7/25/16, 3:04:48 PM] ajundftd: damn awesome
[7/25/16, 3:04:50 PM] ungod: fck andrew
[7/25/16, 3:04:54 PM] ajundftd: what about plo
[7/25/16, 3:04:56 PM] ajundftd: he's been cool
[7/25/16, 3:04:58 PM] ajundftd: he apart of this?
[7/25/16, 3:05:01 PM] ungod: Nope
[7/25/16, 3:05:04 PM] ungod: but he's going down too
[7/25/16, 3:05:42 PM] ajundftd: oh ok
[7/25/16, 3:05:47 PM] ajundftd: i gotcha
[7/25/16, 3:05:48 PM] TwitchySeal: I'm glad youre trying to do the right thing
[7/25/16, 3:06:01 PM] TwitchSeal: Adding you to another group where you can meet the others.
[7/25/16, 3:06:06 PM] ajundftd: ok
[7/25/16, 3:06:06 PM] ungod: bye
[7/25/16, 3:06:08 PM] ajundftd: later ungod

TwitchySeal: Savage what’s the update on RouterSlap?
Savage Coin 6: It's working but we're gonna need a new alternative soon
TwitchySeal: Okay make sure you pay the RouterSlap people
Savage Coin 6: Ok for sure
TwitchySeal: TwitchySeal added JasonRises1 to this conversation
TwitchySeal: Jason start gathering the review sites.
TwitchySeal: Savage keep me up to date on that.
TwitchySeal: Let’s try to spam the player chat from our different accounts today
JasonRises1: Twitchy what review sites are we on again?
TwitchySeal: Look at the google Doc. It’s shared
JasonRises1: Ight dope
JasonRises1: What do wee say in the playerr chat
JasonRises1: U want me 2 talk shit 2 andrew
TwitchySeal: Just tell players it’s a scam. Try to get 1 on 1 contact and bring them into individual chats on Skype. We’ll tell them about SWCPoker
JasonRises1: Ight bool. What if andreww cums at me in the chat tho?
TwitchySeal: I’ll take care of him.
TwitchySeal: Make sure to hit up Glitch.
TwitchySeal: Tell him we are ready to roll
TwitchySeal: Savage update me when you find a new alternative
JasonRises1: Ight bet I'll hit up glitch
TwitchySeal: Anyone here know PLO’s Skype? Let’s get him to go offline too.
JasonRises1: I'm gettin online

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Thu, 07/28/2016 - 22:06

ajundftd: His direct Skype username is
Thu, 07/28/2016 - 22:07

His direct Skype username is "TwitchySeal" if you have problems with the website and are wondering why shoot him a message . But Betcoin seems to have it under control

fiber: twitchy a scam
Thu, 07/28/2016 - 22:31

twitchy a scam

ThatsMean: shocked an not shocked
Thu, 07/28/2016 - 22:52

twitchy is one of the biggest scumbags in the online gaming community so no surprise that he is doing this. ungod on the other hand...very dissapointing.

plo8monster: Betcoin players/Bitcoin players are smart
Thu, 07/28/2016 - 23:58

wow what a mixed bag of nuts .... plo8 is mad sad hurt furious disgusted frustrated ... on and on ..... I think this community is way smart enough to know better, than to let few bad apples manipulate them .... Bitcoin gamers are just smarter than average Joe fiat player imho //// this speaks volumes to the character of those who are trying to assassinate our character.


twitchyseal: Ok, let me try again since
Tue, 11/08/2016 - 03:33

Ok, let me try again since someone censored the last one:

Plo8s response speaks volumes to the character of those who are trying to assassinate my character.

HugoStiglitz: This is a transcript? Directly copied and pasted?
Fri, 07/29/2016 - 02:21

[7/25/16, 3:05:48 PM] TwitchySeal: I'm glad youre trying to do the right thing
[7/25/16, 3:06:01 PM] TwitchSeal: Adding you to another group where you can meet the others.

Maybe there's a rational explanation, but if that's a direct Skype transcript, how'd twitchy lose the y in his name in that second line?

Ajundftd, a couple days ago you were claiming Betcoin paid you to post something that Andrew had written, under your own name at the bitcointalk forum. You were also claiming you were leaving Betcoin because you thought they are shoveling water out of a sinking ship, and would likely go under any day, and disappear with their players' funds. Now you're claiming twitchy wanted to pay you for similar a misdeed, and that Betcoin is a great service that puts players first. So what's happened in the past couple days then?

SickMetaGame: Interesting find...
Fri, 07/29/2016 - 02:41

I was pointing out the fact that Twitchy's Skype which I have appears to have a space in his name so that would have been bizarre for him to edit up also. His name has been the same for months for sure. Ajund tried to point out the possibility of alt Skype well lets say if that was some what of a doubt at that point then after you pointing out a blatant "typo" which could have never happen in direct transcript copy I am leaning towards foul play to fit the needs.


tommy11: I am glad
Fri, 07/29/2016 - 12:46

I am glad that there are observant smart players here like Hugo and SMG, ultimately they are the ones that will keep this place in check. The public nature of this topic seems super contrived on Betcoin's part. When, if ever have the circumstances of a DDOS attack been made public? Why the stray from standard protocol? Something smells...

marlais: I think you got trolled
Fri, 07/29/2016 - 20:57

When he gave me the info, ungod's Skype username had some numbers after it, so I'm pretty confident that either the transcript is fabricated or the person you were talking to wasn't ungod. Maybe he can verify because I don't use Skype.

HugoStiglitz: Trolled? Maybe.
Sat, 07/30/2016 - 21:48

He might tell you himself if you asked him though, that he's not so much a troll, as he is a businessman.

twitchyseal: 100% fake skype logs. Just
Tue, 11/08/2016 - 02:31

100% fake skype logs. Just read Hugo and Smg comments. Special thanks to Betcoin for quoting ajunds thread in other forums to try and get people to think I really said those things.

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