After Cashing Out Every Week For Over 2 Years And Not Having To Deposit I Figured I Would Give Some Tips On To Succeed At Sports.

    by BigThangz on December 2nd, 2017

    After Cashing Out Every Week For Over 2 Years And Not Having To Deposit I Figured I Would Give Some Tips On To Succeed At Sports So You Don't Flush Your Money Down The Toilet.

    Money can go down the toilet very fast in sports betting if you don't know what your doing. In this article I will be using 1k amount for an example. I know its hard to have money on a sportsbook and you have this feeling that a game is gonna be a lock and not go allin. While that is a very fast way to gain it is also a very fast way straight to failure, I'm sure you have heard the saying "that's why they play the game" it is sports anything can happen no matter whos playing who. Whether its a last minute fumble, missed field goal, missed basket, and my personal favorite a REAL BAD CALL BY THE REFS, nothing is a sure thing in sports. Overall a lot of handicappers are happy at 52% win rate and rely on bank roll management to rake in the profits. Below I will list my Tips and hope they help you succeed.

    Tip 1 Set Aside Funds For A Recovery
    The best thing you can do as a sports bettor is STAY IN THE GAME, there is always another game coming up. So the 1st thing I do if I have a 1k bank roll is set 50% aside in this case $500. That 500 I'm saving as my "oh crap something went wrong and I lost a few games in a row bet". I wont touch this 500 unless I'm on a serious cooler, then i will just put the $500 on 1 game and try to chase the loses back. I'm not a fan of ever going allin but I'm also not a fan of betting a number of games to recover loses. If you stick to the other tips below you probably wont ever have to rely on this.

    Tip 2 Break Down Your Bet Sizes
    So now that our 500 is set aside for a rainy day lets put the other 500 to work. At this point id start betting 25-50 a game depending on how good I felt about the game. I would do this until I was either up 300 profit or down -200. If you 300 profit I would raise the bets to 50-75, this is also a good time if you feel like you got a good line on a game to go 300 with house money and if u lose drop back to 25-50 a game and repeat. If you decide just to raise your bets to 50-75 and you can get up to 1500 id raise the bets 75-100 Until I hit 2k. Once I double it up I'm taking 300 cash out leaving bankroll at 1700 total, 500 for recovery bet and 1200 to play with. I would then drop down to 25-50 a game again and repeat my process to 2k and cash out 300 again I would do this til i had a total of 1200 cash out, that way I got my money back and profit and playing with House Money. Some people will say why are lowering bet amounts when your winning? Keep in mind these tips will lead to less variance and are for longer term profit with less risk of denting bank roll.

    Its easy to say what you do if you win, but now lets talk about what if you got your 500 set aside and 500 to play with and you bet 25-50 a game and you cool it down to 800. At this point I'm gonna lower my bet limit 10-25 a game until I get back to 1k or down to 500. If I didn't make it back to 1k and only the 500 I got left is my recovery bet money I'm just gonna put my big boy pants on and let it ride on 1 game to get back to even or just wash the slate clean and take some time off and regroup. If you get to this state I would recommend looking at a lot of games even if you have to wait a few days to bet it, at this point you need to find the best lock you can find cause if you don't win you either out the game or lookin to bring in fresh money. As long your a ok sport bettor you should never have to rely on this if you stick to the tips above.

    TIP 3 Keep Low Volume Betting
    A lot of people like to bet every game, I found this to be the fastest way to kill a bank roll. I like to bet 1 game at time or 2 if they pop off the same time and I really like both games. The reasons I stick to Low Volume games is I can manage bankroll better, if I bet 25 on 6 games at once I need to hit 4/6 to pull profit. If I bet 1 game at 25 and lose, I will then bet 50 on the next game if that wins I'm up 25(- vig) moving on to the next game vs down vig for going 1/2. I can then decide if I want to bet 25 or 50. I have found by changing the amount on my next bet (depending on if I win or lose bet before) has lead to bigger profit over 6 game if I win 4 vs betting 6 games at time and winning 4. When you bet a lot of games at the same time for the same amount your giving the house a bigger advantage and if you win 4/6 you don't profit that much after the VIG. If you stick to betting 1 game at once and win 1/4 bets you can still profit with a 25% win rate if your bet amounts are done right and shouldn't ever even half to dip into the recovery betting funds.

    Hope these tips help you, got any questions? leave a comment below. Do you have any tips or big win or big lose stories? Post them below we will be giving out 5 50GTD Freeroll Tickets! for the best answers

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    ricky3555: I have never been a sports
    Sat, 12/02/2017 - 17:37

    I have never been a sports better "real sports" awhile back i turned like 5chips betting on esports into 1btc had like a 90% win rate and i think i could have kept going but i went allin and lost in a bet i was sure would win.
    i never thought there was much brm in sports betting hopefully i can make a good run in the future.

    Shahista: Great Advice BT
    Sat, 12/02/2017 - 18:01

    You can still bet 6 games at a time if your playing NBA for example and its just such a juicy night to pass out on just make sure you drop down to 20-25$ per game stake
    for 2-4 games id do 40-50$ and 1-2 games 50-75-100$ depending on how much you like the lines and odds
    id probably set away 600 instead of 500 for a bit more safety but this is fine :)
    the only part i dont agree fully with is beting 300 on a single game... id cap that on 200 you never know which ref has been on which drugs lately ;-P
    Overall wonderfull article!

    GL GL
    <3 Long live BETCOIN!!! <3

    CntryBoy: Very good betting advice here
    Sat, 12/02/2017 - 19:46

    Very good betting advice here! I play with the same type of management rules, setting aside 50% or so for that "oh crap!" moment. I employ a 10% rule as well, betting a max of 10% of my available bankroll (so $50 if I'm rolled with $500), but only on those games I really feel good about. Sounds like we use the same types of betting strats pretty much to a T... very good info indeed!

    MysticNinjaCat: A simple strategy is to
    Sat, 12/02/2017 - 19:58

    A simple strategy is to maintain a constant percentage of your betting bankroll with each bet. It's assumed that this method will protect any bettor from losing their entire bankroll as the amount to be bet diminishes as your betting bankroll diminishes. It's a little like Zeno's paradox. The arrow will never reach its target as it halves the distance at each interval. However, while unlikely, even betting 5% of a €1000 bankroll will leave you with a bankroll of less than €200 after 33 consecutive losses.

    But more to the point, it assumes equal value for each bet and additionally it expects equal odds being offered for each bet. Let's say that a bookmaker are offering odds for a team to win of 1.70. Would you really want to bet the same percentage on a 1.70 favourite as a 3.50 outsider without any recognition of their respective value? The answer should clearly be no. Further, even if you only bet on 1.70 favourites, is the probability of each 1.70 favourite winning identical in each instance? In other words, does each 1.70 favourite offer the same value? It could be the case, but its unlikely.

    The Slice of the Pie strategy while offering a manner of managing your bankroll, fails to recognise value as a key part of a successful bankroll management strategy. Essentially, in the end, it will only manage the way you lose your money.

    How To Apply The Kelly Criterion

    There have been many amendments to the Kelly method over the years, and although the fundamentals remain the same, each edition of the method offers its own insights.

    The Full Kelly

    While a proven method, the Full Kelly can make a wild ride of your betting experience and can suggest risky amounts be bet. It can easily recommend a bet of even 50% of your betting bankroll, which can reduce your bankroll to merely nothing in a short time. On the other hand, a winning streak can send your bankroll into orbit

    The Full Kelly is calculated as:

    Percentage of bankroll to bet = Overlay / (Odds – 1)
    Let's consider our example again. How much of our bankroll should we bet on Manchester City to win?

    Percentage of bankroll to bet = 0.08 / (2.70 – 1)
    Percentage of bankroll to bet = 0.08 / 1.70
    Percentage of bankroll to bet = 0.0471
    So with a betting bankroll of €1000, the Full Kelly method suggests we bet 4.71% of our bankroll on Manchester City to win the match, a total of €47.10.

    The Fractional Kelly

    This is a simple and conservative amendment to the Full Kelly method whereby the bettor only bets a certain fraction of the recommended bet. It could be 50%, known as the Half Kelly, 25% the Quarter Kelly or any percentage you feel comfortable with. Further, while the intuition may be that this will reduce your winnings according to the percentage you choose, it can be shown that a fractional Kelly method can return better results long term than the Full Kelly method.

    The Fractional Kelly is calculated as:

    Percentage of bankroll to bet = (Overlay / (Odds – 1)) * Set Fractional
    Let's consider our example again. How much of our bankroll should we bet on Manchester City to win if we choose to the Quarter Kelly method?

    Percentage of bankroll to bet = (0.08 / (2.70 – 1)) * 0.25
    Percentage of bankroll to bet = (0.08 / 1.70) * 0.25
    Percentage of bankroll to bet = 0.0471 * 0.25
    Percentage of bankroll to bet = 0.0118
    So with a betting bankroll of €1000, the Quarter Kelly method suggests we bet 1.18% of our bankroll on Manchester City to win the match, a total of €11.80.

    4. Adjusted Kelly Staking

    One of the drawbacks of any Kelly method is the issue of betting on multiple events at the one time. Let's say there are 4 games you want to bet on, all being played at the same time. And what if the recommended percentage of bankroll for each bet is:

    Bet A is 25%
    Bet B is 35%
    Bet C 35%
    Bet D 40%
    This amounts to betting 135% of your bankroll, which is obviously impossible.

    One solution to this problem is to adjust the percentages proportionally so that 100% of the bankroll can be bet. In the above example it would mean dividing each suggested stake size by the sum of suggested stakes. So:

    Bet A = 25% / 135% = 18.51% of bankroll
    Bet B = 35% / 135% = 25.93% of bankroll
    Bet C = 35% / 135% = 25.93% on bankroll
    Bet D = 40% / 135% = 29.63% of bankroll
    The issue with this is that firstly, you're still betting 100% of your bankroll on 4 events which could all easily lose, and secondly, it means you're not giving the same value to say a 25% bet on a busy day (where in this example it becomes 18.51%) as you would on a day when the 25% bet nay be your only bet.

    A Solution

    One way to solve this is to use a fractional method so that no matter how many events you want to bet on in a single day, the total recommended is unlikely to eclipse 100% of your bankroll. This could well work, but as we know, it is easily possible to be betting on up to and over 20 events in a single day, meaning the 100% could still be eclipsed.

    CrabbyPantz: It's actually 52.5% BT :)
    Sat, 12/02/2017 - 22:32

    It's actually 52.5% BT :)

    methagame-BTC: HI all ,
    Sat, 12/02/2017 - 22:35

    HI all ,
    first of all , hope my english will be understandable enough .

    Tip 1 : NO bet > BAD BET

    I only bet on 4 sports : RUGBY , NFL , TENNIS and Basket cause these are sports i m knowing well ... if a day , no odds are good to me then the NO BET will be the right moove.

    Tips 2 : Adjusting your bankroll

    First case: you have no prope rbankroll (lets say 50$) , better to wait the right moment to place a full roll bet than playing 5 dollars bet on everysingle games u will watch on tv . This suppose you are ok to reload .

    Second Case : You have a roll and time to manage it .
    My own BR management is 2 to 5% on pre-games bet and up to 10% o live bets .. We can get a better ROI on live betting as we have more info on the game ..
    A team can be huge favorite on pregame but for some reasons it's not their day and the cards are redealt .. SO i can place bigger bets on live than pregame .

    Tips 3 : Having a Bankroll building/withdraw rull .

    for example : let s say you have 1K BR .. the first month you win 1K ..keeping 1K5 in your Bankroll and cashing out 500 is a good way to up your betting size and enjoy the benefits of your winnings .
    If you get a loosing week , then no cash out and you reduce your size bet ..

    Tips 4 ..(Not available for NBA or NFL) try to focus on some sports or leagues you can have an edge on the bookie ..For example , most of the books are really not that good on RUGBY 7 and you can find some totally mistakes from the odd makers ..

    Most important TIP : NEVR BET ON SOCCER

    GL on your bets

    amscafeaus: Sports Betting
    Sun, 12/03/2017 - 13:21

    I have to say I found this article very useful for planning a strategy. It turns out that gambling and stock trading are almost exactly the same thing. Equal amounts research, math, sniffing out useful information and/or insights not known to all... and THE OTHER NINETY-NINE PERCENT is bankroll management. It takes so long to truly learn that last one. Once you do however you can make money in all of these endeavors! Thanks for the great article. Please be sure to post as many more as you are able!

    Mrboozo: yeah that would be really
    Sun, 12/03/2017 - 19:29

    yeah that would be really appriciatfull I do my self with particular procedure.with using NFL special in sport world

    CrabbyPantz: I used to listen to this dude
    Sun, 12/03/2017 - 19:37

    I used to listen to this dude a little bit. He may not be the best role model but he is quite knowledgeable with sports wagering. Enjoy !

    jcmillionman: Killer!
    Sun, 12/03/2017 - 19:52

    Tip #1... Set Aside Funds For A Recovery! I Love this philosophy the most, being able to bounce back in any situation that require money, require a source on the side accessible:) Nice article/tips @BigThangz!

    winawyna: I will put this to use see if
    Sun, 12/03/2017 - 20:22

    I will put this to use see if it works..update in 2 weeks

    shandefoye: i would to like to say Big
    Sun, 12/03/2017 - 21:10

    i would to like to say Big Thanks to Mr big thangs indeed a good artical of betting on sports and well managed too like it.

    USHOULDCALL: Bankroll management or bust!
    Mon, 12/04/2017 - 02:16

    It has been a lot of fun betting on the NBA games on the site. This last week I bet on GS to beat LA by -1.5 in the 4th quarter. Golden State has not been playing the best with their two best players out of the game. This game it was noted that Stephen Curry and Kyrie Irving would both be playing in the game against the Lakers. I have watched how the Warriors like to start out slower and really kill it in the 4th quarter. I was 99.9% sure GS could beat LA in the 4th quarter by only 2 points. Curry's wrist is injured and shots were off. Irving also seemed to be a bit rusty and missed a crucial 3 pt shot in the 4th. I also saw the ref miss an out of bounds call on LA. This simple possession would have given GS the upper hand to win the game. Los Angeles ended up making a clutch shot to tie up the game and take it into overtime! Although it was exciting, I lost the ticket. 4th quarter bets do not cover OT. I was doing ok with a strategy to play 5% BR on two games at a time. It seems to work and be a decent method to cover a 52% win rate. The Kelly method looks like a madmans way to make or lose your bankroll super fast. I like the bankroll strategy written in this article. It looks to be a solid method to building a BR. Now it's time to get better results with a proven BR management system.Thanks again BigThangz!

    jramy: Wew
    Mon, 12/04/2017 - 13:53

    Those tips are great :) I rarely adhere to bankroll management and take unessecary risks which leads to big wins or big loses. Like how I once lost 1/2 of bankroll betting on patriots and made a parlay with just random teams and I turned a 0.005 investment into 0.3 btc :D
    But those tips you have might help me not rage bey and make proper bets and good wins thanks

    Mentat: lol this thread
    Mon, 12/04/2017 - 22:56

    lol this thread

    oriole: Not a betting man, but I had
    Tue, 12/05/2017 - 15:42

    Not a betting man, but I had to take action on Conor McGregor vs Floyd May. The odds on Mayweather winning by TKO and them both touching gloves were too good to pass up. Got a very nice profit. Unless similar value odds come up about events that I'm 99% certain what is going to happen I doubt I will ever bet again. The only sport that I follow is MMA and it's way too unpredictable to bet on.

    Skippybp: Not surprised another sucker bet
    Wed, 12/06/2017 - 10:56

    Mccregor was the absolute worst bet all year . How silly of you people to think he had any chance better than 1 in a hundred that he knocks out Floyd

    oriole: Did you even read my sentence
    Fri, 12/08/2017 - 15:48

    Did you even read my sentence or just make shit up for fun?

    Underworld: I don`t wish to be smart ass. but...
    Tue, 12/05/2017 - 20:23

    What some of you are doing is full time job! I think I would need a special notebook for keeping the track of all the things some of you wrote about betting on sports. That is too high level for me.
    I like to place bets on couple sports I watch, and I like to follow some good tipsters, compare their picks and bet on same games as they do. That is much easier than to follow some scientific betting strategy. I`m going good, I don`t bet with high amounts and I don`t win much but I`m satisfied.

    BigThangz: i like
    Tue, 12/05/2017 - 20:29

    I like your style find the games you like, and compare with what other pickers and go from there, the scientific formulas i found are not that great and end up making the bookie more money with high volume betting and low % profit

    Skippybp: Give your money to a friend
    Wed, 12/06/2017 - 19:38

    I am such a seven that I have to have my ex gf hold my money as soon as I get it or else I'll blow it all within 2 days usually

    I get about $1600 every 2 weeks and it's easy to blow 1600 in one drunk night

    Skippybp: Seven meaning degenerate autoco
    Wed, 12/06/2017 - 19:40

    Autocorrect writes seven instead of degen

    jramy: In addition in all my time
    Thu, 12/07/2017 - 00:39

    In addition in all my time here I have busted too numerous a times. I have tried following bankroll management guides but can't see myself following through.

    I guess that's one thing you need to get rid of the adrenaline when you bet might cause you to bet and risk more especially when you lost before hand causing you to get hot headed and making bad bets which will lose.

    This is a point from a degen here don't chase loses when you lose more than 20% of your bankroll. Take a break and come back later if you don't you will regret it or maybe you win but lose much more later down the road.

    BigThangz: congrats winners
    Sat, 12/09/2017 - 14:22

    nice post everyone the winners are methagamec, amscafeaus, jramy, mysticninjacat, shanedefoye. tickets sent.

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