This is a honest review about betcoin.ag

I have been user on the site for more than 1 and a half year, generally speaking I gamble sports through crypto. Over the course of 1 and a half year, my interest on the site has grown more and more. One of my favorite part of the sports book is that it has one of the best selection of live sports. Not to mention the live sports section has one of the fastest scoreboard i have yet to find, normally i use flash score, but more then not I hop on the live sports to check scores because it is simply unbeatable in terms of speed of the scores. What is also fast is the deposits and withdraws, when depositing they have a great emailing system indicating your choice of crypto currency has been received and confirmed. With withdraws I was able to withdraw more then 1 btc at once without a single issue, generally speaking if you were to withdraw it off another site, it will take close to 24-48 hours and support will contact you saying its a red flag. Never had I had a issue with withdrawing. Also they probably have one of the greatest support teams, with a live support chat and a ticket system if you have any issues. Betcoin as far as a I know is the only crypto bookie that isnt restricted in my area to provide bonuses when betting. It feels nice to know that I am being rewarded for every wager I make.

Anyways betcoin.ag is the site to go to when it comes to betting use cryptocurrency, hopefully you enjoy it.


I will continue to use this book, grew into me that there is no other crypto sports book that offer a fast support.


Just wanted to say great jobs. As always you guys are improving and making your website better by the days. The new "Player At Least Markets" is huge and I've been asking for it. I'm really happy


Best in the business... customer service is great. Lines best in market.. deposits and payouts a+ compared to anyone else best in business. They really treat there loyal customer with highest customer service that you can ask for. I switched from many sites and found myself stuck on Betcoin. Mobile app best in industry.
I love the live betting


I have been playing at Betcoin for around 2 years now and I wanted to offer my comprehensive review of their sportsbook and casino. I will break this review down into sections discussing all of the major features and aspects of Betcoin.ag.

Bonuses and VIP Promotional Programs

Betcoin has the best bonuses and the more comprehensive VIP promotional program in the industry. The initial bonuses that you receive as a new account are tremendous. You get a 100% bonus on your first deposit, 50% bonus on your second deposit, and 25% bonus on your third deposit, up to 1000 mBTC! You also get up to 10 free spins, 1 spin credited for each of your first 10 deposits. I turned one of my free spins into nearly 200 mBTC on 'Lost' in their 3D Slot selection. I was also able to turn my 3 initial deposit bonuses into a significant amount. Other online sportsbooks have bonuses that are too impossible to turn into real money, but Betcoin's bonuses are very easy and very likely to turn into bitcoin directly which I love.

Betcoin also offers a VIP program to reward betback and lossback mBTC based on your status and how many status points you have earned. The VIP program goes from Bronze to Silver to Gold to Emerald to Ruby to to Diamond and finally to Master and you receive a higher and higher percentage of betback and lossback on each bet the higher status you achieve. You'll love playing there so much that you will move up the VIP program quick. It really adds up once you achieve higher status levels. Personally I am transferring 5-10 mBTC a day from my betback/lossback accounts to my main account.

Betcoin also offers great promotions for major sporting events. They just recently gave away over 1.5 BTC on the March Madness promotion. They gave away 1.5 BTC in prizes for the Australian Open. They gave away 1.2 BTC for a parlay promo just out of left field! They gave away over 2 BTC for an NFL promotion. Point is, there is always an additional promo going on at Betcoin no matter what time of year it is or what sport is winding down to the playoffs.

They also give bonuses just for being a valued customer. Their staff is very generous and sometimes you'll wind up with a bonus just for saying something in chat or posting your opinion on the forums on the page. These guys really love helping their customers whenever they can and go above and beyond the call of duty.


This is one of the most important aspects of any sportsbook and casino. Getting paid here at Betcoin has never been a problem for me. They have the fastest payouts of any online sportsbook I've ever used. Their payout time ranges from 1 minute to 30 minutes in my experience if I request the payout very early in the morning, like 3 or 4 AM my time. On several occasions, I've went on live chat after requesting a payout to ask for it to be sent fast since I am trying to do something quickly and it'll be in my bitcoin wallet before I even am able to ask for it. Knowing you'll get paid almost instantly any time you ask for your money is one of the best things about this place and it's been like that ever since I've been using them and that's very comforting.

Customer Service

This is again another area where Betcoin simply can't be touched. They are available 24/7 in my experience via live chat or ticket to respond to your concerns. Usually they respond to a support ticket within 5 minutes and usually go above and beyond what you are requesting from them. Every time I've filled out a support ticket, they've addressed the issue in a way that was MORE fair to me than it was to them and it always amazes me they are able to do that. They will also help you out in chat, or on Live Chat which is always available. Even better, when you fill out a support ticket, you get an email with their response so you know when the issue has been addressed. That is a very user friendly feature of the site.

Casino Games

First, let me preface this by saying that I have never been that big on casino games or slots so I'm not much of an expert in this area. I have always been drawn more to sports betting than anything like blackjack or dice or slots. But Betcoin has somewhat changed that with all of their amazing Slot offerings. They have so many games that are fun that I find myself playing quite often. If you love card games and slots then you will definitely love Betcoin because I definitely love playing around in the casino more at this sportsbook than any other sportsbook I've played at. It is very user friendly and the graphics and interface is very easy to use.


As someone who is addicted to betting on sports, this is the most important aspect for me of any bitcoin gambling website. This sportsbook is certainly the best sportsbook I have ever used. First, their interface is state of the art. They've obviously spent a great deal of time and money making sure their interface was as user friendly as possible and it shows. They have more offerings than any other sportsbook and it's not even close. I would guess they have 500% more things to bet on than the next closest competitor. I have never visited their live betting section and not had a game that was currently playing to bet on, which is great if you have the itch to throw down some action at an odd hour. Other books will just have the most high profile games available for live betting, and only for 5-10 minutes of the game, if that. At Betcoin, you can bet on any game at any point during the game and they'll take your action! There are props and markets on the game that I've honestly never heard of until I found this sportsbook. For example, over/under on total scoreless innings in baseball is a fun prop that I've never seen anywhere else. But there are countless examples of these types of props, so you'll have to explore them for yourself to know exactly what I mean. Another great thing about their sportsbook is that you can parlay live betting selections. They are the only sportsbook I have played at that allows you to parlay live games together. Any of the minor issues I've had betting in their sportsbook have been compensated and corrected AND THEN SOME by their amazing staff instantly. It is very nice knowing that any issue or problem with a live line or game will be corrected in a fair way for the player. I have played at other places that cancel wagers after they win with no real solid explanation and you know you won't have to deal with that kind of thing here.

I would advise everyone to shop around and do their due diligence on getting the best price when betting sports, but I have noticed there are lots of games and markets where Betcoin offers the best price on the selection I am looking for, which is big for people who want to try to win at this gambling thing, lol! They seem to offer reduced juice for several of the bigger markets, which is always good and goes a long way towards your bottom line.

The limits in the sportsbook were a bit small for my tastes early on in the book's development, but they have been raised more and more and now they are pretty large on most selections that call for larger sized wagers. That's key that betcoin is getting better and better by the day since their employees take what customers say to heart so well.

Privacy and Security

Betcoin offers 2 factor authentication to login so you know your funds are safe if you have that enabled. You also have to approve every withdrawal from your email address, so you know you aren't going to get hacked and have your funds taken by someone that isn't you.


In my opinion, this is the best sportsbook currently available to players when you consider all of the relevant factors for evaluating a sportsbook. They truly care about the customers and are doing everything they can to listen and improve the site and ultimately that's what it's all about. They are committed to creating a perfect book for the player and they are well on their way. Their payouts are the fastest of any book, they have more sportsbook offerings than any other book by a wide margin, and their employees go above and beyond in customer service for you at a moment's notice. I would give Betcoin an overall rating of 9.5 out of 10 and I think you should give it a chance if you haven't already. I'll be around if anyone has any questions about my review or my experience playing with Betcoin.


I just want to take the time to thank betcoin. Since I came here and gave this casino a chance I have been blown away by the quantity of games in casino, but what I'm most blown away with is the outstanding customer service. Every site says every opinion matters..... but when push comes to shove the VIP level matters in your treatment as a player, NOT HERE! If you have a beginner account or are an EMERALD LEVEL VIP it doesnt matter. Everything I've had an issue with has been dealt with in a timely manner with the utmost respect. Im guessing u took time to choose your representatives . Taking the time to choose your staff has made you the ONLY go to online casino for me. Why go anywhere els when everything is in one place and they have the BEST support?? The answer is dont . If you are new here and havnt tried this site or are skeptical I reccomend you make a small deposit u are comfortable with and I GURANTEE YOU WONT GO BACK TO ANY OTHER SITE. you may not get lucky on your first spin or roll of the dice but u will be taken care of like your the only customer/player here.
THANK YOU for the common courtesy and respect you give all of us players.

Sincerely Jaydaddy


Best Bitcoin Slots

Thought I would give my review of Betcoin.ag after playing here for some time now.


Many great providers, including Quickspin now which i personally really enjoy. Has Ezugi and Endorhpina which can always be pretty great, and of course the usual Betsoft selection. Say what you will about Betsoft, ive had some immense wins on these slots. Sometimes playing them makes you wonder why they have a bad rep in terms of pays. Massive variety of table games and dice, virtuals etc. Not any issues here for me. 9/10

Customer service:

For me, I cannot fault the customer service here. Live chat prompt and on point. Gets you where you want to be as fast as possible.

By no means am i a high roller - far from it. And this is where i feel Betcoin are very fair. Despite me low rolling, i was always treated with respect and kindly by support. Very quick to answer and assist - and actually being oddly generous for a bitcoin casino. Played at a few that are as tight as you can imagine...was nice for a change for once at a casino. Very impressed. 9/10


Welcome bonus can take a while to trigger, but its really quite nice once achieved....free spins are in cash and at a decent stake size. 3 x deposit matches, with not bad wagering at all. 9/10

Deposits/ Withdrawals:

Payouts fast. Depositing is easy enough. One confirmation required before you can play, which is pretty standard. Plenty of different cryptos to deposit with, all good. Withdrawals should always be fast, at any bitcoin casino, kind of required at any decent operation. 9/10

To sum it up, ive played at several other Bitcoin casino over the years. Been a VIP for a time at one too, until they stopped taking players from my country. And i will say, i see myself playing here a lot more tbh. Its a great casino. Ive played at bad ones, and this isnt one of those. There will always be people screaming scam whenever its a Bitcoin casino, because thats the easy thing to do.

Overall 9/10 from me.


Best site to play poker...I play in several sites, the best site {betcoin.ag} credibility + equality + security.


First of all, I'd like to tell you I've been playing poker on Betcoin since February 2015, and thoroughly enjoy my experience here! This is my go-to poker site; where I choose to unwind and play cards during the holidays and spare time. I've personally seen this site undergo numerous changes/improvements since I first signed up a little more than two and a half years ago. I commend the Betcoin team for their achievements and their dedication to make the site as polished as it is today.


I would just like to emphasize my appreciation for your support staff both fielding the live chat and tickets. It's never anything less than a pleasure and I'm never left feeling unsatisfied. Thank you all for your continued efforts and hard work in making this what I believe is the best site to play on.


i am playing on line poker since 2015 about from 2 year ....playing with different site before I found Betcoin Poker BUT This is the only site which provide a lot of free roll and top loyalty programe ....THANK YOU

Don't try to search any Other Joker Poker site COME here and See There's are many HERO's who Before ZERO.





The number one reason I love Betcoin is the Daily Coin! I love the satties into it, the players who play it daily, and the tournament itself. It is the reason I am here every single day!

Not far behind the daily coin, are the members of Betcoin who make this place so unique. I have made dozens of acquaintances in the short time I have been active here and I value several of the friendships made.

Betcoin has relatively fast deposit and withdraw times. I say relatively because from what I understand they are the ONLY POKER site that offers 1 hour w/d's. However many bitcoin casinos have instant w/d's, meaning as soon as your deposit is confirmed you can w/d whatever you have in your balance. I assume the large number of scammers among the poker community are the reason there is a manual review for each w/d. Overall, considering what Betcoin has to endure from some opportunists who take advantage, I give Betcoin an A on their banking functions.

There is one more Exclusive Betcoin "thing" that I can't find any where else. THE STAFF!

Aidan is so personable and involved in the community that it's easy to forget just how capable he is. I rarely have to ask Aidan for resolution, when he is working everything is running smooth. Danny is my girl. If she were on this continent we would be slamming back shots of Patron together for sure! Simon is in the chat box more often than any other agent for me, he is easy-going and quick to respond. Stuart has helped me when I thought all had been lost, he was my chat hero most recently. Brent aka Trent is my buddy and excellent at resolving problems. Anna is the new girl and she is already just as quick as the old-timers. Victor and Robert have only encountered my chat rant a couple times and they were both professional and efficient. George began as my nemesis and now is one of my favorites, he is a no-nonsense kind of guy. Will I Am is positive and helpful, he answers tickets with ease and generosity. Jessica was the worst part of Betcoin for me, over time she has proven to be my primary problem solver, I appreciate her sense of humor and admire her ability to sustain the constant badgering she receives. Plo8Monster isn't official staff but he is "THE MAN" in charge down in the trenches, I don't know what to say about him that you don't already know. He is kind, generous and considerate and that is all that really matters in this world. Andrew is by far the most capable and effective team member, if something needs done, you want Andrew in the loop or it will fall to the wayside. He pushes projects forward and provides a level headed response to an emotional rant. Trust me, I have seen it myself. :) Betcoin Brian, Mike and the other behind the scenes team members who make Betcoin run smoothly are also included in my gracious compliment. THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR INVOLVEMENT IN MY EXPERIENCE HERE.


Betcoin.ag in my humble opinion is the number 1 ranked bitcoin poker site going on as of 2017! Me as a player here for over a year now really enjoy the benefits of earning status points and other free entries to tournaments when time gets hard on the bankroll. I been promoting betcoin poker on my you-tube channel for as long as I been playing pretty much and slowly but surely i'm gaining a few referrals:). I really enjoy the staff and how they respond in due diligence to all our matters even when some issues can be resolved in community chat. I jcmillionman will be here as long as they run.. P.S Don't let my tilt table talk discourage you this site is the BOMB!!!


I from Algeria, North Africa, and I'm 25 years old and I love the game at Betcoin Poker. I stopped playing poker for reasons Poker sites is important and adulterated in fraud because I Jeddah poker Bactuan and then I found your beautiful Betcoin.ag site in terms of competition and incentives average gains make you continue to play and I hope to take advantage and play at Betcoin forever. Thank you.


Hello, just wanted to say thank you for your poker website. Been playing for a bit now and it's really good. Keep it going and don't let bad mouthing bring you down.


Thanks a lot. It is been my privilege to have been here since stage 1 and grew together with the betcoin community. It has been the best campaign i was ever in and i hope this will continue to last for years. I also wish that betcoin will have a strong and growing customers base.


I came to Betcoin when I had a few dollars left looking to just have fun. Well seeing that I actually won good amount of money playing on Betcoin it turned from fun into a great resource of my spare change. Though I took a few months break from Betcoin when I had a friend pass, I was welcomed back opened arms and friendly staff. My poker skills really bummed out on me but I will say that if it wasn't for the variety on Betcoin I may be stuck with nothing. From casino slots to sports I went from twenty bucks up to 200. A very good website if you want free withdrawals, fast payments, live support who will actually respond instantly, and just a all around great website. One last thing, staff is quick to help with any problems. From a rocky start to a strong finish play responsible have fun, don't spend money you can't afford!!!


I spent nearly all of my Summer gambling time/money at Betcoin. Betcoin is an all inclusive gambling destination. It is unlike any other gambling venue I have seen before. If you are a slot player, there are several software providers including Game Art, which are some of the most entertaining/popular on the net. If you prefer Sports betting, Betcoin has you covered with a full service sportsbook. The casino offers the usual card games, as well as live casino games like roulette, blackjack, sicbo, and keno. So far everything I have mentioned is standard for most of the top gambling sites.

The two stars of Betcoin are the Poker Room and Community Forum. The Poker Room is available on the web/download/mobile. There are dozens of WPN tournaments listed along with the Betcoin exclusive freerolls, mtts and the amazing Tourney events/series that run from time to time. For instance, there is an OSS/MOSS Series listed right now along with a Million Dollar Tourney that has satellites running already. If you prefer cash games in the ring, or headsup, Betcoin has you covered there, too, with games starting at .01/.02 all the way up through high stakes. Omaha tables are less popular but they are always running as well.

One of the most entertaining aspects of Betcoin for me has been the community forum and the live chat. There is always a colorful group of characters exchanging ideas in the chat box. There are beggars and thieves intertwined with the common players like you and I, so you have to be on your toes. There is a constant exchange of chips taking place from within the chat box as well. Players are constantly staking one another and looking for their next backer. I have staked a few players and had some success that I don't think would have been possible if I played myself. :)

Every day there is a popular Betcoin Exclusive Daily Coin tournament with a 1 btc pot. This is truly Betcoin's shining star. There is a 47.50 mbtc entry fee, but there are daily freerolls and step satellites leading up to the main event. Playing the steps, or winning the freerolls will offer players a chance to win a ticket into the Daily, any day the choose to enter. This opportunity is available to everyone, whether you have any money or not. I think that is reason enough alone to open an account and try your luck on the freerolls. You may be the next Betcoin player that goes from ZERO TO HERO.

There are Table Starter Bonuses/Rake Back/Loss Back/Bet Back features that I know nothing about but yes, I have received funds labeled under one of these titles. :) (poker newbie)

Last thing before I go, everyone knows I am all about crypto gaming for US players. It seriously changed everything for me. I can't emphasize enough how amazing the experience is when I win at a casino now! DO YOU KNOW WHY??? Think about your favorite aspect of the brick/mortar casinos.... I am sure the cashier/instant withdraw/money in pocket is one of the main draws, right? WELL, GUESS WHAT BITCOIN LET'S YOU HAVE YOUR MONEY RIGHT NOW FROM YOUR HOME COMPUTER! IT IS AMAZEBALLS!

I have deposited/withdrawn with Betcoin several times all of them in less then an hour or two. :) I am not here asking you to sign up on my affiliate account... that's not my goal. I just want you all to know there is a place that some of you might find as enjoyable as I do, not to mention the ability to come play for free and cash out a couple hundred dollars in a matter of hours. :) IT IS POSSIBLE I HAVE WITNESSED IT! :) Good Luck!


I have to congratulate all of the site for the beautiful work in the new portfolio and betcoin site. congratulations


Hola, muy buenas tardes
Abro este post para recalcar la seriedad de esta pagina en el momento de realizar el cashout y la buena atención de su equipo support manteniendo el trato en castellano en todo momento.
Por otra parte estoy muy contento por conseguir el mayor premio en un torneo on-line desde que juego al poker,intentare repetirlo este domingo ;).
Un saludo.

Hello good afternoon
Hello I write this testimonial to emphasize the quickness of the time of the withdrawal and excellent care of the support team in taking care of the players at all times.
I was very fortunate to win the top prize in the $115K tournament and will try to repeat again this Sunday.


Just wanted to leave my review on the support and effort Betcoin put in to customer care. I had some problems with my bets on the Sportsbook being returned and opened a ticket to find out why this happened. I'm not going to go in to the details of my bets etc, but Andrew and Jessica took care of the problem and fully understood where I was coming from. I always felt through the back and forth dialogue that these guys had my back and wanted to make things right.

Other sportsbooks would have probably done nothing and ignored my complaints. The guys and gals here listened and trusted me. I appreciate the effort they do here, and you probably won't find a fairer team. I truly believe that with this service and continued effort, Betcoin will be the number one place to go. These guys here have a solid foundation and can only grow and get bigger.


This website is a very good representation for bitcoin in general. The site site keeps growing and attracting new players from the world. WPN is fortunate to have a good staff and a group all around of great players.


My Experience At Betcoin.ag, Username- KayaMan

Figured I would post about my experience at betcoin.ag so you all know what to expect when you decide to try it out for the first time. First of all, betcoin.ag has 4 main categories of gambling, Poker, Casino (slots and card games etc), sports betting, and dice. I only have experience with two of these categories so I will mostly be writting about my experience with the categories which I am familiar with, which are poker and casino (slots). Maybe one day I will get more familiar with dice and sports betting and can inform you about those categories once I know more about them, but until then I will just stick with what I know.

I am going to start with talking about my experience with betcoin poker since it is my favorite part of the website, I love the slots also but nothing can beat betcoin poker. I've played on a couple of poker sites in my day, but I always find myself coming back to betcoin for many different reasons. Betcoin poker seems to have the best of everything, for example, the overall layout of the poker rooms just has a nice, simple feel to it that is just comfortable to play in. Also they have the best freerolls that I have ever seen on a poker site, they offer freerolls all day everyday, and all night. I've also had some pretty decent luck with their freerolls, having won a couple so far, they are hard to win though, but only because so many people play them, but that doesn't mean that they are impossible to win, just gotta know how to play and you stand a chance at winning, which is pretty awesome. Speaking of freeroll tourneys, their regular paid tourneys are awesome also, i play them all the time, and they have a wide variety of them so if you want to only pay $0.10 to enter a tourney, they usually have that option available, along with $100 tourneys where you can win thousands of dollars. In my experience with the regular tourneys, i have won 4 so far, and ive only been playing on this site for a little over a month now, have won over 100mbtc twice now(those tourneys only costed me 4mbtc to enter, 50mbtc once (around 1mbtc to enter, or less) & 20mbtc ( around .5mbtc to enter), its very exciting to win a poker tournament on this site, and literally the second that the tourney is over you will get paid. I also love playing in the regular poker rooms, you have a good chance of winning a good amount of btc in the poker rooms, but there is also a chance of losing a good amount of btc in the poker rooms, just gotta play smart and confident and you should be okay :) personally, I have played hands where I have won up to 100mbtc in one hand. I have also lost the same amount in one hand. Lol. But that's okay, gambling wouldn't be gambling if you would win every hand. So overall I've had really good experience with betcoin poker, it's my favorite poker site by far, and I will continue to play betcoin poker probably for also long time. Lol.

I have also had really good experience with betcoins casino, don't play it as often as I play poker but I have played the slots a good amount of times. The first experience that I recall from betcoin slots is definitely a good experience, I had deposited some btc onto my account to play poker with and in return betcoin gave me a 100% 1st deposit casino bonus, a 50% 2nd deposit bonus and a 25% 3rd deposit bonus. Anyways, I decided to try my luck out on a certain slot, had started with a casino bonus of 25mbtc, by the time I had finished their bonus withdrawal requirments I had won 300mbtc. Was really stoked about that, before that happened I thought that online slots were all impossible to win anything on, but after I turned 25mbtc into 300mbtc, I realized I was definitely wrong with thinking that, and I started playing betcoin slots more often after that lol. Another time I had received a 10mbtc bonus for something, don't remember how I got the bonus, anyways, I ended up beating the bonus requirements and 100mbtc was credited to my account. now I love their slots. Haha.

In conclusion, betcoin is, in my opinion, the best online casino period, love betcoin poker, love the slots, oh yeah and I forgot to mention how awesome betcoin support is! They are very quick at replying to you and helping you with any problems you may have, or answering any questions you may have, I've had times when support would give me casino bonuses just to make me happy, and it did make me happy, lol. Best online support by far. I'm trying to think about anything I could complain about but betcoin is an overall awesome site and I can't think of anything to complain about. I'd recommend anyone who is looking for a good site to gamble on to check out betcoin.ag.


hola yo podria jugar en muchos otros website , pero me he quedado aqui con vosotros porque plo8 andrew stuart brent danny , con el George me he pelado pero ahora estamos bien todo bueno :) mR paul ahora no es pero le tengo todo mi respecto en fin y tengo algunos amigo y digo porque ir en otros website aqui he jugado mucho dinero he perdido he ganado he recaudado mas de 1000 chips a jugadores GRATIS como ustedes podrias comprobar o si no lo saco yo de historial y no tengo nada de decir solo esto Gracias y veremos andamos adelante todos junto y unidos sin trucos y tontos ! Gracias


I wanted to share my experience at Betcoin.ag. I first discovered Betcoin.ag close to 2 years ago after SWC went down due to potential fraud and general mismanagement. Since then, I exclusively use Betcoin.ag even after SWC re-emerged. They have a wide selection of table games and generally have 300+ players online, even in the mornings. I feel the administration of betcoin.ag is solid as they have employed top-notch customer service representatives that will go out of their way to help you with any problems or special requests.

In addition, Betcoin.ag offers a great rewards program, including points that can be converted into poker chips, They also offer a customer loyalty program where you can earn more points, rakeback, bet-back, and loss-back. I believe the system goes from Bronze III to Master. I am currently a Silver III member.

Beyond that, the best parts about betcoin.ag are the very quick and no-hassle deposits and withdrawals.


betcoin service is great ive never had a problem

A+ on cashouts and deposits.


i am poplol , a very ordinary gambler . i was registered in betcoin.ag since few months ago , played some game here in casino and sometimes played poker room here, it was my pleasure to get a great experience to play here , betcoin.ag in my opinion are the biggest and trusted casino bitcoin gambling site as i can see many people provide a nice feedback to betcoin.ag and the strong community make betcoin.ag a safest perfect bitcoin gambling site to play.


Betcoin has always been an awesome website to sit back and enjoy! I myself have had more positive wins then negative experiences at Betcoin! The staff is top notch! I myself use the affiliate links to advertise for them because i know that my money is always safe and payments are extremely fast. Betcoin is Number 1 in my book!



all up in it

my take on betcoin
this is a fun site.its Everything is easily is easy to get to.
there is no lag.
The live chat people are nice.
And are always very helpful.
so enjoy your gambling.


Betcoin.ag is the best btc poker site. I have recall enjoyed my playing on Betcoin. By far the best Bitcoin poker site, deposit and withdrawal are fast, and the exchange rate is on point. Software is still a work in progress but it's hard to complain when you offer such great tournaments! I've been lucky enough to have some deep runs in the Sunday 215 and love the betcoin experience! Let's get some bigger prize pools now :)


Betcoin.ag is a great website. I like betcoin because they have been very stable for the time that I have used them, unlike some other sites that I had tried. The bonus system is great. There seems to be a constant effort to add new games or features to improve upon an already good site and good communication from the top as to when those things will be happening and any disruptions that may occur. Usually it seems that there is someone from the sites team in the chat to assist if people have problems. All in all, a great site.


I want to share my main points why I play at Betcoin.ag:
- Very fast deposits and cashouts (thank you support, appreciate your work!)
- Best traffic out of bitcoin-poker sites
- For poker players, table starter promotion, especially now that it's automated and credit instantly after session, is PURE AWESOMESAUCE
- For casino players, adding live dealer casino, is most fun you can have online gambling



Betcoin.ag has the complete package of service that im looking as a
Bitcoin Miner / Trader / Enthusiast . And Betcoin is only online poker that has the complete or full process of service using digital currency which is the main factor for thos who has security/financial concern.
On my first month, I deposit almost 8 BTC to enjoy the full action and experience of the adrenaline that im looking for and I did not misplace when i found it here because every experience has a value :)
And I believe that no other Betcoin.ag ,out there, If has, they'll be the 2nd and never be the one.


The development here is top notch. I truly think that integrating some sort of automated staking system here, if possible, would be a game changer... especially once 2+2 found out about it. Until then, the existing infrastructure is truly excellent. They have invested into the community and always takes care of problems when they arise. Truly one of a kind in that light. As much as I shit post, I can't help but tip my hat to them. I enjoy coming into chat every day and having a place to spew nonsense while I gamble. Really hope that poker takes off more than it is now, and I'll be here to help make it a reality. TY Betcoon.


I love betcoin, because have a great team support 24/7. I like because have so much freerolls in poker. Always have promotions to all players.
The live blackjack is exciting, and the surprise box is a good idea.


I love betcoin because as a serious poker player, the rakeback here is really good. I like the very fast withdrawals and never have security concerns like I do on other sites. I like that I can chat with someone around the clock about any issues, and they have been very responsive and fair with me. I love that they are connected to Winning poker network and let me play a multitude of tournaments. I also really like the community and appreciated that when I came in 8th for $17,500 in the Million Dollar Sunday Tournament that it was advertised and everyone in the community congratulated me.


I have been with betcoin since the start of this site and have always loved it. When I joined there wasn't a merger between betcoin and WPN, and the progress you guys have made has been great. Being from the US there isn't many places to play and when everything went down with black Friday years back bitcoins gave a fallback and betcoin has been the best between all the site. I love all aspects of the site I use the Sports betting, Casino and poker. Keep up the good work. I will be here for the long haul.


Thanks for the games, I enjoy playing at Betcoin because it provides an opportunity to have serious plays or to just have for fun and has an excellent rakeback. It's cool to see the good interaction with the community and tournaments for bitcointalk users being added. I also enjoy new slots as they always add variety as well as the bonus box which allows me to try new games with the Casino credits. Finally having a professional place to play with Bitcoin is just the icing on the cake. Great work and I'm glad to see WPN Back and of course fun freerolls to compete in.


Betcoin is my favorite place and I will always stick to it. I thank you staff for processing tickets and deposits/withdrawals always super fast and never letting me down, you are an awesome team and it's obvious you value your customers above everything. Also, your rakeback program ist the best in the whole gambling industry. Other than that mentioned I'm kinda addicted to betcoin. I wish you all the best, keep it up!


I enjoy playing at Betcoin poker because they are ahead of the times. The future of online gaming is with Betcoin. Bitcoin is the way online poker was supposed to played, near instant withdrawals and deposits, the most competitive fees & wide array of poker tournaments, sports betting, casino games whatever it is you want to play Betcoin has it. Professional operation that uses favorite currency! :)


Betcoin is my place to play because from day one they have kept their word with me...

I respect Betcoin's integrity. I am in a unique position to see just how sincere and deep it runs.

Because we share the same passion: to create a safe and pleasant environment for you guys to call home.

Because our Staff and Dev know how to make a cake from scratch, I look at Betcoin.ag as one stop shopping...I look back to where we came from, to where we are, and to where we are going with Betcoin.ag as a Haven. It even gets to feeling like a home game with the camaraderie and the feuds between players.

I love the VIP, i just hit emerald II and it gets pretty juicy now....It beats any out there that i know of... and is less complicated by far...

Most of all i just love this community .... and this forum,(that allows us to know each other)
that allows players to help players.... and i always get a warm fuzzy feeling when i see that happening... I look forward to seeing all you guys daily....



Betcoin is the best place in the world to play. Access to the huge multi-player Winning Poker Network tournaments with nearly instant deposits and fast withdrawals are the biggest upsides to Betcoin. Combine that with stellar customer service, and one of the best VIP players club systems in the industry, and Betcoin will surely soon be the #1 site for online gaming, if it is not already there. Betcoin has been the only place I have played online poker for the past year and a half, and it has truly been a great experience.
Due to the finality of Betcoin transaction and the nature and history of online gaming, people can be understandably nervous about depositing real money on an online gaming site. I have made thousands of dollars worth of deposits and withdrawals during my time here, and I always feel safe having money on Betcoin, because they have repeatedly corrected any errors and usually throw something extra in for the inconvenience when the error is on their end.


Betcoin has always been fair to me. Even when WPN has had those attacks, they have repaid my entries without ever hesitation. They are more fair of a site than any other I have ever been on and this is why I will NEVER play anywhere else. The staff here genuinely cares about its patrons and takes the players advice into consideration on many topics. The rakeback is fantastic and the fact that I can withdraw and deposit with no trouble in less than 30 minutes every single time is to dream for. I have met many friends on this site and I appreciate everything I have learned and gathered to further my poker game. Thank you Betcoin.


Aside from the excellent rakeback and promotions, I enjoy being able to withdraw and deposit at a moment's notice. The player pool is weak enough to make money off of. Betcoin has a smart crew: support that will ultimately solve your issues, creators/developers who found a niche market for bitcoin/poker and cashed in on it and whoever is the genius with a psychology degree that pitched the idea for this thread/promotion. Betcoin is what the doctor ordered... well maybe not my doctor, she thinks I might have a problem, but what does she know? The best part: no need to wear pants.


Betcoin has been my go to site for the past year. I cannot get enough of it. Not only are the people challenging and friendly but the staff is always there to help if anything goes wrong. Withdrawals are the fattest anywhere and only makes the site that much funner. Not only that but they have such a huge selection of games. I love playing Omaha hi lo on here, usually it was hard for me to find people to play, but on Betcoin there's plenty of omaha hi lo tourneys and cant get enough of it. Thankyou betcoin you will always be my number 1 site. Hope you're around for awhile!


Call me a dreamer but I believe Bitcoin can be the future. In this same aspect I trust that Betcoin can be one day the place to be, regarding gambling /playing professionally.Right now It's a tight community with great support and It's real fun to be around as opposed to many other places. The variety of casino and other games ensures fish at the poker tables and it's a bonus, if you can contain yourself :D.The relatively new reward system and automation of things are great and ensure it's success and chance to become all that. I very much like the opportunity to be here when it happens and take advantage of everything the future holds in store. In the meantime enjoy the journey.


I love the poker the best, i mean the best network for usa players and you accept bitcoin unlike the other wpn skins you don't require documentation on top of that poker players get upto 150% rakeback.
I love betcoin cause i can always get a roll from the daily giftboxes,dicetournaments and hourly freerolls.
I love betcoin because the staff are online 24-7 with fast response time unlike other sites with staff that takes upto 10minutes to comeup with an answer.
I don't know anything about sports but i love esports and the fact betcoin has added it i plain to give it a try also very soon.

And recently my table was bugged and betcoin compensated me within 24hours i don't play poker anywhere else but here and i'm so happy wpn is back causee i'm mainly a tourny player


I have played at over a dozen different poker sites in my 5 years a player. I have always had to deal with one problem or another. Bad interface, cashout or deposit issues, no rakeback/poor VIP system, or clunky UI. 100% of these problems are solved at Betcoin. Literally the first time ever in my life where I don't have to worry. And the cherry on top is that there is also a casino and sportsbook (with great odds!) on the same site!

Why would I ever play anywhere else again? :)


Ok ill make this short and simple. I play here at Betcoin for many reasons. One being that everyone here makes poker better. Two is that you can withdraw at any time without worrying about meeting rake requirements or a certain period of time. Three is the awesome bonuses! like this.
Thank You, Destroyer


There are many reasons why I play at betcoin. First off, the vip program, which includes casino/sports book play (betback, lossback, suprise box, etc.
Poker promos, that are top notch (100%+ rakeback). Support is always top notch with any issues Iv had over time. The casino and sports book offer many different and competitive lines. Just to have a reputable site that I can count on is priceless, I really do appreciate everyone at betcoin :)


Everything about betcoin poker is amazing. I love you guys everyone here knows that. I spend alot of time and hard earned money here. Even though i was a naysayer at first, now i fully support the site and its workers as I know they will take care of us in every possible way. All you have to do is be patient with them and they will keep it real. Good work Support Crew!


I enjoy playing at Betcoin because of speedy BTC payouts, low rake and the frequent promotions. Between the table starter rakeback and the VIP rakeback, I'm seeing a nice chunk of change returned back to me every time I play. I like the fact that there are both WPN-wide tourneys as well as a few Betcoin-specific ones. The daily surprise box is a nice treat that costs nothing to use. Also the sense of community here is better than at most other sites; it's pretty fun to see some people chatting on the website and realize that I see these same guys at the tables every day.


I love to play to Betcoin Poker for many reasons. One of t he most important reasons is the smooth deposit and withdraw. Another is the good staff and how they have always been willing to help me in my time in need. I thank them for it all the time. Keep up good work Betcoin staff. Plus when wpn was down, I was playing against good players and I feel it has build my skills more. If I was to ever play in WSOP main event I would sport the Betcoin patch for sure. That is my dream . But who knows, right?


I can play poker, bet on sports, there is dice and best is transactions with bitcoin. Its safe and quick transaction. Im mostly a poker tourney player. Its one of best poker tournaments with so many different choices. Im happy WPN is back 2. Bitcoin and poker tournaments, trust and great stuff make here perfect to love


I am a relatively new Betcoin user and i am loving it. The poker community here is amazing. They have made me feel welcome and answered any questions. Best of all, if i have any down time between tourneys, the chat totally entertains! You all are hilarious! I had an issue and contacted support and got a quick and was totally satisfied with the outcome. In fact, Betcoin did much more than expected and made me feel valued and respected. Betcoin has earned my loyalty in a short amount of time and i expect to be playing here permanently and wearing a big BETCOIN patch on my shirt when i play for a World Series of Poker bracelet someday. Hmmm....what color shirt will look best with the Betcoin patch?!



Access to life changing money through bitcoin
Instant deposits and practically Instant withdrawals
Exquisite VIP system
The Community

That is all. Simple.


I enjoy playing at betcoin because they provide some of the best cashout times for American poker players using bitcoin. I also love the fact they are connected to the winning poker network and providing the best GTd payouts to tournaments, more than any other bitcoin sites that I will not name. I also appreciate the support. The support staff are the best. Even when things go wrong they find a way to make it right, and lets not forget the vip system offers the best opportunity to get the more rake-back than anywhere else in online poker.


I love Betcoin , because all day lost and i m fucking here all day the time ... :))) now add me 500 chips :)) i m not love the staff but is my friend only Respect ! for all staff support and supervisor ! Tiki Tiki The best here and history :) sex sex and hard sex !


I love Betcoin because frankly I love the community. Every night I kill myself to be able to play in the Daily Coin with all you other amazing players. Yes I know we have had ups and down but truly this site is where I will stay. Betcoin has changed my financial life and has given me an opportunity to be able to do what I really love, play Poker.

p.s i love william


One of the reasons I like playing at betcoin because of tier comp bonus v.i.p. System. It is so great to not only be able to use Bitcoin but every cent I earn and play goes toward the v.i.p. Tier and just unlocks more rake back & future free rolls & surprise boxes which I love because that way I am building up my v.i.p tier to be more and greater rewards other then like other sites that it's just set in stone and there is nothing to earn besides cash, but with betcoin there is a lot more to earn.

Another firm reason I like betcoin is that the cash out process isn't mindless & the process is quick & support will even update you with more info on it in case you are worried it's taken to long , like (Paul and plo8 that usually helps)

Another great reason I like betcoin is that the structure of the tournaments are specifically made for people who like to play & win poker. There has been threads betcoin has made to ask requests of structures and betcoin listened good and came out with that and it helped me choose this site apart from others.

I choose to like betcoin overall more then other sites because support will get right on the problem and find out what they need to do to help solve the issue at that moment other then waiting mindlessly on other websites for an email back from support that may never even come. So that really helps comfort level of playing here, to feel support and that it's being run decent which it is.

Another reason I like to play betcoin is that the software is very stable. In my years of being on this site, I have never had an issue. I can multi table as many tournaments as I want and play with as much coin as I need without a worry that it will crash. If in unlikelyhood that it did crash I can trust betcoin to follow through and make it right. They always have and seems more support is coming everyday so only makes it more enjoyable.

Those are 5 reasons I like playing at betcoin. There is plenty more it's just instead of writing more of those out I would rather get back to playing.

Good luck all and remember



I like betcoin first and foremost because of the fast and easy withdrawals. On the poker side of things, they have industry leading lowest rake. In addition, they have a vip system that makes it easy for anyone playing to earn rake back. Now onto the sportsbook, they have great live lines that are hard to compare to from any competitor. If you're into sports betting, you will not be disappointed. They have many lines and many sports including e-sport. Last but not least, betcoin casino carries all of your favorite virtual games as well as live games that you can connect to. These live games are actually almost as if you are in a casino. You bet with your balance just as you would in a casino and a live dealer with a real casino table actually deals to you. #BETBITBETCOIN


I play at Betcoin because it has advantages over the other united states market. Bovada does not allow more than 4 tables of ring game play and has zero rake back. They also use the same casino software, like many other sites, but do not offer instant withdrawals via Bitcoin. You have to wait for a shady cash out from a foreign country to arrive that banks can put a hold on. It can also take up to three weeks. With this in mind, and the WPN MTT traffic included on their skin, they are superior for lower stakes players. The rake structure is currently the most generous on the internet for a site with any traffic and the model is one of the most unique I have ever seen in online poker. This brings us to my next point, DICE, which is a WONDERFUL, FAST, and RELAXING way to invest your coins. I have diced on a few other sites, but their community aspect and presence makes me feel more at ease than if I were to win a significant amount elsewhere in the BTC world. I wear my Betcoin jacket to sleep every night with the AC on extra low. It's comfortable. It's weird. I also plan on shocking the world live on TV in the WSOP with it on.

Kind Regards,


I enjoy playing on Betcoin because anonymous cryptocurrency poker just works. There are many people, like myself, who reside in locations that cannot easily access other online sites. Betcoin provides a bridge for them to play in larger field tournaments and SNGs safely and securely. The deposits and withdraws and near instant and virtually free and I never have to worry about keeping my balance anywhere but my hard drive when I'm not playing. This recent downtime seems to show that Betcoin is concerned with security and safety moving forward, which is a pretty good sign for the long term growth of the site (and network).


I love playing at betcoin because all the great trolls that attack scammer jonnyrocket.
I love playing at betcoin because they will credit me 50 chips for 5 sentences.
I love playing at betcoin because it's great support team.
I love playing at betcoin I've been blessed with a run good account.
I love playing at betcoin because of it's forum for me to make stake thread.
I love playing at betcoin because is where I met my future wife Maria!


Betcoin.ag is the nuts
I enjoy betcoin.ag because I can easily deposit in bitcoin directly from my own wallet, play with bitcoin on the site and withdraw in bitcoin quickly back into my own wallet. I also like the VIP PLayer's Club rewards system where you can earn way more than the standard 27% RB that other sites offer. Up to 50% RB and up to 150% RB with the table starter bonus. That's insane! The Daily Surprise Box is a nice little extra sumthin sumthin as well. And 24 hour live chat support to help you directly with any issue you have - any time of day or night. You can't beat that.


I like playing at betcoin poker for the crazy good VIP benefits. No poker site in the industry has 2.5% rake, and starts you out with 10% rakeback like betcoin. In addition to this there are great additional rakeback benefits to be had from table starter promotions and affiliate signups. Betcoin always makes all errors good for their customers. Also, no other bitcoin only site offers such a wide selection of tournament games.


I love betcoin because all people around the world can play without any limitation.


A home away from home...
Just like many of you, I also enjoy playing all the skill games on BetCoin because of their stellar support team and fast payouts. If you would ask me if there is any other casino that takes better care of their players then my answer would be certain NO!
Yes at times they do mistakes but as the history has proven they go out of their ways to make the mistakes right and I personally have not experienced such love from any other house.
Selection of casino games is unbelievable, there is something for every type of taste and liking. Interactive atmosphere in the community thanks to the forum and player's chat is one of the most genius additions a poker site could have. It comes with a cost of some misbehavior but as long as players stick together and protect one another alongside with new members then there is more gain than loss.
Almost forgot to mention the juicy prize pools they offer on Poker Tournaments, must make this one of the most attractive places to play at, at least for me.

So if you have not yet signed up yet then I really have no clue what you are waiting upon, give BetCoin a try - I'm sure you will not be disappointed.

Appreciate you guys, keep up the good work.



The best and by far the most convenient option for anonymous poker, while still maintaining access to a large tournament pool. I can't say enough about WPN integration, the access to the tournament fields combined with near effortless bitcoin withdrawal is by far the easiest way to get paid and cash out. Although I have not been as vocal in the past through the betcoin community, I very much enjoy lurking about and enjoying all the products available for offer, especially the variety in gambling products - dice, sportsbook, poker, cash/tournament all in one skin. Mobile access on puffin browser, Bitcoin deposits, withdrawals, no identity compromising documentation necessary, all extra incentives. Keep up the good work, I and countless others here do appreciate the amount of time and effort put into providing this service to the community, even if we do complain at the drop of a hat.


I love Betcoin too! I have seen you around quite a bit these past 6 months, usually deep in mtt! Just to clarify your post, plo8monster is the site pro and has moderator privileges. He's been a tremendous players advocate and chats with all of the players here at Betcoin. CHEERS to dabsofslabs and slabsofdabs and much ROI : )
GL at the tables


Started here just over 6 months ago, Been a daily player since. Betcoin is more then just a site, Its a community, A family if you will. Even being a micro player I feel as i have been accepted here. Everyone has been overwhelmingly helpful and friendly. plo8monster (a Betcoin chat moderator) helped with my questions that i know he answers on a daily basis, Betcoin staff has also gone over the moon to help me.
In short what really makes Betcoin great is the community and staff. Thank you for providing us with a local hub to chat and play some cards. STAY AWESOME BETCOIN, WE APPRECIATE EVERYTHING YOU DO


I enjoy playing at Betcoin because the community is the best around. I love seeing new players enter chat and helping them get familiar with what Betcoin is all about. Support has always been very friendly and supportive in everything I have asked. Deposits and withdrawal has always been quick as well. I look forward to the future because it's looking really bright over here at Betcoin!


I love betcoin for awile now i have been a memeber for awile.I love there tourneys and there many options in casino to play at.Sports book is very good and has many ways to bet and make you some good coin.Support is great even with the Loss of the GREAT PAUL. Andrew has tooken over the helm and has done amazing.BETCOIN IS A+in my book to play at and be a part of.


I enjoy playing at betcoin because they provide some of the best cashout times for American poker players using bitcoin. I also love the fact they are connected to the winning poker network and providing the best GTd payouts to tournaments, more than any other bitcoin sites that I will not name. I also appreciate the support. The support staff especially Andrew and Williams are the best. Even when things go wrong they find a way to make it right, and lets not forget the vip system offers the best opportunity to get the more rakeback than anywhere else in online poker.


I love betcoin poker because it is a great community overall!! I love that they offer dice now and love playing the freerolls daily.. I love that I can get a suprise casino bonus!!! FOOTBALL SEASON? you got my back in that also... this place is everything you need for online gaming!! thanks alot!


I just wanted to share my experience here at Betcoin.

Pre Betcoin:

I've been mostly a live cash game player for over 14 years. My experience with online poker was very little. I played at Bodog pre black friday, but was never really committed there.

Recently, I became a father. Due to time constraints, I cannot play live anymore. So, I began researching my options for online poker. I did not want to go through the hassle of a cash deposit on the main stream sites. I looked into Bitcoin poker rooms and saw that Betcoin was one of the top picks.

Betcoin member: I did not join under and affiliate link. At the time I had no way of buying Bitcoin, so I decided to give the $10 on demand freerolls a shot. To make a long story short, I won a few and built my BR to 400+ chips within 1 month. I breached out to playing casino games and sportsbook. I love them both. Bitcoin has every game I want to play. Other online bitcoin casinos might offer the same games, but they can't touch Betcoin's community. The support staff have always answered every question I have asked. I tell everyone I know about Betcoin and look forward to it's future as the #1 Bitcoin casino.

A few things I'd love to see in the near future

Table avatars
More community tournaments "Bitcoin Talk" for example
Leaderboards of some sort
Stakes/Loans subforum
VIP freerolls


I love betcoin.ag. Its the only true bitcoin poker I can play on my mac that has any action on the tables. Deposits and cashouts are smooth as butter, and the staff is great whenever i have any questions. (i also enjoy this one slot machine called gypsy rose...i hate playing against the house but that game sucks me in).


I enjoy playing at Betcoin.ag because it provides fun games a variety of choices from dice to slots which has candy pop which is pretty fun stuff and of course because of poker which allows you to warm up and play casual with freerolls or sit at at table and play serious, rakeback is cool too, and of course a wonderful rewards program for playing with them.


Betcoin.ag is one of the most trusted gambling site in bitcoin world. This site provides so many games, so players are easy to play any games they like in one site only. I my self play this site to play poker because it has many great players and competition/tournaments.


I love this terrific poker site---and am really enjoying watching it's tremendous growth recently...


I just wanted to take the time to provide my thoughts and experience at Betcoin.ag. Very thankful that I found this place. If you live under a rock and don't know Betcoin yet … It's the leading Bitcoin online Gaming site. Well, I for one use it primarily for poker, but you can do sportsbetting and things like casino too if that's your thing. I'm sure most of us agree Bitcoin is the best currency for any online gaming activity so why use anything else I'm wondering. They actually built a great gambling site exclusively for Bitcoin and Litecoin. So these both are the only 2 deposit and withdraw methods. You don't need to verify and the support is top notch, just as the community. In this spirit, I hope you come by and play some poker! You will get the best rakeback programm you can find, and with their ring game table starter offer even more than 100%! If you have questions let me know, you can contact me anytime.


Love you guys and the site


freaking love this casino you running here guys and always good and fast service


Good stuff, Good support, happy times

Love this site, I play Black jack sometimes, roulette, poker all that yall and recently went on a heater, Have always received cashouts fast. A+++++


Thank you so much Betcoin, I really was not expecting this amazing experience at a bitcoin casino! I have to say, I am extremely impressed with the speed and the fantastic customer service which betcoin provides its users. I was completely blown away by the interface and community. Hands down the best casino online.


I am so happy i register and deposit 0.235 and win 2 BTC and they send it so fast!

i love betcoin! thank you


You are one of most reliable sports betting site. I'm almost certain that anyone can play at www.betcoin.ag/sports to see Betcoin, it's a massive positive step for you guys. 24/7 live chat, ticket and email customer support dramatically improves trust & reliability. It really makes people confident about using your services & at ease.


Betcoin.ag the best

Anonymous online sportsbook ,poker and casino at its best. No documents, no bullshit, I voted for it definitely.


I would recomended to play in Betcoin.ag because there is many poker players play and also there is many free roll tournament. The interface looks good,classic and simple, so it's no wonder many users who play there


if you want the best bitcoin poker site...where you can play all the time then i suggest you to play at betcoin.ag ...awesome website with awesome tourneys like 1 million $ sunday


i played at this casino and i gotta say this is the best casino ive ever played at online! i love the features and bonuses the slot games have built into them! there are so many games to choose from its incredible! i requested a withdraw and recieved payment with no problem! this is definatly my new #1 casino! would reccomend to everyone who wants to have fun, and even win some btc Wink
marvelous job betcoincasino! you get an A+++ from me!


I am a small player and I find Betcoin to be excellent. I get a lot of fun for a little money!!!!
Keep up the great work!!!


Leaving a review and would like to share with everyone the best bitcoin, or any poker site available today. The game play is up to par with other pro websites such as pokerstars, and even better. The player base is consistent and a lot of friendly players and dedicated ones at that. The withdrawals (The most important) are done quickly and flawlessly, and even if the wait time extends more then a few hours (95% of the time my withdrawals are processed and sent within an hour) all I have to do is talk to support and they speed it up within minutes. I have never had any problems with this site, or the software, and i would recommend to anyone who loves to player poker. I'm a huge fan of Omaha hi/lo and they have the perfect MTT and sit and goes for me to play at anytime. My favorite being the 400gtd everynight at 730PM(EST) as i just am getting off work and am able to go right into a nice tourney for the night. William and Stuart have been the most generous and helpful people and their customer service skills are through the roof they have always treated me with respect even when i have been a little moody. Highly recommended site and I hope to have Betcoin around for a long time as i will for sure be playing here for years to come.

Thankyou again William and Stuart you guys make this experience here THAT much better and that much easier to enjoy and focus on the game and not have to worry about any other aspects.


You guys rock. Best site ive played at ever.


IMHO Betcoin stands alone as the premier poker site, hands down..possibly the best and most volume of any BTC oriented casino on the web.


By far best Bitcoin poker out there....also accepts Litecoin....plus because it's on the WPN, one has the added advantage of the larger USD player's field. It's a win win win...10X better than Seals! 100X....There's a freakin Million Dollar Tournaments here!!!!....doesn't get better than that!!!!!


i played at this casino and i gotta say this is the best casino ive ever played at online! i love the features and bonuses the slot games have built into them! there are so many games to choose from its incredible! i requested a withdraw and received payment with no problem! this is definitely my new #1 casino! would recommend to everyone who wants to have fun, and even win some btc ;)
marvelous job betcoincasino! you get an A+++ from me!


been a long time player on bitcoin.

Very legit and haven't gone back to seals so thats always good. (not sure if seals is even still up)


Hey fellow bitcoiners, I just wanted to drop in and let everybody know about Betcoin.ag. I've been a member of their site for almost a year now and can honestly say without a shadow of a doubt Betcoin is the best thing going for people who use bitcoin for poker, sports betting as well as casino. In addition they just added live casino which is awesome, as well as an updated sportsbook. From the heavy grinders to the people just like to play a little here and there, they have something for everyone. I've personally started there with no bankroll and due to the kindness of other players as well as one of their moderaters, PLO8Monster, I have built my bankroll up numerous times. All deposits and withdraws are super fast and there are ample freerolls and step tournaments to grind your way to the top!!!!

Hope to see some new faces this week!!!!



I am grateful to play on Betcoin. I have been with Betcoin since they first opened and though I have gotten frustrated many times if I am honest with myself it has always been my stuff and my issues and never Betcoin. I want to say Betcoin has done a lot more for me than I ever have for them. Thanks Betcoin !


Wow what a perfect service...Betcoin combines the best of poker, sportsbook and casino play with great customer service. My favorite place to play.


I love you guys
I have played in every online casino and this is the only one im active in anymore i recommend you to all my friends and family this place is legit and shows love to there customers. I just want to say personally i really appreciate betcoin and there wonderful game experience and awesome employees thank you!


Just wanted to say that I love it at Betcoin.
Great poker promos/rewards
Staff always helpful and very generous
Felt I owed it to Betcoin to give my opinion on them, as its been great!


Betcoin is best poker site for bitcoin and hope in world in years ;-)


Betcoin is the best Bitcoin Poker site I know! I have been using it for about a year and love it! Since then I have stopped playing at Pokerstars.
Great site and great Poker software and excellent support.
Keep up the good work.


I have tried many online poker sites since the time I am interested in bitcoin, and I must say that this site is one of the best. Really good bonuses and much more. If you are new, start here.


If I have to choose a bitcoin poker site, definitely I am voting for betcoinpoker, they have best VIP program and daily bonus box, damn cool program I have seen.


Betcoin.ag the best

Anonymous online sportsbook ,poker and casino at its best. No documents, no bullshit, I vote for it definitely.


I would recommend to play in Betcoin.ag because there is many poker players play and also there is many free roll tournament. The interface looks good,classic and simple, so it's no wonder many users who play there


Love your GTD tourneys. Yesterday I joint some GTDs, cost 25 mbtc entry and re-entry fees, finally I earned 61mbtc yesterday here. It seems that joining tourneys, sig and go is the best way to earn status points here, 1 chips = 6 points. Let me see how many points i will get when my profile is updated.


I love you guys and your support is exceptional. This is by far the best online community I have experienced. Keep up the good work!


I have tried many online poker sites since the time I am interested in bitcoin, and I must say that this site is one of the best. Really good bonuses and much more. If you are new, start here.


Betcoin is ALWAYS coming up with new ideas and innovations to reward their players more than any poker site I have ever played on. I haven't been able to play lately due to my live action play at the Horse Shoe Casino near where I live, spending time with family on fishing, camping trips, ect. However, I do keep up with what's going on here as this has become my home away from home when it comes to online poker.

I don't know how anyone could gripe about what Betcoin does for their players. They have multiple daily coin satty's. The Daily Coin 1BTC which I haven't had a chance to play in yet, surprise box bonus everyday, and a lot more benefits for playing here.

It is the BEST poker site hands down that I have ever played on. And on another note: The staff here is outstanding! They used to get bogged down and at times it could be slow, which is understandable. Since they have added new additions things seem to be lightning fast in support. That's not to say I'm taking ANYTHING away from the original staff members, they were great and very supportive as well.

Anyway, I guess enough of my rambling...I'm just here to say THANK YOU Betcoin for ALL that you do for your players and the fabulous work that you do.


I would recommend Betcoin for you , this site has everything and 24/7 support they have the most rewarding VIP system in the market , so you can make daily betback and lossback , and they offer daily bonuses for the players and if you are a sports bettor , they have a great jackpot that you can win by just placing your bets in their bookie their jackpot is between 0.005 and 3 BTC , so you may be lucky just by placing a bet


As a ex -football athlete. and active high school football coach.
I love competition! When im off the field I satisfy that appetite for competition
With online poker. I have been actively playing poker tournaments now for several
Years. There are many different styles of players and Betcoin Poker is where they play
Definitely the Dominant Poker Site in the industry, with a great casino. I think I won a 25
Dollar guarantee tournament once and its a RUSH
Every Dog Has Its Day!
Thank You Coachk
Folds, catfinger


I get the casino bonuses in my surprise box, so it is absolutely free.. I never played slots before. I was practically a slots virgin. I have now cleared 390 chips from that surprise box. Free money is cool, and i am beginning to learn a little bit about slots. And i still have more bonuses to try and clear... i do it for like 30 minutes after playing poker for the day. I kind of veg out and spin, dont really know what im doing, but hey i cleared 2 bonuses now and a free spin for 90 chips..
Great VIP program, and all kinds of neat little perks to go with it... And always something new, never a dull moment..
Kudo's Betcoin !!!


Betcoin is unique from the fact that they built a "Community" with a Player Chat and Player Forum , which allows them to accommodate and take feedback! Ive been playing OnlinePoker for over 10 years , 1st time I came across something like this!


i like the betcoin site its the best bitcoin online poker site by far


Betcoin has great slots that I personally think hit often. Honestly, from experience, I hit more often on Betcoins slots than I do in Brick & Mortar Casinos. Here are some screenshots of an hour long session I had yesterday. They're always quick with deposits and withdraws in comparison to others in this line of business. Thanks for giving me a solid place to play!


I would like to take a second and express my thoughts with betcoin and my so far amazing experience here. First off i would have to say the poker mtts are the best in the industry hands down. The prize pools could be life changing money if ya win a good one or even just a few mediocre ones. I absoultley love love the vip program betcoin has set up (i have some work to do but i will get to that pretty emerald color :) ) The casino and sportsbook are highest of quality and very very fun. But lets get to the real reason i basicaly migrated to betcoin.ag. I love love having the community and friends around to enjoy the exp with. It makes it way way so much better.PLo8 has been a very very kind and friendly person and has set up some betcoin tv for the amazing 1 btc daily coin that betcoin has set up for its players which imo is as fun as it gets Minus being at a WSOP live ft LOL....In a nutshell all those other poker and casino/sports book sites are in my rear view mirror iam almost 99.9 percent sure i found my poker home. The support is beyond amazing and i couldnt ask for more.So keep on keeping on betcoin you are headed in the right direction My peeps :)


The customer service has been superb. Keep up the good work!


You guys have my vote! Excited about my new found banking method. Thank you!


i want to post and say this has been the best poker site for me, support is great, and just want to show my appreciation.


About a year ago I crossed paths with plo8 somewhere in the poker universe and he was pimping this new site and said I should check it out. I came to betcoin and it was pretty barren. Bout 7 full time players. I wasn't impressed. Plo8 was like "stick it out, these guys care about poker" I was skeptical but hung out cuz the games were soft. As a few of you prob know I have banged heads with support on a few different occasions. At times I thought tbey were unfair and greedy. The support seemed slow and indifferent. Then this amazing th ing happened betcoin put there money where there mouth was. They adjoined themselves with WPN and got ready to explode. Betcoin has grown in leaps and bounds. I am by no means a high roller but all of my recreational funds are spent here with betcoin. I use poker to socialize and escape more than as a source of income. Recently Betcoin has been my only relief from my real life. Im 41 years old n my favorite two things to do are smoke cigarettes and play on betcoin. 6 months ago I wiped out on my buddies four wheeler. Nothing serious but had a ct scan just in case. As they were looking at my pelvis they noticed a dark mass on my esophagus and 3 spots or nodules on my upper right lung. Im no doctor but im a smoker and its pretty obvious this isnt good. Here I sit 6 months later living through the most miserable days of my short 41 years on this earth. I just want to thank betcoin and its many characters hanging in the troll box or guys like plo8 who touch base when they haven't seen me at the tables or picked me up when im outta chips n im trying to get my mind off shit. Thanks betcoin for growing up in front of my eyes. I dont mean to get sentimental but it happens when im outta chips lolz. If you see me looking for a long-term loan id advise you against it lol. Apologies to those who ive sucked out on and fuck you to those who knocked me out on the bubble. But most importantly Thank you plo8 and betcoin. You continue to make treatment bearable

Sincerely, billyjoebob


About a year ago I crossed paths with plo8 somewhere in the poker universe and he was pimping this new site and said I should check it out. I came to betcoin and it was pretty barren. Bout 7 full time players. I wasn't impressed. Plo8 was like "stick it out, these guys care about poker" I was skeptical but hung out cuz the games were soft. As a few of you prob know I have banged heads with support on a few different occasions. At times I thought tbey were unfair and greedy. The support seemed slow and indifferent. Then this amazing th ing happened betcoin put there money where there mouth was. They adjoined themselves with WPN and got ready to explode. Betcoin has grown in leaps and bounds. I am by no means a high roller but all of my recreational funds are spent here with betcoin. I use poker to socialize and escape more than as a source of income. Recently Betcoin has been my only relief from my real life. Im 41 years old n my favorite two things to do are smoke cigarettes and play on betcoin. 6 months ago I wiped out on my buddies four wheeler. Nothing serious but had a ct scan just in case. As they were looking at my pelvis they noticed a dark mass on my esophagus and 3 spots or nodules on my upper right lung. Im no doctor but im a smoker and its pretty obvious this isnt good. Here I sit 6 months later living through the most miserable days of my short 41 years on this earth. I just want to thank betcoin and its many characters hanging in the troll box or guys like plo8 who touch base when they haven't seen me at the tables or picked me up when im outta chips n im trying to get my mind off shit. Thanks betcoin for growing up in front of my eyes. I dont mean to get sentimental but it happens when im outta chips lolz. If you see me looking for a long-term loan id advise you against it lol. Apologies to those who ive sucked out on and fuck you to those who knocked me out on the bubble. But most importantly Thank you plo8 and betcoin. You continue to make treatment bearable

Sincerely, billyjoebob


So i was asked by a family member visiting from out of town where the best place i think to play poker online at because they were playing at merge network. Well this was a easy question for me too answer. I told them hands down betcoin.ag blows out the competion from way better poker mtts with bigger prizepools then any merge tourney or anywhere online for that matter. And also they have casino and a sportsbook better then any other.Easy to sign up and start playing and they also have a poker community with there very own chat. There vip program cater to the poker or casino player with GREAT rake and loss back better than any other online. So if any1 asks you were to play these days its a easy answer BETCOIN.AG is where its at


Hello BETCOIN community !!! I would like to take a few minutes out my poker GRIND and congratulate BETCOIN !!! I would have to say that BETCOIN is the best overall site. HANDS DOWN ! From the fabulous WPN software for poker that you implemented is amazing! The SportsBook is very easy to navigate and odds are very reasonable! Also the Casino is Great ( which i play very lil of ) ! There is not one single other bitcoin or any other crypto currency betting / gambling site that can even be compared to this site!!!



Hello BETCOIN community !!! I would like to take a few minutes out my poker GRIND and congratulate BETCOIN !!! I would have to say that BETCOIN is the best overall site. HANDS DOWN ! From the fabulous WPN software for poker that you implemented is amazing! The SportsBook is very easy to navigate and odds are very reasonable! Also the Casino is Great ( which i play very lil of ) ! There is not one single other bitcoin or any other crypto currency betting / gambling site that can even be compared to this site!!!



Lovin this site so much! Feels like home! : ) new fave site


I love the site.
Plus the ability to withdraw instantly is a game changer.
Really good stuff.


i must say this site is basically the pokerstars of bitcoin and that will continue with upgrades like they always do, if you put the time in and watch the best players playing poker you will gain a lot threw it without a doubt, that is how you learn by study/playing/watching. Thanks for the freeroll betcoin i am not going to take a look.


Of everywhere I have played, Betcoin is def. the highest quality and most comfortable place to play. Their support is top notch and professional.


My support and love for betcoin

My experience with online poker has been mediocre at best. I found places to play that was never hard but with the poker as a player i also look for comradery a sense of community makes it way more fun. I never really found that in the past with any poker site Untill one day i was just searching around online looking at bitcoin stuff and came across betcoin.ag that was the best find to date i have ever came across online. Not only does betcoin have the best poker tourneys but there cash tables have really been picking up.They also have a great casino with many good games,and a AWESOME sports book. But the best thing about betcoin.ag is the community there. They have a homepage with chat and forum and many many great people on there. Betcoins support should have a story of there own to say the least they are above and beyond the best support team that i have came across in my many years of online gaming or anything to be honest. If you are ever looking for a place not just to play the best poker tourneys online but also for great community and the best support team online i would recommend Betcoin.ag for all your gaming needs hands down!!!:)


the staff here are amazing.


Been playing poker on Betcoin for a month now and I’m really liking it. Everything from the promos/bonuses/rb to the UI/options/table layout(doesn’t make my eyes bleed). Not to mention Betcoin /WPN supports hem2 (that alone is fooking awesome). And the one withdrawal I’ve made went smoothly.


I also want to note that I'm beting with betcoinsports more than six months. And I have no problems with it. I did withdrawals a large amount of money 3000-5000$ with no problem. Excellent site! I recommend!


Thanks Betcoin!

A very trustworthy Site. Very Recommended !

More Power!


Thank you very for great customer service! And thanks for good poker experience.


This site is all types of awesome It's hard to believe there is a site like this in 2015 with all the rewards that they offer and status points that never reset like other sites in the industry where you have to be a slave to the site just to keep your status and obviously no bs when it comes to depositing and withdrawing thanks to bitcoin.

It really is amazing and i hope this is just the beginning.



You guys are seriously the best. My husband(jamardyn) and I would like to thank you for being over the top with support and ALWAYS going out of their way to help.

Thanks for the big wins(and losses lol), but mostly big wins and for the quick and prompt withdrawals.

You gys are seriously the best. Keep up the good work! Thanks!


Thank you very much for the excellent customer service!


Betcoin is the best thing since sliced bread, the wheel, and fire.


i love this place


this site is my favourite
and the best :)


Honestly, this is the best on-line poker site I've ever played on.


I LOVE Betcoin!


This is by far the best casino gaming experience I've had and its always improving too along with the vip program theres nothing else like it.


I havent been to another website since I found betcoin, this has been great I love it.


First week on here and its a new and fun experience. Lot of cool people on here. Im just shocked how fast withdrawals are. Its literally insane


Thank you for everything Betcoin and I love the site. Keep it up.


Betcoin ftw, loving poker!!


I played the 10btc freeroll and finished 2nd! Enjoying playing on the site at the moment, some great value tournaments available.

big kid

Been awhile since ive played here but I really like what betcoin poker has turned into. Very nice guys and good job. Thanks. You guys are the future of online gaming.


Ive been an online poker player for years. Given the past with the lack of choices for American players , I was playing on several different clients like Carbon,Bovada,True etc. I could not find anywhere near the comfort zone or success I had when FT PS UB was around. Ive never seen soooo many unrealistic beats for so long.

I happened to stumble upon Betcoin , and to be honest I don't remember how. This was probably the best find for me in cyber history. Their layouts are flawless. They tie together with WPN MTTs and SnGs , but they host their own daily selection of both to go along with it. If you are a Freeroller , you get the best of WPN and all the cool ones Betcoin host on a daily basis.

Ive never played on a client that had so many options. Not only Poker , but they offer wagering for Sports and Casino which could give the top sites on the web a run for their Business!

On top of all the great stuff I just put out there , im not done yet.

They have some of the juiciest promotions any US Accepted BTC poker site offers to date. I easily can see them ( Remember I am just a consumer on that site ) overtaking any WPN client along with Merge etc .

They also introduced something new to me for a Online Poker site. They have an actual community that runs every day! You will not find this anywhere else , I GTD it. They have a community chat where you can catch up with everyone everyday , they have blogs and forums where you can discuss topics that are important to you! (A lot like here) Not only that , but I have never been at a place where players are WILLING to help other players keep playing!

And to top it all off , Ive never seen such outstanding Customer Support! They are fixing your problems before you even have time to tell them! They even pop in the community chat every so often and interact with the players. 100 Thumbs UP Betcoin! Wont find this anywhere else.

Thanks for reading!

- Matt / Betcoin Chat ID:TrillMyWatch / WPN Table ID: WTFbitcoins?


Great site - I'm really enjoying being able to play online poker again! :)


Another big BTC freeroll...more power to betcoin, i LOVE this poker site much...


Among the best poker sites out there with also a good casino/dice. Continues to get bigger and better. The best support/staff that works well and I am sure that can be achieved!


Betcoin has one of the best if not THE BEST referral program in the business.

One of the many reasons I have now included them in my list of Sportsbooks.

Top notch Sportsbook and very good customer service!


Customer support at Betcoin is the reason i make this my # 1 place to bet and play poker online.


Betcoin has been very good, amazing how customer service focused that they are. Didn't expect that out of a bitcoin book.


Betcoin.ag is the best casino in the bitcoin world.


thanks a lot betcoin!! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!


I've had to contact support at Betcoin a couple of times now and both times you guys were so helpful and prompt with the replies. Thank you so much for taking care of your customers, I'm going to represent Betcoin as my poker home from now on since the other sites don't seem to care.

Keep up the great work,


From Prison to Poker Success - Betcoin Player Profile - ROZAY

Betcoin's Rozay shares his personal journey in life and to Betcoin Poker in a very moving and powerful way.

It is truly an honor to share Rozay's story here at Betcoin. Our staff usually edits stories of this nature but this story is so compelling that we have left it in its entirety. This is a must read.

Change is Possible

Some believe that when a person has their certain ways that change is not possible. Well I feel that I am proof that change is possible. In the poker community the most important thing to have is honesty and your word. When you mess this up it is hard to gain that trust back. A label is placed on you and follows you no matter what site you go to. Believe it or not the online poker community is a tight group and there will always be someone who knows you and your history on every site. When you go over to the "dark side" most of the time there is no coming back.

Rough Beginning

I have been playing poker for about 7 years online, I am 23 years old, do the math. I started off like most people with a hobby of playing poker, freerolling. My life outside of poker wasn't the easiest life to live and I started off young not making the right decisions.

At the age of 17 unfortunately I became a two time felon. I was surrounded by certain type of individuals that led me to believe that it was cool to live a certain way, commit robberies, and sell drugs. It caught up to me quickly which led me to do time in the Cook County Jail in Chicago followed by prison time. Believe it or not this is where poker really grew on me even more. I spent my time all day playing cards. In prison the poker table was my release from where I really was.

I have served my time for the things I have done in life. My son was born while I was behind bars when I was 18. My last time going to prison was for a parole violation and I never looked back. I vowed to not do things that could land me in prison and to be a good father the best way I can. The system much like the poker community is not such a forgiving system though. They make it harder for felons to proceed with life once they have done their time, which I do not understand but that talk is for another time.

Online Poker

But the hustle in me never left, and I seen a "legal hustle" which was online poker. I can sit in the house and hopefully make some money without the chance of going to prison right? Well this was a lot harder than it seems especially without an income. I was a freeroller like many poker players, I would grind freerolls day and night, grind out the micro tournaments. Tournaments was always my thing.

I was a member of another community that offered many freerolls and ways to make poker funds. I was very active and known member there later become a known horse for backers on that site. I actually met a lady and her husband who was into backing heavy, who gave me my first real staking deal that I made profit on. For the first time I made a few thousand dollars playing poker tournaments grinding on the now hated Lock Poker room. One day my backer just went MIA, to this day I do not know what happened to her.

Down But Not Out

I continued to grind with the leftover funds I had and of course like many people have done, I went busto. I still continued to pick up small stakes etc. from time to time and was still a known member of the forum I was apart of. Then once again in my life I made the mistake of making the wrong decision. I was down and out in so many ways, not just poker, but life period. It hard being the man of your family when you can not provide basic needs like pay the rent, buy food, etc. I made the foolish mistake of letting this get to me and used my reputation to take some funds of other people for my personal use. This mistake here started a pattern. Once you mess up your reputation it is just ruined. I would make new screen names etc. My play in tournaments always allowed me to get stakes etc. no matter what name I was on and regardless of the fact that I did not have any stats with those names. The initials LC was a hated name on poker forums. Once I seen that I could easily make a few bucks for things I needed by taking other people funds online I continued to do this on different occasions. But one thing for sure, someone always found out that I was indeed LC no matter how I tried to hide it. My foolish way of thinking was that my name is already in the dirt right? Why stop?

Joining Betcoin

This brings me to the fall of 2014. Just right before I became the member I am today of Betcoin. During all of this I continued to work on my MTT game all the time. But what good is it if I can't be myself and have to hide my identity? I was tired and ashamed of the title I carried. The title of being a petty scammer. Something clicked. I wanted to be an honest, trusted, and skilled player. At the time I was on another bitcoin poker site. I came out letting everyone know who I was and created a list of people I owed and for what over the years. That was not a short list. Some people respected this, some didn't.

Then I found the betcoin community. Betcoin player michigan1 is actually a guy who I have stolen funds from in the past. I paid him back and we continued to talk and he told me how much better Betcoin community was and how there was alot of stand up guys here. He respected the change that I was trying to make. Of course I came in contact with the backbone of this community here at Betcoin, plo8monster. I also ran into blingbling911 who later became my affiliate here at Betcoin. These two guys helped me on my journey of becoming a better person in so many ways. Alot of different talks with these two guys. I have grown to really like and support Betcoin poker. I also have picked up another hobby of live streaming poker on Twitch.

"if you do the right thing the money will always come" - plo8monster
"keep your eye on the prize" - plo8monster

Honesty, Integrity and Trust

I made it my mission to be a honest member here of the community. I would be honest even when it was not in my favor to be. I have ran stakes for different investors here of the Betcoin community without problems. Grinding it out and reviewing my hand histories, putting in video study sessions etc. I was contacted by a known big investor here on Betcoin who goes by the name of marvolous. He believed in me from day one. Recently took second place in the $15k GTD for $2,400+. I owed marvolous around $1,400 of this. This is where the hard works pays off, this is where I test myself, I have been on the straight and narrow for months. This is the biggest amount of another person funds I have had in my hands at one time while playing online poker. This is where I show and prove that I can be an upstanding member. This is where I show I'm serious. THIS IS THE CHANGE THAT PEOPLE SOMETIMES THINK CAN NOT BE DONE. Alot more than just a cash prize came along with this $15k GTD score. The feeling of doing the right thing and knowing that you are not looked at as a scum gave me a better feeling than the feeling I got from taking second in a bigger tournament.

The Morals

What's the moral of the story? Its two, this is aimed to two different types of players here. If you find yourself on the "dark side" of the poker world I am here to tell you that the grass IS greener on the other side. A quick come up is not worth your reputation. A good reputation means so much more in the long run. I would also like the freerollers and micro players to keep grinding, better your game, and one day you will get your break. When that days comes, be humble. Continue to better your game everyday in some type of way.

I would like to thank Betcoin and the great members here for giving me the chance to be a member of this great community.

- Rozay

You can find more of Rozay at his Twitch channel http://www.twitch.tv/iplay4bitcoin

and at Twitter: @rozaypoker



Andrew I just wanna give yall at betcoin a +1 cause over last few weeks this site/games have improved 500%x


First off I would like to publicly thank Betcoinpoker for the excellent prompt live chat support today and everyday.


i freaking love that i can cashout in 30 minutes here even at midnight


Betcoin is a dream come true, thank you Betcoin!

For all of you out there hoping to hit your first big win, just keep at it! Take advantage of satellites, watch videos, practice bankroll management and you will get there. It also helps if you have a job =)

Good luck and see you at the Betcoin tables!


Have been playing Hold-em poker on your site for a couple of weeks now and want to say how great it is!


I love this site, I used to play on Bovada it's way better on Betcoin.




I saw Betcoin Sports' thread here about the 5 BTC bonus and decided to take a shot and deposit 10 BTC to the site. Confirmation was very quick and I saw that I had 15 BTC to play with on the site.

The layout is very straightforward and professional. The gaming section of the site is split into 4 sections: the casino, the sportsbook, horses and live poker (coming soon). I exclusively played in the casino and it was a great experience. They had many games to choose from and everything was very easy to use. The games included Blackjack, Roulette, Craps, Baccarat, Video Poker and Slots options.

Withdrawing funds was also easy and straight forward. You just provide an address for them to send the coins to and after they confirm it, the coins will be sent to the address.

Overall a great site and very helpful / responsive service.


I've been impressed with the site so far. and they've paid on larger bets before, so yay for that.

I made basically a 10btc bet on the NBA finals awhile back between the Spurs M/L and Spurs +5 for Game 1, and they paid and let me withdraw promptly and with no hassles. I'm liking betcoinsports so far. Smiley


i think the best site with best odds,sportbook bonus,and best contest is betcoinsports ;)


Betcoin is number one when it comes to customer satisfaction.


Betcoin has been great for online poker

Betcoin is one of my favorite places to play. Deposits are instant and cashouts are very fast as well.Support has been on point especially when WPN was experiencing problems. Traffic is decent on here.There are decent sized tournaments ranging anywhere from 50-500 players, which can get even bigger when they hold a series. Due to the fact that betcoin is played in bitcoin currency there are not a lot of cash games due to the fact that you are in a separate network with only betcoin players. However, there usually are cash games that run and you can find action most times. All in all betcoin is a great site to play at and I have had a good experience playing there. MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL :)


I love betcoin, I've played everywhere.


The Coin.mx & Betcoin.ag 10 btc freeroll was really great, thanks for this event!!! More than 900 players ! Awesome game !

Thanks again for it !!!


I have played a lot of other poker sites. I call Betcoin home now, not because they have the best bonuses, or because they have fastest cashouts anywhere (which they do!), but because I feel safer depositing money here and more confident that disputes and errors will be resolved quickly than I feel anywhere else. Support here is friendly, professional, and most importantly AVAILABLE!


I would like to express my gratitude to ALL Betcoin Staff for the job they do here along with giving recognition to all the friends I have made here.

Before I started playing here I wasn't into the online poker scene much and certainly knew nothing about bitcoin. When I did play online it was at Black Chip . After finding Betcoin and the great job they do, and support they give, I decided to give it a try here, a decision in which I have never regretted.

Thanks Betcion and to ALL the friends I have made here...Good luck in the 10 BTC today!


Fantastic response! You guys really are the best as far as customer support goes. I can't express enough how important your level of support is to us players. It gives us great piece of mind and enables us to concentrate on poker and not worry about back end issues. Keep up the great work!


I cashed out 500mbtc and kept a 105mbtc to play on YAY! I am loving this site and will tell all my friends about it. This is my first experience with bitcoin. I still don't understand it all but I am learning it slowly.

Thank you lots


As anyone who plays at Betcoin regularly knows, there are sometimes issues with the WPN tourneys. As a frequent Sit N Crush player I am often registered for several tourneys at once. Whenever there is an issue I send an email and any problems are rectified within 24 hours. At any other site when connection issues occur I always have the worry, “When will I get my chips back? How many hoops will I have to jump through to prove it was not my fault?” I can say with Betcoin there is no such worry. I can rest assured they will always make it right. The staff they have is the most player friendly, professional, and responsive support I have ever encountered.

Last week I won a Sit N Crush cash Prize. These are usually deposited by Tuesday but for some reason today the funds still hadn’t arrived. There were multiple issues with WPN this week and apparently this caused a delay in Betcoin receiving the list of winners. Rather than tell me this and apologize, as I would have expected from any other site, they credited me the win telling me that they are still waiting but I shouldn’t have to. A++ customer service right there.

When I was brand new and confused about how tickets worked (in the bonus tab at betcoin.ag), I emailed support and told them I was not awarded a ticket for winning a freeroll as I should have been. It turns out I just didn’t know where to look. By the time I realized this and emailed support back they already credited me with tourney money equal to the value of the ticket while they looked into the matter. Of course when I realized the error was mine, I apologized and told them they could take the tourney money back since there really was no issue.

Betcoin’s response:
Thank you for your honesty, keep the Tourney money and thank you for your support.

The staff at Betcoin have made me a loyal player for life.


You guys are the best, most professional, responsive and player friendly support at any poker room I have ever played at. I have never gone out and posted a public review of any poker site, but today you will be the first. You have made a loyal player for life.


This place is really awesome. As support has stated, they may not have all the answers that people may want, but they for sure do their best to go way above and beyond what is expected.

I really am glad I found this poker site, where have you been my whole life :)


I have seen others expressing how they feel towards BetCoin, so I figured I'd join in...

BetCoin, started off a little shaky and I had a couple of problems so I got discouraged.. but I stuck with them and understanding a company is new is important. But now I see them rapidly increasing in their ability to withstand situations, maintain professionalism, and overall satisfactory game-playing experience.
I would recommend it for any serious poker player because you can grind the big tourneys in WPN without having to worry about cashing outs time. BTW that too has been very fast and satisfactory..!

P.S. I joined .25/.50 the other night with 25mBTC.. got down to 2.5mBTC, and ended up leaving with 78mBTC and did not add on.. lol.. just wanted to share that :P #brags


Hey betcoin! I have been here for quite some time now and enjoy every minute of it. The games are quite fun to play and the players are very friendly. I have also noticed customer support is very fast and friendly too.

See you at the tables!!!


My experience with Betcoin

Hey guys! I have been with betcoin for a little over a year now I believe.

I love it here not only the gameplay but the customer service is on point!

Anytime I have had any withdrawal or deposit issues they are there to help..

they are constantly adding new games to their server including merging with Winning network recently.

This site is on the up and up and I suggest all you bitcoiners out there join up!!

thanks, smokintreeallday


When i first started playing i noticed i had full support from staff 24/7 i always had contact with them and that is my favorite thing about betcoin.

I also prefer them because of their software it only allows 1 ip logged in per player and no webclient which makes it alot harder for collusion.

Their chat stops alot of abuse language so many times i have lost tournaments and wanted to scream donk so many times:P

betcoin is the only poker site i'll play.


My experience with Betcoin

I've been a member here at Betcoin for about 6 months now and in that time I've had to deal with Betcoin support on a number of occasions. I think it was my first day here, there was a player signed onto 5-6 accts on a sit&go. Within minutes of reporting this to support I could see each player one by one vanishing from their seat. I was really excited to see this level of support for even micro limit players like myself. For the first 3 months I had minor issues and each time it was dealt with promptly and with the utmost professionalism.

There was one hiccup a couple months ago and I posted about it here on someone's thread. I think there were misunderstandings but regardless it was resolved. I just figured from that point on I would try to stay clear of support unless absolutely necessary. Well in the last few weeks I've contacted them on some minor things and as expected everything was quickly resolved. George on live support has been very helpful, as well as Thomas and Chris over email.

Then, last night I made a pretty stupid mistake, I think caused by lack of sleep and it being 3 am. In a panic I emailed support last night explaining my situation. I just received a reply from Chris a couple hours ago and I must say how glad I am to once again receive some of the best customer support I've seen anywhere, these guys really go above and beyond. I just wanted to show my appreciation to everyone on the support team especially, Chris, George, and Thomas.

Thank You.


Hello guys, I like to start by saying that you guys have an awesome system that offer many options I really enjoy playing with you guys.


you guys are by far the friendliest/easiest people to work with, I've won it big with you guys a couple times and withdrawals were no issue. keep up the good work!


This is by far the best bitcoin gambling experience ive ever participated in, just cashed in a tournament and got paid immediately

Everything from their poker room to their sportsbook is top notch, especially their payment system and security of player funds
They even made deals so their players can participate in one of the biggest tournament networks in the world WPN, same poker tournament network as bookmaker.eu, 5dimes.eu, etc....

I wish more organizations would follow in their footstep



thank you for all the good work that you do to make this site the best.


I give Betcoin a+ on customer support, it's always prompt and very friendly. This is what I hear from others as well.


what a cool casino but im more of a poker player thank you betcoin


I am a new player on betcoincasino, and I have to say their support is outstanding. Promptly answered all my questions and have taken care of me for a misunderstanding I had about free spins. Saving my weekly trips to the casino and just staying at home to play betcoincasino! Keep up the great work guys!


great casino and service. thanks again guys.


I have really enjoyed playing at BetcoinCasino and made some btc and ltc as well and wanted to write to commend you guys on a job well done. One of the best things about this site is their customer service as they address all of my questions very quickly. My favorite options are the 3D slots and playing on the mobile optimized website. I have tried nearly all of the casinos in the btc and ltc space and you guys are the best. In fact you are even better than most or as good as the top traditional fiat casinos.

Recently, I have enjoyed playing in the sportsbook as well which has the most options of any btc sportsbook. I am wondering when if ever you will sync the poker room, sportsbook and casino as I am aware that the poker room and casino is already synced?

Also, great job with the bonuses guys and most of us appreciate them and won't take advantage of them. Do not take them away, if you need to make the rollover higher to prevent abuse, try that. Thank you and keep up the great work.


I deposited some BTC and it was almost immediately available. I played a bunch of the slots (and even won some on a few of them), played blackjack, video poker, craps, roulette, and a high/low game. I won and lost money on all of them, so the software they use is better than most I have played at. The slots are beautiful, and look like the slots on higher end facebook games, etc.
I made a withdraw and it took about 4 hours for it to send, but I had no problems getting it.

Overall, this is the best online casino I have used and the prettiest too!


i played at this casino and i gotta say this is the best casino ive ever played at online! i love the features and bonuses the slot games have built into them! there are so many games to choose from its incredible! i requested a withdraw and recieved payment with no problem! this is definatly my new #1 casino! would reccomend to everyone who wants to have fun, and even win some btc Wink
marvelous job betcoincasino! you get an A+++ from me!


I have been playing on Betcoin for a few months, and I have to say, they are by far the best option for anyone playing poker in the USA.

They have:

The biggest tourneys( especially since they have merged with WPN)
Fastest cashouts (Rarely over an hour, and only time that happens is overnight.)
Best support (I have had a few times where I needed to contact support, each and every time my issue was resolved, above and beyond what was expected. Very quickly also.)

They listen to their customers, and also have great bonuses.

I received a deposit bonust the other day, and cleared it on blackjack. Turned a .12 bonus into over .55 btc.

These guys are the real deal, seriously. Try them out, you will love it.


I just want to thank you in advance for the bonus credits and state that this place is starting to get awesome.i play acr alot and i preach to the masses i have converted at least 2 depositers but i know nothing about referral links but no biggie.just letting you know the pic is my beautiful wife to-be who has saved me from myself.an angel.so promo completed and in love with betcoin ah i mean jessica.send those credits baby n thanks again betcoin. login: billyjack


Gracias la verdad que tienen un soporte tecnico y demas mejor que pokerstars yo les recomiendo a la gente un saludo ejejej. Si claro si es normal lo que pasa que uno se asusta pero la verdad es que ustedes dan un buen servicio al cliente y buen trato y encima hablan español jejeje. Y les hablo muy bien de vosotros y mira estas cosas son cosas que pasan en todas partes alguna vez en pokerstars o full tilt tambien pasaba cuando jugaba ahora solo juego aqui sois los numero 1. [You guys have an awesome support group a lot better than pokerstars I will recommend you to my friends for sure. It is scary at times because you get scared not knowing what is going on in a casino site but the truth is you guys give excellent customer service and treat people very good. Things like this always happened at pokerstars and full tilt they always had server issues too but now I only play with you guys to me you guys are number one in my eyes.]

Eloy Colera from Spain

My name is Angela. www.pinkypoker.com One day earlier this month like first week of July. I went on my skype to talk to my poker buddies during my break from school. Then this guy from my online poker study group, Plo8Monster spoke to me about Betcoin Site, that I wasn’t aware of. So I opened the account, and so for several days I didn’t play there since I opened the account. He asked how I like it. I told him honest truth that I didn’t get a chance to play yet no funds at the moment. So he gave me 25 to start with, I grind it up and hit several final tables and made lil over $2k. That's right, I said $2,000.

I have improved my game very well lately. I have cashed it out to pay for my school tuition. I am absolutely thrilled about paying for winter courses and summer 2015 courses that I don’t have to worry about. Thanks to Betcoin Poker, I am so excited! School is very important to me because I have a dream to reach is to get my Doctor in Pharmacy! It has been three and half years I been in school since Black Friday. I have about 5 more years to go to get that Doctorate.

These are the several tourneys I have done very well in.

Hey guys and gals :) It’s my birthday!!!!! And... ITM in 100k gtd 21st place!
I won my seat for a 6$ satellite!

Final table in $109.00 $15k GTD 5th place on Betcoin

Itm in the $50K GTD 18th place on Betcoin.

8th Place cashed in the 4K GTD gg me QQ

Just cashed another tourney in $1K GTD 11th place. AJdd

Cashed 20th place in $10K gtd tourney... gg me

Final table in the 3K GTD 9TH PLACE A3

I want to say to Plo8Monster Thank you for being so generous to help me out and if it wouldn’t be for you and Betcoin Poker, my tuition wouldn’t be paid by now and I would be still struggling asking for help everywhere. I will definitely pay this forward one day to a lucky player who didn’t have any money to try the site. I will tell them what you always tell me plo8, "Keep your eye on the prize!"

I hope one day I can be a pro for online poker site, and live poker also. It’s also one of my other dreams too. I love playing live and online poker both. I have played several live WSOP C tourneys and have made to 5 live final table appearances during the WSOP C.
You can also check out my li'l poker corner where I keep my poker adventures. www.pinkypoker.com I also visit Plo8monster's Wall at

PLO8MONSTER, Thank you so much. Betcoin is great with opportunity for players. You were right Plo8'. Im glad to be playing at Betcoin. It is a community feeling, different from playing the US dollar poker sites...

If ya'll have any questions please feel free to ask! Looking forward to meeting new players at Betcoin Poker.

Good Luck at the felt!

Angela aka PinkFrosty!

Recently I took the plunge into a new casino, Betcoin. this is an unbiased review by myself in the sea of gambling sites that cater to bitcoin.

I was a bit Leary to deposit during the "soft launch" of Betcoin. Trying a new bitcoin gambling site be risky...very risky.... I have lost a bit of BTC due to sites closing/shutting down without notice, or just running away with the money. Im sure many of you reading a gambling site review have experienced this. Betcoin offers BTC and LTC deposit

Customer service +1

I noticed Betcoin casino/poker a little while back and decided to give her a try. Since I signed up before the actual launch I wasn't truly expecting to receive my bonus, but I contacted them anyway about it. I was pleasantly surprised that they offered me the full bonus and even gave me a few extra spins on their "heist" slot game.+1 for customer service! They also have a live support team for the site as well as fast response to email. I think the longest I waited for a reply was 30min and that was a support ticket at 2am PST. another +. all my question (and there were many) were responded to with courtesy, and resolved/answered in a timely manner.


Now to the good part...

Damn... is all I could say. I have been waiting for a gamming site like this for quite some time... No more damn dice, pyramid, gaia, and low graphic games! I have not found a site with this much selection yet. This is better then a casino floor! for an online BTC gambling site they have plenty of slots and table games to keep you busy for days. (I haven't even got threw 2/3rds of the games yet)

100+ slots, Most are 5 wheel high resolution with interactive bonus games. They have a few 5 and 3 wheel progressive and slots as well. Blackjack


I'm a big blackjack player. mostly $5 but denomination range from 1min to 100-500 max, depending on the table. They have 8 tables including Super 7, EU BJ, single deck, 21burn, American, Pontoon, Pirate 21, and BJ mini.



Poker is slow but as the site grows and takes some guys/gals from seals it will be the leader. I have played seals for a bit under the alias crazywack, and have been sick of the constant disconnect issues and wait time for BTC deposits which I guess is the price you pay to play. Seals is by far the most established poker site, but these issues forced me to take my gaming somewhere else.

like I said, pokers slow at the moment. but in the last week I have seen empty rooms to a continues 2-3 people ant the micro tables. Freerolls are offered once a day and usually only bring in 15-20 people. (easy way to pick up an extra couple bucks)

The Betcoin poker interface is beautiful, and will work amazingly once traffic picks up. I would compare it to a level below fulltilt (no interactive character,) graphics outpace seals by far and no 1min timer...which is nice....stackable screens, action notify, auto muck on off, stats, the works for a poker site. My favorite part is you can still play casino games while playing poker. I usually play BJ when action is slow but slots are available as well.

Other table games

I also have a soft spot for roulette, I don't know why...
5 roulette tables including American and EU


7 Table poker games

"top card trumps" casino war


convinced yet?

Video poker
12 multihand video poker games

17 single hand games.


4 keno games, a scratcher game, and 2 predictor games.


Betcoin also offers a full array of sport betting. I have yet to make any wager, although I would have made an ass ton on a parley for Denver/Seattle to the superbowl.... FML



What a site! I have made 7 deposits, all of which were processed in 1 transaction. 3 withdraws processed and in my wallet within 2 hrs. I have made a few bucks (would of been way more if I knew how to stop) and had tons of fun while doing it.

Customer service +1
Casino gaming +1
Poker+ 1/2 most interactive BTC poker, but slow due to just opening
Deposit +2
withdraw +1

Thank you


Hi, I just wanna give credit where credit is due!! The service here is great and I find that pretty rare in the business. I know they are fairly new... and no, I dont work for them or anything I just think we spend enough time on these forums dogging the different places and usually rightly so... But at least from what I've seen thus far, this one is probably my fave bitcoin casino. No minimum or max deposit from my experience... good bonuses, CONSTANT freerolls and the people are great. So Not sure if its even allowed to brag on one casino but I felt like I should recommend these guys to anyone trying to pick one to play at since so many are coming up its getting hard to know whos real and whos not.

Anyhow, just my opinion Smiley


im new to bitcoin but since ive started i am in the main forums alot and actuallly heard of you all at bittalk or bitforum, not sure but anyway, i have to say your service is astonishing in comparison to service in others! Not often im impressed by service in your business and you all have been nothing but honest and kind and i GREATLY appreciate that! I WILL be writing RAVE comments on you guys. Im just one voice but they add up!