Updates on Hawk Tuah Girl, America's Sweetheart


Tennessee has produced some of the most legendary artists we’ve seen in the last few decades, from Dolly Parton, Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus, but a new hometown here has emerged as of recent. If you’ve followed anything on the internet this past week, we’re talking about Nashville's very own “Hawk Tuah”. If you’ve been living under a rock, the woman who goes by Hailey Welch has been making men every wear get rock-hard (pun intended) in her recent street talk interview, and not just by her good looks.


What was a fun night out in Nashville, turned into one of the most infamous interviews of all time when asked, “What’s one move in the bedroom that makes a man go crazy?” As she replied, “You gotta’ give him that Hawk Tuah, and spit on that thang, you get me?” Men around the world fell in-love. Not only was she blessed with a beautiful accent, and appealing looks, but she also claimed to have one of the biggest bedroom finishing moves, since Stone Cold Steve Austin’s stunner in the WWE.

Once barely known, Hailey Welch is now one of the most popular internet sensations going, and currently has made over $65,000 from her infamous quote. If she were in the NFL draft, she’d likely be headed to Miami to play alongside Tua Tagovailoa, being the biggest 1-2 punch in modern football history. If we’ve learned anything from this interview, it’s that men want a loving caring girl, who isn’t afraid to get down and dirty when the lights go off. Forget the lube, we all may pass on the “hawk” but will definitely take a side of that “tua” when it comes down to it.

Just when she couldn’t get any bigger, stars Like Connor McGregor gave her a follow-on Instagram, and just recently was invited up on stage to sing with Luke Bryan at a venue he was playing live at. Truthfully speaking, after a solid 35+ year run, it may be time for Tony Hawk to pass the torch as the most famous Hawk, something we’d never thought we’d see, but only knew was a matter of time. If we’ve all learned something from this, it’s that it doesn’t take much to become an overnight sensation if you say the right thing, and dudes will do anything to have you “spit on that thang!”

Truth be told, this is every father’s worst nightmare. You grow up raising a kind, adventurous, and ambitious young lady and turns out once you’ve sent her off to college she’s been in the sack more times than a bundle of fresh potato’s. Furthermore, this young lady is handing out moves that you’ve dreamed of your wife doing your whole life, and now have to deal with the consequences of the world knowing this is your own flesh and blood. One thing is for certain, I feel most of us can agree on, you did alright pops! You’ve raised a gem. What may be trash to some is another one's treasure, and right now “Hawk Tuah” is this month’s National Treasure, just don’t let Nicolas Cage around her, because he’s currently seeing a 29-year-old and may see this as a new “National Treasure.”

If there’s one thing we can learn from all of this, is that the world is certainly a different place than it once was, and if this is what it takes to become famous, we’re all doomed in the next 10+ years.


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