Kings of Europe - Champions League Final


The stage is set for the grand finale of the 2023/24 UEFA Champions League, as Real Madrid have found their way back to another final to compete for their second championship in three years against Germany's very own, Borussia Dortmund. The German titans were the first to punch their ticket into the Champions League Final after a very convincing 2-0 aggregate victory over Paris Saint-Germain. It's hard enough of a task to defeat one of the best clubs in the world, but to shut them out in both games proves the resilience and dominance that Dortmund Possesses. On the other side of the pitch will be the return of Real Madrid, who's made their way back to their second final in three years, while looking to claim their 15th title in this contest overall. In a dramatic 4-3 win over Bayern Munich, Real Madrid manages to net two goals in the final minutes of the game, causing one of the greatest comebacks in recent time, alongside one of the most dramatic finishes in Champions League history. This final is a significant milestone for both clubs. Dortmund, having last appeared in the final in 2013, are eager to clinch their second European title. Real Madrid, aiming to extend their record of 14 Champions League victories, look to add to their legacy as the kings of European football​. Beers will be flowing, fans will be abruptly cheering, and the atmosphere should be absolutely scintillating, so let's see who will walk away and be crowned the King of Europe in this year's 2024 Championship Finale!


Edin Terzić has led Dortmund to one of their best seasons under his reign ever since he took over in 2010, and the progression has surely shown. With the heartbreaking news that Marco Reus will be departing from the team at the end of this season, it would be a fairy tale ending to see the all-star walk off the pitch one last time with his beloved team, with the Champions League trophy. The aching question for Dortmund is, will they be able to keep up their exceptional defence against a resilient team like Real Madrid? Between Bundesliga and Champions League play, Dortmund has allowed only one goal against themselves while scoring a total of fourteen goals for themselves. Having some of the most consistent play in the world at current time, their opponent is no stranger to such high level of play and begs if they can continue to produce such efforts one last time. With such marvellous consistency, Dortmund still comes into this game as the underdog, even when faced with one of the most challenging paths to the final. Will Dortmund be able to put a stop to one of the most dominant clubs in Champions League history? In a few weeks, we'll have the answer.

Real Madrid, the most winning team in Champions League, has managed to find their way back to the final after heartbreak last year. Dethroning Manchester City and Bayern Munich in their previous two matchups to the final, there's no question they've had the hardest path to the final this year. Real Madrid has proven time and time against, no matter what the circumstances are, they're able to find a way to win games, even under the most complicated of circumstances. Scoring in the 88th and 90+1 to secure their ticket to the final, Joselu scored both goals, and has found his full form just at the right time. Vinícius Júnior and Toni Kroos will also have to be at their very best one last time, which isn't a big ask when we look at the team's track record in important games. Real Madrid have shut-out teams in three of their last four games between Champions League and La Liga play, showcasing once again they can match any efforts their opponent looks to throw at them. Coming in as the favourites, it's hard not to look past one of the greatest clubs in all football, as they look to add to their amazing track record. Just to convince you more so, Real Madrid has won four of the last eight finals, also while winning back-to-back-to-back in that span. Though the players have changes through the years, the heart and coaching of the team has stayed consistent as anyone, and that why you're seeing them back yet again.

As anticipation builds for the ultimate showdown, this match not only crowns the best team in Europe but will single-handedly leave us with anticipation until the end of the game. With only 90 minutes, with some hopes of extra time, be sure to stock up on your favourite beverages, because you'll need them to take the edge off. At the end of the day, both these teams are very deserving of walking away with the crown, as we try to keep in a straight-line walking away from the pub. Cheers to another Champions League Final!


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