Lambo Moon Parlay - Wenbei Hits it out of the Park



Baseball is one of the hardest sports to bet. Anyone can win on any given day. It is hard enough to guess 1 winner correctly, but wenbei managed to pick 4 in the same slip! Only 1 of the teams was a heavy favorite, making this a clear candidate for Lambo Moon Parlay.


Congrats wenbei, in addition to your great winnings, we have added an additional free bet to celebrate your accomplishment!

Lambo Moon Parlay awards free bets to players who are able to win exceptional parlay (combo) bets. An exceptional parlay, does not just mean large odds, although that will be a common consideration. Other examples of great parlay include, ones with many legs, ones with many different sports and same-game Bet Builder style parlays.


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