Bitcoin Virtual Games

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Bitcoin Virtual Games

Bitcoin casinos are hugely popular, but there's another genre also benefiting from using the cryptocurrency. Virtual games. At one time they were confined to PCs, then they moved online to MMORPGs like WoW and Minecraft, and virtual worlds like Second Life. Now there is whole new generation of virtual games powered by Bitcoin. The types of games span a variety of genres and interests.

There are Minecraft public servers, racing games, games designed to educate people about cryptocurrency, space games, and even games where you can mine Bitcoins or receive them for referring others to the game, allowing you to have fun and make money.

Most of Bitcoin virtual games use Bitcoin for in-game purchases and trades. In some cases, Bitcoin is how you pay for the game. You can use Bitcoin to buy items, create or enhance avatars, build things, get power-ups, and do most of the things that used to be done using traditional micropayments.

All you need to get started is a Bitcoin wallet and some Bitcoins. You can use one of the many Bitcoin exchanges online to transfer funds from your bank or credit card and have them converted to BTC and sent to your wallet. Once you've got that setup, you're ready to go with the games you choose.
What are the Benefits of Using Cryptocurrency Over Cash?

Unlike traditional payment methods, Bitcoin is private and secure. You don't ever have to give out your banking or credit card info to anyone. Also, some of the games let you earn Bitcoin as you play or through referrals, something that's very rare in games that use traditional micropayment systems.

Bitcoin virtual games are also convenient for people who may not have a traditional bank account or credit card. By using Bitcoin, they can still enjoy games that require in-game purchases. Developers like the fact that accepting Bitcoin eliminates transaction fees.

While Bitcoin virtual games sound like and are a lot of fun, it's essential that you understand precisely how cryptocurrency works before you get into them. Unlike your bank account, your balance can and very likely will fluctuate. Bitcoin is much like the stock market in that it's value can change day by day. There's even the risk it could bottom out completely, so never invest more in cryptocurrency than you can afford to lose.


You should also research the games you’re interested in thoroughly as well. Some are available on Android or iOS; others are played via websites or servers. The reviews will let you know if they are worth the investment. Remember, with cryptocurrency, there are little to no consumer protections and no guarantees of refunds, so be choosy about what Bitcoin virtual games you want to sink your coins into.

If you have a terrible experience with a game, do post a review and share with others to keep them from having a similar one. Be especially wary of brand new games with no reviews or games that have all 5-star reviews posted on or around the same date or that sounds very similar.