Week 4 Picks And Predictions!

    by BigThangz on September 27th, 2018

    NFL Week 4 Picks And Predictions
    Week 4 kicks off this week and we are sitting at 6-5-1 for the season with a small profit. Now that 3 weeks has passed and we got a look at how the teams are playing we should start to hit some 4-0 and 3-1 weeks. This week I like 2 away teams and 2 home teams all under -4 or better. Since the lines I like this week have small spreads you may find some value in taking some ALT LINES with higher spreads and better bang for your buck on the juice.

    Houston Texans vs Inianapolis Colts -2
    The 1st game I like this week is the Texans vs Colts, this game takes place on Sunday at 1pm est at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indy. The Texans have looked weak all yr and I think they looked their best in week 1 vs the Pats when they still lost, thats why they are 0-3 on the season. The Texans have the 8th ranked Offense and 18th ranked Defense. The Colts have a sighlty better season record at 1-2. The Colts have the 28th ranked Offense and 16th ranked Defense. I think the Colts Offense is underated, since Andrew Luck is back he can only get better each week. With Colts having the home field advantage and the Texans looking sloppy I will take the Colts to cover the -2 points this week.

    New Orleans Saints -3 vs New York Giants
    The 2nd game of the week I like is the Saints vs Giants, this game takes place on Sunday at 4:25pm est at Met Life Stadium in New York. The Saints have been putting points on the boad all season, 104 points in 3 games and have a 2-1 overall record. The Saints have the 4th ranked Offense and the 30th ranked Defense. The Giants have scored 55 points in 3 games and lets be honest the Cowboys let them have a easy 7-10 points at the end of game so Im gonna chalk it up at around 45 points they should have. The Giants have a 1-2 record with the win coming against a soft Texans team. The Giants have 24th ranked Offense and 15th ranked Defense. Im gonna roll with the Saints on the road -3 on this one due to the fact I do not think that Giants Defense will be able to slow Drew down. I also think even tho Saints have weak Defense Manning will not be able to keep up, he will do what he does best and throw picks and find a way to lose.

    Baltimore Ravens vs Pittsburgh Steelers -3
    The 3rd game of the week I like is the Ravens vs Steelers, this game takes place on Sunday Night at 8:20 pm at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh. The Ravens have done well at Home this season and lost on the Road to Cinci. The Ravens are 2-1 overall and have the 13th ranked Offense and the 1st ranked Defense. The Steelers are 1-1-1 and looked the best last week then they have all season. The Steelers have the 2nd ranked Offense and 29th ranked Defense. This is a game were you may want to tread lightly its Offense vs Defense. I am going to stick with Big Ben at home since Baltimore seems to play at it worst on the road. I also think if Ravens had trouble in Cinci they should have problems in Pittsburgh with a National Televised Night Game. Steelers -3 in this one.

    Kansas City Chiefs -4 vs Denver Broncos
    The 4rd game of the week I like is the Chiefs vs Broncos, this game takes place on Monday Night at 8:20 pm est at Broncos Stadium at Mile High in Denver. The Chiefs are fire plain and simple Mahomes is leading pack and setting records he passed some great QBs on the record books by throwing 13 Tds in the 1st 3 weeks. The Chiefs have a 3-0 record with the 7th ranked Offense and 30th ranked Defense. The Broncos are off to a great start at 2-1 with the 11th ranked Offense and 14th ranked Defense. Chiefs vs Broncos has always been a rival game and it is hard to get road wins in the mile high climate. Even with it tough to win in Denver the Chiefs have to much ammo to slow down, I am taking Chiefs on the road -4.
    Week 4 Picks Recap
    Indianapolis Colts -2
    New Orleans Saints -3
    Pittsburgh Steelers -3
    Kansas City Chiefs -4

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