NFL Handicapper Battle

The American Football season is gearing up for another great year of big hits and big wins at Betcoin Sports. The NFL Handicapper Battle allows players to compete all season long to determine who is the sharpest football bettor on Betcoin.

How to Enter

Each Wednesday, we will list the spreads for all Saturday, Sunday and Monday NFL matches in the article comments. Players will choose the team that they think is most likely to win, including the spread, for each match. You will assign a number of units 1-6 to each pick. If you think your pick is more likely to be correct, give it a higher number. Number of units for each pick should be a whole number, and you must use exactly 50 units, total. Your score for the week will be the number of units won minus the number of units lost.

In order to be eligible, we ask that players have at least $5 worth of NFL wagers with minimum 1.83 (-120 American) odds for every week they participate. To enter, submit a support ticket with the subject NFL Handicapper Battle, including your weekly picks and your betslip ID showing a wager for that week’s NFL schedule. For tiebreakers, please also include your guess for the total score of the Monday Night Football match. Weekly entries are due no later than Friday at 1900 ET.

$25,000 in Prizes

Weeks 1-16 - Regular Season

The 3 players with the highest scores for weeks 1-16 will receive $1000, divided as follows:

1st - $500
2nd - $300
3rd - $200

Week 17 - Playoffs

Each player with a 1st place score during weeks 1-16 will compete in the week 17 playoff round, with the top 3 advancing to the finals and sharing $3,000 for their efforts.

1st - $1,500
2nd - $900
3rd - $600

Week 18 - NFL Handicapper Battle Finals

The final week, the remaining 3 players will compete for the ultimate title of Betcoin 2023 NFL Handicapper Battle Champion. Along with the title comes a significant Bitcoin prize and 1 full year bragging rights. There are some sizable consolation prizes for the runners up, as well.

1st - $3750
2nd - $1,500
3rd - $750

Rules and Regulations

Weekly entries submitted incorrectly, or after Friday at 1900 ET, will be disqualified. Please ensure that you use whole numbers between 1-6 units for each pick and that your total number of units is 50. If your entry is submitted with an error prior to the deadline, we will do our best to contact you, in order to make the changes needed.
Tiebreakers are based on the closest score to the total of the Monday Night Football match. If players are still tied, it will be decided on who has the closest score without going over. If winning players have an equal tiebreaker score, payouts will be divided appropriately, based on position.
Please use the spreads listed in the article comments on Wednesday, regardless of any line changes.
All prizes will be paid out in Bitcoin
We allow 1 entry per household and players suspected of submitting multiple entries may be asked to verify their unique identity.
All management decisions are final.

Best NFL Sportsbook Promo

Our favorite part of this promotion is that everyone’s picks are posted publicly by Saturday, each week. That means if you have a favorite NFL handicapper, you have plenty of time to follow their picks, and place identical wagers at Betcoin. Each week is a clean slate and all players get a fresh start in points, so there is no penalty for missing a week or getting started later in the season. Of course, the more times you enter, the better your chances will be of making the playoffs. Spreads for week 1 will be listed in the article comments Wednesday, 6 September. As always, we are available 24/7 for any questions. Thank you and best of luck to all!

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